The ending that should have been

Allison Reynolds: pro exy player

As a girl who plays sports, I am such a fan of the girl sport power in TFC. Like, 3 ladies dominating on the court and a lady captain for a coed team? A+, amazing, love it. But I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve realized I really would’ve liked to see one of our fox ladies go pro. More than half of our fox boys go pro, but none of our girls….what’s up with that? Sure we have Thea (who is super rad, don’t get me wrong), but it would have been even more rad, the raddest, to see Dan, Renee, or Allison take the sport to the next level. 

But which of our ladies could’ve/should’ve gone pro?

First thought is Dan. First female captain of a college exy team? Prime pro material! But while Dan loves exy, we know it’s always been a means to an end for her. She needed to go to college, she needed to get out of her home town and have her own life. And she did it! She has a new family and an education and a life of her own! So I don’t think she would feel a dire need to keep playing exy. Furthermore, what Dan seems to love the most is chances to be a leader and opportunities to support others. She doesn’t really care about the spotlight, so her current post cannon track to become an exy coach rather than an exy player just seems so right for her. 

 So Dan Wilds sticks with exy, just not by going pro.

Then what about Renee? Exy has added so much stability to her life and I’m sure she is incredibly grateful for the sport, maybe she would turn pro? But once again something about Renee going pro doesn’t seem quite right, especially compared to her current post cannon future prospects of joining the peace corp. It seems wrong to take Renee away from a future of giving and helping others when her compassion is one of her most distinctive traits, and one that she has worked so hard to cultivate. While I’m sure a career in pro exy would have its own philanthropic potential, I think Renee would be dissatisfied with it, given that it is a career of entertaining others with personal achievement.

So let Renee go to the peace corp. I’m sure she’ll love it!

That leaves us with Allison. Who we know found solace in exy when she was at the lowest point in her life (like Matt after his withdrawal, like Andrew (sort of…let me have this one) in juvy after leaving the Spears), who we know worked endlessly to make sure her exy reputation was her own and not given to her by her family name (like Kevin with his mother and Tetsuji), who we know gave up everything just to play (like Neil, leaving the safety of anonymity to join the foxes).

Now here we have some potential… 

What we know of Allison’s past shows us that Allison is ready to fight for exy, ready to work to get better, and, from what we know of her personality, she takes great pride in her achievements (and opinions). However what we see of Allison in the books and what we know she does post cannon seems almost a little incongruous with her reasons for being with the foxes in the first place. In the books we don’t really see her going the extra mile and, due to Neil’s preoccupation with the monsters, we don’t really know how she is as a player. We know she’s not the best on the team (which, in Neil’s opinion, is either Matt Kevin or Andrew depending on circumstances), nor is she the worst on the team (which is Nicky…he’s trying his best, Neil, ok??). However we sure as hell know she can brawl with the best. 

But is she pro material?

Well, adjusting for Neil’s bias and leaning heavily into my own biased opinion that the fox ladies are killer athletes, I vote yes. I am 100% sure that if Allison Reynolds wanted to go pro she sure as hell could. And, even better, what we know about her past tells me that she WOULD want to…what an excellent fuck you to her parents! 

Supposedly post cannon Allison eventually works her way back into her parents good graces after graduation and begins a career as a designer, but I reject that! At least the part about her sucking up to her parents and also not playing pro exy. The Reynolds’ didn’t want Allison playing exy because they thought it would hurt her image and by extension the family’s image. They thought it best that she continued with the family business and continued to make them money that way. But think about this: pro exy player Allison Reynolds would have incredible publicity. Every game won, every show of strength and skill would improve her reputation. And pro players surely make BANK (Ichirou Moriyama certainly seems to think so). I think a pro Allison would cause her parents to rethink what they’ve done by trying to put their daughter in one small picture perfect box. She’s doing what they wanted for her, but she’s doing it her way all while being an awesome badass lady athlete. A role model for young women everywhere. 

