The Powerpuff Girls (2016)


Cartoon Network announced today its largest slate of content ever from a new wave of creators telling stories that are relevant and reflective of today’s kids. The network, which is seeing success in total consumption across its platforms, is also adding more than 30 new games and apps to its mobile and web portfolio that has over 200 million worldwide downloads and now includes a series of podcasts, VR and AR experience 

  • Apple & Onion - An apple and onion meet in the city and become friends. Still just the limited run that will air throughout March. This series’ inclusion in this list could be used as proof that we don’t know if certain next shows are going to be full series or just limited series.
  • Craig of the Creek - A boy and his friends play in a creek with the power of imagination. New episodes start on March 30th, and one can watch the first episode right now on Cartoon Network’s website, On Demand, and the CN app.
  • Infinity Train - A girl stuck in an infinitely long train. Thanks to fan support, the series will exist in 2019.
  • Summer Camp Island - A tapir and a hedgehog go to a magical summer camp. Will premiere this summer. How fitting.
  • Victor and Valentino - Two siblings spend summer with their elderly relative in a small town where mysterious things happen. Will premiere this year.

There’s some returning series, including series we already know are ending:

  • Adventure Time - A Minecraft episode will premiere this Summer, and four new episodes will premiere starting on March 18.
  • Ben 10 - Will get a Season 3. One of the episodes in the current season is a half-hour special where the villain drains the Earth of its resources.
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Will have more crossovers and a Season 2.
  • Steven Universe - Three new story arcs will premiere this year, starting in April.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Season 6 will have a musical episode and a Halloween special.
  • PPG 2016 - Will have a “global rollout” of new episodes, events, and merchandise starting this year and going into the next. An episode focusing on Bliss will air later this year.
  • Teen Titans Go! - Season 5 will premiere in June, a month before their theatrical debut.
  • Unikitty! - Will continue to air new episodes across 2018.
  • We Bare Bears - Will have a Season 4 with holiday specials, including a half-hour Halloween one, and an episode about a wedding

Thank God, the new Rocko’s Modern Life revival is a satire of reboots and today’s culture. Seems like the writers actually know what they’re doing, they’re not adding current trends and technology as a desperate attempt to relate to kids. Instead, they’re making fun them. They even kept the old art style. I’m really hyped for this, Hey Arnold: Jungle Movie and the Invader Zim movie. Nick is actually doing these old shows justice, while Cartoon Network still has Teen Titans Go and that fuckin’ blasphemous Powerpuff Girls reboot.