*listens to the national once*

*wakes up in the middle of a wall street trading floor. it is abandoned, eerily silent, and almost morning. i look down and observe that i am wearing four entire suits layered on top of one another, each one more frayed and decrepit than the last. my mouth tastes like white wine and something faintly metallic, as if i have been eating coins @ a wine tasting. a woman named jenny has left a series of cryptic messages on my blackberry. i lie motionless for another three minutes before i finally notice that i have been on fire the entire time*


This is the greatest thing to ever happen to mankind


Alligator Turns Ten Years Old (Photos by Vincent Moon)

“It sounds extremely strange, but it’s sometimes easy to forget that Alligator is a perfect album. Understated even at its loudest points, there’s something about The National’s second studio album that lends itself to immersion. Matt Berninger’s baritone, world-weary tone lulls you into a safe place full of slow-burning hooks, black-and-white pianos and unassuming rhythms, and it’s a world that, for all its unique facets, feels familiar and warm. The imagery is downbeat, evoking smoky rooms and rainy days before any burst of colour; the melodies are narrow, traditional and comfortable. It’s difficult because it’s so easy; everything about Alligator sets itself up gently, knocking at the panels in your head and waiting for them to move.” [x]

nice songs to listen to during the summer (photo from somewhere) »  listen here

1.    actor out of work // st. vincent
2.    death is a girl // mini mansions
3.    feeling ok // best coast
4.    graceless // the national
5.    pure pleasure // drowners
6.    so insane // discovery
7.    too much time together // san cisco
8.    xerox // julian casablancas + the voidz
9.    20 / 20 // the vaccines