herthinfeelsthings  asked:

Hey!! So I’m trying to get some exercise into my routine as then I’ll be able to loose the pound faster but I find that I get really exhausted whenever I go longer than 10 minutes. Do u have any advice because I really need this. Also I skipped my period this and last month should I be really worried? Thank you for you help Xx

hi beautiful!

exercise certainly helps with weight loss and it’s also beneficial for heart health, but please be careful with it and don’t overwork yourself. start off small, and prioritise eating healthily over exercising if it’s doing more harm than good!

if you’re exhausting yourself after only 10 minutes, this could be caused by a couple of things:

you’re trying to do too much too soon; 

  • exercise should be stress-relieving and you should work hard to build up a sweat and increase your heart-rate, but it should make you want to keep exercising, and not give up after a workout. it shouldn’t be physically exhausting (certainly not so quickly) or cause you any pain, lightheadedness, or dizziness. 
  • so many people try to do too much before their bodies are ready, and stop exercising entirely. start off small, and when your body starts to adjust to the intensity, begin slowly increasing it (walking/running faster; exercising for a longer duration; increasing the level on a cardio machine)
  • if working out at a much lower intensity is still exhausting you, check with your doctor or a medical professional at school

you’re suffering from anaemia or a vitamin b-12 deficiency; 

  • this could certainly be why you’ve skipped your period (when you’re anaemic, your body loses blood cells more quickly than they can be replaced, which could stop you from bleeding on your period), and also what’s making you so tired (our blood contains iron, which carries oxygen in our red blood cells; the less oxygen you have, the tireder you’ll be and the more difficult exercise will be) 
  • start taking a multi-vitamin tablet if you don’t already (one that contains iron), make sure you’re eating enough (i would say 1000 calories minimum for females, and more if you’re exercising – you will still lose weight steadily with this intake), and also see your doctor. 
  • not getting your period could be a sign that you’re underweight (but judging by your info in your bio and calculating your BMI, you’re at a really healthy weight), or have a vitamin deficiency, but it could be something more serious, so don’t ignore this babe. 
    • my period didn’t really even-out until i was 20/21 and i started at 13. sometimes it would stop for months, and i should have get it checked, but i also had no other problems. it’s usually not something to be concerned about, and since you’re only 15, it’s probably just your body adjusting to some changes, but just get it checked out anyway, especially if you miss it next month.

you’re not eating enough;

  • food is energy, and if you don’t eat enough, your body won’t be able to support you through a strenuous workout, or perform basic functions like your menstrual cycle
  • you can eat and lose weight, and it’s better to eat smarter rather than eating less. make sure you’re getting enough calories babe, and check out sites like this (here and here) that give you structured guidelines for a balanced diet

i hope some of this helps, babe! as with any medical concerns: always seek medical professional help; it’s your most accurate and reliable source of help.


Hey Joe, sorry I hurt you, but they say love is a virtue don’t they?

Day One: My Family

So, for day one let’s talk about the basics: My family, because they are pretty much 80% of what makes me who I am. I had a painfully average upbringing. My parents are still together after 27 years, and I have a little sister whom I used to fight with constantly but who I now consider one of the best friends who I also happen to be blood related. She is four years younger than me and for a long time we never really understood each other. I was the rule following, overachieving, girly girl and she was the rebel child, marching to the beat of her own drum, not giving a damn if her outfit didn’t match and her hair was a rat’s nest. On top of that, she has struggled with depression and anxiety her entire life, something that was completely foreign to me until recently. When the older sister is a teenager and the younger sister is still a kid you don’t really have much to talk about. The kid isn’t mature enough to hear about or understand teenage problems and the teenager has grown out of silly child problems and thinks their own problems are so much worse. I’m so glad that phase didn’t last forever, and I’m also glad that my sister and I ARE so different. I know I can talk to her about anything and she has such a different perspective on life than I do. It used to seem like she was a little behind as far as maturity goes but now she seems so intelligent beyond her years and I can learn so much from her now that I never thought I would. She does yoga and is a vegetarian on the path to being vegan. She has this love for nature and being outdoors that I’ve never had and she hates to see people upset. It affects her in a way that wouldn’t effect most people. She’s funny and weird and beautiful and she’s still finding her way, but so am I and I wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone else by my side.

My parents are some of the best parents I could have asked for. I like to give them a hard time and every child bitches about their parents at some point when they don’t get their way, but I still wouldn’t trade them for anything. They spoiled me, but not so much that I feel entitled to anything, including their money help even though I know they would give it to me if I ever needed it. My dad is the life of the party and has such a way with people. Granted he has owned his own auto detailing shop for the last 30 years and has dealt with the public every single day but he’s just a very memorable person and a great conversationist. He truly taught me the value of hard work and as an entrepreneur who went after his dream of owning his own business I respect and admire him so very much. He’s so easy to be around, and although he worked so much when I was little and my mother essentially raised my sister and I alone, I know there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for us. My mother is one of the strongest women I’ve ever met in my life and she raised my sister and I to be strong and independent as well. Thinking about this #metoo campaign and feminism and now thinking about my mother and how she brought us up it’s occurring to me that she is also the first true feminist I ever encountered; and that was before feminism was even as prominent in our society as it is right now. She always taught us that we don’t ever need a man to make us feel complete, or to fix things around the house, or to put together the furniture. We are fully capable of doing all of those things for ourselves and finding happiness in ourselves, which I think is such an important lesson that every girl should be learning from a young age. My parents are soul mates and best friends, and I imagine one of the things that made my dad fall in love with my mom was the fact that she never NEEDED him. She was perfectly able to take care of herself and she CHOSE to let him into her life because he enhanced it, he didn’t complete it. My mom is the back-bone of our household and we would fall apart without her. I know I can talk to her about absolutely anything, and when my friends come over they feel like they can talk to her too. I told her about the first time I smoked weed and the first time I had sex and she never punished me for making choices and mistakes, and growing up and learning things the hard way. She never needed to make me feel bad about choices I made because she raised me with the conscience to know right from wrong and I would beat myself up enough about it if I know I did something wrong. Disappointing her was never something I wanted to do, but she always said it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them, so that’s what I have always tried to do.

I feel like I’ve already rambled but I could honestly go on forever about the rest of my family. We’re very close and I am grateful every single day to be surrounded by a family that I actually love. They say you can’t choose your family but I would choose mine over and over again. I have a cousin who is more like the big sister I never had and would protect me at all costs. I have aunts and uncles who never forget my birthday and congratulate me when I accomplish something great or have something exciting going on. I have my paternal grandparents (my mother’s parents have long passed) who would do anything to see their grandchildren smile and who love each other so dearly that it can make even the most cynical of people believe in true love, and I have friends who feel like family too, but more on that tomorrow!