Things that are canon in the Metal Gear universe
  • Big Boss employed a man whose sole claim to fame was that he was able to run. Said man also was incapable of jumping since he runs into claymore mines you place on the floor
  • A man named “Hot Coldman” was a high ranking government official
  • There are several mechs that spoke like Vocaloids and sang while attacking
  • An astronaut died, was possessed by a pyrokinetic demon, and was able to continue living as a zombie by sheer force of will
  • A man had his arm cut off and then replaced it with the arm of his boss, whose ghost then briefly possessed him. Maybe.
  • Two United States politicians attempted to use Metal Gears to restore America to greatness. Both men were killed by the same man with a katana
  • Nanomachines are pretty much the explanation for everything
  • There was a guy who could control bees
  • Big Boss discovered the tsuchinoko

Stan Hansen & Big Bubba Rogers Vs. Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi
AJPW Summer Action Series
[July 9th, 1993]

I can’t get enough of watching Stan Hansen in random team-up tag team matches. In this one, Hansen teams with Big Bubba Rogers (also known as The Big Bossman) in a match that showcased a lot of Bossman’s abilities. Around the 2:20 mark, he pulls off a combination that would shock anyone, as he was deceptively athletic for his large stature. If you guessed that this match includes a fair bit of brawling, then you’ve definitely seen some of Hansen’s work through the years!

ok i’m not sure if this has already been discussed but i need assistance because i am confused?? 

brian posted this picture on his twitter from season 2 and it’s nomi, will and whispers, but because of the way will is dressed i’m assuming he is the one visiting whispers and not the other way around. but what is confusing me is that nomi is also there? so does that mean that nomi has also looked whispers in the eye, or can she visit/share with will within his visit to whispers? please help me i am concerned for her safety

Be the boss!
  • A conversation Daddy & I had recently...:
  • Little: I'm the boss today, just so you know.
  • Daddy: Excuse me?
  • Little: I'm the boss...go to time out !
  • Daddy: Oh really?!
  • Little: Yup, i'm the big boss man. Now time out for youuuuu
  • Daddy: *Raises his eyebrow and glares*
  • Little: ....Okay, i'm sorry. I'm not the boss. Loveeeee youuuuu.
  • Daddy: ...That's What I thought.
Lost in a World of Color (2)

Summary: Now meeting he soulmate Y/N is faced with a decision. Take a leap and follow love, or be a responsible adult and move forward.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings” Panic attack and language

Catch up here: Part one

Word Count: 2,626

A/N: Thanks again @impala-dreamer for looking over this! I am really loving the series, and I hope y’all are enjoying it!

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Blue, grey, greens, and browns were all you could stare at in total awe as Sam continued to look at you. His chestnut colored hair even caught your attention as it laid against the white and blue tiles of the diner. You should really be trying to get off of him, but you can’t bare to do that. Being on top of this man just feet right. As soon as your world erupted into color, you knew this was the place you wanted to always be.

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It's Not Personal Pt. I // 11:48 PM

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Featuring: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers

Warnings: Swearing, fighting

Prompt: Bucky and Steve are assigned to track down and attack an alleged threat. But what happens when that alleged threat is you, and your intentions are more mysterious than they thought?

P.S ~ this will be separated into multiple *parts*. if you’re liking this and what to make sure you don’t miss the next parts that follow, then turn on post notifications or send me a DM.

Following Parts:

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

The field was dark, only the grass was lit by the moon and stars. Two figures slipped into the shadows to not be seen by any one lurking by. They stayed low, their breathing shallow and their voices hushed. It was a secret mission. No one from the outside knew about the threat that imposed on SHIELD. It was their mission to take down the threat and rid it from any possible means of danger.


Crouched high, just high enough to not be seen on eye level, was you. Sitting, waiting, scanning your area awaiting the two intruders who were looking for you. It was obvious that they’d be on the hunt. Ever since you made an appearance after New York. It wasn’t your fault, exactly. The Mind Stone just happened to fall into your lap. By accident, really. It wasn’t really clear how it happened. After you fled New York, staying low and issuing false identities, you managed to stay out of SHIELD’s line of sight.

