Hi!! This will probably b a weird message (and I super apologize if I’m overstepping boundaries or anything) but!! I don’t follow you but I track the lsoh tag and I’ve seen some of yr crossover content. And idk u just. Seem super passionate and it makes me rly happy!! So I drew a lil something. Its Not The Best (I suck at drawing kids and I don’t think I’ve read a CU book in literal years) but I hope u like it!!! Have an awesome day!!

——-( @youllbeadentist ) OH my gosh!! 😭 this is so cute!!! Haha I totally didn’t even realize that crossover stuff is still totally visible in the main tag 😂 I’ve been so obsessed with lsoh for years and this crossover just called to me!! I am so happy you view my absolute frothing passion as a positive ✌🏽 You could totally never overstep omg your art is adorable (LOOK AT HIS TERRIFIED FACE THAT IS SO MELVIN!!!) and I thank you for submitting this to me!! 😭

Not all art deco. However vintage and cool none the less. I have always been fascinated and loved old school ice cream shop, drug store soda shops/malt shops. Here are some really great images. I myself make ice cream, and if I had enough money I’d like to open my very own ice cream/soda/shake shop, all done in art deco style. Anyways, hope some of you all like these old school soda shop/malt shop photos.


This gave me some intense vibes but I didn’t want to fuck with it lol. Does any of my followers read Japanese and can tell me what it’s for? It looks like a game to summon some demons or some shit.

I didn’t find it in the occult shop I found it in this horror art shop on the third floor. They sold tarot and astrology stuff too and I found this and was like wtff this is creeping me out. Like hell no I wasn’t going to buy it haha but I’m so curious to know exactly what it is.


omg guys, there’s this series of GF shorts named “Shop at Home with Mr. Mystery” which originally aired in November 2015 and is basically a bunch of fake commercials featuring puppet!Stan trying to ged rid of various Mystery Shack junk, and I really regret not watching it sooner because it’s a *freaking treasure*. can’t remember the last time I got this inspired to draw GF shit :D

(Bill and Stan’s phone talk is from this short and this line actually made me freak out for a second because knowing Alex, it’s either a subtle foreshadowing to the finale, or a hint that Bill is still in Stan’s mind :)))