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The Analogue Cops & Blawan // Good Stuff


Karenn - Studio 3 / The Analogue Cops - OCPLX1 (Forthcoming - Bleep, Nov.)


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The Analogue Cops - PartyToDance


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The Analogue Cops // Why You Love Me

Working under a few different names, The Analogue Cops may be the better known pseudonym of Italian producers Lucretio and Marieu, but Xenogears was the name of their very first project together as a joint production outfit. Having used The Analogue Cops name for a while, the Xenogears moniker was brought back in 2013 after a three year hiatus to release the LP, Lost Artemis on their very own Restoration imprint. Although they’ve revived this particular project, the pair are still very much immersed in their methodology.

Maintaining and releasing hardware based productions is their thing and it’s an ethos that helps define their former output and the faster-paced, darker fusions for of their techno-driven persuasion this time around.
Venturing to Farringdon at the end of the month to play a live show alongside Madteo, Marcos Cabral and Terry Francis, we’ve managed to get our hands on an exclusive new mix, whilst finding the time to hear them out and discover what’s in store for the pair over the coming months…

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        « Partytodance » (Fragil Musique) is a track that gives you the desire to put on your headphones and turn up the volume. This is a song where you want to feel the vibrations inside your chest. Feel the beat of your heart rate. And dance.

More than a talented duo, The Analogue Cops are originally an involved rebellion in the world of electronic music. As suggested in their stage name, Marieu (Alberto Marini) and Lucretio (Domenico Cipriani) only use machines and analogue equipments (no digital) to produce « pure raw techno »: drum machines, mixing desks, unit effects, pedal guitars, reel-to-reel tape recorders… No computers.

They are valiant defenders of vinyl culture and proud detractors of digital download. Thus, their label Restoration Records can boast about being one of the last independent underground labels on this planet, which has been flooded by digital revolution. They present themselves as the masters of original, communicative and educational music.

Musical story of two militants

Lucretio and Marieu are originally from the small suburb of Cadoneghe, near the city of Padua, Italy, but they now reside in the holy land of techno music, Berlin.

Lucretio, driven by his love for the melodic influence of Detroit, is one of the first Dj’s to have rapidly promoted techno on the forefront of the North Italian scene, thanks to the collective Autobahn. Later, it’s visit to Barcelona provides him a degree in music production allowing him to continue his pro-vinyl conquest in the German capital.

Except The Analogue Cops, he works on different labels like Live Jam Records and has also founded his own label Machine State Polymers where all tracks are produced on tape and published in vinyl. Lucretio is also working at a vinyl distributor in Berlin.

As for Marieu, he moved to Barcelona, then Berlin. He pulls hot releases, funky and solid on Hamer, rather well received by critics. He created his own label too, Enlightened Wax in 2011, he draws all the artwork for the Restoration label and is also in charge of creating the videos for the label.

They’ve created a musical project in 2005 with the desire to « restore the kingdom of analogue music » that is to say, music mostly produced from machines and pressed on vinyl.

Both partners founded their own label Restoration Records in 2007. Their music philosophy, minimalist and altruist, against the global digital assault, is quickly recognized by their peers.

Their music comes from American house techno, from Bill Clinton’s funk, from Miles Davis’s jazz and deeply inspired by Theo Parrish’s electronic. A blending that made good impressions. Some mixes are played live by well-known DJs such as Ricardo Villalobos, Ame or Marcel Dettmann.

 They began a collaboration with Steffi (Ostgut Ton / Klakson), regular at Panorama Bar, on a project called « Third Side » oriented towards warm and dance techno, more structured than their usual work. Their album released in late 2012 “ Unified Fields ” was an intense success.

Other collaborations just as prolific followed, especially with the English Dj producer Blawan on the project « Parassela ».

However, one of the most interesting is Appointment, it is the group of Analogue Cops and their friends from the label Relative Records, namely Vinalog, Alex Picone and EMG. Together, they produced an official remix of Moodyman « I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits »: rare, rough and deep.

They will celebrate the 10th release of their label Appointment this year, with, amongst others, a John Swing’s remix, EMG’s remix and Marieu’s remix. Another article about them will be published next month.

More recently, The Analogue Cops produced Bratha002 with the participation of NoMadRonin and Restoration018 from the album of Xenogears (first techno project) with remixes of Third Side, Madteo and Vinalog. The album untitled “ Lost Artemis ” will be released in late April.

Ambassadors of vinyl genre and improbable mentors, The Analogue Cops stand up for it’s ideology with ardour. Vinyl has been resurrecting for some years now (up 16.3% of sales in 2012, according to a study conducted by Billboard, USA)

The fight is almost won!



The Analogue Cops // Steffi’s Disco Crime

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OCPLX1 by The Analogue Cops

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Italian production duo, The Analogue Cops, are probably best known for their association with Blawan (aka Jamie Roberts). Beginning in 2011 with the Big Family EP on their own Restoration Records imprint, the duo again collaborated with Blawan last year for the Cursory EP, then finished the year by working on this split 12" with Karenn (which of course Roberts is one half of). ‘Studio 3’ - the Karenn track on the 12,“ is a characteristically heavy number, with the GP crew finding the more melodic 'OCPLX1’ a little more satisfying. This one is still available on vinyl - so snag yourselves a copy ASAP.