WHYYYYYYYYY??? Why did they delete the scenes where they show Steve adjusting to the “future”??? 😢

They say that it’s about 30 minutes of Steve’s scenes that they cut off which makes me both angry and sad because I NEED that scenes! Steve Rogers is not only Captain America! He is a man who has had to face so many things in such a short period of time, and all alone because everyone who knew is dead, or doesn’t remember him 😢 that is why finding Bucky is so important to him, because Bucky is his family, his connection in life, the person who has known him all his life, the person with whom he shares experiences with, who understands

And then they did it AGAIN in AOU! 😡

And let’s not forget about this one in Civil War! “I gotta get me one of those”

Because YES, there were more scenes/interaction between Bucky and Steve. For example, this one, and we might never get to know what whats going on or what they were going to talk about  OR WHAT THEY WERE ABOUT TO DO!!!…

Okay, idk who made this or idk if it’s new, I just saw it; I love Chris to death but this is something else. I cannot feel my senses ty.

Me in September be like

Teacher: can u give me details on world war 2?

Me: Bucky fell off the train

Fellow students: who the hell is Bucky?

Me: *crying* exactly

Now here we have some  of Bucky’s deleted scenes…

Look at him! So pretty and lost 😢

You can watch the full scene here, it happens while Steve is the “dancing monkey” 😢

Ohhh and there’s also this ones from The Winter Soldier…

AND CW… because this was was only in the trailer 😕


I’ll leave this cute scene of the boys on their double date… and remember when Seb has said that he would like it if they had shown more about the double dates

And recently Chris said, “I wish we could have kind of explored more is Cap in his element in the 40’s, you know, back when you know, him and Bucky were kickin it and you know, really get the Howling Comandos
… (my stucky heart 💞)