Maybe this is how she earns her way back into her family’s good graces, with her parents realizing they were wrong and apologizing, not the other way around. I’m convinced Allison Reynolds has never apologized for anything in her life. Why would she start by apologizing for what she loves, for a sport that gave her an outlet and a trophy, a reputation and a family? Then perhaps once she’s retired she can go into fashion, creating an excellent line of athletic wear that will likely make up 90% of Dan’s wardrobe and at least 40% of Neil’s. 

So in conclusion, I have aggressively decided that Allison Reynolds should’ve gone pro and anyone who disagrees with me should contact me so we can set up a time, date, and location for our fight.

Now, as people are wondering why the heck the Barry-Cisco plotline was resolved on Legends, let me take you back to this time last year, when 2x09 just completely and totally disregarded everything that happened in 2x08.

2x08: Harry almost dies from a gunshot wound to the heart.

2x09: Opens with Harry sprinting through STAR Labs and power-sliding across the floor. 

2x08: Patty shoots Harry.

2x09: Ends with Barry inviting Harry and Patty to the same Christmas party.

2x08: Patty discovers that some seriously bizarre stuff is going on at STAR Labs.

2x09: Patty does not demand to know wtf is going on, and happily hangs out with Joe and Caitlin (who she should believe are sheltering a murderer).

2x08: Harry and Caitlin develop Velocity-6.

2x09: No one mentions Velocity-6.

2x08: Jayzoom shows up to berate Harry and Caitlin. He has no romantic interactions with Caitlin (and none since 2x03).

2x09: Cisco acts like Caitlin and Jayzoom have been flirting endlessly for some time.

What I’m saying is, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for Cisco to STILL be mad at Barry in 3x09. (And tbh he wouldn’t be the first person to forgive someone and then realize, actually, no, I didn’t totally mean that.)

no srsly guys

BTS’s dance performances has always been pushed under the rug at award shows tho their a group that is known for having complicated asf choreography and the fact that they finally won BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE against EXO while being about 32% below in votes with Exo and Got7 votes combined at the end means SO MUCH

And Hobi being their lead choreographer, and teaching and motivating the boys their dances, getting the chance to give the speech also means the fucking world to me, all other ARMYs and He deserves it so much! 

Hobi and the rest of Bangtan worked so hard on their dances and they will continue to work super hard on their dances AND THEY WILL CONTINUE TO SLAY IT 

and I am just so happy right now 

Stay Strong Bamon

We are not watching TVD live, recording or streaming. We can wait until after the ratings come in because we are committed to Bamon; a ship that a lot of us have been waiting for since S1. We know that Borenzo is mechanical and there is no real passion. We know that Kian would prefer Bamon, so it’s up to us to keep pushing until the end to get Bamon as our happy Bamon end game. Not just Bamon scenes; we want it all. Everyone else got what they wanted and didn’t have to settle; so why should we. Borenzo aren’t cute. They are juvenile and pathetic. Because of dumb ass Enzo Bonnie almost died and then lost her powers. She is no longer fierce Bonnie Bennett; she has become the most pathetic women on TVD; so desperate for love that she is willing to burn herself alive. WTF? Stop with the at least she found a man that loves her crap; makes her sound even more boring, pathetic and unworthy of true love; just enabling the picture of a desperate woman. Even more, a desperate WOC; because on TVD leading men aren’t supposed to find a WOC sexy or desirable. Guess that is why the other girls got to wear ball gowns, while Bonnie was always absent from the parties and looking non descript and frumpy. Why no after great sex, bed hair for Bonnie?
Is it possible that Bamon could a agree on a phrase to be repeated on every post for 3-4 days; even a week. Can we do something clear like “#BamonEndgame” “#BamonForLife” “#BamonSoulmates” “#BamonFamily”? To show some Bamon unity?


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Imagine spanking Pride’s butt around the team in the morning. Am I sorry? NO 

Requested by imthehoneyyourethebee~

A person should definitely not be running on four hours of sleep a night. And that’s even when you slept at the office with Pride; if you had driven home, it probably would have been three hours of sleep. Pride woke you up way before you were ready, but there was a case to solve. So you got up.

