• What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The Iron Giant is such a vastly overlooked cartoon classic which didn't get nearly enough recognition despite its originality and its approach to mature topics in a way that was accessible to a young audience. From the way Brad Bird handled the villain, a man driven mad by the paranoia inflicted on him by government propaganda, to his clear and unflinching anti-war message, The Iron Giant encouraged children to question authority and be suspicious of the media we are spoon fed, and I will always wonder whether there were more sinister forces at work which kept the film from reaching a wider audience. Also, I am so thirsty for Dean McCoppin, it is embarrassing.

the ready player one movie depicting the iron giant as just another cool fighting robot makes me mad in large part because the death of brad bird’s sister in a gun-related tradgedy is what inspired him to work on the story. pacifism, specifically anti-gun pacifism, is a huge theme of the story because of that. how ready player one is depicting the giant is disrespectful to that.

  • "The Iron Giant" plot: The giant hates violence, and is appalled by guns. When the giant is finally driven to fight back, he becomes a horrifying unstoppable monster. In the end, the Giant chooses to sacrifice himself, saving innocents and seeing himself as superman.
  • Ready Player One: Hee hee lorge robot run and punch in battle scene