The Fame Era

Where does the line exist between Gaga and "Stefani"?

Is anyone else still confused over the “Lady Gaga/Stefani” topic?
If Gaga is her alter-ego, a personification of Stefani’s confidence and artistic spirit, it is also, therefore, a representative of “Stefani”–basically, a certain side of her personality. But nowadays, the division between Gaga/Stefani has started to dissolve, as she begins to dress more conventionally and use her real name in acting projects.

I think we know that Gaga was always pretty “genuine”–maybe a bit exaggerated during “The Fame” era when she acted more quiet, reserved and mysterious, but genuine nonetheless, especially when it came to interacting with her fans. But, it’s still kind of confusing, and I’m not sure even Gaga has it all figured out.

She told Jamie Lee Curtis that Gaga is a compilation of the best bits of her identity (similar to how Ben describes his drag persona ‘Ben Dela Creme’).
I’m puzzling myself by recalling specific moments and trying to classify them as either Gaga or Stefani, or both: the personified positive personality traits vs. the all encompassing personality. Both are really her, but one is something of an amplified version.

It’s hard to grasp. What do you guys think?


Do you guys remember the “Fame” Era of Lady Gaga? Our latest guests @crimsonandblue certainly do and totally ROCKED this cover of ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"!

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I know Ariana has a big social media following and I know she refuses to do any interviews and promotion so do you think with her lack of anything to do with the industry besides the studio, her big following will end? I know this sounds like a stupid question but I'm truly trying to guesstimate her career lasting

Honestly, I think she wants the smaller fandom back- her fame is shrinking this era after the blow up state of My Everything and I think she likes that better? Plus, I don’t know if she knows or cares that she could become irrelevant so fast and then how would she keep all 51 of her animals?

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I do believe you are mistaken, Lady Gaga invented the Gays™ way back in 2008 when she released her iconiQ album The Fame (which incidentally turns 8 years old today!) #BuyGagasAlbumsEverywhere

fursonally i think you’re mixing up her spreading the idea of gayness with the actual creation of such……. it was definitely during the fame monster era when she planted the seeds and watered the soil with care then born this way? released February 11th, 2011? was when the gays finally sprouted all across the land so
know your HERstory anon! #TheMoreYouKnow