And it annoyed you to no end how chipper he was being, seeing as he got the same amount of, if not less, sleep than you did. He kept asking if you wanted some breakfast or another cup of coffee or a quick run.

You just glared at him and drank your coffee. You didn’t even care that it was black.

As you heard the team shuffle in, ready for another grueling day on this case, you got an idea. Revenge against Pride, even though he hasn’t technically done anything wrong. But you were still annoyed that he was so much more awake than you were.

So, as you heard everybody make their way to the kitchen, you stood up from your chair and approached Pride, who was making himself breakfast. “Could you see if we have any coffee creamer?” You asked innocently.

Pride, seemingly happy that you were no longer grumpy, nodded and instantly walked towards the fridge. You followed with a smile on your face. He opened up the fridge and bent down, leaning from side to side in order to find the creamer. And just as the team walked into the kitchen, your smile turned into a grin. “I don’ see any crea-”

His sentence was cut off when Pride let out a surprised yelp, due to the sharp slap to his ass. He jumped, nearly hitting his head against the fridge. And when everybody started to laugh, Pride straightened up, whirled around towards them, and then glared at you. “Thanks, anyways.” You purred out.

First Night Out: John Laurens x Reader


Hey can you do a John Laurens x reader in modern time where they meet in a bar near college and she gets along very well with the hamilsquad but john has a crush on her and the rest of the guys keep poking fun at him?

So, I kinda changed this prompt a tiny bit, but I hope it was what you wanted. I had a lot of fun writing it, mainly because John is so adorable. Thanks again for reading, and I hope that you enjoy it! 

Also, I have a G.Wash x reader story in the works that should be done tomorrow. 

Time period: Modern

Characters: Hamilsquad, John Laurens

Warnings: Alcohol

Word Count: 1191

SLAM. You dropped your book on the table, slouching back in your chair as you set down your pen. “Finally, all my essays are done.” With the end of the year approaching, your professors had been assigning hours of homework every night. With your final assignment of the year complete, you were ready to take a break. Turning your to your best friend Alexander, you watched him throw his pen across the room and collapse into the couch. “Oh my god, I’ll never be able to open a history book again”. Alex was double majoring in American History and Political Science, and sometimes it seemed like he would never stop working. As he sat up, you watched his eyes light up and meet yours. “(Y/N), we need to do something fun tonight. We’re almost done with this year, and we need to celebrate”.

“What did you have in mind?” you asked as he pulled out his phone to send a text. Alex’s eyes were filled with mischief as he opened his mouth to respond. “Well, I think you should come out to the bar tonight and meet a few of my friends, I’m sure they’ll love you”. You were reluctant at first, being that you were exhausted from your workload, but eventually agreed to come. If nothing else, you could just get a few drinks and relax. Alex was thrilled that you agreed, and let out an evil laugh as he sent a text.

TomCat: Yo Laurens, you down for hitting the bar tonight? I have a friend for you to meet.. ;)

Johnny: Alex, this better not be another one of your attempts to hook me up with some girl you barely know. The last one hated turtles. Hated TURTLES, Alex.

TomCat: Guess you’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t you John.

As Alexander slid his phone back into his pocket, you gave him a confused look, picking up your bag from the chair. “I don’t know what you’re planning Alex, but you are not ruining my first night of freedom. I’m heading back to the dorm, I’ll see you tonight”. Alex just waved, the mischievous look still covering his face.  

Your hair was curled, your makeup flawless, and your outfit perfected. You couldn’t be more excited for tonight, this being the first time you had gone out in weeks. Shooting a text to Alex, you placed the finishing touches on your look and waited for your friend to arrive. When you heard a loud knock on the door, you shot up, anxious to leave. Although you were slightly worried that Alex’s friends wouldn’t like you, you were willing to ignore the feeling for the point of having a good time. Swinging the door open, you heard Alex whistle and mumble something under his breath, something that sounded suspiciously like “He’s going to love her”. You just shook your head at him, your (H/C) curls bouncing freely.

