B.o.B.’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson diss track definitively proves the Earth is flat
Professional fun-ruiner Neil DeGrasse Tyson probably wouldn’t even have bothered getting out of bed this morning if he knew how hard he was about to be schooled. Falling victim to one of the most devastating of all intellectual attacks—hastily assembled diss tracks released in the middle of the nigh

So people are acting like this is “fun.” This isn’t fun. This is anti-semitism. B.o.B. explicitly asks people to listen to David Irving, a notorious Holocaust denier, and suggests that Jews control President Obama. This is not “fun.” This is not entertainment. Why the hell is the headline here totally ignoring the anti-semitism?

Please embarrass him, Neil. Don’t stop embarrassing him. If one person takes anti-semitic conspiracy theories seriously because of this it’s one too many. 

There’s a growing anti-intellectual strain that is growing in this country. It may be the beginning of the end of our informed democracy. In a free society, you can and should think whatever you want. If you want to think the Earth is flat, go right ahead. But if you think the Earth is flat and you have influence over others, as would successful rappers or even presidential candidates, then being wrong becomes being harmful to the health, the wealth and the security of our citizenry.

Neil deGrasse Tyson responding to rapper B.o.B. regarding his Flat Earth, conspiracy-theory propaganda rant via Twitter (see it via the Daily Show here)

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“At one point I looked over and on B.o.B’s shoulders and there was this giant spider. It was just hanging out there and ready to kill him and I saved his life by pointing it out… I’ll point that out” [x]