That only worked for awhile, though. Now, as you were crouched in a tree, with who knows what kind of bugs flying around you, you awaited your attackers.

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College Level Art Student wanders into the back areas of the Museum at one point, looking for a defunct exhibit because it was just there last Friday and they were drawing that particular corner for their mid-term examine and now it’s just gone, how dare they. CLAS finds more than what they bargained for, ends up not eaten and instead drafted into the evil plan because A) If too many people go missing at the museum, it attracts attention and B) You ate my last security guard Bular, I need a new one, complains Nomura and C) there are benefits to not having to hide things from museum security. 

So CLAS finds themselves in a job as the new nightshift security guard, gets stuck alone in a museum with nothing but Bular and some goblins for company a couple of nights. CLAS ends up befriending the goblins by feeding them the stubs of old charcoal pencils, gives them all nicknames like Frogger and Chicken Legs. CLAS brings in their art projects to work on because there’s lots of spare time and come on, they’re stuck in an art museum with nothing to do for a large amount of time why not get some assignments done? Bular finds this annoying at first - he didn’t get to eat them and he’s mad at their very presence to begin with and what are they doing? Why is it drawing that column? Why is it sitting at this odd angle sketching the underside of that statue? Is that a doodle of him? It’s inaccurate, his teeth are much more menacing than that.

And CLAS draws fucking everything, which worries Strickler because what if someone finds the sketchbook - to which CLAS just laughs and says it’s all for the character concept design class - GRA3002, three credit pre-requisite for for 3D character animation. CLAS also gives nicknames to everyone else because they are an Art Student - existence is pain, fear of death has no meaning to them, and the stench of charcoal mixed with chalk will forever stain their soul. Strickler’s nicknames are invariably different disgusting shades of green. Nomura is just Magenta, with occasional references to Blue’s Clues that both changelings wish they didn’t understand. Bular is publicly referred to as his name, but privately referred to as ‘Him Big’ or ‘Boss Rock Man’.

CLAS is fairly certain that they are going to die at some point in the near future and when threats are being thrown about will occasionally declare that, hey, waiting to die is stressful so just get on with it already or else leave them alone to finish this fucking painting because it’s due in six hours and worth half their grade, for fuck’s sake. CLAS at one point enlists the goblins to steal things for them such as a skeleton from the medical lab on campus (ostensibly for drawing purposes, but they end up naming it Fredrickson and dressing it up in a top hat and taped on bowtie plus monocle combo). Strickler’s visits end up being an endless guessing game of ‘what has the human done now?’

Nomura is somewhat afraid of how quickly the human managed to befriend the goblins. How did they do that? How? When asked, CLAS simply and somewhat terrifyingly declares themselves to be ‘the goblin whisperer’. Puts on sunglasses in perfect sync with Frogger. Both of them walk out the room backwards with starbucks coffee cups, doing the ‘i’m watching you gesture’.

CLAS makes a shit ton of art history references, puns, and jokes that both make the changelings snicker, though secretly Strickler’s just disgusted by it. How dare you make a renaissance sculpture pun in my general direction, how dare you. Bular’s just amused that CLAS has provided a source of endless frustration for the changelings, settling into ‘if you’re making them annoyed, you’re fine by me’ mode of operation.

More than just a storyline

Roman Reigns x Reader

**Word count: 1398**


QUICK NOTE: Requests are open, you are more than welcome to request one or more oneshot(s)

The big boss man, Vince McMahon himself, had decided that Roman needed a lover.

And of course, that would be you. You two had been in this storyline for a few months now, although it hadn’t made that much progress. The two of you were currently going over tonight’s script.

Roman was leaning up against the wall, facing you while you were sitting on a crate. “This is stupid.” You muttered, glaring at the piece of paper in front of you.

“Why’s that?” Roman asked, looking up at you.

“Why’s that? Have you read this? They decided to make me a damsel in distress! ‘Oh no Roman! The mean man scares me, help!’ I could kick Bray’s ass.” You spat angrily, tossing the script to the floor. Roman chuckled, shaking his head at you. “I’m sure you could.”

