The girl who loves me

I really really really need to find someone to go to concerts with me. I have a ticket to riot fest and a nice hotel for the weekend and it’s just me. 


It is times like this I wish that sorry excuse of a boyfriend had lived up to his promise to be my music partner for life because it is moments like this when I need someone to enjoy all life’s things with me including but not limited to good music. 


You haven’t said “I love you” in a while. You haven’t tried to hold my hand or play with my hair. You haven’t tried to have an actual conversation with me. You haven’t tried to keep me from leaving. You haven’t showed me you care. So I tried to talk to you. I tried telling you “I love you” every night. I tried telling you how beautiful you are in the morning. I tried to keep my feeling for you hidden. I tried to keep our confusing relationship alive.  But if you tried to pay attention you would hear it dying, begging for you to come help it. You would see me crouched beside it trying to bring it back to life.  But it won’t work because it takes two people to keep any relationship alive. But you haven’t tried.