The best choice I ever made

Save WOY

Wander Over Yonder is a very important show to me, maybe even the most important show to me. I remember a year ago when i was on Disney XD just not really paying any attention when the “The Greatest” started playing i don’t know how it got my attention but i made the choose to watch it did and it was one of the best Choice I ever made. As i was watching it i couldn’t stop laughing at the wonderful humor and and the antics these Characters I never seen before  antics. When the episode was over i NEEDED more, i was completely charmed by this show that i needed more. So i made the amazing Choice to watch more and Wander Over Yonder is easily my favorite cartoon ever. I suffer from depression and BPD and this show help, and still is helping me feel better and try to have a better outlook in life. This show also helped try to be a better person, before i was more angrier and apathetic  towards life and anything else, now I’m trying to be a better person and no other show has inspired me to do that. 

Wander over Yonder is my inspiration and my hope so please @disneyxd give it one more shot.


“Do not regret too much the choices you have made in the past, Gabriel,” She said. “Only make the right ones in future. We are ever capable of change and ever capable of being our better selves.”

“That,” said Gabriel, “would not be the self my father wanted me to be, and despite everything, I find myself reluctant to dismiss the hope of his approval”

Cecily sighed. “We can do our best, Gabriel. I tried to be the child my parents wanted, the lady they wished me to be. I left to bring Will back to them because I thought it was the right thing to do. I knew they were grieved he had chosen a different path - and it is the right one for him, for all that he came to it strangely. It is his path. Do not choose the path your father would have chosen or the path your brother would choose. Be the Shadowhunter you want to be”.


You’ll never read this, which is probably for the best. We haven’t spoken in over a year, the longest ever since we met in fourth grade. These always seem to be the times when I miss you; when nobody else seems to care or be around to ask me about the random crap in my day. These are the times when I forget that you never loved me, you never cared the way you always made me think you did. You and I were a cliché mess, but I’ll never complete the old story and text you when I’m lonely. You made your choice. I’ve made mine. You brought out the worst in me and made me feel as though you were the only one who would ever find me precious. You were wrong. I don’t care if you tell my secrets, I don’t care if you sleep with my ex best friend (again). I avoid your town, I don’t talk to old friends, I stay away from people who know you. I just wanted you to know that this whole thing? It’s on you this time, not me. You made this choice, and I hope I never see you again.

Bic being a sexist shit (now internationally)

Italian “bic for her” razors add
The only intelligent choice they made was making it unskippable (because otherwise nobody would ever see it)
This add made me dread opening a new video for more than a month (i’m always on mobile so no addblock)
Rough translation (even tho the video is self explanatory & so easy to follow even a girl would understand!!!) (I’m puking rn)
Girliest&most enthusiastic voice ever
Bic presents
Chiara and Theo
Him+his mum=❤
Him+his perfume=❤
Me+his perfume=❤
Me+his best friend=❤(with horns)
Me+his razor=💔
Steal his heart not his razor
For you choose
Unnecessarily gendered razor in light green or Unnecessarily gendered razor in pink

Ugh. This is super gross

3 Facts tag

tagged by the wonderful @destanee-ninja <3

“When you get this write 3 things about yourself that your followers probably don’t know about you and tag 10 followers.”

Ok, 3 things yall (might not/) don’t know:

1. I LOVE K-dramas, Taiwanese/Chinese dramas and Japanese Dramas. Even though  don’t post about them often, I love them so much. My first and favorite is The Secret Garden. Such a great classic, it’s literal perfection. I watched it in a week and was hooked! My faves include Secret Garden, Can You Hear My Heart, King Flower, Murphy’s Law, Flower Boy Raymun Shop, Lie to Me, She Was Pretty (Ignoring the last 3 episodes.) and ALOT more. :)

2. I’m studying Sociology @University right now and I LOVE it. It’s one of the best choices I ever made. I have yet to have a class that I hate. :D

3. I LOVE to read with a burning passion. I started reading Harry Potter in the 3rd grade and never looked back. Fantasy and Historical Fiction are my favorite genres! :) And book/library aesthetic blogs, as well as studyblrs are my one of my fave types of blogs. (right after kpop ones and food ones!).

I tag: @dinosgf @i-luv-lemonade @winwinpiercedhisears @awildblackkpopperappears @exo-flames @kyvngdae @little-o-l-mee @mirelaloves  @geeswirl @dokyums-black-wife 

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I am getting strong 'Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had' vibes from this whole Taylor, Tom, Calvin situation. Taylor made the right choice, perhaps her best choice ever!

I just feel like these last 6 weeks have been so dramatic and now this court cases this break isn’t much of a break from the media. Taylor just needs to stay in Australia and create new music. Calvin was a terrible mistake.

