More tabletop beebs, this time angel PCs from two In Nomine campaigns I’ve been a part of~ Melahel, a Mercurian of Flowers & Leviel, an Elohite of Lightning, respectively. They’ve never met (even if there was a bit of overlap in the campaign stories!), but I imagine it’d go something like the bottom pic.

Mel: Here, friend, have one of my famous smoothies! They’re super healthy and tasty and groovy! BD
Lev: Excuse me while I take this to a lab and run it through all the science.
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The Flower Shop AU is updated! I went back on my promise to myself about finishing the third chapter before posting the second, but at least I have the third chapter started. I thought the world could use some more Emil/Lalli shenanigans, so here you go.

“Join us… We promise we’ll treat you better than them.”

Both gullible and cute. Just the assistant they’ve wanted lol.