Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito

Model, artist, writer, actor, director, producer, entrepreneur and activist of African-Italian descent born in Denmark on April 26, 1958.

Giancarlo Esposito Interview by Kristen Noel for BEST SELF Magazine

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FrUK Head canon

Every week Francis will take a selfie with Arthur’s phone then set it as his background. He’ll change it on random days so Arthur won’t be able to guess which day he’ll change it on. His pics will always be changing too. Whether his hair is up, down, wet, messy, or he’s wearing clothes or not, or he’s smiling, winking, blowing a kiss, making a silly face or being seductive, or making a peace sign, licking his fingers or even licking a dildo, he’ll change the pic to make Arthur smile, laugh or get hard~

He also likes to take selfies on Art’s phone when he’s baking, laying in bed, drinking coffee, reading while wearing glasses or any other activity he’s doing. He also made a folder on the phone called “Francis’ selfies” so if Arthur really likes one, then he’ll always have it. But of course Francis deletes the bad ones so he only looks beautiful and fab.

Addition: He will also use a couple dick pics to really freak Arthur out when he opens his phone.

anonymous asked:

I wish I could see life the same way as you do, but it's so hard to change your perspective when everything seems so bad

maybe if u spent more time out and enjoying the beauty of life, you could start to love it. stop focusing on the negatives.

i feel so bad for geminis, bea is the most beautiful soul I know and she is a gemini. i am sorry you have to share a sign with iggy. i’m sorry.

anonymous asked:

Why is it that when dark skin women speak out on issues of colorism and light skin priveledge that they appear as demonic creatures that bully. Nah! I hate that we can't speak up about these issues without being portrayed as a petty sub human. Sorry, I just get mad when stuff like that happens

That’s called subconscious colorism. We immediately associate the dark skin woman with badness. I have mentioned how colorism is more than just a debate about beauty, but also the way we stereotype dark skin people, especially dark skin women. What you mentioned is a prime example. When I see this take place, all I have to do is smh because the people doing it really put their foots in their mouths and promote the idea of colorism, without even knowing they’re doing it.

eravamo-unapromessa asked:

Can everyone literally shut the fuck up. So what if she sent nudes? She obviously thought she could trust him, so don't go on lecturing wtf. People like you are the reason society is fucked. Our bodies and the pictures we take do not define us. 99% of people take nudes, just not everyone has bad luck like she did. Shes beautiful and shes doing the right thing getting help. Just get over yourselves you close minded wankers! Youre beautiful girl xx

Thanks babe. This is the type of statement that’s relevant