Things that are canon in the Metal Gear universe
  • Big Boss employed a man whose sole claim to fame was that he was able to run. Said man also was incapable of jumping since he runs into claymore mines you place on the floor
  • A man named “Hot Coldman” was a high ranking government official
  • There are several mechs that spoke like Vocaloids and sang while attacking
  • An astronaut died, was possessed by a pyrokinetic demon, and was able to continue living as a zombie by sheer force of will
  • A man had his arm cut off and then replaced it with the arm of his boss, whose ghost then briefly possessed him. Maybe.
  • Two United States politicians attempted to use Metal Gears to restore America to greatness. Both men were killed by the same man with a katana
  • Nanomachines are pretty much the explanation for everything
  • There was a guy who could control bees
  • Big Boss discovered the tsuchinoko
the signs as my favorite andrew rannells tweets
  • aries: A man on the street just yelled at me, "Don't you run from me, Ken!" I don't know what it meant, but I was frightened.
  • taurus: My 10 year old niece just asked me why so many men in NYC are wearing women's t-shirts. Good eye, kiddo.
  • gemini: Here's a tip: When meeting with major network executives don't casually use the term "fingered". It doesn't always play in the room.
  • cancer: Right now I am really into ordering stuff on Amazon and then when it arrives, I act surprised, like it's a present from someone.
  • leo: If one more person tells me how close I am to the GD mountains...Who is just driving to the mountains?! Why would that be enjoyable for me?
  • virgo: Someone just referred to me as "Big Boss Man". I felt condescended and aroused all at the same time.
  • libra: "May I suggest something? Shut up." -A woman to her husband in the LAX security line.
  • scorpio: There are few things as terrifying as a pack of New York City school children. It was like urban Lord of the Flies on the subway just now.
  • satittarius: "Who's acting like a bitch now, MOM?!" -girl next to me to her mom at the Denver Airport. #Christmasisover
  • capricorn: Why is Rihanna selling coconut water?
  • aquarius: I am a little too proud of myself when I go Christmas shopping and I don't come back with just a bunch of shit for myself.
  • pisces: To the woman with her cat on a leash at Paper Source: Get it together. Also, why am I at Paper Source?

Commercialism #88: Wrestling Buddies 

anonymous asked:

If Sans is a raccoon, then what does that make the Big Bad Boss Man? I'm thinking of a really long/fat cat. Always angry, really cute, sometimes soft, and will bite your hand off if you try and rub his tum (or lackthereof).

I’ve always thought of Papyrus’s as dogs, and San’s as cats. Cept for swap, they always ruin everything.


The Big Boss Man Vs. Stevie Richards
WWF Metal
[February 5th, 2000]

Anyone who’s followed the career of Stevie Richards has always known that he’s more than a little off. In the early 2000s, he began cosplaying as other superstars, sometimes even wrestlers he was set to square off against. In this match, he’s dressed as a long-haired Big Boss Man, who’s none too amused by Richards’ antics. Within a few seconds, it seems that Richards may regret this impression.

Be the boss!
  • A conversation Daddy & I had recently...:
  • Little: I'm the boss today, just so you know.
  • Daddy: Excuse me?
  • Little: I'm the boss...go to time out !
  • Daddy: Oh really?!
  • Little: Yup, i'm the big boss man. Now time out for youuuuu
  • Daddy: *Raises his eyebrow and glares*
  • Little: ....Okay, i'm sorry. I'm not the boss. Loveeeee youuuuu.
  • Daddy: ...That's What I thought.

ok i’m not sure if this has already been discussed but i need assistance because i am confused?? 

brian posted this picture on his twitter from season 2 and it’s nomi, will and whispers, but because of the way will is dressed i’m assuming he is the one visiting whispers and not the other way around. but what is confusing me is that nomi is also there? so does that mean that nomi has also looked whispers in the eye, or can she visit/share with will within his visit to whispers? please help me i am concerned for her safety


Stan Hansen & Big Bubba Rogers Vs. Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi
AJPW Summer Action Series
[July 9th, 1993]

I can’t get enough of watching Stan Hansen in random team-up tag team matches. In this one, Hansen teams with Big Bubba Rogers (also known as The Big Bossman) in a match that showcased a lot of Bossman’s abilities. Around the 2:20 mark, he pulls off a combination that would shock anyone, as he was deceptively athletic for his large stature. If you guessed that this match includes a fair bit of brawling, then you’ve definitely seen some of Hansen’s work through the years!

