As you may have heard tumblr recently ‘killed the links’, making it so that any post that has any link on it (even if it links to tumblr posts or tags) will not show up in the /search/ function.

Well, I’ve got some GOOD NEWS for you. The /tagged/ function still works just fine. The bad news is the tumblr mobile app ONLY uses the /search/ function. The GOOD NEWS is the /tagged/ function has always displayed 33% more content than the /search/ function. Yup, you heard that right. If you were only using the mobile app, you were already missing out on TONS of content.


/tagged/ function = name

This is what most people refer to by ‘looking in the tag’. It only populates posts that have the tag name within the first 5 tags. If you’re posting alot, it will oftentimes only show your last 3 posts in a given tag to prevent you from spamming it. It’s very accurate.

/search/ function =

This searches all words in a given post, including the first 20 tags and the entire text of the post itself. The mobile app only uses the /search/ function and is missing 33% of what is available in the /tagged/ function. So if you only use the mobile app, you are literally missing 1/3 of what the fandom is posting. This is why I only use the more accurate /tagged/ function. Unfortunately, this is also referred to as ‘looking in the tag’ when it is not actually looking in the tag but ‘looking in the word search’.

I’ve actually avoided the /search/ function for years because of these problems. I only use the /tagged/ function but it is a bit harder to use on a mobile browser which is why I only look in the tags using my desktop computer. At least now you can still FIND all the content you might have missed.

Bellamy knows that Octavia knows that he loves Clarke! But Clarke doesn’t know that he loves her… or that O knows. Clarke and Madi know about the Dark Year but Octavia doesn’t know that they know and Bellamy doesn’t know at all. Octavia knows that Bellamy poisoned her because he wanted to save Clarke. But Clarke doesn’t know that. Madi knows that Bellamy knows about Clarke’s radio calls. But Clarke doesn’t know that he knows or that she told him. Clarke also doesn’t know how much her „death” affected Bellamy. Also Diyoza and probably Shaw don’t know that Bellamy is with Echo, and they think that he is with Clarke. And there is also Echo… and she fucking doesn’t know anything.