where are the games where you can play as a canine race/dog at, man

(werewolves/worgens don’t really count - they’re something else entirely to me - i mean more like…if the khajiit were canine and not feline for example)


ʻAkiapolaʻau (Hemignathus wilsoni)

The ʻakiapōlāʻau, pronounced ah-kee-ah-POH-LAH-OW, is a species of Hawaiian honeycreeper, that is endemic to the island of Hawaii. Its natural habitats are dry and montane moist forests, and the only bird species on the island to occupy the woodpecker niche.The bird is 14 cm in length, and has an unusually curved beak. It feeds on insects which are found hidden within the branches of the trees. It also feeds on the nectar of flowers shaped like its bill. It is rated as ‘Endangered’ by the IUCN.

photo credits: Carter T. Atkinson, wiki, Dr. Susan Jarvi


Hverfjall by roma
Via Flickr:
july, 2015


America’s got talons by Shannon O'Shea Wildlife Photography
Via Flickr:
Osprey, Shelter Island, San Diego, California

Egret Foraging at the Breakwater in Galilee

It seemed somewhat ironic to find a bird as elegant as the Egret foraging around in the rocks and seaweed in Galilee. Even so, there we found him early in the morning. 

The Egret is a bird that has a fascinating story. In the late 19th century, they were hunted nearly to extinction due to their highly desirable plumes. Conservation efforts followed as a result as well as some of the first bird protection laws. 

What we see here is the typical stance of the Egret while hunting. They will stand immobile in the Heron fashion. With sudden lightning speed, they will jab at fish with their sharp bill, capturing their dinner.

Egret Foraging in Galilee photographed in the Port of Galilee, Narragansett, RI by Keith R. Wahl co-owner / co-founder of Made From RI LLC and is available for purchase at in addition to a variety of Rhode Island photos in various formats and merchandise made exclusively from Rhode Island. Text Written by Keith R. Wahl.

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A lot of research today. This is Ilône, an island from my project Rivages, and some research for the Griffons, the main transportation and fishing acolytes for the inhabitants of the island. Basically huge pelicans with hands.

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