Sometimes recovery looks like Jeremy’s hands in Jean’s hair, forehead pressed to his, whispering into the shared breath between them I’m here, he’s dead, he can never touch you again

Sometimes recovery looks like Kevin’s head in Thea’s lap, shuddering as she strokes the tears from his burning eyes, telling him what he did to you was poison, he’s dead, and I will keep you safe

Sometimes recovery looks like Andrew’s palm on Neil’s chest, unyielding against his gasping heart, and Andrew saying Abram, and Neil asking, of someone else, He’s dead? and Andrew saying Yes.

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See it starts because Neil appears to Renee in dreams, too Andrew in the corner of his eye and oddly enough to Aaron through the static on the TV. But it's going how it's Renees faith and magic as well as Aaron's science that send Andrew to Neil. These are Andrew people and they are Neil's family. Renee stops his breath with prayer, Aaron stops his pulse with medicine but Neil stopped his heart.

i imagine that they have to retrieve neil’s body first before doing it or else when andrew brings neil back, he wakes up in his body and theyre not with him :000 so cue romantic, determined staring, and a kiss of promise that they’ll meet again… but in the world of the living

HC that Nicky actually knew Andrew’s gay the whole time

“He’s mine”

“No fair you already have Kevin you don’t need him too and come on look at him-”

“He’s fucking mine”

“Wow you’re greedy fine”

Remember this convoy near the start of the first book??? Ik it’s not word for word but we all know which one it is

And every time Nicky goes on at Neil about how he needs to get a date - he tries to set him up with guys remember? What if Andrew was one of those guys? Then when they’re out shopping and Andrew’s being Dramatic and pulling everything off the hangers answer Nicky’s like “Andrew back me up this [Neil not swinging] isn’t natural” as if he already knows which way Andrew swings

Also Nicky jokes about Aaron’s crush on Katelyn and finds it hysterical when Andrew’s down for pretending to be Aaron and hitting on Katelyn to see if she can tell them apart - Nicky finds it slightly funnier than the rest of the team which kinda implies he knows something they don’t

So he goes on at Neil about how he needs a date, he teases Aaron about his crush but he never brings up any of Andrew’s exes (who he presumably doesn’t have cause reasons) or go on at Andrew about a lack of sex or dating life like he goes on at Neil Aaron even Kevin for


What if Nicky knew about Andrew’s sexuality the whole time but kept his mouth shut cause he knows how shitty it would be to out his cousin

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Andreil + 35 :D <3

Andreil Drabble Ask Prompt Fills

#35 - “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

It had been a while since Neil had done his laundry. Too long really, but he was just so busy with classes and dealing with being the captain of the Foxes that little things like laundry slipped by. Though right now, as he was already running ten minutes late for his meet up with Matt to go see a movie and still hadn’t found a single clean shirt, he really wished he had taken some time to wash his clothes.

It was Matt’s last year at Palmetto a fact which he constantly used to coerce Neil into going out and doing things with him, though he really didn’t need to. Neil liked going out and doing things with Matt, he was his best friend after all. Sometimes Neil just liked staying in and doing things with Andrew more. Especially when their room was devoid of Kevin like it was this weekend, since he had flown out to meet with prospective professional teams.

He had just received another text from Matt saying that Nicky, Aaron and he were already at the movie theater and were saving him and Andrew seats. Neil texted him back a quick be there soon and slammed his sock and underwear drawer closed after not finding any hidden clean shirts inside. He walked back to his closet to dig through it one more time, who knows maybe a shirt had miraculously appeared in the last two minutes. 

He was pushing aside dirty clothes and sneakers when he spotted a shopping bag shoved into the back corner of his closet. He grabbed the bag thinking he might have gotten lucky after all, and looked inside. Except as soon as he saw what was inside he remembered why he had shoved the bag into the back of his closet in the first place. He pulled out the white shirt and groaned at the big black lettering on the front that read S(exy).

The shirt had been a gift from Nicky, who proclaimed that it was absolutely perfect for him. Neil hadn’t agreed then and still thought the shirt was ridiculous, but he had no other options. So he pulled the shirt over his head, and walked out of the bedroom to meet Andrew who was waiting for him in the living room.

As soon as Neil stepped foot out of the bedroom he was greeted with a “No.” Which was immediately followed by a “Take it off.”

Neil scowled, but otherwise ignored Andrew as he kept walking towards the door. He knew the shirt was bad, but they were already running late and he didn’t have anything else to wear.

As Neil was about to walk past him Andrew moved so that he was blocking Neil’s path to the door. Andrew stared straight at him and punctuated each word like threat as he said, “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

A Lesser person might have faltered at Andrew’s harsh tone, but not Neil. “Or what?” He asked, because he really just couldn’t resist trying to rile up Andrew.

Andrew took a step closer towards him, and slide two fingers underneath his armband in a clear sign as he said, “Or I will take it off of you permanently.”

Neil felt a thrill go up his spine at the thought and the memories it conjured of Andrew removing the clothes from his body. “We will have to save the foreplay for later sweetheart,” Neil said sarcastically. Although he also kind of meant it if Andrew was up for it tonight when they got back. Then in a less sarcastic tone and more matter of fact he added, “But right now were late and this is the only clean shirt I have.”

Andrew slide his fingers back out of his armband and bumped hard into Neil as he stalked passed him towards their bedroom. Neil spun around to follow him, and watched as Andrew yanked open his own closet and pulled out a plain black t-shirt. Andrew threw the shirt at him and stalked back passed him to the living room.

Neil switched shirts and thought that he probably should have just asked to borrow one of Andrew’s shirts ten minutes ago. Once they were in the car and finally on the way to the movie theater Neil asked, “So is your offer still going to be an option for when we get back?”

Andrew didn’t make any kind of indication that he had heard him although Neil knew he had, and after a while Neil decided he wasn’t going to get an answer. Then a few minutes later he was surprised by Andrew’s, “Yes.”


aftg meme → favorite scene

“I hate you,” Andrew said casually. He took a last long drag from his cigarette and flicked it off the roof. “You were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs.”
“I’m not a hallucination,” Neil said, nonplussed.
“You are a pipe dream,” Andrew said. “Go inside and leave me alone.”

AFTG Drabble Ask Prompt Fills

I am posting a masterlist of my ask prompt fills here.

They are all Andriel unless specified otherwise.

#31 - You Lied To Me

#1 - Come Over Here and Make Me

#13 - Kiss Me

#16 - It Could Be Worse

#42 - I Swear it was an Accident

#35 - You Heard Me. Take. It. Off.

#43 - YOU DID WHAT?!

#40 - Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?

#3 - Please Don’t Leave

#5 - Wait a minute, are you jealous?

#27 - I’m Pregnant

#38 - “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

#15 - “So, I found this waterfall…” - Jerejean

#29 - “I thought you were dead.”

#12 - “I think we need to talk.” - Neil and Aaron

-  Links will be added upon completion.

- Just an FYI most of these are going to be fluffy, just because I don’t usually write a lot of angst - unless it’s light angst and gets resolved fairly quickly.

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i’m SO sorry you LITERALLY could not have sent me an idea i knew LESS about than skateboarding akjsjdkadks

rad flips???? they’ve got like wheels?? grinding???? that might be snowboarding I DON’T KNOW

It’s actually really sad when you think about how Neil thinks he is great at reading other people, because as you read the books you realize that he is only good at reading negative emotions. Like anger.

He can hardly recognize any positive emotions like friendship, attraction, pride, or even just people caring about each other.

He has lived his whole life only being surrounded by anger and hatred that he cannot even comprehend love and care.