Tom Cruise being a factor is what has probably turned a lot of people off on this, and I totally understand that. He goes from giving solid performances to being the top of the Scientology cheerleader pyramid in the span of a second, and Scientology has made itself known as the world’s most punchable religion. But if we stick to the movie side of things, the stereotypical Tom Cruise people imagine is no longer the Tom Cruise who appears in films. Anyone who’s seen the last few Mission Impossible films and Edge Of Tomorrow knows that Tom Cruise spends most of his time now getting the shit kicked out of him.

The trailer takes 30 seconds (a fourth of its total run time) to show you Tom Cruise getting tossed around in an airplane. And sure, he does that typical “I got SECRETS and a PAST” look in the beginning, and then shows off how fast he can run by the end, but if his recent roles are any indication, this film will feature way less of Cruise being insufferably badass and way more of him looking goofy while he nearly gets mangled in different countries. And that’s the best kind of Tom Cruise.

Why The New ‘Mummy’ Movie Might Be The Best Version Ever


favorite duos (of all time and kind): evy & rick, the mummy & the mummy returns.
↳ “listen, we’ve got to do something! once the creature’s been reborn, his curse is going to spread until the whole of the earth is destroyed!


Universal Classic Monsters by Nicolas Delort / Tumblr

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