Tonight! Episode 9.2 “The Bridge”

* There’s a herd coming and Aaron could really use a “hand.”

* Daryl prefers to use a skillet to cook an ass-beating rather than omelets.

* Even a trash queen and a half-blind priest can find romance in the apocalypse.

* Maggie remembers the lessons her father taught her (No, not hiding walkers in the barn. That other stuff.)

*That damned helicopter.

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From what I've listened so far:
  • Wolf 359: Aliens? They like classical music, and we're going to exploit them because ~capitalism~.
  • The Penumbra Podcast: Aliens? Their stuff is pretty cool, but they're extinct and we live here now.
  • Kakos Industries: Aliens? Great gardeners. We're taking credit for their existence. If they try to conquer Earth, we're taking credit for that too.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: Aliens? Whaaaaaaat? Who said anything about aliens??? They TOTALLY don't run the government and use humanity as a testing ground for reality-altering technology. LOOK AT THIS CUTE CAT AND ALSO MY HOT SCIENTIST HUSBAND STOP THINKING ABOUT ALIENS WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO THINK ABOUT THE ALIENS!!!!!
  • Alice Isn't Dead: Aliens? *deep sigh* This country is obsessed with the idea of "otherness". We label those who are different from us, those we deem unworthy of sharing this land, as "other". As "illegal aliens". Why? Is it such a crime to be different? Is otherness inherently bad?

Just a little (not really) list showing all of the podcasts that I listen to as of March 2018. Take it as a recommendation list if you want to.

The Bright Sessions

I love this podcast. Kind of a sci-fi storyline with therapy. Makes me very emotional. Such a bunch of diverse characters, and all of them have likeable qualities. (Yes, all of them, but I would still slap at least two of them) Caleb’s my personal favourite. A lot of canon LGBTQ+ characters too! This is definitely my favourite podcast. (I also found out that it’s ending as I’m writing this and while my heart is shattered, I’m very excited to see what comes next! A spin off and a book for Caleb?? yes??? )

Wolf 359

The series has ended, sadly, as of December 2017. Quite an adventure. Can be very rough on the heartstrings. It started off as quite a lighthearted, comedy-centred storyline in space, but took a huge turn very quickly. I’m still kinda shaken from the ending. But I adore this podcast. Each character has their redeeming characteristics, and their worst moments.(is it safe to say I have a soft spot for Kepler)  

Wooden Overcoats

A hilarious podcast, set in the village (almost a town!) of Piffling Vale. It’s a great podcast for when you just need a good laugh, though the humour can be quite dark. You follow the misadventures of estranged twins running a funeral home, when they are greeted with a handsome new neighbour, with a funeral home of his own. Need I say more? (I also love Antigone.)

Welcome to NightVale

My gateway drug Podcast. The podcast everyone knows, and for good reason too. Listening to Cecil’s superfluous voice is like coming home after a long day. Carlos and Cecil’s love is also very cute.  Speaking of which, I’ve been listening to this show for a really long time, and it’s exposure of LGBTQ+ characters was such a pleasant surprise. 

The Penumbra Podcast

First it’s a hotel, now it’s a train. (I don’t remember when this happened) Anyway, it’s a collection of mini stories, and it has one currently running story, following the adventures of Juno Steel, private eye. I can’t really describe Juno without spoiling the story. I highly recommend listening to it. It can get quite intense and emotional. The other stories are also really great. 

The Lost Cat Podcast

I’ve only gotten into this podcast fairly recently, and I’m happy I did. It’s basically about a guy who’s missing his cat and he ends up in such odd situations. It’s accompanied with really catchy music. (That musical episode was so much fun) I would like a tall glass of wine too.

Eos 10

Doctors in space. I had no clue what to expect coming into this podcast. I think I just saw it on someone else’s recommendation list and gave it a shot. I don’t regret it in the slightest. (Though I could’ve done with a warning for episode 4) The characters are all interesting, and I’m planning to listen to the series again while waiting for it to come back.