As you breezed through the entrance to the bar, Alex put a hand out to hold you back. “Now, I just want to warn you, my friends can be a little… much. Just ignore them if they start getting too crazy.” You just laughed, following him over to a table filled with three guys, who you assumed were his friends. The first man had dark skin, with a grey beanie slouched on his head. He was chuckling, shaking his head as he threw back a shot. The next man was taller, with dark curls tied back in a bun. You heard him shout something in French, winking at you as he saw you approaching. The last man took your breath away when his eyes met yours. He had freckles dotting his face like stars, and his chestnut hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. You found yourself imagining what it would be like to run your hands through it, when suddenly you were broken from your trance by Alex elbowing your side. “-and this is my friend, (Y/N). (Y/N), meet Hercules- he gestured at the man in the beanie, Lafayette- pointing at the frenchman with the curls, and John, he said with a gentle nudge. So that was his name. The guys said their hellos, all except for John, who just stared at you. Had you done something wrong? He quickly snapped out of his trance, giving you a soft smile. “So, Alex, is zis beauté your girlfriend? A burst of laughter left your mouth as you imagined dating your best friend. Alex put a hand over his chest in mock offence. “(Y/N), you wound me!” Maybe you imagined it, but you could have sworn that you saw John let out a sigh of relief as he realized that you and Alex weren’t together. “So, (Y/N),” you heard him ask, “how come we’ve never seen you around here before?” “Well, to be honest I don’t get out much. Plus, Alex never told me he had such cool friends” you said looking at John. A faint blush danced across the cheeks, and Alex was the first to notice. “Look’s like somebody’s got a cruuuuuuuush” Alex sang. If John had been blushing before, it was nothing to how his face looked now. He turned bright red, giving Alex a playful shove. You pretended not to notice, not wanting to embarrass yourself. Besides, there was no way someone so cute could be interested in you.

Throughout the night, you joked and laughed with the group, fitting right in. They proudly proclaimed you the newest member of their “hamilsquad”, and you had never been happier. As the night continued, you kept noticing John sneaking glances at you from across the table. You returned these looks, often getting lost in his dark eyes. The other boys continued to make jokes, calling John “lovesick” and “enamored”. Although you pretended not to hear these comments, they made your face flush with the possibility of John having an interest in you. Towards the end of the night, the boys announced that you were going back to Alex’s dorm to watch movies. With the possibility of more time with John, you quickly agreed.

Back at Alex’s dorm, Hercules made popcorn as Lafayette popped in The Exorcist. Seeing the horror movie appear on the screen, you internally screamed. “Seriously guys, a horror movie? I’ll never sleep again!” Alex just smiled his same knowing smile. “Don’t worry (Y/N), you have John to protect you!” You rolled your eyes, but let out a shy smile as you took the seat next to John.

Halfway through the movie, you felt a strong arm slide around your back. Snuggling into the embrace, you let your head fall against his shoulder. John smiled, pulling you closer as the other boys exchanged proud glances. When you were too scared to pay attention to the movie, you turned your head and began to count the freckles scattered across John’s face. “1, 2, 3, 4…” As you tried to keep counting, your heavy eyelids began to close. With a final glance towards his face, you fell into a comforting sleep in John’s embrace. 

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Someone asked a genuine question and you're inability to allow tolerance to curiosity caused you to snap at her. All you had to say was 'I say flutist but it just depends on the individual'. Instead you went hammer and tong at this person because your opinion is gospel. Honestly, no wonder flute players have such a bitchy reputation.

The original post was not phrased as a legitimate question, it was an open ended post that could have wrecked havoc in the community that I have spent the last 5 years building and supporting and loving. Had it been a different post I would have had a different response. I have seen a lot of those debates get very nasty (the great flutist/flautist of 2012 comes to mind) and I like to just nip them in the bud. Maybe I was too quick to respond or wasn’t as nice as I should have been but I shared my honest feelings about a debate that even professionals have had nasty conversations about.  

