Things that are canon in the Metal Gear universe
  • Big Boss employed a man whose sole claim to fame was that he was able to run. Said man also was incapable of jumping since he runs into claymore mines you place on the floor
  • A man named “Hot Coldman” was a high ranking government official
  • There are several mechs that spoke like Vocaloids and sang while attacking
  • An astronaut died, was possessed by a pyrokinetic demon, and was able to continue living as a zombie by sheer force of will
  • A man had his arm cut off and then replaced it with the arm of his boss, whose ghost then briefly possessed him. Maybe.
  • Two United States politicians attempted to use Metal Gears to restore America to greatness. Both men were killed by the same man with a katana
  • Nanomachines are pretty much the explanation for everything
  • There was a guy who could control bees
  • Big Boss discovered the tsuchinoko

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