Middle aged Singaporean media regulators rap about the national public-private content strategy

In 2007, Singaporean blogfather Mr Brown discovered this video, which is literally the most best thing you will ever see, this week: middle-aged Singaporean government officials rapping(ish) about the nation’s public-private partnership strategy, with fresh rhymes like “They call me CEO, hear me out everyone/My aim, a vibrant media-hub for the city/Singapore-made content can be number one/Media choice and jobs for everyone.”

I mean, cringeworthy raps by middle-aged professionals are an established genre, but this is the “It Takes a Nation of Millions…” of the form. The flows are so fresh, the obvious rhymes so boldly eschewed in favor of woke pronouncements about KPIs and Singapore’s Media Conduct Code.

More importantly, this video demonstrates that Neal Stephenson is a fortunetelling wizard who successfully predicted this stuff with the rapper Sushi K in 1992’s Snow Crash:

I’m Sushi K and I’m here to say
I like to rap in a different way.

So I will get big radio traffic
When you look at demographic

Sushi K research statistic
Make big future look ballistic

Speed of Sushi K growth stock
Put U.S. rappers into shock…..

“This is Sadie and she is the best cow I have ever known.” ~Marji Beach

Sadie made the world better for those she met; let’s return the favor. You may not be able to single-handedly end all animal suffering, but you can choose not to contribute to it and you can spread the word about making compassionate choices.

My DQH Playable Character Wishlist Thingamajig

I was watching some Dragon Quest Heroes gameplay, and I started thinking about which characters I’d like to see playable, so I made this wishlist!

1. Stella (If they do make DQIX characters playable, I think Stella’s an obvious choice, especially since Patty and Erinn are NPCs)
2. Sterling (Or as I like to call him: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to DQIX. Love you, Fatguts~❤️)
3. Aquila (Not a big fan of him, but I think he’d be cool to play as)
4. Debora (She’s the only DQV bride we’re missing, plus she’s always been a favourite of mine.)

Loyalty is forever questioned,
somethings that always seems to be broken,
for we love,
we say forever,
but nobody really upholds it,
which is what i wish to do,
since day one,
i fell in love,
it didn’t work out how we wanted,
but we never stopped loving on another,
i thought i could move on,
but deep down i knew i couldn’t,
i didn’t realise,
but now i do,
i can’t express,
how i would go back,
change everything,
how i would never have made the choices i did,
because i knew,
that you were the only person i would ever want,
loyalty isn’t dead in my heart,
it is only to you,
i told you i loved you,
i told you forever,
i meant that,
right now i’m nowhere near my best,
i need to work at myself,
fight what is wrong and work at happiness,
but one thing that will never change are my feelings towards you,
you could hate me,
i would still tell you i loved you,
i would still walk to the end of the earth,
i would still pull my heart out of my chest to allow you to live,
because the world needs your smile,
it needs you so much,
you are the most beautiful human on earth,
and i love you

the most beautiful human on earth - A Book I Might Write Someday


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I'm so excited to see your journey! I have to get my school credits in my home country (USA) before I go but I'm applying to be a 2017-18 exchange student! Who are you going with? I'm going with YFU and I don't know where I'm going yet but I applied for Germany, Italy, and Belgium Flanders. 😊

THAT’S SO AWESOME! You should totally do it. Seriously. (I’m very excited to go and I feel like this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made sooo) I’m going to Switzerland with AFS, but your country choices sound excellent! My family here in South Africa have hosted girls from both Germany and Italy, and they were both really cool people. And I have a friend who’s going to Belgium and from what she’s showed me, it looks amazing. I really hope you do go on exchange! Keep me posted on how it’s going, and I’m always here if you have questions! Xx

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I didn't know you went vegan! Girl it's literally the best choice I've ever made like my skin cleared up and I have energy and it's crazy seriously

yes!! ❤️❤️

And now it’s Paul Ryan, who is probably regretting more than ever taking that Speaker of the House position, because it means he has to pretend to like his party’s nominee. I almost feel sorry for him. As he reminds the audience, “Democracy is a government of choice. And the Republican party has made a choice.”

He then says we should watch the Democratic Convention, and its “four days of politically correct moralizing.” Okay, Paul Ryan. I’ll do it. You talked me into it. :P

I disagree with pretty much everything he’s saying, but darned if this isn’t the best speech I’ve heard all night. Possibly it’s because he’s not playing up Trump, but is instead playing up the idea that it’s time for a change in our leadership. More about the failings of the current administration than the (very limited) promise of a Trump administration. Nice turns of phrase, well-constructed arguments, and they just showed a lady with a glittery American flag cowboy hat.