Heechul’s new look for Devil really suits him, and he seems to enjoy the song a lot, because while performing he looks happier and more energetic than ever. And I’m really glad, because I was afraid that he wasn’t enjoying performing as much as he did before. He was never the best dancer or the best singer, but on stage, he would always do little things that were exciting to see.

“ I’m not the best singer in the world, but I know how to translate emotion and I have a lower register that I hated when I was younger and now I kind of know how to use that, I’m just finding my strengths now as an artist. I’m becoming a young woman and I’m comfortable with my sensuality. It’s just kind of not try-hard. It’s just perfect. I think to me that was exactly what I want people to see for the next chapter for me.” 

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Imagine Hajime slowly and gently dancing with you at 11 pm in a quiet house, softly singing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran to you *u*


Imagine the intensity emitted by his gentle eyes as he held your hand very carefully with one and placed his other arm around your waist gently, as if you were the most precious thing on earth to him. He wasn’t the best singer, but the sincerity in his voice was obvious and his efforts made you melt. You loved your sweet, precious boyfriend so much and you weren’t afraid to show it as you kissed his lips sweetly.

I would like to bring something to the fandom’s attention as a whole. General misinformation has been spread and I, for one, cannot deal with this. Yes, I am talking about people believing last night (7/17/2015) being the first night Liam has hit the high note in the climax of You & I with confidence. I know, I am as shocked as you are.

Thus I would like to present a post entitled: Liam can hit the You & I glory note easier than he can hit a heavy weight and anyone who tells you different is a big fat liar

The first show after Zayn leaves for stress and Liam sounds fantastic. The second night in Manila he’s a little more quiet because the microphone is farther away from his mouth but he’s singing it effortlessly.

Jakarta is one of my absolute favorites because it’s one of the first times Liam sings the note with little to no intro, it’s almost as if he’s plucking the note out of thin air. Johannesburg night one and two follow that same formula, as does Cape Town and Dubai, with Liam ending on a (ha) high note.

Cardiff night one and Liam is back at it again, sounding even smoother on night two. Vienna is much of the same and in Brussels, Liam may falter but never falls. He literally decides to show off in Horsens, making his “note plucking” in Jakarta look like amateur hour - only Liam Payne folks. Oslo, Gothenburg, and Helsinki are next - what I love most if that if you didn’t know better, you would think Liam has always been singing this bit. Liam, the consummate professional that he is, never shows that it was just some part he picked up in the middle of tour. He sings it like it was made with him in mind while the song was being written.

This video from San Diego is the best I can do, unfortunately most have fans shouting over Liam. He’s controlled as ever in Santa Clara and fucks! it! up! in Seattle. I’ll give those people credit for thinking Vancouver was the first time Liam sang the note with confidence, it’s really one of Liam’s best. People who don’t really pay attention to Liam could mistake it for the first time he’s ever done it “like that.” Still, the assertion that he’s held back is almost insulting. If you think Liam would do that, you are really doing him a disservice.