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Chanyeol & Punch - Stay With Me MV - Goblin OST Part.1
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Genos tries his best to keep himself intact while displaced in this universe, unsure if Dr.Kuseno exists, or if the Doctor would even repair him. Unfortunately Genos’s track record catches up with him and a nasty fight leaves him injured and in need of repairs. 

With no other option he asks Saitama to help him get to Kuseno’s base and hope the doctor is there.

The Genos in this universe died with his family when the cyborg attacked, so when Saitama shows up with a injured Genos, Kuseno is more than a bit confused. Thankfully the doctor is quick to notice his own handiwork and is too kind to turn down them down, and takes the responsibility of repairing the cyborg from now on.

It’s after this that both Genos and Saitama start to get a little more intimate with one another, especially Saitama after seeing Genos is not as invincible as he thought he was, drilling in the fact that their time together could end abruptly with one ill-fated battle.

Words can’t express how proud I am of Chanyeol, this really has been such a year of growth for him and him finally coming out of his shell and showing us what he’s capable of, what we knew he had hidden in him all along. For those who don’t know about Chanyeol and the endless nights and days off he spends in his studio just writing songs and composing, how he’s always wanted to be a musician n the deepest sense of the word, how he created a soundcloud just to share his music with fans and let us hear his voice– this boy loves making music more than anything else and he rarely get’s opportunities to showcase that. This year, however, he sang on a live for the first time with Chen on Sugarman, he collaborated with Far East Movement, and today he got his first korean ost release with Punch. These are baby steps, but they’re steps nonetheless. I hope that Chanyeol can keep growing and getting more opportunities to show us what we all know he’s capable of. 

* If you guys haven’t already please check out Chanyeol and Punch’s new ost for “Goblin” PCY stans have been waiting so long to get the chance to hear him sing with his soulful voice. Please show him more love and support so Chanyeol singing can become a normal thing, not a once in a lifetime chance.