A crew member with a thick ginger beard walked up, stopping at looking at you. “Your match is now.” You nodded at the man, jumping off the crate. You jogged down the hallway, turning around and giving Roman a Salute, “I’ll see you in ten minutes or so!”

Your music hit, signaling it’s your turn to go out. Pushing through the curtains, you gave a big grin as the crowd burst into cheers. Making your way down to the ring; you kept eye contact with Paige. You slid into the ring, going into your corner.

The bell rung and the two of you met in the middle, you getting the upper hand and bringing Paige to the ground. You stood up and quickly delivering an elbow drop, giving you the time you needed to get to the top rope. Carefully, you stood up and got your balance. You brought your arm up, why not add a little bit to the storytelling. You clocked your fit like Roman does, getting a reaction from the crowd. Paige has stood up and spun around, only to get a fist to the face. You just hit her with superman punch, off of the top rope. You didn’t quite stick the landing though; nearly gasping in pain as your ankle twisted underneath you.

“Son of a bitch!” You spat out, holding onto the ropes for support. Paige had stood up, scooping you up and slamming you onto the ground. She covered you for the pin, quickly asking if you were okay, you nodded. Stopping the count at two, you kicked you.

The Wyatt family music hit and the lights went out. Your eyes widened, they weren’t supposed to come out until the match was over.

By the time the lights were back on, you had stood up and Paige was gone, the Wyatt family now in the ring. Bray and Luke Harper stood in front of you, meaning Braun Strowman was probably behind you. You confirmed your worries when you backed up, only for your back to meet a chest. You turned around and literally looked up at him.

Suddenly you were scooped up by Strowman, he had you in a fireman’s carry. “What the fuck!” You spat, your fists hitting the large man in the back. This wasn’t part of the script, hell they weren’t even supposed to be out here. Bray had picked up a microphone, all he had said was “Anybody but you.” You were confused, maybe even a little bit scared; not that you would ever admit that.

The Wyatt’s left the ring, you still being carried by Strowman. Then none other than Roman Reigns’ music hit, causing the crowd to cheer. You watched as he nearly ran down the stairs, the family quickly retreating, scrambling up the ramp to the stagetop. By the time Roman had jumped the barrier, the Wyatt family, and you, had made their way backstage.

You passed crew members and superstars on the way, nobody batted an eye. You had given up trying to escape Strowman’s grasp, letting yourself lay limp in his grasp.

Suddenly, he put you down. You were in a broom closet. Luke and Bray had shut the door; leaving. Braun was silent, leaning against the door. You sighed and sat down on the floor, letting your head lean back against the wall. Braun had tapped you on the shoulder, making you open your eyes. In his hand was a dark red apple, “Eat.” Was all he said. You gave him a small smile, taking the apple from his hand.


How long you two were in the closet, you weren’t sure. A knock at the door made you jump, Strowman looked at you and gave you a look that said sorry, before he picked you up again and walked out. You let out a groan as they walked over to the curtains, probably watching the TV screen to see what was happening in the ring but you couldn’t see.

“I am not leaving ring until Bray Wyatt and his posse get their asses out here now!” You heard Roman spit, his voice deep and angry. Bray laughed. Then you heard the Wyatt family music hit, and we were headed down the ramp.

You were put down in the ring, surrounded by the three Wyatt’s. You looked at Roman, eyes wide.

Roman decided it was a lovely idea to attack Bray, completely disregarding the fact that Bray had backup. Harper and Strowman were on him in an instant. They tore him off and beat him down. You sat there with your eyes wide. You couldn’t just stand there, you had to do something! So you did.

Bray had Roman set up for Sister Abigail, his back facing you. You did the first thing that came to mind. You ran up behind him and threw your foot up, hitting him with a low blow. He released Roman, who fell to the ground.

Pain filled your face as you hit the ground, Luke Harper had super kicked you right in the jaw. Was that actually supposed to make contact? You weren’t sure. It sure hurt like a bitch though. You looked up to find Luke having the shit beat out of him by Roman, who was furious. You scrambled up, grabbing Roman and pulling him back. His breathing was heavy. The Wyatt’s had fled the ring.

