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Game of Thrones Preference “How they react to you having a wet dream about them” (NSFW)

(Woooo some GOT!! Sorry about the lack of gifs my internet is shitty and i’m on my phone 😭Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Sandor-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d just have the need to scoot over closer to you, wanting to hear you clearly and feel you cling onto him if you ever do, only to look right at you as you’d carefully wake up from feeling him. As you’d get flustered, he can’t help but tease you and would definitely just have to pin you down, promising to fulfill your fantasy if you give him the satisfaction to hear you beg.

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Tormund-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d instinctively just have to loom over you and get a good look at you, smiling as he sees you moaning and shift around. As you’d open your eyes to him, he can’t help but pinch your cheeks and would instantly tease you about it, asking you if he turns you on that much, making you flustered and for him to laugh.

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Beric-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d get utterly flustered and would try to go back to sleep to ignore you, only to end up focusing his attention on you and actually getting turned on by you. He’d just have to turn to you and get a good look, carefully reaching to you and feeling you up a little before waking you up and admitting he needs you just as much.

Thoros-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d be utterly cocky about it and would practically stroke your hair as he coos you to sleep, clearly encouraging you to keep dreaming about him. He’d then just have to feel you up a little, giving you pleasure while at it and get you to cling onto him more and more.

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Jorah-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d get flustered about it and would try to think it over and over if he should wake you up or let it all happen, only to end up listening to you more and more getting turned on by you. As it would get too much he’d wake you up and would ask you if you’re alright, only to end up just pulling you in for a kiss as he realizes that he wants you.

Petyr-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d get quite turned on by it and would just have to fuel you, leaning right in to whisper in your ear, wanting you to keep fantasizing about what he’s doing to you. As you’d cling onto him, he’d just have to feel you up and would do anything to make you come, wanting to satisfy you and get you to wake up for him.

Davos-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d instantly turn away from you, thinking you deserve some privacy, only to end up chuckling when you’d inch yourself closer to him. As you’d wake up, he’d completely tease you about even imitating you here and there and getting you embarrassed.

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Jon-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d get rather shy about it and would try his hardest to think of anything else, only to get turned on by you and starting to imagine himself doing you right then and there. He’d then try to relieve himself subtly but would end up looking at you and stop, thinking how wrong it is before he wakes you up himself.

Eddard-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d be rather astounded about it and would try to convince himself that he isn’t hearing right, only to end up looking right at you as you’d open your eyes to him. He’d then just have to warn you about being more quiet the next time you’d have such dirty thoughts, clearly teasing you about it.

Benjen-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he can’t help but get turned on and would just have to inch closer to kiss your forehead as he wishes you goodnight, only to hope that you’d wake up from that simple gesture. As you would, he’d instantly tease you about it and would inch closer to kiss you, wanting to let you know that you can have him as much as you want.

Tywin-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d scoff and think to himself how much of a waste it is of you to dream when he’s right there, only to pretend to accidentally wake you up and give you that gaze that hints everything. As you’d catch on, he’d instantly inch closer and remind you that if you’re going to have lewd thoughts, might as well act on it and let him get you pregnant.

Jaime-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he can’t help but smirk and just look over at you to see how you’d react, only to carefully coo you back to sleep until you’re calm. As you’d calm down and get through the night, he’d instantly tease you about it first thing in the morning, reminding you about how you were acting and clinging onto him.

Tyrion-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d be quite proud and excited about it, feeling like you truly do desire him and carefully inching closer to maybe wake you up. As he’d feel you up, he can’t help but smirk to see your reactions and would have to get you to wake up just so he can give you everything you need from him.

Bronn-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d smirk and would lean right down to whisper in your ear about what he’s doing to you, clearly enjoying to tease you even more. As you’d cling onto him, he’d totally give into trying to relieve you, wanting the satisfaction to brag about it in the morning, loving to tease you about it more than anything.

Roose-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d have the habit of waking you up carefully, telling you in great detail as to what he just witnessed, only for him to suggest he takes care of your problem right away. As you’d try to deny it and get shy from it, he can’t help but tease you by whispering to you about what he heard you say, making you get turned on and just take what you need from him.

