The contact

Wow you ever pass by someone and you’re actually really startled by them just like in the two seconds you make eye contact cause there was like a super electric feeling out of nowhere and i actually gasped a little and he hesitated and smiled and like i got super butterflies and i dont even know him??
I think i sorta fell in love a little with some random guy, is what im saying


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WESTWORLD | 1.10 | Hector Escaton

See you in the next life.

♪ I just can’t get you out of my head ♪

I really can’t get over the fact that we see Isak watch that minute-long video twice. Just when we observe him, on two different occasions he pulls it up! He tries to track down Even’s IG based on first name only! He searches for Even on Facebook more than once (ineffectually, lol, but he tries) even when he already knows he’s not going to find anything! He pays to watch a movie he knows this boy likes and they’ve had one conversation at this point! How many times did he do these things?? How many times did he watch that video, memorizing the way Even’s eyes crinkle when he laughs? How many times did his fingers drum out “even bech næsheim” just because it was all that was running through his head?? 

And even worse, how completely overwhelming was it when he was face-to-face with Even again and a minute-long video couldn’t scratch the surface of how bright his smile is or what it’s like to have that voice directed at him, asking him a question?