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Even though I know you want a continuation of the series, I don't think that'll be possible since Jimmy has been gone for like eleven years and hardly anyone remembers him. I think what would work better is a reboot film or series, like John Davis is planning. Ever thought of talking with him about this?

He needs to go to the Nick execs and have a serious talk about his idea or a revival, either one. Nick is getting TV movies for Hey Arnold and Rocko this year and they are pondering other revivals as well. 2017, I believe, is the right time to do this. We have a small window of opportunity. The only thing we can hope is that Mr. Davis will take advantage of it.

If a reboot is done correctly with the right people it *could* work. But I also think a revival is plausible too. Look at Hey Arnold - they are getting The Jungle Movie which is a continuation of the original storyline and ties up loose ends and answers questions about where Arnold’s parents are as well as finally getting Arnold and Helga to admit their true feelings, among other things.

And Jimmy Neutron could have episodes aired during a decent time frame on Nicktoons or they could air it on The Splat, to get new and old fans acquainted once again with Jimmy. If enough people get to see the original show I think a revival (picking up where the show left off) could still be doable.

I believe anything is possible.