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MDZS Chapter 119, Extras 2 — Incense Burner 2: Patriarch!Xian vs Young!Wang Ji, Curb-Stomp Battle (part iii.)

I can’t believe — but it’s also slightly expected — this is easier than translating poetry.

Here we go. Very very nsfw.

Incense Burner 1: part i., part ii. Incense Burner 2: part iii. part iv. part v.

The two had initially thought that the power of the incense burner would dissipate after two days. But on the third night, Wei Wu Xian woke up in Lan Wang Ji’s dream again.

Black-robed, he wanders down the white-cobbled streets of the Cloud Recesses, Chen Qing swaying at his hip. Soon, the sounds of schoolboys reciting books drift into his ears.

It’s coming from the classrooms*.

*I…don’t remember, was the ‘Lan Shi’ was any room in particular?

Wei Wu Xian saunters up to the classroom, and saw the expected students sitting inside for the evening class. Lan Qi Ren wasn’t around, and Lan Wang Ji had been put in charge.

This Lan Wang Ji is still a younger self, although he seems around the age when they fought the Xuan Wu at the bottom of its cave, around seventeen/eighteen. Handsome as always, already with the air of maturity, yet still retaining a bit of youthful countenance.

Wei Wu Xian hangs around outside the classroom for a bit, leaning on the support pillars, then hops lightly onto the eaves, and brings Chen Qing to his lips.

Inside the classroom, Lan Wang Ji shows a sliver of disquiet.

A disciple asks, “Sir, is there a problem?”

Lan Wang Ji replies, ”Who’s playing a flute?”

The disciples look at each other blankly.

Momentarily, someone ventures, “There is no flute, sir.”

At that, Lan Wang Ji’s expression wavers, and he takes up his sword and strides out the door; right at that moment, Wei Wu Xian keeps his flute, and leaps lightly over to another eave.

Lan Wang Ji, sensing movement, calls out in a low but commanding voice, “Who dares to trespass!”

Wei Wu Xian lets loose two clear whistle notes under his tongue, already thirty meters away, “It’s your spouse~!”

At the voice, Lan Wang Ji’s expression wavers, saying, uncertainly, “Wei Ying?”

Wei Wu Xian does not answer, and Lan Wang Ji pulls down Bi-Chen from his back to pursue. After a few flying leaps and bounds, Wei Wu Xian stops, perched on top of Cloud Recesses’ high walls; finding solid footing on a piece of tile, he straightens.

Lan Wang Ji stops ten meters away, Bi-Chen in hand, his forehead band, sleeves, and robes billowing harshly in the night wind, the overwhelming image of immortality.

Wei Wu Xian tucks his hands behind his back and grins. “Handsome face, impressive skills… Now, if only there I had an altar of that wonderful Emperor’s Smile, this would be perfect.”

Lan Wang Ji’s gaze is steady, after a moment, he says, “To come uninvited at nighttime, Wei Ying, what purpose do you have?”

Wei Wu Xian laughs. “Guess!”


Lan Wang Ji snaps, “Nonsense!”

Bi-Chen flashes forwards, and Wei Wu Xian evades effortlessly. Although a teenage Lan Wang Ji is highly skilled for his age group, he is no match nor threat for this Wei Wu Xian. A few parries and an opening, and Wei Wu Xian slips inside his guard to slap a seal on his chest. Lan Wang Ji seizes up, unable to move, and Wei Wu Xian tucks him into his arms, making a straight line towards the back of the Cloud Recesses mountain.

Wei Wu Xian finds a secluded and densely wooded area where Lan Wang Ji is set down. Leaning against a white stone, he asks, “What are you going to do?”

Wei Wu Xian pinches his cheeks, and in a serious tone he says, “Rape you.”

Lan Wang Ji can’t tell if he’s joking, and begins to pale. His says, low, “Wei Ying, you…don’t joke around.”