Alba Salix, Royal Physician

A Physician, forced to deal with the whole kingdom and their petty medical issues, a disgraced monk and an over eager fairy as her assistants. This one’s the latest podcast that I’ve listened to and I fell in love very quickly. I’m really looking forward to the next season! Sometimes I just wish I could give Alba a day off without worrying about what happens to the house of healing.

The Bridge

This podcast is quite unique, in my opinion. I mean, Bob was quite the surprise. I really enjoy the horror aspect of the story and the overall mystery captivates me enough to stay. It takes place on the Transcontinental Bridge. May or may not have monsters.

The Strange Case of Starship Iris

This one’s very interesting. It only has 5 episodes so far, but it is very captivating. It’s basically a sci-fi mystery, sometimes comedy that takes place after a huge war. It’s quite the bunch of characters as well, majority -if not all- part of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Orbiting Human Circus (Of the Air)

A gorgeous podcast, from the folks in Nightvale Presents. I fell in love with this story fairly easily. It’s about a circus atop the Eiffel Tower, and you follow the story of Julian the janitor, who longs for the stage. Sometimes he does get on the stage but only misfortune ensues. It’s just so whimsical, sad and happy at the same time. Leticia‘s my personal favourite and ironically, the only person who might actually speak french, but I would still hurt anyone who would harm Julian.

Alice isn’t Dead

Deliciously terrifying. Also from NightVale Presents, It’s basically about a truck driving lady looking for her dead wife, and is met with things that can come out of nightmares. It’s very very emotional. One minute its very romantic and the next it’s terrifying.


If you’re into government conspiracies and all that jazz, this podcast is for you. Though, it is very intense and can get quite scary. You follow APR journalist, Lia Haddock as she investigates the case of Limetown, where the whole town disappeared overnight. 


Wireless Theatre

I’ve only listened to one of their stories, the Drayton Trench series, and I enjoyed it immensely. Perhaps it’s because it was a series written by the same guy who created Wooden Overcoats. 

There are podcasts that I’ve listened to but have not really followed through for various reasons. While they may not have worked out for me, I’ll list a few of them down and you should give them a try anyway. Support!

- Within the Wires

- It Makes A Sound

-Return Home


- Ars Paradoxica (I’m actually currently listening to this but things got in the way and I haven’t picked it up again)

- Our Fair City

I realized that despite always reblogging podcast content… I haven’t made an actual podcast rec list. These are most probably podcasts you’ve already heard of before, but they’re friggin good okay. Under the readmore are short summaries/reasons why you might like these particular podcasts and I’ll also tell you which ones are queer (hint: most of them).

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you would not believe your pasts

if ten million FUCKING PODCASTS

Podcast Recs [2/5]

Part 2 of my horror/fantasy podcast recs is finally here! (Sorry it’s taking so long @thefestiveoctopusnods!) This is the start of all the fiction I listen to and they’re in no particular order. Part 3 should be up soonish..

Ok. So this is a new podcast (only 1 episode out right now!) And it follows the time honoured tradition of “journalist explores spooky goings on and gets in over their head”. This is based around Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest and is based on GHOST SHIPS! A lifeboat washes up with a bunch of skeletons and an antique pistol and sets the internet on fire when it’s revealed to be a lifeboat from a ship that disappeared 150 years ago. A journalist travels to Puget Sound to find why and how this happened. The first episode is 15 minutes but that may increase as the series goes on.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wake up covered in blood in an attic with no memories of what you were doing or why there’s arcane symbols painted everywhere? If so this is the podcast for you. It follows Wren as she tries to figure out what was going on and why the other people in the attic seem to have really creepy powers. There is quite a bit of body horror in this one just as a warning. Wren is trying to find her “boyfriend” and figure out what he did to them all and why all her “friends” seem to want to kill her now for what he did. Also the main character is bisexual so that’s a giant plus in my book. Each episode is about 20 minutes long so if body horror, secret societies, and creepy superpowers interest you then give this one a try.

