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If you're taking requests how about Ganon meeting Zelda disguised as Sheik for the first time and he has a little crush on them (not knowing they're the same person).

Close enough on what you wanted but here it is!

Fun Fact: this is what the comic (that im still planing) is about.  

The Reward of the Earnest

  She let out a long held breath. The monster’s body laid dead on its face, and her eyes, though she had to squint a little, could make up Link’s body through the debris’ dust; she wasn’t even aware of her feet moving, but soft hands were in Link’s arm before she could think about it.

  “Link”, she sounded eager, she was eager, and her eyes searched for his with urgency.

 "Zelda", he breathed, his eyes were filled with amazement. They had done it, if only his arms didn’t feel like lead he would have at least hugged her, he felt that bold, “We did it”, he continued and received Zelda’s shaking head as an answer.

 She was relieved, so relieved, relieved because he was alive, because he was fine, because just being near him filled her with hope and not the dread she knew so well, so she squeezed his hand and smiled.

  She looked around him, “Where’s Navi?”

 Link looked up, “Hiding in my cap, she took a nasty hit and I wanted her safe”

 Zelda scrunched her eyebrows with worry, he looked completely beat, “Rest now, Hero, you’ve earned it”, Link laughed tiredly and with obvious strain sheathed his sword away. “I’ll take it from here”, she took a step towards Ganon’s body and felt Link’s hand catching her arm.

 "Where are you going?“, he asked "Don’t go near him, he’s dead” his hold was strong on her.

 "Yes, he is dead, but he is still the bearer of the Triforce of Power", she eased his grip, “We must seal it, otherwise, anybody could get a hold on it”, she looked at him, “And we do not want that”

 Link’s hand let go of her “No we don’t” he replied “Shall I accompany you?”

 Zelda turned her head a little, “While I appreciate the gesture, knight, I will have to decline your offer”, Zelda smiled, “I really meant it when I said you should rest”, she chastised.

  Link smirked and let his body fall on a nearby rock, he was tired, he wouldn’t deny it, but damn him if he would leave Zelda unprotected. She was kneeling in front of Ganon’s body, murmuring a string of words that seemed to be connected to one another, too low and too fast for him to understand any of it, not that he wanted to, anyways.

 The ground began shaking soon after, dust and debris getting suspended in the air along with a golden light that enveloped Zelda and shone and twirled and danced around the space near her.

  Link was far enough to be mostly unaffected, but he tried to catch a passing light nonetheless, his hand passed through it but the tingling effect was pleasant in his hand, as he raised his head he saw how a huge source of magic went from Ganon to Zelda’s body, a sight so grotesque Link rose immediatly. Where Zelda’s magic was clear, light and golden; Ganon’s was muddy, corrupted and black.

 Link was walking towards her before the debris settled, and when Zelda finally got hold of the Triforce and finished the spell a bout of dizziness took over her; her hand settled on the ground while she concentrated on releasing the pent up magic with subtlety. The debris and the dust, everything went back to its former place, and only then did Zelda open her eyes; she was met with the worried face of Link.

 "I’m fine", she whispered, putting her other hand on the ground.

 "Yeah, well, I don’t believe that", Link gathered her in his arms and sat beside her, his back to Ganon’s body.

 Zelda let herself fall in his chest, “That took a greater toll in me than I had expected”, she admitted. She felt Link rummaging through his pouch, “Link? Do you need-”

 "Found it", he sang, he uncorked the bottle and put it to her lips, “Take it”

  Zelda closed her mouth and hid her face on his chest, “You take it”, she felt Link laugh a little.

 "Can’t see how it would help me since it’s a green potion and I’m phisically beat", he tried to grab her chin with his hand, “while you are, it seems, in dire need of replenishment of your magical powers”, he put the bottle against her lips once again, “Come on, Zelda, drink it”

 "This isn’t fair", she mumbled but gulped the potion with the help of Link’s steady hands.

 "Thanks", he murmured against her hair, Zelda blushed a little as she again took her place on his chest.

 Link began feeling better not a second later, he opened his eyes, “Zelda”, he admonished.

 "I won’t overdo it, I promise".

  Link let his head fall on her shoulder, “Please”, he remarked, “don’t overdo it”.

 Her magic was soothing and her touch gentle, he stole a glance at her work, his wounds were closing, his muscles were relaxing, her eyebrows were knitted together in concentration, he smiled.

  Zelda then touched his stomach and he flinched.

 "Link?“, she raised her eyes, he wouldn’t meet them, "Link”, she called.

 "I just need a red potion", he assured her, “I have broken ribs and my back is probably filled with lacerations”, he catched her hand, “Wounds you can’t heal without having another bout of dizziness”, she opened her mouth but Link cut her, “And you’ve given me a surge of energy now, I can handle it till needed”.

  Their eyes held each other.

 "I’m sorry", spouted Zelda, “I’m sorry you had to go through all this”.
  Link smiled empathetically, “You don’t need to be sorry”, he started, but Zelda’s eyes were still on him, asking a million questions, he brought her head towards him, their eyes aligned, their noses almost touching, “But for what it’s worth, I forgive you”.

 Zelda felt tears prickling at her eyes, she took a hold of Link’s hand on her face.

 "I can send you back to your time" she let out, too desperate to amend her mistakes “You will have your seven years back”.

  Link felt her hand shaking.

 Zelda mistook his shock for confusion, “With help of the Ocarina of Time, you can live your life like it was supposed to be, Link”, Reigning over her emotions she smiled at him encouragingly.