Wei Wu Xian grins. “You know what kind of person I am, I just like to joke around.” With that, he reaches a hand to beneath Lan Wang Ji’s numerous, solid layers of white robes, and tightens his grip around a notable area.

This touch is neither strong nor soft, showing a particular skill, and instantly Lan Wang Ji’s expression shifts into something peculiar. The corners of his lips spasms, and he bites his lips, finally reclaiming control of his expressions, forcing an air of calm.

But, having gotten away with that Wei Wu Xian wants more, and in quick movements his robes was loosened and the inner layer discarded, and Wei Wu Xian pulls out the flushed and heavy cock, so different from Lan Wang Ji’s expression, and gives it a good, solid stroke. “Han-Guang-Jun, you really a truly gifted from a young age!” And he has the nerve to flick the head afterwards.

Having his intimate parts handled thusly is unacceptable to Lan Wang Ji, and he looks to be choking on his blood in anger. Refusing to be distracted by the mention of the ‘Han-Guang-Jun’ stranger, he shouts, “Wei Ying!!”

Wei Wu Xian grins. “Go ahead, scream, no one will come even if you scream your throat raw.”

Lan Wang Ji still wants to retort, but then Wei Wu Xian stops laughing, tucks a lock of hair behind his ears, ducks down and wraps his mouth around him. At this world-shaking development, Lan Wang Ji is shocked speechless, and his whole body freezes.

The seventeen Lan Wang Ji holds an air of youth, but in private matters he is generously endowed. Wei Wu Xian goes down slowly, and doesn’t manage to fit everything in before its tip is rubbing against the back of his throat. The shaft is thick and hot, and the pulse of blood coursing through veins can be clearly felt within his mouth, and his face also swells as a result. Despite the effort expanded, he patiently swallows everything, to the base.

Wei Wu Xian’s treatment of Lan Wang Ji’s cock is practiced, a thorough and well-honed lavishing of every part of it, sucking and licking, complete with bright sound effects, as though he is heartily sampling an extra-fine culinary delicacy, and although Lan Wang Ji’s countenance is naturally pale, fair, and impassive, his neck and ears are now flaming red, breathing rapid and uneven.

Wei Wu Xian keeps at it for a good while, till even his neck muscles begin to protest, and still he hasn’t coaxed out a release. Puzzled at this, he refuses to believe his mouth can’t deal with a seventeen-year-old Lan Wang Ji. And then he looks up, and sees that Lan Wang Ji’s face is a study in desperate restraint. His cock is hard and straining for release, but just refuses to unleash its load, as though it’s holding back from crossing some sort of baseline.

TBC: part iv.

You know what’s pretty sad? How much Wei Wuxian is willing to risk for others and how he doesn’t expect anything back. He’s a troublemaker, that can’t be denied, but he’s also the kind of person to put others before himself and it’s so sad to see how his actions are twisted to others convenience.

He became the Yiling Patriarch not because he wanted but because that was his only choice and even then his revenge was mostly fueled by the desire to avenge Jiang Cheng and his sect. Every time he tried to help someone it came back to bite him; saved someone who saved him once and the world turned its back on him, even when there were worse matters everyone was ignoring.

And it’s just so sad how he just accepts it, how used he seems to stand by himself. He accepts the poor conditions he lives in, accepts the fact that one of the people he cares for left him behind because he thinks it’s for the best. It’s almost like he believes he deserves to be alone. And the one thing he knows how to work with is despised by almost everyone, basically the only thing he has left which means he’s despised and he just accepts the hate as well.