Roman had turned around and cupped your face, running his thumb along your jaw. “Are you alright baby girl?” His voice was no longer angry, it was soft and caring. Your cheeks tinted pink as you gave him a nod. He smiled and wrapped his arms around you, bringing you into his chest and lifting you off the ground. You laughed as you wrapped your legs around him, resting your head on his shoulder.

The crowd had began chanting ‘kiss’ causing both of your cheeks to heat up while looking at each other. Roman shrugged, making you tilt your head in confusion. Hoping down off of Romans waist, you looked down, hoping your hair would hide how red your face was right now. His fingers met your chin and lifted your face up, forcing you to look at him. He was smiling.

Then his lips met yours, causing your eyes to widen and the crowd to erupt into cheers. It was a soft kiss, merely a gentle peck of the lips. But it was over nearly as soon as it began. Roman turned to leave, only to be pulled back by you. You reached up and pulled his head down, getting up on your tippy toes. You brought your lips to his, him immediately kissing you back and pulling you into him. This kiss was much different from the first one, this was probably more heated than it should have been seeming you were on like TV. As cheesey as it sounds, you felt sparks fly, it seemed like everyone around you had disappeared.

When this kiss finally broke, you both looked at each other and smiled widely. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” He spoke, holding onto your hand. All you could do was laugh and the both of you made your way out of the ring. Roman’s music played and you made your way up the ramp, grinning like a fool the whole time.

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Domestic spamano mpreg?

Babies suck.

That all Lovino had to say about his predicament. Damn his brother for getting the womb that worked better than a bull’s heart. He was left with what his doctor called “infertility” which meant in a short case that he was having a very hard getting pregnant.

Antonio was really supportive through the ordeal, but the chance of them having a child that was from his stomach was small. If he did happen to get pregnant, miscarriage was high.

That didn’t mean they stopped trying for a kid. Lovino wanted it and Antonio wanted it, so they went for it.

So in their horribly painted green bedroom under some Pokémon covers they tried for a kid.

Antonio was panting after his second orgasm of the night, “anymore?” He had a bead of sweat going down his forehead and Lovino fondly wiped it away.“

He held one finger up, “one more.”

“Fucking hell.”


It was the annual G8 month meeting and Lovino didn’t want to fucking go. His stomach was in knots and that morning he threw up everywhere. Antonio pleaded that he just stay home, but Feliciano would be all kinds of mad if he left him again with a presentation.

Plus with big boss man on their butts, a little flu wasn’t going to hold him back. Instead, Antonio told everyone that was attending the meeting that Lovino was sick and he would need a barf bucket. (Also keep all children out of his sight, don’t want him to get them sick xoxox Antonio

The car ride was uneasy, jostling around the piece of toast Lovino forced himself to eat and came into the fancy building. It was nice that they were hosting in Spain, so they didn’t have to catch a plane or anything.

Lovino greeted his brother half-heartedly at the door and gave him a sluggish hug. Next was Ludwig where the big lug hugged him loosely and wished for him to get better.

Next were his brother’s kids. The thing to know is that children when they were based off cities that were already developed, they didn’t go through the awkward small stage like both twins. It’s similar with Ludwig who took over for his brother and grew furiously to get to his height and stance so he could participate in the first war.

Dominick stood tall just like his father with fair hair and had freckles from his mother. Unlike Ludwig, the boy was quite friendly and collapsed in Lovino’s arm and slapping his sister so she could give him the bright orange bucket.

“Thank you, Louise,” Louise was thin, but held a large bust and had long golden that she had pulled back in endless curls. The brother and sister were Milan and Berlin. Louise was strict, yet artistic and Dominick was inventive and persuasive.

He always wondered what city his child would appear in, but before he could get washed into brain, a chill ran up his spine and he vomited straight into the bucket. The sibling made a disgusted noise, while Feliciano just watched with a fond smile on his face.

“Remember when we use to clean up the throw up, Ludwig?”

“I repressed those memories, dear.”


Arthur was the first one to come out and say that Lovino looked terrible. “I don’t know, you look so grey, how have you been feeling these pass days?”

“Fine!” Lovino yelled setting the now heavy bucket on the floor beside him, “I can’t pin point when I got this flu and it isn’t widespread, because then Feliciano would be fucking sick.”