 "Ah…“, Link put his hand at the nape of her neck and brought her to his shoulder, "Eager to throw me away, Princess?”, He breathed in her neck.

 Zelda tried to get away from him, shocked by his statement, “No, Link, it’s not like-”, but she couldn’t, he held her in place and Zelda felt him choking, “Link?”.
“I’m sorry”, he cried, “…I’m sorry… let me stay like this a little while… please”.

 Zelda stopped strugling and settled, the tears fell from her face, she shuddered, “It’s not like that, Link. I’m not trying to throw you away… I’d never…”.

 Link hugged her and she hugged him back.

 "I feel so guilty, Link", she whimpered, “Guilty that I brought the Kingdom to ruins, guilty that I let Ganondorf touch the Triforce, guilty that I put everything on your shoulders, guilty that I hid while you did everything to save us, guilty that I couldn’t do more than to give you clues and hints, guilty that I took and I took and I took and…”, she stopped.

 "I thought it would be nice for you to have the chance to live your life without the burden I placed on you, without this evil infested land, without monsters burdening your sleep, a life… a life without so detestable a princess".

  Link shook his head, “Don’t say that, you did what needed to be done to save your Kingdom”.

 Zelda scoffed lowly “My kingdom… which you saved. And all I did was order you around, Link. All I did was wait… a princess that disowned her title… a princess without a kingdom… a nobody…Was it even…? Was it even worth it?”

 Their bodies were close but Zelda hugged him tighter, “I just want you to be happy…”

 "Will I remember you?“, Link whispered, "Will you remember me?”

 Zelda shook her head, “I don’t… I do not know”.

 "Then I do not want to leave", He said.

 But Zelda kept on pushing, “A world without war, a world where the only sleepless nights you’ll have will be because you’re too eager to face the new day, no famine, no drought, no fear. You’re rejecting all of that, Link”.

  “You make it sound as if I was the only one enduring, you were left in that world while I was unconscious, you were the one who faced all that for seven years-”.

 "But I lived those years" She cut.

 He frowned, “Why? Why do you keep on pushing me away?”, He finally raised his head, tears streaking down his face “Do I even have a choice? Do you really want me to go?”.

 His hands were warm on her arms, his eyes were bright with tears, and he was so pure, she thought, so pure. She raised her hands in an attempt to cover her face, such disgrace should be covered away.

 "How come you don’t hate me?“, she wanted to scream, but it came as a mumble, too low, too broken, and it hurt, it hurt, it hurt. She closed her eyes.

 He took her hands and waited, he bit his lip.

 "I could ask you the same question, Zelda, I made you wait and suffer for seven years, so much for a Hero”, Zelda shook her head, “But I do not hate you, because I know you did what had to be done, and because… because….”, Link cleaned her face with his hand “Look at how much you’re suffering for me… How could I hate you? You are the most pure soul I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, the nicest, the wisest… and…and…”, he smiled painedly, “How could I hate you, Zelda? When I love you so very much”

 Zelda sniffled loudly, her mouth shut with force, trying to contain her tears.

 "I do not want to go back", he affirmed, “And if you would let me, I would like to be with you, to stay with you, for… well, as long as you’d let me”, Zelda took a hand away from him and covered her mouth, “Though”, Link continued hastily, “If you would like to be alone, I would understand completely, you will forever have a loyal friend in me, and I will do my utmost to serve and protect you and.. uh.. help you”, Zelda took her other hand away from him and covered her mouth also, “Of course”, said Link, “If you would let me”.

 Zelda choked on her sobs, and nodded. She threw herself at Link’s chest, her arms hugging his neck.

 "I love you", she uttered, too broken, too low, but with such beautiful and raw honesty that Link was crying again, “Don’t go”, she pleaded.


 He made a hissing sound when Zelda touched a still raw wound on his back.

 "I’m sorry", she squeaked, letting go of him.

 "No, no, I don’t mind", he said, trying to catch her hands again.

 She catched his hands, “Lets go heal you”.

 His mouth was a line.

 "And then I’ll be able to hug you to my heart’s content"

 He laughed, “Sounds like a plan”.

  Zelda unfastened his sword and shield, “I’ll carry these”.

 "Make sure to tell me when you’re tired".

  She nodded abstent minded, “Will do”.

 "Do I…“, Link coughed into his hand, "Do I get to hold your hand in our way back?”.

  She looked at him for a second ,“Of course”, and her hand found his, and he blushed.

 Zelda smiled sweetly.

  Victory. The word was still so foreign in her mouth that she didn’t know how to feel about it. She had known no coziness, no safety, only shadow and hiding for seven long years. She had lost hope along the way, innocence, trust; everything that she had later found in that young forest boy that grew up to be the most beautiful ray of hope the land had ever received. A helping hand to everyone in need, a terrifying force against evil, the embodiment of everything they were fighting for, it was no surprise to her that her soul clung to him with desperation. He had been a beacon of light for the people, and so, so much more to her.

 She had lost and lost and lost. And so she had, little by little, started to get rid of everything she knew wouldn’t survive this dark age they were in, she had been left bare, numb, cold. But now, she was beginning to let herself feel, and she was so glad that the first thing to re-enter her heart had been love.


Short animated trailer I made to go with the Zelda x Ghibli posters I did a while ago. Will post some of the BG paintings I did for this at some point-

I animated this to a section of an amazing piano piece by Kyle Landry