My opinion is not gospel, but I don’t appreciate being called a bitch because I answered something in my own voice rather than the curated perfect ‘tumorsandmusic’ voice.  I’m a human with emotions and you don’t get to say that I did something wrong on my blog.  You can unfollow and leave me alone if you don’t like how I talk to people. 

All in all, I knew the crossover was gonna be a mess, I just didn’t think it would end up making me this angry. And that’s my fault cause I don’t know what I should have expected for Iris or Cisco or any of the poc across these shows. 

I definitely think they did the four-way crossover too soon, though. Like just because you now have four shows doesn’t mean you have to jump the gun like that. They could have done a crossover with the Flash and Legends, or the Flash and Supergirl (I’m not leaving anyone out, what?) and it probably would have been so much better than what went on this week. Now there’s nothing to build up to for next year. 

I feel like my family represents the extremes of ocd pretty well, by which I mean my poor grandpa is one of those obsessive compulsive people for whom doing a load of laundry is an all day event because of all the stuff it requires, whereas like with me it’s more just fucked up intrusive thoughts with an aversion to change and need of algorithms in everyday activities like I have to take a shower with a specific process or it just feels wrong. As far as I know my dad and aunt are the same but without intrusive thoughts. Why no one was watching for mental illness in me as a child is baffling, like with my families medical history of depression, anxiety, addiction, and PDs I should have been really closely watched for signs of that shit but nope, instead I got ignored and yelled at for traits (I don’t really like to use symptom with mental illness) and ended up wanting to die by 13. It’s hard for me to blame my parents too much though. They were really young, definitely not ready, and really bad for each other. And with me being the oldest they kind of assumed i could be more self sufficient with my needs, and they were sort of right, but I definitely always felt like my siblings, especially my stepbrother were a higher priority for them than me. That’s why I liked staying with my dad so much, my sister on that side wasn’t born til I was 13 or 14 so he had time for me and played with me and stuff. Not that my mom never did, but she had less time with little children around and when the stepbrother came by on holidays I was completely ignored. I feel like I shouldn’t be so soft on my parents for their abusive tendencies, but idk. I don’t want to lose my family. There’s some stuff I can never forgive them for but I still love them and want them in my life. It was really hard for me when mom and I fell out over my gender, I wanted space but I didn’t want her gone. Idk. The last few years have been a wild ride, and I’m ready for some stability. Like all power to the people in their 20s who are out there partying and having fun while they have limited responsibilities but abuse changes things, and I just want a comfortable life with some close friends I can see regularly. This wasn’t really supposed to be my life story but sometimes I get going and realize I need to talk about it even if it’s just shouting into the void of tumblr. Also shout out to anyone who actually reads my personal posts, not that I blame anyone who doesn’t, it’s just nice.

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They've really rushed Stydia this season. I think if they really wanted to commit to it and make it work it's something that should have developed over the entirely of season 6. At the end of season 5, unless I am mistaken, Lydia and Parrish still very much had feelings for each other and Lydia had no romantic feels for stiles at all. And now season 6 starts and suddenly shes in love with Stiles? It makes no sense! Are we to assume something happened between Lydia and Parrish between seasons?

It’s something that should have been developed better since their kiss in S3, like honestly after that it was pretty much dropped and ignored for 2 seasons. My best friend who has zero knowledge of shipping even thought it was awkward because she always assumed they had a platonic relationship because of how little development their romantic relationship got.

Lydia and Parrish definitely had feelings for each other, not matter how much a certain side of fandom tries to play it off as it just being their supernatural connection drawing them towards each other. Whether or not they had a thing between S5 and S6 we’ll probably never know since it’s clear the writers are writing Parrish out of character to keep him from interacting with the pack.

