The other two


it was so bizarre tho like usually internet stuff never finds its way into real life (and if it does it’s usually only the 15-25 crowd that knows about it) but the second someone brought up the dress at dinner tonight literally everyone knew what it was, from my 70 year old grandparents to my 10 year old cousins and everyone had a disturbingly aggressive opinion on it

and especially hearing it mentioned in passing conversation at the tables around us like… wtf this shit has transcended meme status and has become something else entirely and it’s barely been 36 hours


i’m pretty sure these two get hella distracted by each other because of obvious reasons


I have been drawing many tf2 things but low and BEHOLD I cannot post them quite yet!! Take a gander at these cool friends instead

ffffffffff…. i’m working on my nuzlocke page because tutorials got cancelled tomorrow because of the snow… man, splitting up the page into seven separate parts was a mistake because idk how long the page will be when i put them all back together ( i usually split it up into three but did seven this time because lord have mercy i have no idea)

………. *crosses fingers + hoping that it’ll be less than 30,000 px*

Presenting the potential new format of the blog! Depending on how you guys feel about this, future sets could be presented in this format over the old one! I decided to use my monk’s future healing mog as a test dummy. Let me know what you guys think!

Head: Tyrannical Gladiatior’s Copperskin Helm

Shoulders: Mantle of Shattered Kinship

Chest: Rockfall Ribwraps

Gloves: Moonglade Handwraps

Waist: Belt of a Thousand Gaping Mouths

Legs: Kilt of Immortal Nature

Feet: Moon-Walkers

Weapon: Depthroot’s Forearm

"go study in canada"

ok what if i took this makeup course and did the cool special effect jazz after th-

"oh this weird thing. no it must be a degree and it must be illustration or design or graphic or animation"

but i am very tired of all this and i don’t think a degree in the same area would mean that much. I also don’t have it in me to go through another four years of ~art~ it’s not as easy as you think it is

"no. also get a job during the spare time between after graduation and going to canada"

ok what if i worked at the bird par- ( overall attempt #4 )

"no i will find a job for you"

what kind of job

"idk yet but it will be a 9-5 office job bc you need to learn how to use a photocopier"

surely there are other ways to learn h-


[ agent carter ad plays on the tv ]

"urgh it’s the stupid show again it’s such a waste of money"

you’re just saying that because it’s a female lead

"NO!!! it just started recently and it’s the finale already? it’s so weird? no one knows who these people are. they probably used a lot of money and no one watches it"

ok bye im done with lunch