Even present Wei Wuxian risks himself for others but when it comes to him being in risk he’s ready to run away by himself again to not bring trouble to others (LWJ is not allowing that tho). It’s just…so sad how much this boy gives and how he doesn’t expects anything, how normal it’s for him to be alone ;-;

every single scholar trying to unpack ‘why are those goshdarn teenage girls so into slash fanfiction’ is a fucking idiot because they always make it about men and being attracted to them…. those clowns need to turn in their degrees because it’s not about that… writing slash fanfiction about m/m couples is MAINLY about exploring a relationship in both partners have the same patriarchal status without any of the discomforts of womanhood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is why there are so many gay girls relating to/writing m/m slash fics !!!!! it’s not about being secretly attracted to DICKS !!!!!! MEN DON’T FACTOR IN AT ALL !!!!! (unless you’re a gay dude and you also write fics etc in which case i apologize, im just trying to tell all those ladies with media degrees why theyre wrong about teenage girls)

its about being able to explore themes of attraction and sexuality in a safe, fictional space that’s free from expectations and limits placed on girls, like believe me, this is the main reason, this is why same thing appeals to both straight and gay girls, this is why women of all ages still write/read fics !!!!!! 

‘but aren’t they making it more complicated because now they have to deal w/ homophobia??’ NO, NOT RLY, by adding the gay relationship context you actually gain more comfort zones of themes like discovery, exploration, careful consideration etc EVEN IF YOURE A STRAIGHT GIRL !!! and homophobia is often magically omitted from the stories and when it’s included, well, its easier to deal with attacks from public when you’re a GUY with AGENCY that’s not usually reserved for female characters !!!!

its all about perceiving yourself as an equal to everybody else, but the society doesn’t reflect that, it places limits on you, gives you rules on how to express attraction and sexuality !!!!! so a teenage girl writes a fic about two guys falling in love and enjoys that scenario because neither of those guys has a lower status to the other one (side note: this might be why there’s so little fanmaterial about characters of color, they don’t fit white girls ideas of societal freedom and comfort), they are both at the top of the hierarchy and can do what they want, pursue their emotions as they like!

we absolutely cannot make the success of slash fics amongst female girls about attraction to males, like i REFUSE, i cannot let those scholars say fanfiction describes ‘what it’s like to be attracted to men’ no no no, its not about “”””sexy taboos””” either, no no no, its because girls want to feel human too so they explore that need thru their interests and fandoms, THATS IT. CANCEL ANY OTHER PAPER ABOUT FANFICTION IM SICK OF THEM

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Wen Chao's death & Yiling Patriarch's first appearance in the novel or the donghua version?

HANDS DOWN IT’S THE N O V E L - without a doubt, it’s the novel man Do you remember how much suffering WC had there?? It was way too fast in the donghua but in the novel WWX “played with his food” and the kid and lady ghoul that WWX brought maaaaan the donghua missed that part. ALSO the reunion of my yunmengjiang duo in the novel was heaps and bounds better THEY HUGGED OMYGOD SOMEONE STOP THESE FEELINGS and i feel that there was more heartbreak for LWJ there bc WWX and JC were finishing EACH OTHER’S sentences which basically amounted to, “an outsider like you has nothing to do with US” wiw novel all the way but heyyy i also gotta give it to the donghua for not following it but still giving me so much emotions

make me choose; ASK AWAY

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Wei Wuxian

Throwing it back at me, I see.

Okay, it’s 2x1 for this human disaster.

Favorite thing about them: I haven’t seen a protagonist in a long canon this fascinating and suited to my tastes in a while. After trying the donghua/anime, I needed to know more about him. To sum it up, the fact he’s such the trickster archetype? A guy who’s charming and innovative and fun-loving at his cheeriest, but the nastiness when confronted and the gray in his actions –even when he’s a culture hero– backfire on him often and condemn him. He’s more predictable and selfless than the trope, but honestly that gives him flavor.

Least favorite thing about them: His arrogance and pride post-Sunshot Campaign and through his Fresh Patriarch of Yiling days are irritating and heartbreaking at points; although that’s part of his character development and downfall, it makes me miss his sunnier self from his teenybopper days and the little fucks he gives post-timeskip.