I can’t help but think of how amazing and epic it would have been if when Noctis found Ravus, and he was still alive and well, once he claimed his father’s sword, the two of them could have fought side by side as the brothers they really were meant to be. Noctis and Luna’s marriage would’ve made Ravus officially apart of his family and, in Ravus’ last days he finally came to understand Luna and Noctis really needed him. HE CAME THROUGH FOR THEIR SAKES. He was the whole reason Noctis reunited with Regis’ sword. Ravus safe guarded it for him. And since the bros weren’t able to fight along side Noctis during most of his venture into that dark and sad place, Ravus would have been a perfect ally. To me, that’s how it should have ended and if Ravus did have to die, then why not let him die by Noct’s side, protecting him, fighting beside him, and being “physically” there with him and for him since Luna could not be. He would have been remembered as a hero. In my opinion, that would have made Luna and his mother so proud of Ravus and he could have shown so much potential as a fighter. We already saw how strong he was when he appeared to the boys at the base attack. Even Gladio was weaker against him. And if his tragic end wasn’t bad enough, we never got to see him as the hooded man Square said he would be. DAMN IT. WHY? WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DO HIM SO DIRTY??? I don’t get it at all. And go back to Kingsglaive where his mother died to save him and the fact he was the only person “deemed unworthy” to put the Lucii Ring on and live to tell about it. He deserved better. MUCH BETTER. Simple as that.

Sorry, but I had to get this out. It’s been bugging the hell out of me.

No Matter What (Jack Barakat) (All Time Low)

Requested via Wattpad

Word Count: 668


Today you were having an off day, you didn’t feel great. Last night you’d been out on the town with your boyfriend Jack, his band and their partners and pictures had ended up on social media which you weren’t a fan of. You are Agender and didn’t identify with any gender; maybe you should have told Jack this when you started dating but you loved him and didn’t want to freak him out.

Most of the comments were nice on the pictures, but more people used female pronouns which upset you. Why couldn’t people use gender-neutral pronouns or names? Hell, you would have felt better if some fans threw in the occasional male pronoun but that never happened.

Jack had noticed your change in mood slowly throughout the day and you’d overheard him on the phone to Alex asking if he’d done something wrong last night, which made you feel shitty because you didn’t mean to make Jack feel bad when he was nothing but loving towards you.

“Where’s my pretty girl hiding? She’s my princess and I’m her king.”

Jack pops his head around the bedroom door as you sit on the bed scrolling through Tumblr. You internally cringe at his use of the words; girl, she and princess but slap on a fake smile to make him feel less bad.

“I’m right in front of you silly.”

Jack laughs before throwing himself on the bed next to you bopping your nose, “are you, okay babe? Did I do or say something last night? I hate seeing you pouty and upset.”

You shake your head and sigh closing your laptop and putting it to the side. You turn to face Jack and sit cross-legged hoping he see’s you have something serious to tell him.

“I need to tell you something, Jack. Its kind of big, and I know I should have told you this when we started dating but you’re just too right for me and I don’t want to lose you.”

“You’re not breaking up with me right?”

You shake your head and his worried expression melts away. You hold his hand and know it’s now or never to get everything off your chest.

“Jack I’m Agender.”

Jack tilts his head to the side and furrows his eyebrows, “err, what does that mean?”

You expected him to ask you this question.

“Well Agender translated literally means being without a gender. I’m gender neutral, in the sense of being neither male nor female yet still having a gender. I’m not a big fan of gendered pronouns Jack, so when you just came in calling me ‘she’ it makes me feel uncomfortable. I also read the comments on the pictures and so many fans refer to me as ‘her’ and 'she’ and it made me feel down.”

You wait for Jack to laugh, or flip out on you and call you crazy or stupid. But it never happens, instead, he releases your hand and pulls you into a hug. You rest your head on his chest waiting for him to respond.

“Why didn’t you just tell me from the start y/n? I wouldn’t have looked at you any different because I love you. I would have done my research and made you feel comfortable instead of you keeping it all bottled up. I love you y/n.”

You cuddle against Jack smiling like an idiot, you never expected him to take it this well.

