Monkey Fist, Monkey Fist everywhere.

After doing the villain sketchdump, I had an extreme urge to draw a ton of Monkey Fist. Let me rephrase that; I had an extreme urge to draw a ton of Monkey Fist- and his body. I feel like a character like Monkey Fist would have an incredible, lean physique as a result of his martial arts prowess. So I couldn’t resist drawing such a physique in more detail than the Kim Possible style could lend. I also had the urge to get expressive here. And since there’s monkey fur all up in this biz, I had to give him a lovely excess of body hair. Glorious, glorious body hair…

The first sketch to the left was going to be the start of a series of serious, martial arts sketches of Monty Fiske. Then I cut myself loose and my right hand consumed itself by drawing tons of nonsense. I wanted to draw Monty going through something terrible, and I could think of nothing worse than monkey feet knowing the horror that is stepping on legos. Note: he is in boxers because I imagined this happening in the dead of night. When you’re at your most vulnerable…
I rather suppose the whole sketch dump is fan service, but particularly the bottom right sketch in which we find Monty a fresh from the shower. It was the last sketch I did, and I was trying to think of what other shirtless drawings I could do. Originally I intended to make a Chippendale’s homage, but then I decided I wanted something a little lower cut, and so I threw away my shame and slid Monkey Fist into a towel. Not too sure how big the market is out there for Monkey Fist fan service, but what do I care. I know I sure dig it! *thumbs up*

by the way, I don’t own Monkey Fist. That honor goes to Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle.

thedrawingbirb asked:

I just followed your blog, and I'm now descending further into Lapidot hell. (There is no regret)

(Ahh, thank you for following my blog! I couldn’t resist interrupting what I am currently working on to draw this. Your icon is too adorable. I’ve always wanted to do one of these posts.)
Yess, this is good. NO REGRET! Descend with us, burn with us, sin with us.