A Different Background-Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Summary: Requested by anonymous: ‘Hi! I really like your writing it’s incredible ❤❤ can you please write an Eggsy x reader where the reader is a very serious agent and she’s been part of the kingsman before Eggsy and he really likes her and try to grab her attention in many ways and most of them fail leaving him embarrassed while Charlie and the others make fun of him but when he refuses to shoot JB that’s when he caught her attention (it takes place during the first film)? I’ll love you forever if you did it! ❤❤’

Characters: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Meanings: (Y/H/L)= Your hair length
(Y/H/C)= Your hair colour

Warnings: Bit of swearing

(A/N: Gonna do third person again. Also may have changed it slightly.)


Merlin stood with his clipboard, his back straight as he eyed down the new recruits. They too were stood in two lines in front of him, hands behind their backs, awaiting their orders. Most of them looked like the usual material; posh, a wealthy background, maybe a little snobby. All except one. Perhaps thing would be a little different during this recruitment. Merlin started by introducing himself, explaining how the how this job interview would play out. He loved to see the petrified faces as he mentioned the body bags.

Eggsy Unwin was a little disturbed by it all. These people weren’t fucking around. He tried to maintain a stern face, recalling his training in the marines. No way were these people going to care him off on the first day.

“Alright, now that we’ve gone that settled,” Merlin’s posture became a little relaxed,“I will not be alone on this. I have one of our finest members joining me. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Agent Guinevere.”

Eggsy was suddenly paying more attention. The most gorgeous woman he had ever seen walked in, her steps silent as if she were on clouds. Her (Y/H/L), (Y/H/C) framed her face which held a plain expression, though that didn’t make her any less beautiful. She held such a confidence stance, she knew she was good but not in an obnoxious way. Eggsy found himself standing a little taller, chest popping out and head held high.

“I have never seen a better agent than her. Don’t let her intimidate you though, she’s really a sweetheart.” Merlin reassured them.

She smirked slightly, scaring some of the recruitments. They knew what they were getting themselves into, but that didn’t mean they were any less afraid. Merlin continued to brief them, giving her time to assess them. They were only but a year or so younger than her, she was one of the youngest agents. None of them stood out to her, except one man. He wasn’t dressed like the rest, sweatpants, bomber jacket and a snapback hat. Whoever picked him saw something, what is was she didn’t know yet. Perhaps this recruitment would be interesting.

It was their first night at Kingsman, but little did they know that it was also their first test. Merlin and Guinevere stood at the two way mirror, watching as they settled down for the night.

“That Eggsy, he’s different from the others.” she spoke up.

“Yes, very good skills though. Great in gymnastics, coach said he could go to the olympics, did very well in the marines until he quit. Has family problems.” Merlin informed her.

“They’re a good bunch. Let’s hope they do well.”

Their attention went back to the mirror.

“Eggy, saw you checking out the agent.” Charlie teased arrogantly. They had some sort of beef between them.

Eggsy ingnored him whilst Guinevere blushed slightly.

“As if you would ever be with someone like that. She hardly spared a glance at you. It’s not like you’re going to pass these tests anyway.”

Eggsy spun around, ready to punch him before another recruitment, Roxy, stopped him. Charlie and his followers laughed, enjoying this. He was a stuck up brat, he had probably always got his way. Guinevere hated people like that.

They were all finally asleep, unaware of what was to come. Silently, water began to fill the room, waking them up as it reached their beds. Panicked, they all started to shout over on another until someone had the idea of using the showers as air tubes. Heading straight towards them, they bent them round the
U-bend of the toilet, breathing through them. Eggsy had swam to the door, using all his strength to get it open. Guinevere bit her lip, anxious for all of them. But when Eggsy approached the window, she knew that it had clicked in his mind what I do. Her and Merlin simply stood to the side as the glass broke, the recruitments all falling out with the water. He had done it, he figured it out.

Merlin congratulated Eggsy and the others who figured out the
U-bend trick.