Ramsay-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d be utterly cocky about it and would keep it mind to tease you, only to wake you up and instantly start to kiss you as he reassures you how much he loves seeing you like that. He can’t help but pin you down and imitate you from earlier, loving to get you all flustered before he just ravishes you.

Stannis-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d be quick to wake you up and remind you that if you need him to relieve you, you just need to ask, only getting flustered by what he said. As you’d stare up at him wildly, he can’t help but try to walk back on his words and go back fo sleep, making you laugh and try to reassure him that there isn’t anything wrong with his suggestions.

Oberyn-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d definitely encourage you to keep fantasizing about him, only to slowly let his hand feel you up and carefully wake you up. As you’d open your eyes, he’d be quick to ask you what did you saw him do to you, wanting to give it to you and pleasure you just as you wished.

Brynden-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d always take it lightly and would just go back to sleep, only to spend the whole next morning teasing you about it. As you’d get all shy from it, he’d laugh himself and would reassure you that it’s sweet of you to dream of him even when he’s right by your side, only to stop you from getting up yet as he’d want you.

Alliser-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d try to hide how high and mighty he is from it, somehow wanting to prove to you that it doesn’t affect him, only to end up teasing you about it in the morning. At nearly any moment of the day, he’d remind you how much you love and desire him, getting cocky as he mimics you before coming to a stop as he insists he can relieve you.

Podrick-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d get so flustered he can’t help but turn to his side and try to hide himself before he just has to wake you up. As you would, he’d ask you what you were dreaming about, wanting to hear the details before he slowly gets the courage to suggest it.

Gendry-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d smile and find it funny, thinking to himself that he has been in your situation a few times, only to end up waking you up with it and try to reassure you it’s nothing. He’d pull you closely to him and comfort you, before slowly getting the courage to suggest something to you to relieve you.

Euron-Whenever he’d realize you were having a wet dream about him, he’d get all cocky about it and would for sure rub it in your face as you’d wake up, all while of course feeling you up to get you to be unable to deny it. As you’d finally beg him for it, he can’t help but get cocky about it and pin you right down to fuck you right into the mattress.

Brienne-Whenever she’d realize you were having a wet dream about her, she’d be stunned that you’d even feel that way, and would try her best to hide it until the morning, only to look at you oddly as you’d wake up. As you’d ask her what’s wrong, she can’t help but finally ask you what you saw her doing to you, only to get flustered and try to deny it as you’d tease her about it.

Yara-Whenever she’d realize you were having a wet dream about her, she’d totally get turned on by it and would carefully feel you up, wanting to pleasure and satisfy you completely. She’d have her fun while at it and would finally get you to wake, reminding you what’s going on as you’d tease her so much from the way you were moaning her name over and over.

Daenerys-Whenever she’d realize you were having a wet dream about her, she’d get flustered and would try to ignore it, turning to her side and thinking to herself that it’s only your subconscience. As you’d continue on, she can’t help but wake you up and tell you to stop it, confusing you before she just pulls you closer and shows you what you’ve been moaning about.

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breathalyzerfail  asked:

Hello! Isn’t it strange that when Tywin reforges Ice, he gives it to Joffrey and Jaime without keeping one for himself/House Lannister? He doesn’t even take back Oathkeeper when Jaime refuses to leave the Kingsguard. Does this perhaps *gasp* humanize Tywin?? ( I don’t really think so but I’d like to hear your take. 😊 )

I guess I don’t understand the connection, if any, between one’s humanity and what one chooses to do with stolen property? (Other than return it, I suppose.) 

If anything, I would think that motive is the humanizing factor in theft. The starving man who steals bread to feed his children is in a very different category than the person who, idk, steals billions to buy another vacation home. The former steals to save the lives of innocents, while the latter steals for greed. Does it … does it matter if the billionaire intends for the vacation home to be a gift to his children, instead of living in it himself? 

