EVERY Sofia Boutella movie, TV, and music video role. 

things I love from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns
  • Evelyn 
  • the motif of the O'Connell family accidentally knocking over things and reigning destruction in a falling domino fashion 
  • the Mummy being scared of the cat 
  • Evelyn Carnahan 
  • “I am a… librarian!" 
  • bad cgi scorpion centaur Dwayne Johnson 
  •  "what harm ever came from…” lots. lots of harm 
  • ominous wind 
  • the fact that Rick and Evelyn’s son is named Alex, probably after the Library of Alexandria (which Evie secretly hopes is still out there waiting to be discovered) 
  • Evie 
  • the camels 
  • the “no of course we don’t let him go” exchange 
  • Evelyn O'Connell 
  • the way Evie reads with her glasses down her nose 
  • Rachel Weisz’s character; Evelyn