“Maybe it’s something else, Mama!” That know it all Piper snipped, it was a mistake for France and England to have a children, because they make asshole kids (ex. Canada, America, Piper)

Piper was thin like a fucking twig and had shaggy blond hair with sultry blue eyes. He had this beauty mark on his lip that he probably got from France for no reason.

“Let’s just call it the flu for now,” Antonio said worriedly, winding his arms around his partner and hiding his face in the crook in his neck.

Arthur clasped his hands together, “yeah, okay, keep me updated on your health, come along Piper.”


Sitting through that damn meeting was terrible, yet even if it was boring and Antonio clicked out at some point, Lovino started feeling better. It was like an angel shined down him and patted his head. Even if he was left with a headache and an ugly taste in his mouth, he felt happy.

He mouthed across the table to Feliciano he was feeling better, trying not to disturb Russia’s leader who was talking with Ivan.

Feliciano sent him an enthusiastic thumbs up and whispered to Ludwig about it, because Feliciano couldn’t do anything without telling his partner.

Furrowing his pale brows, he looked at Lovino and blinked a few times. The two conversed, Dominick tried to listen at one point, but Feliciano pushed him away.

“Germany? Italy?” Ivan asked, “are you two okay, you look scared?”

“Lovino is pregnant!” Feliciano shouted and was clipped on the back of the head by Ludwig.

“I said I think!”

“But you said the P word!”

Lovino’s cheeks went bright red as he stood up quickly, his stomach twisted and turned, undoubtedly in the fear that fogged over his body. In his brain he had repressed any idea of a child, but what did those two nitwits know. Feliciano and Ludwig were together, because they meshed well with being emotionless, stubborn, assholes.

Doing the only logical thing, Lovino stormed out and hid in one of the other meeting rooms, nobody was using. The one he chose had a little couch that he laid on and tried to slow down his face pacing heart.

A hand stretched slowly to his stomach and pressed a hand on the pudge, was it true that he was pregnant or just some terminal illness? The doctor said no, he was infertile, having a child would be a 1 in a million chance of happening, yet there was always the 1%

“Lovino?” Antonio’s voice filtered from down the hall and he heard the noise of his dress shoes pattering around the halls, “love?”

Not really in the mood to speak, Lovino just made a loud, muffled noise and turned over on the couch so he was staring at the red fabric.

It wasn’t long before the large doors open and he felt arms wrap around him. A body slid beside him until they were spooning gently.

“What if I am pregnant?” Lovino asked, the words hanging deathly in the air.

Next to him was a low sigh, he could smell Antonio’s breath, a coffee smell. A low kiss to his neck was pressed cheekily on the nape, “then your pregnant.”


“Hell if I know, but we’re going to find out.”

Turning over, they shared one last kiss before Lovino hid his face in the warm chest. A large hand was rubbing his back in the most soothing way possible which made him purr softly. Maybe he was with a child and maybe he wasn’t, but either way they would figure it out, because they were always a team.


It was the ultrasound day and Lovino had excitedly crossed out the day. Today he was going to see the little miracle, because from all odds he was having a child.

Antonio joked that he programmed his sperm to find that one last egg, but was hit on the head for being so dirty.

In the waiting room they were met by Ludwig and Feliciano who joined them for the special moment. Ludwig took pride in saying he was the one who knew first, but Feliciano shot back that he only knew was because he was the one who uncontrollable threw up on the first month.

All the tests came back positive, the doctors said it was true, it was set in stone.

His name was called by a young nurse who instructed him to lay down and pushed his shirt up to expose his stomach. Lovino instantly brought his hand to Antonio’s as the cold cream was rubbed against the mound of flesh and the wand was pressed against it.

The nurse probed around for a few minutes, humming a sweet tune. She paused, let out a sound of confusion and looked pressed it to another side.

“Well would you look at that.” She laughed. Feliciano took one look at the monitor and blanched straight out.

Lovino was in panic, demanding what was wrong.

“Twins Lovino, you’re the twin having twins!”

“You have to be shitting me, I thought you got that gene!”

Twins. Two babies, well no, two baby girls. With two beating hearts and a healthy weight, if not a little bigger.

