Something to confess on a Monday evening

I used to run an art shop for a very long time. It was fairly popular, granted it wasn’t too popular but it was certainly well-known. I made it clear that I could reject commissions for any reason, which I had occasionally done during my time on FR. For one, I rarely accepted customers who had been known to pay and tip poorly. Second, as a dysphoric and gender critical lesbian, I made it a personal preference to not draw transgender/nonbinary dragons or OCs.

When rejecting commissions that fell into these categories, I always informed the user that my rejection came down to “time and the complexity of the dragon/OC”, and I sent my best wishes to them. For my entire year running the art shop, I never encountered a single problem doing this. It was around the end of the year, however, when I had a very slim encounter with a specific customer. I don’t want to give out his name, so I’ll call him M.

At first, M requested me to draw his progenitor. This was a dragon with a very complex skin that was dressed in layers of silks and other apparel. I was completely fine with this, despite the complexity of the project, so he sent his payment upfront. One day later, before I started on his commission, he requested if I could change to another dragon. This dragon was supposed to be “herself”, a self-described transgendered dragon which unfortunately happened to be noticeably less complex than his progenitor. I lied and said that I had already started on his first dragon, to which he replied with something along the lines of “I’ll pay for the work you did on the first one, could you work on my second one first” (this was obviously never going to happen). I said that I would finish his first dragon and I would consider doing his second dragon if I had the time. This made him slightly disappointed, nonetheless, but ultimately he agreed to my terms. I added his name to the wait list again for his second dragon and I continued with my day.

Time passed, and only one month after I finished his first commission I was set to work on his second commission. I sent a brief message to him informing him that I would not be able to work on his commission due to “personal household issues”, to which he said that he was fine waiting and that he was ready to pay for his commission upfront “whenever”.

Following that day, I decided to take a break from Flight Rising and close the shop until further notice. To this day, I still haven’t reopened my art shop.


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things that are undisputedly gay culture

-space -art -coffee shops -tea -jeans -flannel -dogs -cats -reptiles -not being a piece of shit -never sleeping -like ever -no rest -lists -mitocondria -DnD -memes -Zalgo text -precipitation -slaughtering your enemies due to an insatiable bloodlust -skirts -makeup -viddya games -solid color t-shirts -terrible jokes -pancakes -animals in general -brownies -The Penis Game -Club Penguin (rip :( ) -(good) Disney Channel shows -typing in creSCENDO -ramen noodles -“oh no” -blep -getting really excited while talking about something you love -crying -uwu -politics? nah -saying lmao when you aren’t even laughing -keyboard mashing abahgdbshf -aesthetics -black -cryptids -fiction books that are at least 300+ pages -Greek mythology -“Sports? Sorry I don’t know her” -“aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” -finger guns -shibes -vore jokes -“slorp” -“cronch” -not doing your homework -trying to be friends with your teacher -actually enjoying learning -saying the word “bop” -y'all -either having -1000 self-esteem or being horribly confident -covalent bonds -hiring a personal assassin to kill your family -ionic bonds -“bro,,,, do you think dogs have a doggy heaven when they die” “yeah bro of course” -bad internet connection -either reading 7000 words a minute or taking five minutes to finish a page -libraries -book stores -glasses -architecture -picking up a random Long Stick you find in case you need to kill something feel free to add on if I missed anything

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