“That’s cause he’s seen a lot of them.” Charlie smirked, referring to the two way mirror.

“I didn’t see you breaking the glass.” Guinevere snapped.“What were you planning to do? Stay next to the toilet for the rest of your life?”

Some of them snickered, especially Eggsy. Listening to the others accents made him cringe at how posh they were, but when he heard her speaking, he somehow fell in love with it.

The tasks continued, more trainees were eliminated. Guinevere knew who would be in the finals, something inside her made her happy that Eggsy was there. Perhaps it was because he had proved himself in front of the others, perhaps it was because he had been constantly flirting with her. She quite enoyed it but wouldn’t let it show.

There was the time where they had to do their paper test. Those who remained sat at desks like school children, whilst Guinevere sat at a desk like a teacher. When they were finished, they would hand them in to the agent. As she sat there with a book to keep her occupied, she didn’t really pay attention when they brought up their papers. Eggsy saw his opportunity, swiping up his papers with a flourish, he swaggered his way towards the desk, sliding the paper towards her. He willed for her to put the book down, just to look at him once. Her eyes lifted from the book for a second, just to catch him tripping over his own feet. Stumbling towards the door, he regained his posture, clearing his throat before walking out. As usual, Charlie was snickering, immediately shutting up when he fell upon Guinevere’s stare.

Then there was the parachute task. This decided the final three. As they plummeted thousands of feet towards the ground, Eggsy had to hold onto Roxy, thinking that he was without a parachute. They were lucky not to be detected in the radars and land in the 'K’. Merlin complimented him on his quick thinking, only to be snapped at. Eggsy felt targeted, embarrassed and frustrated that he was picked out, just because he was different. For a moment he didn’t care that Guinevere was seeing him like this; he was sick of her turning her nose up at him too. What was the point anymore?

Merlin obviously took none of it, pulling in a string on Eggsy’s suit, deploying a parachute that had been there all along. For the second time he fell in front of his new crush, unable to get back up. Though he was happy to have got through, his heart saddened when He saw her walk away from him again, no second glance spared.

Guinevere was sat in a hallway, awaiting whoever would be the new Galahad. It was down to the worst test, the shooting of the dogs. Crossing her legs, she took in the peace, knowing some sort of shot storm would come along at one point. The doors to Arthur’s office slammed open then quickly shut as Eggsy stormed out. Yet again he was angry, fuming that someone could belittle him like that. He stopped in his tracks as he spotted the young woman sat down.

Just as he was about to storm away again, she called out to him.“Eggsy, stop where you are.”

For some reason he listened.“What? You want to kick me while I’m down too? Go on then, you posh totties get off on it, dont ya’?”

She widened her eyes, sarcasm rolling off her tongue.“Wow, haven’t heard that one before.” her eyes softened, smiling slightly.“Why didn’t you just do it Eggsy? Why throw it all away now?”

“I just couldn’t. JB was my only other friend besides Roxy.”

“Jason Bourne?”

He smiled.“Yeah.”

“Good, for a moment I thought you named him after James Bond or something; that would be too cliche.”

Eggsy couldn’t believe she was talking to him.“Why are you talkin’ to me now? All this time you ignored me.”

Guinevere laughed.“I have to ignore everyone, I cant get attached to anyone, not that I would anyway.”

He felt slightly embarrassed.“O-oh, course, why would you…”

“Looking back on it, I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed, especially not shooting your dog in front of the big boss man.”

“Well, thanks.”

A gunshot rang out, startling Eggsy. Guinevere didn’t even blink, the sound being white noise to her.

“Looks like Roxy got the job.” Guinevere said.

“She deserves it.” Eggsy nodded to himself, slumping down the corridor.

“Eggsy,” Guinevere called his name again. He looked over his shoulder,“this won’t be the last time we see each other.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Just a feeling. I’m looking forward to it though.”

Just you wait

Originally posted by dailyniall

“I tried my best to be there for these guys during their training so they got the best possible results from their games, and I really think it’s paid off…so hopefully now people will stop moaning at me for playing too much golf…”

You roll your eyes as you catch Nialls eye, the cheeky grin on his face evident as he directs the last remark at you. You can’t help the small chuckle that slips from your mouth as he does a small double take, making sure you’ve taken his words in jest. His eyes twinkle as a light hearted laugh fills the room, heads swivelling to look at your blushing face.