Antonio kissed to the top of Lovino’s hand, snuggling the warm flesh, “I’m gonna be a papa to two baby girls, oh my God.”

“Don’t pass out on me, yet, dad.” The nurse joked letting a key of laughter filter over the joyous room. It was amazing and Lovino couldn’t help but be blessed.


Patience. Time. Want.

Lovino wanted them out. He loved his kid, but then Girl A kicked him in the ribs and Girl B was causing cravings for everything inedible. It was to the point where he was about to cut them out himself with a pair of rusty scissors!

Antonio hid the scissors.

They were laying together on the couch watching that one show about the medium with the New Jersey accent that people loved to mimic. His hand was pressed to the side of Lovino’s stomach holding Girl A from kicking and when Girl A wasn’t kicking then Girl B was pissed.

Girl B wanted something to eat, again, and she didn’t want popcorn, but Lovino wanted popcorn so he ate it passionately while his children grumbled and growled.

His husband was talking about… something? Lovino usually tuned him out and that’s what kept their relationship afloat.


“Wow that was a huge kick.”

Girl A was kicking hardcore since this morning, Girl B was even kicking and she never kicked. Antonio kissed him on the side of his temple and placed his hand to rub at the sore place.

Again it was so hard that Lovino’s eyes watered. “God I hurt.”

And then blood. When carriers are pregnant they don’t have the usual warming stuff that woman have so lots of old blood just settles in the stomach to puff it up and warm the baby. When carriers went into labor, blood was everywhere and that’s what happened.

Like someone pulled back the tape holding back water in a broken bucket, blood was leaking everywhere. Antonio had completely ditched Lovino to grab his shit and almost slam his face into the coffee table.

“Lets go!” He yelped like he was the real Diego from Dora and grabbed Lovino by his arm so he could carry him to the car, spouting Spanish phrases about babies and the joy of life.

Lovino was sort of high in pain so all he did was groan.


They put Lovino under sleeping gas as they went into his stomach to take out his children. Antonio was watching from a window as they took the two screaming children out, a single tear streaking his cheek as he tried to remember what a good night sleep would feel like.

Both countries barely even slept so with children it’s not gonna be sleeping, it’s gonna be just all nighters.


The babies were adorable. Antonio was leaning over the bed just to see the two cooing girls as Lovino fixed their wild hair.

Both of them had thick curly hair, the girl on the left had brownish green eyes and on the right she had matte green.

“And what’s their names?” The nurse asked as she held the name badges so they could tell the identical twins apart.

Antonio held the brown eyed baby’s hand, “this is Catherine and the other girl is Maria.” The plastic bands were placed around the baby’s hands and safe wishes were sent.


Quietly they felt it together, Antonio eyes widen as he stared at the two little girls, dressed in only diapers play together in the kitchen.

They were the cities Portofino and Pompei. Catherine was Portofino a little fishing village with beauty everywhere while Pompei was home to artifacts and discoveries of when Lovino was just a little kid. It was just funny that the twins both had cities that started with a ‘P’

Which gave them the fond, but stupid nickname, the P.P twins

Just How Important Ichigo and Rukia are to Each Other

Wanna know what guts me what’s funny?

Rukia to Ichigo, in his memory bank (in the recollection of his second most awful experience), is stained with pouring rain. She’s drenched and the blood he had coating him on the streets wasn’t thick enough to keep the rain away, he’s drowning.

I mean, let’s state the obvious. It was raining when Rukia went to kill herself for his sake…how much more blatantly or seriously can somebody get that point across?

Rukia gave herself up. She sacrificed and offed her own life.

And never ignore that in the entirety of Rukia’s miserable life, she only managed to find a few years of decency in trying to survive and help survive with close friends she had to watch degenerate up until their deaths and a “best friend” that abandoned and never understood anything about her.

From rags to decency to depression and then to happiness with Ichigo. That’s how Rukia’s life has gone. And that happiness is what she gave up easily. Because Oh my God, it’s Ichigo.

She was so grateful to die so she could protect him. Hell for Rukia isn’t her own death or torment… it’s the loss of Ichigo’s life, happiness, and well-being.

