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Ughhhhh why did Kiera Knightly have to be cast in “Colette”? I love Colette’s short stories and the costume design looks so cool but I hate hate hate seeing Kiera Knightley set her jaw and squint in period costumes

“Fanfiction,” you begin, a slowly growing smirk on your face, and I feel embarrassment creep up on me. I know what’s coming. “Isn’t that all just weird gay dude porn?”

I know it’s coming, and every time, I am unprepared. I stutter out a few ashamed sentences, things that sound unbelievable to you, an outsider, but I know for truth. “It’s not all like that,” I say, “Some is really good,” I say.

You laugh, and continue with a different line of conversation.

But despite the hot embarrassment, and shame, and resolve to hide it deeper, I still feel… pity for you. For what you’ve missed.


Yeah, I have written gay romances. I’ve explored the first meeting of a lesbian couples. I’ve pieced together sweet little anecdotes of different gender couples. I’ve looked at the slice of life of friends, of siblings. The comforts of queerplatonic partners. The dynamics of polyamory.

That’s just what I’ve written. And I haven’t written much.

But I have seen.

Different points of view, emphasis of different characters, rewrites of canon because damn it they deserved better. Alternative-universes of every colour, from the most mundane of coffee shops to crossovers to complicated and intricate high fantasy and science fiction scenarios.

And I have felt.

I have giggled at the realistic and hilarious banter of close friends. I have gasped in horror as an antagonist throws down my hero, putting them in their final, most desperate hour. I have cried tears upon tears as my favorite has lost all they hold dear. Sometimes I’ve felt more strongly with fanfiction than when reading published novels.

And it’s. All. Free.

Drabbles of 100 words all the way to novels and series of two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand, half a goddamn million words and more. Emotionally moving, distress inducing, tear jerking, joy bringing, take your pick and flavor and go for it, free of charge.

So… yes.

I pity you.

You don’t know just what you’re missing out on.

You know what I would mcfucking love in Voltron s5?

What’s up, I’m hiding in my work bathroom because that clip of Lance’s new bayard form has been haunting me and I just have to get this out.

With the latest clip, it definitely sounds like the clone Shiro theory might be coming to a head. It sounds like he’s acting even more strangely and isn’t listening to his teammates. That’s not the sign of a good leader. His teammates are frustrated, voltron isn’t stable, so what happens?

The black lion rejects him.

Everyone’s obviously unnerved because now the team is weak and fractured once again. They can’t form Voltron, lotor is there and know they’re crumbling. Keith is not in the picture.

Then the black lion reaches out to Lance. He’s able to pilot it.

He probably ugly cries and everyone hugs him, Allura the tightest of all and tells him how proud she is of him.

Cool, sweet, fantastic. But they’re still down a lion. Lance with his new confidence hops in black and takes off saying something like “I know a guy perfect for Red.”

Cut to Keith who’s chilling with the BOM when the black lion shows up. He’s a bit confused, but still happy to see Shiro… but then Lance steps out. Keith is shocked. Not in a “what’s this idiot doing?” But more like… he knows this mean something has happened to Shiro.

Lance explains, but finally gets to the part where he asks Keith to come back.

“Red is the right hand of Voltron… and I need my right hand man back.”

Keith understands and barely has to say anything before Kolivan is pushing him out the door. Keith shows up back at the castle and everyone is thrilled. Lance tells him that he looks best in his red armour.

“Purple is … alright… but I think this is really your colour”

Keith is so comfortable and happy to be back in Red. He never wanted to lead. But he wants to help and do his best. Red is glad to have him back too.

Lance listens to him. It is a collaborative effort. He listens to everyone.

And their first mission is finding the REAL Shiro.

i feel like someone has already said this but what if spider-man: far from home started (or ended) with “a film by peter parker 2” and it’s him documenting like the space ship and showing us titan then at the end it’s just static then it cuts to tony (who found the footage and edited it) and he stares into the camera and says “i’m sorry kid”

I need to stop mentally giving excuses for why other people treat me poorly. Everyone is entitled to have a crappy day or struggle when they are going through a rough season. But when I use that as an excuse for them consistently over long periods of time, that’s a problem. I deserve to be treated well. I need to learn that I’m just as important as the ones I care about. I’m worthy of a mutual friendship.

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“I can’t believe this gay movie had a heterosexual sex scene.”



Why fight about who is best being Peter’s parental figure when we can have both May and Tony as bff co-parenting.

Think about it, they being totally embarrasing helicopter parents and are always fucking worried about their idiot of a kid doing heroic stupid shit that could get him killed. Bonding over their Italian heritage. Fighting about where will Peter go to college. They totally send eachother spiderman memes, and tease Peter over his multiple heroe crushes. Family dinners and movies become a THING, they always have takeout because both of them are shit at cooking and after watching one of those nerdy film Peter likes, they talk shit in italian about that annoying Linda at the PTA meeting over a cup of wine.

But above all, they suport eachother and are glad that they have someone else who loves and cares about Peter just as much as they do.