Getting back down to business, Niall starts talking more in depth about each player & the details of their game. You couldn’t help but smile, watching lovingly as your boyfriend speaks passionately about the game that stole him from you so often. You had no real interest in golf, only really tagging along to events like these to support Niall and his company (the promise of endless glasses of champagne and the chance to get all dolled up may have also contributed slightly to your decision to attend) but seeing him so passionate, owning the room so effortlessly whilst looking so goddamn sexy always gave you such a buzz. A buzz that always continued well into the night, when the dinner had ended and you were able to show him the effect he had on you in the privacy of your hotel room.

He wraps up the speech to a round of applause, a wide smile adorning his face as he joins you back at your table. Your hand gives his thigh a soft squeeze, fingers creeping slightly higher than necessary giving an inclination of the way your mind was working. He turns to you, his eyes flickering over your face with a raised eyebrow;

“You alright there petal?” He murmurs, an arm slinging over the back of your chair as he leans into you, finger tips brushing over the skin of your shoulder as he plays with the strap of your dress.

“Mhmm” you nod, eyelids drooping slightly at the jolts of electricity shooting through your body “just love seeing you up there, acting like the big boss man..” you smirk, your hand trailing further up his thigh, stopping just mere millimetres from his crotch as his breath hitches slightly, eyes darting to check no one could see,

“Yeah well, just wait till we get back to the room…then I’ll really show you who’s boss” he growls, leaning right into you so his lips brush against your ear, causing a shiver to jolt through your spine.

Another applause erupts through the room, snatching the attention away from each other. You both clap, watching as another speech starts on stage. You turn your head slightly, catching Nialls eye as he quirks up one side of his mouth in a smirk, keeping his eyes focused on the front of the room but leaning down to mutter lowly in your ear;

“Yeah….just you wait”


I don’t really know where this came from, I just seen the GIF and was hit by a bolt of inspiration. I might write a part 2 filled with some smut once they get back to the hotel room if people are interested? Let me know :)

Lost in a World of Color (2)

Summary: Now meeting he soulmate Y/N is faced with a decision. Take a leap and follow love, or be a responsible adult and move forward.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings” Panic attack and language

Catch up here: Part one

Word Count: 2,626

A/N: Thanks again @impala-dreamer for looking over this! I am really loving the series, and I hope y’all are enjoying it!

Originally posted by ilivetolovetolearn

Blue, grey, greens, and browns were all you could stare at in total awe as Sam continued to look at you. His chestnut colored hair even caught your attention as it laid against the white and blue tiles of the diner. You should really be trying to get off of him, but you can’t bare to do that. Being on top of this man just feet right. As soon as your world erupted into color, you knew this was the place you wanted to always be.

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It's Not Personal Pt. I // 11:48 PM

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Featuring: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers

Warnings: Swearing, fighting

Prompt: Bucky and Steve are assigned to track down and attack an alleged threat. But what happens when that alleged threat is you, and your intentions are more mysterious than they thought?

P.S ~ this will be separated into multiple *parts*. if you’re liking this and what to make sure you don’t miss the next parts that follow, then turn on post notifications or send me a DM.

Following Parts:

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

The field was dark, only the grass was lit by the moon and stars. Two figures slipped into the shadows to not be seen by any one lurking by. They stayed low, their breathing shallow and their voices hushed. It was a secret mission. No one from the outside knew about the threat that imposed on SHIELD. It was their mission to take down the threat and rid it from any possible means of danger.


Crouched high, just high enough to not be seen on eye level, was you. Sitting, waiting, scanning your area awaiting the two intruders who were looking for you. It was obvious that they’d be on the hunt. Ever since you made an appearance after New York. It wasn’t your fault, exactly. The Mind Stone just happened to fall into your lap. By accident, really. It wasn’t really clear how it happened. After you fled New York, staying low and issuing false identities, you managed to stay out of SHIELD’s line of sight.

That only worked for awhile, though. Now, as you were crouched in a tree, with who knows what kind of bugs flying around you, you awaited your attackers.

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