Then, genius-among-the-plebeians, big-boss man Urahara Kisuke of the little known Shinigami gas station, Urahara Shōten asks (while knowing everything about the situation and what Ichigo was going through because… hell didn’t Yoruichi do some kind of the same for him?) the spiritually bankrupt Ichigo “what’s wrong? Your tone is unexpected. You make it seem as though I’ve done something wrong by saving you.“

Which, honey-bunches, we know for fact is something Ichigo considers wrong. Mortal-sin, you’ll go to hell for your havens type of wrong.

“Prove it to me and make sure your shipping googles aren’t cutting off the blood trying to circulate to your brain”, critics will say.

And to which I reply, hark!

Ichigo, who arguably gives the most respect (a concept he is fundamentally deficient in) to Urahara and Yoruichi, screamed, slammed, and looked prepared to hurt Yoruichi-san. And only because “don’t ever save me when Rukia is there, when she’s with me! You get her first! And fuck, only if you can keep her safe do you worry about me! Rukia, not me! Never me!”

Something along those lines, just with an expression so painful it curls your toes and makes you chew your nails off.

Ichigo’s attention and concern has belonged to Rukia since the evening she broke into his room and berry-boy thought she was a “samurai-costumed,overly-confident burglar.” The night she gave him a changed world.

Ponder that and then continue. Ichigo’s heart is soaked and his rain is non-relenting.

Uryu tells Urahara to let Ichigo know “the only one that can save Rukia…is you.” Get it together quickly.

Ichigo feels so frustrated, the breed of annoying that acts like a virus and infects your brain, rots and feeds on every sense that balances you. Makes you feel creepy and uncomfortable in your own, now ugly to you body, a sanctuary you can’t get away from.

Frustration, sadness, rage all mix together and simmer into hopelessness.

Rukia is being rained upon. “I can’t get to her, Urahara. How can I follow her there. Anywhere else is easy, sure, but how can I get there? How can I save her? How can I protect her? How can I get her back? I want her back!”

Ichigo is hopeless, he is sad, he’s fucking miserable and perpetually uncomfortable in what’s going on because this isn’t fucking something you ever get the pleasure of moving on from.

You don’t get to be happy when your soul-mate dies and decomposes because they love and care about you to a caliber that they said “Fuck you, bye!” to their own life.

You don’t get to find happiness because the feeling of that mates heart, the connection you never are allowed to continue, the altruistic care, the “you mean so much to me I’m going to give up my existence and be fucking ecstatic about it because oh my God, you! I don’t need to explain, I don’t fucking understand and maybe I don’t want to, but God you,you,you-you need to stay alive, you are forbidden from losing your future shot at happiness. You will stay and you will try and you will move because shit! I’m going to kill myself to give that to you”… all that never goes away, even on a deathbed.

I mean what the hell! The boy can’t even grieve because “dammit she’s alive! she’s breathing! She’s suffering! She’s sad! She has time, but for what? I can’t do anything!”

Ichigo’s rain, as we can come to a unanimous community consensus on, is what represents everything that anchors and locks Ichigo down, hurts him, hinders him and his development, makes moving forward too hard sometimes.

Rain is symbolic of his depression.

And it’s raining on Rukia.

Yes because weather (dur-hur), yes because this is upper-echelon in Ichigo’s most gut-wrenching, ‘at that point I didn’t think I could move anymore’ moments, and yes because this was Kubo was leading us into a deeper understanding of this through worlds and lifetimes bond.

Please listen to this, this, and this, think of Ichigo and Rukia and then cry. Please.

Ichigo has tried to convince himself that the knowledge of Uryu being okay is all he has to worry about, but when he can no longer pretend that Uryu is the reason he’s scared enough to scream…he screams about Rukia.

Trying to ignore Rukia, while noble in that he almost pretended he could respect her wishes and naive in the thought that maybe asking about Uryu was enough to get sandal-hat off his back…just doesn’t work, to any kind of degree.

Trying to push the memory of Rukia being taken away from him makes it so impossible to avoid the sadness and his real issue with the ugly night before. Kubo seriously lacks finesse and subtlety with these two. The size of her image only gets bigger and bigger the less Ichigo is able to repress it…interesting no?