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Love on the Brain Update

Love on the Brain

Chapter 83 - Jaime

Jaime and Sandor leave camp and head for the Red Keep. Sandor finally squares off against his brother and Jaime faces off with the Mad Queen with disastrous results.


cynicalclassicist  asked:

Great read of Jaime IV. What would have happened if Jaime had been allowed to fight at the Tourney of Harrenhal? As Cersei isn't there who gets named Queen if he wins? Or might he ultimately lose because he is still young and going up against more experienced Knights like Arthur?

eidetictelekinetic said:I’m not one to miss “what if?” bait - what would have happened if Jaime had been allowed to fight at the Tourney of Harrenhal? (Great analysis of one of my favorite ASOS chapters btw!)

Okay, I’ll bite: what do you think would change from OTL if Jaime had been allowed to fight at the tourney at Harrenhal?

What would have happened if Jaime had been allowed to fight at the Tourney of Harrenhal? Hahaha hint taken

Taking the hint, what would have happened if Jaime had participated at the tourney at Harrenhal?

So what happens if Jaime is allowed to fight in the tourney of Harrenhall after being named to the Kingsguard?

indomitablerocinante said:What would have happened if Jaime had been allowed to fight at the Tourney of Harrenhal?

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Aha, my scheme has worked! Answer below the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Meta question: If Cersei and Robert both died very young (may the gods be thanked) and left the trio orphaned young, how would Jaime as the next of kin be as their guardian/dad? Canon and Modern AU meta welcome, I just simply want a universe where Jaime can actually be a dad to his children for once. IDM

hmmmmmmmmmmmm WELL let’s count that all of the kids have to be born before the parents sadly leave this world and the ages - there’s four years between joff and myrcella and one between myrcella and tommen.

now, before I go into it, canon-wise I honestly don’t know if he’d be given a chance to parent them FULLY anyway because he’s in the kingsguard and unless someone appoints him as joffrey’s hand (doubtful given that the one before was jon arryn and everyone bar the conspirators was fine with jon arryn) at most he could like BE NEAR THEM and shit but not fully get custody or anything unless he wants them all to die. I would suppose that given a scenario in which cersei/robert die when tommen is idk ONE (let’s spare him and myrcella trauma), myrcella two and joffrey six people would appoint jon arryn as a regent or co-regent with stannis or something until joffrey comes of age and at that point one would think that if he was six there’d be time to, er, deal with whatever issues robert and cersei’s parenting had created at that point (I mean at thirteen he’s what it is EXACTLY because he’s the kind of person who’s never been told no in his life but at six I suppose that if you take that away immediately you can still put a remedy to it). at that point I guess he’d do what he tried to do with tommen in affc and he’d have been a lot closer to them than he is in canon but like, in that sense. I don’t really think there’d have been a way to do it even if he gave up the KG and got married, because as far as everyone knows they aren’t his kids and they’re heirs to the throne, you can’t just raise them somewhere else.

now, MODERN AU would be a lot more interesting because he could actually ask for custody as next of kin without people knowing he’s the father and if no one on robert’s side is interested they would most likely go to him. since at this point we’re in full-on fanfic territory let’s go with two scenarios.

scenario one: the one stated above where he has a one year-old, a two-year old and a six-year old on the way to become a little asshole in training. I think:

  • in this case tommen and myrcella would actually get spared a lot of shit because tbh they wouldn’t even remember robert/cersei at that age, which means that bar the fact that going from living alone (or with your girlfriend lol) to HAVING TWO KIDS THAT YOUNG AT ONCE would cause him endless sleepless nights and to completely renew the house (you need toys/beds/supplies and shit) he’d be fairly good with it because hey they’re not even old enough to go to kindergarten, he doesn’t exactly have to break out any special parenting skills
  • (that said: if he lives with brienne she’d go like ‘WELL FINE I FIGURE THAT DISCUSSION WE HAD ABOUT KIDS SOMEDAY IS SETTLED’ and they’d split 50/50, if he lives with idk BRONN that’d be about the most hilarious shit ever but nvm)
  • joffrey would be way more complicated because again, young enough to still avoid major damage but not enough to have not absorbed cersei + robert’s Bad Parenting TM so while jaime tends to be the good cop he’d end up having to play the bad cop for a while ie giving the kid some limits, actually not justifying everything he does and telling him no and cooperating with the teachers and so on
  • (joffrey’s teachers weep in joy when he shows up at school like ‘oh yeah my sister was terrible we need to make sure he doesn’t think being an asshole to other kids is fine LET’S COOPERATE’ because until then they just got cersei absolutely denying that her kid couldn’t be Perfect TM)
  • EVENTUALLY he’d manage that after like months of trying eventually joffrey turns out not the best person ever but way better than canon all praise
  • (this with brienne playing the extra bad cop, bronn going like ‘kid my parents broke my nose when I was twelve you should think about how HORRIBLE you say jaime is to you’ and tyrion getting calls at random times with jaime ranting like HOW DID I EVER SEE ANYTHING IN MY SISTER SHE WAS TERRIBLE AT PARENTING TOO)

