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anonymous asked:

i saw that you wrote that johnny was queer coded! can you explain those instances?

See: his entire history in the comics.

No, I kid, but there really are a lot of examples! 

First off, the tendency writers have to depict him as an extremely pretty man who is a little too invested in fashion and his appearance to pass for straight is pretty telling. It suggests that Johnny’s performance of straight masculinity is, well, not stellar. Easy to see through. Just a performance. He faints melodramatically into people’s arms all the time, he’s very emotional and not afraid to cry…let’s just say that he’s not presented as the strong, silent, hypermasculine type. Some writers don’t try very hard to hide Johnny’s queerness. In Hulk and Thing: Hard Knocks #3, Bruce thinks during his inner monologue, “Is it just me… or is that kid a little light in the asbestos loafers?” which, you know, is a euphemism for “he’s gay.” Ben earlier thinks in Hulk and Thing: Hard Knocks #2 that Johnny’s “in love with his own hair.” I do not think this is a coincidence. In Fantastic Four V1 #151, Makhizmo calls Johnny “an effeminate.” And then in Women of Marvel Digital #4, in which Sue plays the role of Cinderella…Johnny, along with Crystal, takes on the role of her fairy godmother, gives her a fashion makeover, and turns her “hair-don’t” into a hairdo. I kid you not. This is just the most blatant queer-coding:

And this is framed as Johnny’s niece Valeria telling this story, so this is how a little girl who knows him extremely well sees him.

Neither would I say that he has never expressed a sexual or romantic interest in men or individuals of genders other than woman in 616 canon. Quite the contrary, actually. He in canon, in Spectacular Spider-Man V2 #21, talks about dating and having sex with an alien from a species with 18 genders who thus was nonbinary (I think it’s telling that he doesn’t ever use his date’s pronouns):

There’s a strong implication if you read this panel in context that the relationship didn’t work out because sex for that species involves 18 people, each of a different gender, which Johnny thought “got kinda awkward.” Which does imply that he tried it. I don’t think there’s any way that all of those 18 “specific” genders were women. I don’t know if I would even call this queer-coding. It’s just pretty unambiguously portraying Johnny as queer (I don’t know if the writer intended it but I do know that I don’t care what he intended, just what he wrote). 

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