Ichigo deflates slightly when Urahara intervenes and decides to let him know that, “Hey kid. Hate to break it to you a little late, but there is a way to force a breaking-and-entering into that place.”

Now Ichigo’s found his way to Rukia. But what’s his concern?

Urahara’s “Ten Days of Training” one condition.

*cue Ichigo’s always creative combinations of colorful profanity, flying up out of his recovery bed, “Shit! Do you think I have time to train? Rukia will be executed! I need to go now!*

Now Urahara isn’t the most, how could one say–emotionally sensitive, running with heart and emotions kind of dude. But, and this is just a quick thing I like to think of often, Urahara was pretty okay with Ichigo’s display of emotion.

Face-value and ‘understanding’ of Urahara “most people have to try hella hard to achieve this level of shady” Kisuke leads us to believe he wanted Rukia to be safe for the lone fact the Hogyoku was shoved into her (by him, without consent).

Yet still, it’s pretty weird to think of how many times he reassured Ichigo that “yes, your Kuchiki-san will be okay. You’ll have plenty of time to save her, 13 days in fact. Just focus on that will and if your will is true, it’s stronger than steel, so train with a whole-heart (literally a thing sandal-hat says). Keep Kuchiki-san in mind and heart and you’ll get stronger and maybe you’ll even get strong enough.”

Don’t forget, Yoruichi saved Kisuke. Got him out of a world that wanted him executed (or turned human and exiled,but for him…which is better?) and took him to a new world so he (they) could continue living, even for just a bit longer. Sounds pretty familiar.

In my heart, I like to think Urahara saw a bit of Yoruichi in Rukia and a bit of himself in Ichigo. Maybe he can’t just sit and watch Rukia going down the same way he could’ve if it hadn’t been for Yoruichi. Two pairs of soulmates with a weird kind of unfortunate connection.

This wouldn’t be the primary reason for a guy like Urahara I think, but maybe it was where his reassurances came from.

In this circumstance, Ichigo and Rukia were both trying to save each other as the other was attempting the same. Maybe they’re both a little Yoruichi.

Yoruichi took Urahara out of Soul Society and gave everything up. Rukia gave up everything by going into Soul Society and keeping Ichigo out.

But with this news, Ichigo begins stressing about time management after Urahara gives him hope (that Ichigo accepts and tries to act upon immediately). Hence the cursing and lack of reasoning.

And ever so patient Urahara comes in with, “Yes dumb ass there is a way to enter the world your Kuchiki-san gave up her life to keep you out of and away from. I can get you in the same way Yoruichi got me out. One condition though, you train with me. Don’t use your need for her life as an excuse to kill yourself.”

Ichigo is a little shy of the maturity and delicacy he shows his father during later-on direct combat with Aizen at this point.

So he just waits for Urahara with diluted anger and a renewed sadness because Urahara talking about Shinigami power rankings and the fact that Ichigo doesn’t measure up stresses Ichigo out.

Rukia is really in trouble, huh?

“Calm down, you exasperating brat. I’ll fulfill your wishes.” But we’ll also have ignore Kuchiki-san’s mentality for this, aka “damn you, Ichigo you’ll die! Let me do that for you! You will not die. You cannot die. What’s the worth of my world or yours if you’re not in them?”

Even if Rukia doesn’t want it, Ichigo’s hope builds. He found his way. He found the path he could use to follow her. Ichigo found his way back to Rukia.

The last step is, “Can I become strong enough?”

Hell yeah, berry-brat, if you can fight for her with your entire heart.

And what happens because of it?

With the hope of Rukia.

The rain stops.

And Ichigo can move again.

Kind of gives new meaning to the whole:

“I wonder if I can keep up with it? The speed of the world with no you.” and “The rain drags Black Sun down, but the rain is dried by White Moon.”

It’s a lot harder to pretend Rukia doesn’t matter.

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  • aries: A man on the street just yelled at me, "Don't you run from me, Ken!" I don't know what it meant, but I was frightened.
  • taurus: My 10 year old niece just asked me why so many men in NYC are wearing women's t-shirts. Good eye, kiddo.
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