scenario two, slightly more complicated:

  • if we make them slightly older (idk four/five/nine) you get the Possible Angstiest Scenario because obv. joffrey would have had time to cement his bad habits and to be terrible to the both of them, which means that the moment they change environment and the responsible adult(s) side with tommen/myrcella rather than him it’d make AN INTERESTING SITUATION
  • (in which if brienne or bronn or anyone else is involved it becomes even more tense *violin music*)
  • because of course joffrey wouldn’t take well to suddenly being in the minority or being told no or being given limits while those other two poor souls couldn’t believe someone’s finally sticking up for them in the house damn it
  • tbh this one situation would end up with family counseling or smth especially if the other two have issues tied to either the bad parenting or joffrey or both but as far as jaime’s concerned he’d suck it up and go because he’s doing this seriously damn it
  • (obv. tommen/myrcella are like NEW FAVORITE PERSON [if brienne’s around most likely she’s the second new favorite person], joffrey’s like I HATE YOUR EXISTENCE)

so that would be more angst fodder X°D but anyway 100% he’d try to step up to the game and when in three years he realizes he totally has this parenting gig down however it goes he’d be like ‘WELL LOOK AT THAT I MADE IT’ ;)

On non-canonical rape scenes

This post is primarily a response to how GoT fandom responds to the various rapes in the series but it could apply to a lot of fictional analysis in general

I do agree with the following:

- men do not necessarily have good intentions in writing rape

- writing in rape with no follow up or exploration or characterization consistency is likely a sign the writers just get off to it

- rape is not necessary for growth, development, or “empowerment”

However I think there’s a misconception that Rape As A Backstory is the go to for developing or fleshing out female characters, which largely isn’t true, usually rape is inflicted upon relatively or entirely unimportant female character, often to illustrate how the most male approved and significant female character is lovable and respectable in comparison. It’s also assumed that writing in rape is inherently degrading to the woman in question - especially if a story is changed specifically so the woman can be raped

I agree that in the case of, say, Jaime and Cersei, it was pointless and ill intentioned. There was no narrative follow up, Jaime is still portrayed as the good guy relative to Cersei, and there has not been a single moment taken to acknowledge or explore how Cersei feels about being raped

In the case of Sansa and Ramsay though? Ramsay has been pretty much established as a villain, he definitely isn’t positively portrayed in the aftermath of his abuse of Sansa. Sansa gets to ruminate on and act on her abuse. She is allowed to change as a result of her abuse. Just as she has grown and adapted as a result of her prior emotional/physical abuse, now she grows and adapts as a result of her sexual abuse

But for some reason, this plotline is still derided by fans and critics alike as degrading?

Rape is a thing that happens. Survivors exist and we’d like to be seen in fiction without a looming shadow of “this is so terrible and disgusting and she is broken forever”. Using rape trauma as an obstacle which a character must overcome to grow does not degrade the character any more than any other obstacle - unless we are for some reason to assume survivors exist in an especially degraded state and it is shameful for anyone to have their experience

Rape As A Backstory doesn’t need to be a problem. And while I’m not claiming Sansa’s rape narrative is flawless or personally reliable and inspiring to every survivor out there, it also is not intrinsically an “edgy” or “misogynistic” decision just to reflect this reality of women’s lives within a story.

The biography of Jaime Lannister in one sentence.

“You either die a villain or you live long enough to see yourself become the hero.”