The ships you shipped before you even knew what shipping was


Okay okay so Zuko and Katara are basically yin and yang because Zuko was dark but carried good deep inside him and Katara was light but held anger in her heart and together they represent balance which is the entire premise of the show and I mean COME ON.

Final question: What does NaruHina mean to you?

Answer: NaruHina was my very first OTP. I was shipping them when I was 13 years old, before I even knew what shipping meant. I always knew there was something special about these two; it just made me root for them and hope they could always be by each other’s side when they needed each other the most.

I never doubted they could become canon; because I just looked at the moments they had together and couldn’t help but feel they were meant to be. Last year, on the day of my birthday, I received the wonderful news that these two were indeed canon and had two beautiful children.

You can only imagine my joy at the news, and of course because of the special date for me, I will always remember it. NaruHina means so much to me, so much more than I thought they would. It’s a pairing that I hold dear to my heart and years of shipping them paid off because I feel like I got the best reward I could’ve asked for: to see my first OTP finally be recognized by the author as a canon couple. Hell yeah!

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Xiumin is fugly and he's taken poor Luhan. Luhan is Sehun's xiumin needs to gtfo of exo


I have nothing against HunHan. But you need to realize that XiuHan and HunHan are ships, and ships are only for fun. They’re actually full grown men that can decide for themselves who they want to hang out with (or date for that matter) or not. It’s none of our business. They all work together. EXO is their job. Respect them, and the choices they make. And tbh Minseok and Sehun knew each other way before Luhan even got in the picture, as SM trainees, so do you really think Sehun would like ‘Xiumin to gtfo of EXO’? You can read fics and fantasize all you want about any ship, but remember that they are actually real people, and that probably aren’t the same as in the stories and fantasies you have. You’ll never know what they’re really like so don’t even try to pretend like you do. Get real. I’m out ~~



lets take a trip down memory lane to february 2013

  • zalfie was not out, we dont even if they were a couple at this point- but they were one of the most shipped couples out there
  • we knew they had  a collab coming out right before valentines day
  • we were CONVINCED they were coming out as a couple
  • they did not come out as a couple
  • but soon after zalfie started acting all coupely
  • fast forward a year and bam zalfie is openly dating and they are so cute

now lets take a look at this year

  • troyler is not real, we do not even know if they are an actual couple, BUT they are one of the most shipped couples on youtube
  • troyler has a collab coming out, right before valentines day
  • the entire fandom INSISTS that they will be coming out in this video


so basically what im trying to say is, dont get your hopes up. the collab may or may not be troyler coming out. but you can expect lots of cuteness` in these vids and maybe in the near future they will indeed be a couple, because its happened it the past. 

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it made me happy to get into the comics and find out stevetony was a thing outside of their begrudging relationship in mcu and i think a lot of stevetony shippers should really look into the comics because HONESTLY

i know right??? let me reiterate once more that it is totally okay for you to ship them only in the mcu and have no interest in comics. before i found out about comics i shipped them purely from what i knew of the mcu. but it honestly elevates your shipping experience 1000 x more when you know about their comics background because there’s just sO MUCH rich history. almost 70 years of it. and they’ve been through ups and downs that the movies could never bEGIN to do justice to. and really, the movies just don’t show EVEN A LITTLE BIT of how great they are in the comics. 

besides, comics are fun!! and exciting!! (at least they were before the incursions…. but that’s another story.) seriously, comics are gorgeous and so awesome to read, especially if you’re already a very visual person. and they’re relatively easy to gain access to if you just google the right keywords or look around in the comic rec tags of people who read comics. there’s lots of download links floating around and people are always happy to help point you the right way.

it’s the jump you make from ‘these two characters would be hot and cute together’ to ‘sHIT EVERYTHING I COULD HOPE TO BE CANON IN AN OTP IS CANON’. 

i told my friend and fellow shipper the other night that steve and tony have never explicitly said the words i love you to each other but they both KNOW and understand it. because they’ve said it before a thousand different ways. “be safe steve. win.” “i’m not half as good at anything as i am when i’m doing it by your side.” “hey, shellhead.” “yours, steve.” “it wasn’t worth it.” 

srsly if you’re on the fence abt comics cOME TO US. JOIN US. THERE IS SO MUCH PAIN AND LAUGHTER AND JOY TO BE FOUND HERE.