Favorite line: That one about saying thanks and sorry right before he apologizes to Jin Ling. When he calls out the inspectors re: not thinking the Wens were humans, sick burn. And that one about the kids’ kidnapping not being him because he’s broke and can’t afford to hire anyone.

brOTP: This question has me stumped because yikes, dude, you need good friendships that don’t end up in a fucking mess (Jiang Cheng), almost friends to enemies to friends to lovers (LWJ) or death and consecutive zombiefication and technically magical servitude (Wen Ning). What am I supposed to say here? Do any of these still count as friendships to him anymore??? There are parts of each I really enjoy: Wangji because their (well, half) platonic interactions were so fricking fun, Jiang Chen because Yunmeng bros, and Wen Ning has so much potential and I’m sad they don’t interact more as… sort of equals, you know?

OTP: Yeah, as you can see from my reblogs I really ship WangXian

nOTP: Ummmm. Him shipped with any of the Jiang siblings because it feels incesty to me. Or with the disciple boys (which… well, in a couple of cases it’s still sort of incesty)

Random headcanon: More than bisexual or gay in denial, I think it makes more sense for him to be demisexual the more I look at him. And all this sexual confusion is a combination of him falling in love for the first time while physical attraction increasing exponentially the more he crushes on his man. (Please don’t @ me, I don’t want to start discourse, gay and bi still are valid interpretations to me)

Also, he knows a lot of songs for the flute other than whatever he plays for cultivation. In parties, before the patriarch days, he’d play folk songs from Yunmeng and Yiling. He can memorize and play any song with just hearing it once (which you know, it’s canon, he did it once, he’s said to excel in music)

Unpopular opinion: I mean, besides the sexuality? As fun and extra as Green Fire And Crows And Glowy Red Eyes for the Yiling Patriarch was in the donghua, and while his look was so hot and on point, and I digged LWJ actually emoting… My god, I would’ve liked to see it more similar to the novel version in all its One-Man Gore/Horror Movie awfulness. I know, I get, Chinese censorship, they wanted a battlefield and something cooler looking. Still… maybe something in between? It’s just that he looked so OVERPOWERED EDGELORD.

Song I associate with them: R.E.M’s Losing My Religion is very Yiling Patriarch. The Killers’ All these things that I have done. Arctic Monkeys’ Balaclava. Franz Ferdinand’s I’m your Villain.

Favorite picture of them: Any donghua screencap that has him grinning wide

i feel like the majority of ‘feminists’ on this site don’t actually give a shit about women and just care more about the feminist ~a e s t h e t i c~ and get off trying to silence ex muslim women who are forced to communicate these issues through social media because it’s too dangerous to openly talk about how they are so unhappy, depressed and unsafe having religion forced upon them. 

How they fear disownment and abuse from their families and communities, worry about their lives as LGBT ex muslims in islamic and non islamic countries,how they are forced to wear a hijab/niqab and pray fast against their will and of course afraid of being abused and killed for going against islam.

I really don’t understand how anyone can call themselves a feminist when they ignore and shut down women who are trying to talk about these issues and automatically label them ‘Islamophobic’. That’s not what Islamophobia is. If your feminism excludes women who have left patriarchal religions who don’t even have the right to leave or exist in peace then your feminism is bullshit.

this is a post for the very young women and girls who act as unpaid advocates for the makeup industry here on this site. i truly hope you guys get to take a good gender studies class someday. i took a few but the one that really impacted me was in my senior year. girlhood in public culture taught by dr. janice radway. i was not a perfect student in that class; more than in most other classes i took in college, i embarrassed myself. i was excited to question patriarchal institutions but in practice that required more self-examination than i was prepared for. i made some comments in our seminar discussions that were textbook white feminism and had to track down extra reading on my own time that explained why my perspective was racist, harmful, and wrong. i refused to challenge capitalism. i flirted with #notallmen rhetoric. i had a lot of trouble with joan jacobs brumburg; i was defensive when it came to makeup (though i’d never been a big makeup wearer myself - you see how insidious this is?) and after one class spent discussing the body project, i went right to cvs and bought some makeup i never ended up wearing. i had to throw it out when i moved apartments last year. many lines of argument that critiqued the actions of powerful straight white men felt to me like personal insults, and at times i felt obligated to defend “myself.” 