It’s funny how I didn’t even realize exactly how toxic the Voltron fandom is unitl I took a break from it. Like wow, the MCU fandom is so chill even having half of its main characters killed off and yall can’t chill after getting thirteen episodes of new content and a some major plot points settled, to the point where you create an entire new fanon ‘reboot’?? I almost felt trapped in this fandom, holding on because it used to be good and pure and exciting when I joined around season two, and now it’s been twisted so much that I feel I can’t even enjoy the original content anymore knowing that the creators whose names are at the beginning of each episode have recieved death threats about fictional chatacters. If you guys want some good LGBTQ+ rep, go watch Steven Universe. It’s less toxic than VLD, and you can rest knowing that the creators weren’t harrassed into making ships canon.

people who write aged-up Damian and just make him an older grumpy version of his kid self with the same issues and asshole behaviour don’t understand how growth works. I get that when they wrote him as Batman in the comics, his character was pretty similar to how he was then, but that didn’t take into account the relationships he’s currently developing.

Like, Dami surrounds himself with kind, loving, strong individuals. Look at his relationships with Dick and Jon. They’re very similar people and these are who he chooses to be around, because he wants to be like them, but he’s been conditioned and manipulated into this stunted kid who has to relearn how to actually be a kid. These healthy, kind, loving people can show him how to be better, and whether he admits it or not, he wants to be better

An older Dami would be a lot like Bruce in that he’ll be focused and head-strong and stubborn, but also probably a LOT like Dick in that he’ll be so, so kind and caring and a REALLY good friend. Sure, he’ll never be as goofy and ridiculous as Dick or Jon, but he’ll be much more relaxed and friendly and normal. He’s related to Bruce Wayne and he’s a crime fighting vigilante, so he’ll never be truly normal, but he’ll be way more socialized and at ease with himself than he is as 13 yr old.

If you’re gonna write Damian as an adult, for whatever reason, at least give him the benefit of the doubt and provide his character with the development that he is going to go through in the comics.

He deserves that much.

I’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but it’s 1 a.m. and I just realized this and I’m a dumb bitch so here’s my realization.

Kuron is so genuinely confused here. Since season 3, he’s thought that he’s the real Shiro. He has his memories, his emotions, his bonds, his pain, etc. He believes he knows his team, his family.

When Haggar starts controlling Kuron, he forgets about those bonds. Haggar’s influence on him overpower Shiros memories and relationships with people. So the last thing that Kuron remembers as Shiro is Keith coming back with his mother and something going wrong with Lotor.

When Keith cuts off Shiro’s Galra arm, Kuron is once again aware of himself as Shiro because Keith cut off his connection to Haggar. One moment he’s in the castle of lions with his team and next, he’s missing his arm with Keith standing over him wielding a sword, the world around him literally falling apart.

He is so genuinely confused and scared. You can see the transition from Kuron to Shiro, calling out Keith’s name. It’s the part of Kuron that really thinks he’s Shiro that calls out Keith’s name.

I’m not sure if this is an obvious thing, but I take forever to figure things out because I’m always looking at the bigger picture at first. Now that I think about it, it should have been obvious, pero como dije- I’m a dumb bitch. 

Seriously, thinking about it broke my heart, I wanna hug him.

I know that reaching out for help is scary. Maybe you’re not ready to admit that you can’t handle things on your own. Maybe you’re scared of being a burden on someone, or of upsetting them when they learn about your struggles. Maybe you’re afraid they’ll brush you off as attention seeking and not take you seriously. Maybe you’re worried that that help won’t be enough.  But it’s okay if you can’t do it alone. Your true loved ones wouldn’t want you to suffer in silence, they’d want to be there for you. You know that you aren’t just seeking attention and with time, people will see that. And given time, you will get better when you get help.

Lil’ Fandom PSA

If you don’t like a ship, don’t put it in the ship tag!

We get it; you like your own ships and dislike others, but please stop putting your hate or rants in the ship tag.

The tags are supposed to be a place where people can post, share and bond over ships they all enjoy. It’s not a place where we should see hate on the ship.

You’re entitled to free speech, hell fucking yeah you are, but if you’re gonna be toxic about a ship, then put it in a rant tag or just don’t tag it at all.

I’ve constantly seen it in Hankcon and because of other rising ships, I see it in Stevetony and Reaper76 a lot too when all we really wanna see is art to reblog, funny text posts or a headcanon or two.

So just…moral of the post; Keep the hate or toxic talk of a ship on your own tag or blog, not in the actual tag.


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At least, that’s how it was for me.

So… you’re telling me Ben Solo going through almost three decades of torment, dealing with overwhelmingly strong legacy Force powers, a creepy manipulator in his head, perceived fear and abandonment from his parents, being forced to live with his Uncle who ended up fearing darkness & the horrible repercussions of it more than anyone, enduring constant emotional and physical abuse from said creepy manipulator AND lifelong emotional isolation…

…you’re telling me all of this was designed by the Force so that this sensitive ancient-eyed adorable lovable whelp of a legacy child could grow up and pass everything he learned in the Force plus everything he *should* have had (his parents’ devotion, his uncle’s blessing, his father’s ship) AND his soft unrequited romantic love to a girl who is destined to take all the spoils of his suffering, kill him, and end the Skywalker bloodline forever?

That’s a HUGE nope from me. Absolute fucking nope and I will nope my way out the door. JJ would never do this… this is pretty much the most horrible thing I could imagine as an abuse survivor. That the “good” survivor who needs less help is the only one worth helping and the “bad” survivor needs to give everything up to the “good” survivor and die.