“Thanks for accepting me Jack. I guess I assumed you’d freak out and dump me. I’m not ready to tell the fans yet if that’s okay with you.”

“We’ll tell them when you’re ready. At least I know I didn’t do or say anything stupid to make you upset at me.”

Jack strokes your hair and you lean up and brush your lips across his softly. Jack could never outright upset you unless he left his underwear on the bedroom floor and refused to empty the dishwasher then that was a whole other story.

I promised myself I’d post the dirty, difficult side of pregnancy and motherhood as well as the good stuff since I didn’t hear about all the hard parts before i got pregnant (I don’t regret it one bit, but i think people should know.) So…

Stevie’s been beyond just fussy or colicky the last few days. I’m pretty sure it was pain in the afternoons that was getting worse. I ended up having to give him a glycerin suppository in his little bum like when he was a week old. I know it sucks for him, screaming until purple and shaking and unable to breathe, but it’s traumatizing for mama too. I was shaking and crying and once i finally got it done (took two attempts) i had him in my arms so fast i almost broke the sound barrier and his crying almost immediately let up. Then, not 10 minutes later he nearly had a diaper blowout. Some crying at the nasty diaper change and his next feeding, but he fell asleep and woke easy for his next feed before going back to sleep. Now, to figure out how to keep him from getting constipated again.

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Dipper, will you ever tell Steven your real name?

“Actually, he already knows. He found out when we fused into Stepper for the first time. Turns out your secrets aren’t really secrets anymore when you end up sharing a body (mind?) with another person. But Steven’s been cool about not telling anyone, so that’s ok.”

Steven: “Hey, Dipper! You wanna fuse into Stepper again? Or maybe should I call him Stevson?”

Dipper: “…Most of the time.”

(Is this a spoiler for something? I don’t think its a spoiler for something. I mean, ya’ll have read journal 3, right? So you should probably know what Dipper’s real name is by now. And yeah, this is a thing that’s going to be addressed in UF itself and its going to actually be pretty cute and funny. Another reason why I can’t wait to get to Fusion Fiascos!) 

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I keep thinking about how Telltale's DC game should've been about Blue Beetle instead of Batman. What do you think? How much do you know about Blue Beetle?

I know very little, but anyone who wasn’t a major DC character would have been better - batman’s been done to death, and it would have been cool to see someone less known get an actual ‘fresh take’

I’m more hopeful about Guardians of the Galaxy, but it’s entirely likely (and probable) that they’ll just end up retreading the same ground as the movies have.

Hi! I need some help.

So I haven’t been sleeping well at all for the past month or two and its starting to effect my brain. I keep saying more words wrong, my spelling is getting worse then it already is, and I’m just stressed all day. When I say I’m not sleeping well I mean I try to go to sleep but then I can’t so I end up falling asleep at 3 or 4 am. Also when I wake up I have been more and more tired everytime. So should I consult a doctor about the problem now? Or should I wait to see if the problem resolves it’s self?

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HEY FOURS! When are we going to get to see this all-my-clones-are-fine-and-nothing-hurts NaNo? I get that you should spend some time editing and formatting and such, but I am SO STOKED! /puppyeyes

*squeals in delight*

I’m so stoked people want to actually read it! I’ve gotten such awesome encouragement from y’all, I can’t wait until it’s ready.

Unfortunately it’s not finished. D: I’d say it’s going to be 70k-80k words by the time I’m done? I have no idea. I’ve been writing scenes out of order, which is a first for me, so it’s hard to gauge. But I do have the beginning, end, and 50% of the middle written, so that’s good, right?!

Thank you so much for your amazing message. I am in awe by the amount of interest I’ve received. I can only hope I’ll do this story justice.


“Shoulda recorded this for Cap. Do they have cameras in here?”

Alternative Ending: After Team Cap’s jailbreak, Tony sends schematics for a new Vibranium-based arm as a peace offering. Because I recognize the council has made the Stan Lee cameo of a Cap movie about Tony Stark, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it. Also, everybody takes turns checking up on Bucky in Wakanda.