Yo so I’ve been back in this fandom for about 3 years now and it absolutely blows my mind when I see posts from people complaining about how much they “hate the people in this fandom”. And it’s always for such petty reasons like “jumping to conclusions” or “being passionate about a ship” like calm the hell down dude!!! The angry people make it seem like it’s a huge problem within our fandom when it truly is not. With Tri around the corner people are so hyped they’re gonna jump onto conclusions some times from pure excitement. HEAVEN FORBID SOMEONE CARE ABOUT A SHIP THEYVE LOVED BEFORE THEY EVEN KNEW WHAT SHIPPING WAS. It doesn’t mean they care about the plot any less? Let people care about things and get excited without you having a tantrum over it. Let people be happy. If it bothers you, unfollow them or scroll down? It’s not hard.

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  • when of if I started shipping it: I literally can’t even tell you. The two of them just mesh so well together that it was probably early on though. I’ sure I shipped it before I knew I even shipped it. 
  • my thoughts: I love them. I love them. I love them. I love them. I love them. I love them. They are so perfect for each other and I really love them.
  • What makes me happy about them: Their super positive outlook about everything! They are the happiest duo forever and always!! Not to mention they just love being in love <3<3
  • What makes me sad about them: …um… Nothing? They are literally so much happiness that it is impossible to be sad when it comes to them?? Well, except when they wont get together even though they both caught the feels *cough* current au I’m writing *cough* BUT I WILL FIX THAT, NO WORRIES!! THEY’RE WORKING UP TO IT!! YOU CAN DO IT BOYS, WE’RE ROOTING FOR YOU!!
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: Not enough is written about them T_T
  • things I look for in fanfic: Anything? Because I love them.
  • My kinks: Heh. Ok. Well. I really like the idea of the two of them being super duuuuper bi, and poly. Dont get me wrong, they are completely and utterly all about one another, but they also like to include others in their sexual exploits.  At the end of the day they fall asleep in each others arms, and that is what counts the most!!  Kinks you say? What kinks dont they have?? You name it, they’ve tried it. Multiple times. With multiple people. 
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: They are my OTP for a reason. I want them together, dammit. If you held a gun to my head I guess I’d say Bakugou? But I wouldnt be happy about it and would curse you for the rest of my life.
  • My happily ever after for them:

Honestly, after getting married how could they be any happier? They officially get to spend their lives together with that extra bond between them and there is nothing else they could ask for. They fall asleep after gazing into each others eyes and then stare into them when they first wake up in the morning. They are constantly touching, whether it be holding hands or sitting on each others lap. They just dont like having any distance between them because it honestly feels empty.


“Baaaabe I’m thirsty.”Denki whines quietly. He wants to get a drink but he is way too comfortable lying in bed in Kiri’s arms.

“Yeah me too, grab me a soda.”Kiri chuckles, knowing full well that Denki has no plans of actually getting up.

Denki turns and looks at him with his best puppy dog eyes and pout.

“Look at that lip!” Kiri exclaims as he catches it with his teeth and tugs on it gently, causing Denki to moan quietly and lean into him.

Kiri lets go and chuckles quietly as he watches blush fill Denki’s cheeks. Denki frowns and grunts, “That’s not getting either of us a drink.”

“You’re free to go. I’m not holding you down.” Kiri replies with a smirk.

“Shouldn’t you be?” Denki grumbles, his frown deepening.

“If that’s what you want…” Kiri grabs him and rolls them so that he is pinning Denki to the bed and staring down at him with a grin on his face. “Is this better?”

Denki nibbles on his bottom lip and then looks away from Kiri and mumbles, “You know this isnt what I meant.”

“I know nothing of the sort.” Kiri replies before he leans down and presses their lips together in a gentle, teasing kiss.

“Eiji…” Denki whispers when he pulls away.

Kiri chuckles quietly as he gets off of the bed. He offers Denki his outstretched hand and says, “Come on. Let’s go get that drink.”

