The Mother

  • What She Says: I'm Fine.
  • What She Means: Barney and Robin were the most awesome god damn couple ever and they should not have broken apart just because of a simple travel issue. I find it hurtful that the writers would literally spend an entire season focused on these two's wedding and then within the first 10 minutes of the episode directly following the ceremony have them break up (while also breaking hearts) just so that they can put Robin with a half-fast reunitement of Robin and Ted despite Ted already being with the most perfect human being ever. So what do they do? They kill her off, just so they can put these two characters who have had no success in romantic relationships with each other. So not only do they destroy one adorable and beloved couple but two. Yes, I am still bitter over this.

gods & goddesses: the mother

The Mother is associated with confident adulthood and parenthood, she is summertime and the ripening of crops and the procreation of all things earthly and universal. As the fullness of life, she turns the Wheel of all the seasons, and is the repository of all knowledge. She is the Earth Mother.
The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, fulfillment, stability, and power. Her color is red, the color of blood and the life-force that courses through us all. Her season is summer and her Moon is Full and rules the Sabbats of Beltane, Litha and Lammas.

How I Met Your Mother Characters

Ted Mosby : Taurus , Cancer

Barney Stinson : Scorpio , Leo

Robin Sherbatsky : Aquarius , Sagittarius

Lily Aldrin : Pisces , Libra

Marshall Eriksen : Aries , Capricorn

Tracy McConnell : Virgo , Gemini