in the end though, i stopped arguing, started learning, and gave up the defensive reactions. it was like i slowly realized that i was building up support beams for my own prison cell and what i should have been doing was knocking them down. 

i say this to make it clear that we are not born with an innate ability to see misogyny’s bounds or challenge them. it’s like how your house can be full of carbon monoxide but you’ll never be able to tell on your own. so if you have the opportunity to educate yourself in a space where the people around you are also learning (low stakes!) and at least one person is actively tasked with helping you grow (support system!) i wholeheartedly recommend it. you have to understand that this is about thinking critically about things you have never questioned before. that’s not easy. but once you learn it you’ll breathe easier - you won’t be poisoning yourself with toxic gas but breathing deeply and nourishing your body to build yourself up.

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Please lie to me and tell me the next chapters from 74 and on will be all about love and forgiveness and nothing bad happens and I won't find myself in a puddle of my own tears yet again, thanks

Ohhhhhh suuuuuure like lemme spoil you - actually the 13 years was just some dumb dream of WWX and nothing bad really happened. He was already married to LWJ before he even became Yiling Patriarch. EVERYONE’S ALIVE and happy and no one’s crying but me and the truth

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Hi, Sarah! I want some of your advice if possible. I work for my family's business with an old-school patriarchal stepdad as my boss. There's a lot of history there, but recently I'm wondering if I should try to blaze my own career path. It is intimidating, though. What is your advice regarding looking for, finding, and getting the right job for you? What is your advice on that process and how to go about switching jobs or careers? Have you ever done it? Just need some hope AND honesty.

Hm this is a bit tricky. I don’t want to give you advice that could so drastically and perhaps detrimentally change your entire life around. But I will try and be honest with you. 

I will say that before making such a huge life decision to think about how much you trust yourself and if it is worth it. I walked away from not one, but FOUR job offers at other small town newspapers after I made the decision to complete a one year contract at my first small town newspaper post-j school graduation and move back in with my parents and try my luck at finding a job in a different field because I could not do long distance from my partner any longer. I also realized that small town life, while quaint and humbling and wonderful for some people, is NOT for me at this stage of my life. I crave the city. I wanted to be with my friends. I love Vancouver. I got to live with my parents rent-free and I was only unemployed for a month before finding my current job. 

I had a back up plan and I had a safety net that I could confidently rely on for several months. While I was of course scared shitless, I knew that taking another job in another town would be same shit different day. I was not happy living by myself, sequestered from everyone I knew and loved, in a place I knew I didn’t want to be in. Looking back, I definitely could have used my time better and embraced being alone and the place that I was in much better. And I don’t mean to say that all my time in that place and in that job was bad. It could have been better had I tried harder. But what I am saying is that I knew it wasn’t for me and I knew that very very strongly and inherently. And I had a support system to help me limp along until my ‘something better’ happened. 

I made the switch from journalism to marketing and with that I’ve learned a lot of skills that have taken time, frustrations, and a lot of tears. I know so much more now about things I never thought I would need to but I feel really confident and proud of myself for picking up those skills on the job. 

I hope that was helpful, but I know it was also a jumble. There may not be a lot there that you can take away from but I hope it gave you something! 

I wish you ALL THE LUCK in the world. 

Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, Nourhan Manougian, leads the Vespers, evening prayers, in the Grotto, in the Church of Nativity, as the Armenian community of Jerusalem celebrates Christmas in Bethlehem, West Bank, on January 18, 2016. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90

The thing is, “men are hardwired to be violent” is never followed by “so they are unfit for leadership/should never have access to guns/should not be allowed near children”. It’s an excuse for men’s behavior, never a reason to restrict men’s freedom and pretending there is some fundamental difference between male and female brains is the easiest way to never have to deal with the real problem: male socialization.  

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