Denki smiles like a ray of sunshine as he takes Kiri’s hand happily and they head to the kitchen together.

Summary. They are each other’s happy ending.

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Hey Leah!! I wanted to request a ship. I have wavy longish brown hair and green eyes, and I'm around 5'5. My favorite class is English, and my friends would describe me as being funny, outspoken, and loyal. I also have a quiet side and tend to hide my feelings, and I love listening to music. I'm a girl who likes boys. My biggest turn ons are neck kisses and boys with nice jawlines. Thanks!

i totally ship you with scott!

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scott’s a goddamn angel. you already knew this before you even started dating him, it just became more clear to you after you became his and were with him all the time. he was kind and charming and had without a doubt swept you off your feet. 

one thing that you loved, yet sometimes hated, about him was the fact that he was very much in touch with your emotions. he could always tell what you were feeling, even when you tried to hide it. you didn’t mind it so much, though, because if ever you were upset, he always knew how to make it better, and he could always get you to open up to him. 

“you can tell me, sweetheart, you know you can.” he really doesn’t like to see you upset, and he always persuades you to communicate with him. usually, he does this by trailing soft kisses over the side of your neck, which makes you laugh, and he grins triumphantly because, hey, he got you to crack a smile, and he adores your smile. 

scott is totally the one to say ‘i love you’ first. he kind of just blurts it out, and his cheeks burn red after he does because he imagined things going a little more romantically than that, but he doesn’t regret saying it. he loves you more than anything and he’s so in awe of you, he just wants you to know how much he cares for you. 

your relationship is built on loyalty and trust. you trust scott with you life, really. you know there’s nothing he won’t do to keep you safe and out of the way of the cruel world of the supernatural. 

you really didn’t care how cliche it sounded - you were enamored with him, he was the best thing to ever happen to you. he made you the happiest girl on earth.

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🔥 Uhhh how aboouut shipping?

I’m at a bit of a crossroads in regards to shipping. On one hand, I think shipping is an amazing thing and people shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. I’ve been shipping stuff since before I knew what that even meant. I love it, it’s great.

Then I understand that some ships should be avoided because they promote horrible relationship/sexual dynamics. I think it’s right to criticize such ships.

BUT THEN there’s this new wave of discourse that is all about twisting that critical language into making you feel bad about shipping once you meet some arbitrary criteria. As if your private thoughts and writings should be endlessly scrutinized, and the mere enjoyment of something in the fictional sense is suddenly the same thing as committing a real life crime. And that makes me uncomfortable.

BUT BUT THEN I fear that sticking up for people being wrongfully branded as criminals will unintentionally make it seem like I’m suddenly in favor of ships I don’t condone.

Idk man. I’m at the point where I just want to shrug and abstain from it all.     

I ship you with...

Scott McCall!

I ship you with Scott McCall. He probably discovered you by overhearing you play guitar with your friends at the park. When he first confronted you, you were a girl of few words. Scott found that cute and was determined to get you to open up. The both of you went to the skate park for your first date (after driving there on his bike) where you taught him how to ride a skateboard. Before the two of you were a couple (and after), you two would read together when either of you were feeling down. Whenever the two of you study together, he tends to play with your hair and doesn’t realize what he’s doing until you swat his hand away after he yanked on it too hard.

Your Best Friend is…

Isaac Lahey! The two of you met before either of you knew Scott even existed. When he heard you play guitar, Isaac was very curious about the instrument. The two of you would gather every Friday afternoon to practice. When he got turned, Isaac still showed up and had the same funny, gentle demeanor he had before. Isaac was very overprotective when you started dating Scott, but soon got used to it. He showed you that he was a werewolf before Scott did, but you still understood the whole situation and didn’t start a fight with Scott. When he left with Chris, Isaac told you where he was going before anyone else and offered for you to come with him. You declined the offer, but still visit once a year for a few weeks and continue the guitar lessons whether it be through Skype or in person on your visit.

Your House Is…

Ravenclaw! Your introverted personality to acquaintances is a somewhat trait of a Ravenclaw. Yet, your extroverted and happy personality towards your friends makes you a true Hufflepuff at heart. When in needed you can shift personalities towards the one of a Gryffindor to protect your friends.