Darkest Night
One of my favourite new podcasts! It’s narrated by Lee Pace and is another body horror podcast! This one has super secret creepy private company doing human experiments. These experiments boil down to poor lab tech gets a severed head in a box and sucks out the eyeball jelly to put in a machine that plays the last things the eye saw before it died. Each episode is a separate story but with an overarching story about the lab tech doing a casual bit of corporate espionage. Episodes are between 20-30 minutes long and have some of THE BEST 3D audio I’ve heard outside of ASMR videos so you definitely need to use headphones with this one.

The Magnus Archive
The Magnus Institute is collecting first hand accounts of the strange and unusual things that happen to normal people for their archives. It’s based around a new archivist who is replacing the last one and going through all the archives and digitising them (as much as possible). Each episode is mostly a stand alone horror story but there are a couple of overarching mysteries that link the podcast together - the three main ones are what happened to the previous archivist and where she went, a private collector’s library of books that come alive as they’re read, and the creepy worm lady. Episodes are about 25 minutes long and it’s just started it’s second season.

This one is told in a series of voicemails. The narrator, Anna, is a live-in carer for a old lady and she’s leaving messages to the lady’s granddaughter. That’s the basic premise at least. The granddaughter is the mysterious Mabel who is off doing something. Most likely avoiding the creepy house. Each episode is about 20 minutes long. It starts off with a haunted house vibe but quickly descends into something else entirely that makes you wonder if Anna is psychotic, or if the house is influencing her in some way. If Haunting of Hill House is your jam then this is definitely one to check out. I really wish I could explain more about it but you kinda need to experience it to get the full effect. But trust me, it will keep you guessing like all great haunted house stories do.

The Bridge
Ok. Ok ok ok. So. Imagine they built a giant transcontinental bridge across the ocean so you don’t have to fly. Now imagine they build hotels and water parks and sightseeing spots along this bridge and kept safe by the Watchtowers. Now imagine that everything goes horribly horribly wrong. That is the situation the guardians of Watchtower 10 find themselves in. It’s 2016 and the ocean has revealed that it’s still not ready to be tamed. Join the gang in these 25 minute episodes as they broadcast to an empty road, fight off weird cults, and struggle to keep their secrets secret. Oh yeah, and no one release the sea monster in the basement please and thank you.

Welcome to THATTOWN. Found in the deep south (Alabama) THATTOWN is filled with the normal things you’d find in any small town like bands of marauding zombies that like to whisper your deepest secrets to you, casual demon possessions, auto cults, and town mages. Not going to lie - I love this podcast and would urge everyone to check it out. Plus the creators are so nice and will put up trigger warnings for you and are writing up transcripts for free because they want everyone to be able to access it. Episode lengths vary and you need to listen to the first couple of episodes together because the first one is done in such a different style to what the show actually settled with.

The Lift
If you ever find yourself in a creepy building that no one else can see, staffed by a dead girl called Victoria who knows just that little too much about you then congratulations - you have a decision to make. Each episode is based around a new person who somehow stumbles into this liminal place. Victoria will take you to the floor that will best help you work out your issues and try and help you. If you deserve it. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to take the help. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and season 2 just started where we’re learning a lot more about Victoria’s backstory and how she ended up trapped as a guardian to that place,

Help Me
This is a short, completed podcast about one girl’s journey to find out why her best friend committed suicide. Turns out the answer is - because she didn’t. The podcast quickly takes a turn from trying to find acceptance in death to fighting for your life from the thing that stalks you and wants to steal your soul. There’s a lot more out there than people know and, if you’re unlucky, you can accidentally draw their attention. Fans of slenderman or creepypasta this 15 part miniseries is one you definitely need to listen to. And I really hope the creator decides to put something new out soon!