Things I Live For

Saw a friend do this, and I think it’s a great idea so I’m doing it too since I’ve been having a rough time lately.

One day finishing and publishing a book

Starting that webcomic I’ve been teasing and developing for years

Finally moving out and meeting other like-minded people

Maybe having a relationship

Owning all of UC Gundam on DVD/Bluray

Finding and collecting more great music

Hanging out with @cricket-box 

Interacting with @mohhmoo and @gaberdeen

Finally meeting @manlychan

Sharing tags with @drkstars-art

Geeking out over Redwall and sharing cute animal pics with @thegoldensoundtwice

Reading the next book by @kyell

Reading comments from @jeri-june and the rest of the Salmon Party on the BtWD webcomic pages

Reading and collecting published webcomics

Falling in love with amazing characters and stories like NITW

Cats in general

I’m sure there are loads more I’m forgetting, but I feel happy with this list for now. If you’re tagged in this, just know I love you and you’re awesome! And shoutout to the followers who follow me and like my posts despite my hodgepodge of interests, It brings me joy to recognize your names in my activity feed and I salute your patience! 

And to the p*rnbots who keep following me, I’m not interested, sorry.