“One of the ad libs that happened was when I came on set for the dinner party scene, and they had the sort of chicken claw thing sticking up out of an appetiser.
And I said "we gotta use this man, this is ridiculous! It’s this dead claw thing.” And they kept it.  And I started to ask “what is this?” and then I went “forget it, I don’t want to know what it is.”“
- Raúl Esparza [x]


Big Leaps.

The days come and go so fast anymore. I remember when the weekend felt like it lasted forever, now it goes by in a single moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. The direction my lifes going in is exactly what I have wanted for as long as I can remember.

Today my mom came over to the flat and helped me with Genderflux for a few hours. She knew that I had been working on some music and asked if I had anything she could listen to yet. So I pulled up a rough recording of a song that I have been working on with @BarryBrandon and his team.

As the song played I sang along, dropping in ad libs and alternative melodies. Then my mom started laughing and giggling so I asked what she was laughing at! She said,

“What do you mean? I am laughing because I am sitting in the dinning room of your flat, helping you manage the stress of your new company that is growing leaps and bounds while your over there putting outfits together for another week of photo shoots, meetings and networking events while your soon to be hit single plays in the background!!! That’s why I am laughing!!! Because I am so proud of you!”

It was nice hearing that from my mom. Like mothers tend to do, she had a very valid point because these are all things that though they are new, stressful and time consuming, its what I have ALWAYS wanted for myself, what I have dreamed of for a very long time.

This realization was so clarifying to me because lately I have been extremely overwhelmed. Worried sick about so many different things. When you’re passionate about what you do, its easy to stress about every little detail. At the end of the day though, I love my crazy life and I will get better at handling the challenges I face with each and every hour invested into my dreams!

Dreams are such an important part of life. Despite tough times, I am very lucky to have a mother that not only accepts me for who I am but also believes in my dreams as much as I do.

As many of you know, we are gradually going through all of the submissions that have been sent in from people interested in becoming a contributor to House of Alexzander. Through this process I have read and seen so much art and creativity and I love that! However, one perspective I also had a specific interest in finding was that of a parent to a gender variant, trans, or non-binary child. So today I thought I would share this story of my mother and I, in hopes that perhaps it might reach someone with this unique parenting perspective, that would be willing to contribute as a writer/photographer to the House. The submissions page is still open to all submissions.

-Elliott Alexzander

when someone comes for Liam’s vocals i just remember that he’s not only a singer but a vocalist who can go back and forth into falsetto without his voice cracking and whilst staying on pitch and who can ad lib his ass off, like ad libbing is literally creating new sounds in your head whilst singing like he’s ridiculously talented. he’s a performer.

Who’d have thought Niall Horan would be responsible for one of One Direction’s most brilliantly bizarre tracks ever. There are barbershop quartet harmonies, gutsy grunts powerful enough to put the All Blacks’ Haka in its place, flourishes of tropical brass, and Liam doing some truly maniacal ad-libs. It doesn’t sound like it should work on paper, but somehow it all comes together with a crazy-in-love lyric to be an album highlight.
—  Digital Spy about Never Enough.