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I also have a headcanons request for Micheal, Brahms And Freddy being hooked up to that one machine that simulates Labor pain so they can get a sense of what their s/o might go through?


•If you are expecting a big reaction out of him you are gonna be disapointed

•He will grunt and breath heavy, you will also see his muscles jerk and twitch from the pain

•Don’t you dare try to remove his mask, he will grab your hand so tight your bones might break

•There’s gonna be some lingering resentment, why would you want him to feel that?


•Yelling, crying, cursing and thrashing, Brahms does not handle the pain well

•Doesn’t last long, when it stops he asks in a sad and tired voice “why?”

•Brahms already didn’t want to share your attention with kids, but now he’s sure, he doesn’t want you to feel pain like that

•He will hide for a while, that was a horrible experience


•He’s gonna try to keep his cool but won’t be able to keep it up, he’d curse, clench his fists and grit his teeth

•Freddy would be glaring at everyone, he hates this

•afterwards he’d simply nod, do what you want, but if you want to subject yourself to that kind of torture its your fault, he ain’t gonna ask you to go through that

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go watch the new video it’s beautiful,, here’s a good Logan moment from it heh

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