Stan Hansen & Big Bubba Rogers Vs. Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi
AJPW Summer Action Series
[July 9th, 1993]

I can’t get enough of watching Stan Hansen in random team-up tag team matches. In this one, Hansen teams with Big Bubba Rogers (also known as The Big Bossman) in a match that showcased a lot of Bossman’s abilities. Around the 2:20 mark, he pulls off a combination that would shock anyone, as he was deceptively athletic for his large stature. If you guessed that this match includes a fair bit of brawling, then you’ve definitely seen some of Hansen’s work through the years!

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Kaz - “wh…what, Snake?”

Snake - “Take off the towel”

Kaz - “Snake… Where’re you touching me?”

Snake - “There are wounds even in your ass… As if something clawed it.”

Kaz - “That’s enough…”

Snake - “No, show me more… Turn around ”

Kaz - “Huh? ”

Snake - “Turn around!”

Snake, what exactly are you jealousies of?


You want to put some kind of explanation down here before you leave?  We’re being punished by the Creator. He visited a curse on us. So that man could look at… what Hell was like. Maybe He didn’t want to see us blow ourselves up, put a big hole in the sky. Maybe He just wanted to show us He’s still the Boss Man. Maybe He figure, we was getting too big for our britches, trying to figure His shit out.

Day of the Dead (1985) - George A. Romero


this has been collecting dust for over a month and i don’t wanna look at it anymore TwT kaz is not allowed to be left alone in peace