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Ok, so I decided to watch “Over The Garden Wall” again today and I was like…omg, this should be an AA AU.

Terry would be Wirt.

Finnick would be Greg

Melody could be Beatrice or Sara?

Xavier could be The Woodsman

And Secrets as The Beast

But I couldn’t decide on Pablo and Juan.

I think this would be a rather cool AU idea XD not to mention cute because Terry and Finnick could have this cute sibling relationship like Wirt and Greg do.


imagine me, someone who is an openly bi asexual, sitting in the kitchen as I hear my sister in the adjoining room talking about how asexual means you not only don’t want sex but that you don’t want any affection at all; no hugs, no kissing, cuddling, holding hands, affectionate actions, etc.

imagine me looking into the camera like I’m on the office


“I’m here to talk to you about our lord and saviour, Clint Barton.”

I hate it when a “friend” is constantly complaining about being left out of activities, and people ignoring them or avoiding them, or people acting as if they don’t exist.

I am left out of activities. You maybe don’t get invited to something once or twice. It happens to me all the time. Even you drop out of plans I attempt to make.

People may ignore you when they’re busy. I am so ignored, even you look through me.

As for being avoided, the only people who seem to be avoiding you are your ex-boyfriends. You avoid me a lot, so you can be seen hanging out with the more “desirable” people.

And for acting as if you don’t exist, that maybe the people who dislike you for stuff that happened two years ago, but you don’t seem to care about that. Once again, you act like I don’t exist, the moment you have a better offer.

And despite all this, I still call you my best friend. I never ignore you, unless I don’t get the message through. I don’t avoid you, unless you are hanging out with the people who tend to bitch about me. I never act like you don’t exist, because I know how that feels. And I never leave you out of stuff, you just try to get out of our plans.

Stop your whining, and open up your eyes to the ones that have been here all along, before it’s too late and you push them so far away, they’ll never come back.

I think niantic/pokemon go should do trading via qr codes since its tapped into the camera anyway.
if you can play pokon go you can download a qr reader of you don’t got one
it’d be person to person
each Pokemon would have it’s own bar code thing.
to trade, the person who’s taking your Mon will just snap a shot of the code
then a notification thing would pop up for you to confirm
then voila shabam a trade done happen

I would sell my soul for an accurately written asthmatic character, that is acknowledged that they have asthma, but it isn’t made a joke of, or one of their major personality points.

I can only think of two characters that have/had asthma.

  1. Milhouse (The Simpsons)- Asthma made a joke of, when it’s brought up.
  2. Steve Rogers, pre-soldier serum- Barely mentioned, then no longer suffering due to the soldier serum.

But there are millions of kids around the world from all backgrounds suffering from asthma.

From the UK, it’s 1 in 11 children suffer. That’s 2-3 in each class.

If they saw characters that they can identify with, they would feel better about it, if there were more asthmatic characters, other kids would see it’s not something to make fun of.

I just want a character who shows their asthma, but doesn’t have it define them.

I want a character who, one day is running and joking and doing everything anyone else can, but the next being barely able to make the stairs, who wakes in the middle of the night with an asthma attack, but doesn’t go into anything extravagant, just deals with it, and goes back to sleep. 

I want a character that shows that asthma is not just an excuse to get out of PE. 

I want a character that doesn’t become their asthma, that shows they can do what everyone else can.

I want accurate representations of asthmatics, because asthma affects millions of people, and it doesn’t discriminate.

so rn i’m on a train to Prague, where i will change train to Berlin (which was more expensive than my liver btw ok), where i’m heading to meet with my friend (whom i haven’t seen since winter and who i’m pretty sure secretly hates me, because she has literally every reason to but ok) and i was supposed to have 19 minutes to switch trains but the train i’m on now is already 15 minutes late so far :))))) fun

it will be a Miracle if i manage to catch the train to Berlin, so i’m curious about how my idiocy will affect this outcome :))))

I have only done this once before, a few months ago. But, it’s book review time.

Two Boys Kissing- David Levithan.

It is an amazing book. I read it in just under 2 hours this afternoon. So good, I couldn’t put it down sort of thing.

And the message is amazing.

It is the sort of book that should be in every school, in every library, in every book store.

It is needed, as the novel just gives a message that being gay is okay. A lot of stuff does that now, but this on a more personal level.

It follows the lives of several gay teens, from a second person’s point of view. It makes the book personal, as if it is talking directly to the reader.

It’s not the stereotypical YA novel dealing with gay teens. It doesn’t focus on it having to be hidden, or being beaten up because of the sexuality. But it doesn’t ignore these issues either.

And the way it’s written, it just shows hope. That one day, people will be free. We will be able to love who we want, and homophobia will be but a bad memory. And it shows the hope that we will live to see the day that we are completely free from hate.

It also says that we should ‘meet our future selves’. That no matter how bad it is now, there is something that will make life worth living again. That our future selves are worth living for.

You should read this book.

I love it when Kylo’s a nerd tbh

Like ok Kylo just being any kind if nerd. Some mechanic nerd who knows how to build things and can build small little trinkets
Modern au where Kylo’s a huge art nerd who spends all his time in museums
Where Kylo’s just a knowledge nerd like he wants to knows information about jedi/sith artifacts or just wants to sped his time reading books
A smuggler nerd cause of the information and experience his dad gave him when he was younger (u cant tell me that he wouldnt know how to smuggle something or practically talk his way in and out of something with little use of the force)

I love smart and nerdy kylo who is willing to get excited and talk Hux’s ear off or just surprise him