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The faith of our democracy is literally in our hands. #TakeAction! >

• Call/write to your representatives,
• Donate to the causes you support,
• Sign petitions,
• Attend town hall meetings,
• Attend resistance recess events,
• Register to vote,
• And more!



I had my second thyroid cancer surgery yesterday and it went very well. The first picture is me before surgery and the others are from after.
As an autistic person, surgery leaves me feeling extremely sensorily overwhelmed.
I have so few spoons so if anyone has anything nice to say, I’m definitely open to asks or messages with encouraging words.

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Bee is so good. Makes me smile everytime. Want to maybe make a post about bee-friendly city/apartment things? Beecuz I want to be good to bees even though I have no backyard. Thank you so much, you're such a good bee 💖

here’s a list of good bee plants for apartments!

annnnnnnd here’s another!

and here’s a site with more info!

and another list!

and another site!

guud luck!!!!!

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Facts About Trumpcare

Here’s what you should know today about the ACA repeal bill:

- Spending cuts made to Medicaid and other programs go toward a tax cut for the health industry and the rich. The people hurt the most are low and middle income Americans.

- A vote is planned next week.

- The bill contains nothing to incentivize healthy people to get insurance. In order to subsidize payments to sick people insurance relies on healthy people buying insurance. Without that Premiums rise!

- The mandate for large employers to offer health benefits is eliminated.

- Fewer people will receive tax credits to help with the cost of insurance, and those who do receive credits will receive less, hurting middle-income Americans who purchase their own insurance.

- Insurers will be able to charge older Americans 5 TIMES more for insurance.

- Medicaid is funded by block grants. When the grant is used up, the states have to pay. If they can’t afford to pay, fewer and fewer people will have access to Medicaid.

- States are allowed to change what is considered and essential health benefit.

- Planned Parenthood will not receive Medicaid reimbursements for women’s well-care, effectively defunding Planned Parenthood.