Chapter 1 Part 1

Evie’s POV:

“Why do I have to go to school again?” I pouted, crossing my legs and arms in denial.  

“Evie!  Stop pouting!  Get up and get ready.  Don’t you want to be smart?” momma yelled. 

“Not by going to school! " 


"FINEEEE” I rolled my eyes I walked over to my drawer,  picked up my school clothes and started dressing out. 

“Gee,” I thought, “Why was school so important for her? Jenna didn’t go.  Why should I?”  

As I finished changing, I stepped out of the bathroom.  

“Done,” I said taking my schoolbag.  

“Okay darlin’ just make sure to come in time for supper”

 "Sure moma"  I responded,  getting my bike outside.  It was the only bike I ever had; it used to be my sister’s  Jenna. I rode on leaving with a slight “goodbye”. “Oh God,” I thought, as I rode over across the grassy field, “school again.” 

Kathy’s POV:

“This time I don’t want the teacher hollering at me that you’ve been talking all day in class.  Do you understand Kathy?” granny said. 

“Yes Granny” I replied,  almost like when the teacher tells us to repeat after her. “You may go.” Almost instantly I stepped outside. 

“kAtHY! ” I walked right back in. Gran pointed to my school bag that was hanging across the kitchen table and I ran to grab it. 

“Goodbye! ” Granny said as I waved back and ran out. As I walked over into the dirt road I wondered about the current issue, about Leah. They say she kissed a rich kid!  And she’s a greaser!  Were they in love?  Or was it for fun?  For sure I can’t wait to find out!

Angela’s POV:

“Angela! Quit yelling!” Tim yelled. 

 "BUT CURLY IS BOTHERING ME! “ I screamed.  Couldn’t he see that? Tim shot Curly ‘the look’. 


Tim interrupted him "BOTH OF YOU!  CUT. IT. OUT. GET READY! ” I ran across to the bathroom and started brushing my hair,  as curly pushed me aside to brush his teeth. 

 "Curly! I got here first! “ 


"Timmy! ” Tim came running and dragged Curly out by his hand. 

 "Come’re kid,  I’ll do your hair" 

“Alright! ” I fixed my hair into a ponytail and walked over to my school folder and grabbed it.  "I’m ready Tim! “ I smiled as Tim came over with Curly and now very greased hair. 

 "Let’s go,” he said and took Curly’s folder. We all stepped in Tim’s car and Tim started the car. 

“Straight to hell,” I thought “We’re driving straight to hell.”

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cute stevepop hcs?

Aw yisssss

-Steve has multiple nicknames for Soda
-He usually calls him ‘Love’ cuz it'a Soda’s favorite
-Soda likes to run his hands through Steve’s hair when it’s not greased cuz it’s actually pretty smooth and soft
-They are a Power Couple
-Steve swears that someday he’s going to die from his heart exploding because of something cute Soda did
-Soda calls Steve 'Bunny’ for some reason and it’s mostly because it makes steve blush
-Forehead kisses
-All day
-Steve likes to pick up Soda and spin him around
-Soda likes it too but he gets dizzy easily so Steve can’t do it for too long
-Soda is big spoon most of the time mmhm
-Steve loves it when Soda steals his t-shirts
-Honestly they could make your teeth rot with how cute they are

I love my boys


Ok so as some of you know, J ( @johnny-cade-07) and I are writing a series about the Outsiders girls!! It’s mainly about their friendship with each other and their antics with the boys, but we also will have some other stories, like what the reaction would be to the end of the real book!! (However, we have it so it was just a dream and Ponyboy had it published because our precioussesseses arent dying) We also will do headcanons!!

Our first chapter for the main plot is up!!! Here it is!

(Oh also sidenote for anything off of the main story we’ll have labelled)

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