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Avengers Preferences: What they do when you go missing.

Anon: The reader wants to get out of ‘the life’ and disappears the team goes crazy finding you. Tony hacks everyone, Natasha pulls in all her contacts, Steve is being Steve, Wanda was the reader’s best friend as was Natasha thanks :)

Notes: We don’t usually accept requests for preferences but I tried to write this as a fan fiction but couldn’t do it. So have a preference instead :)

Steve - He’s ordered by Fury to not get involved because his emotions might get in the way. So instead of sitting around thinking about the things that could have happened to you, he tried to take his frustration out on other things.

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Clint - Clint goes straight into the field, even though everyone told him to stay at the Tower until they got a lead. He couldn’t just sit around and wait for you to get hurt. 

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Thor - Thor immediatly drags everyone out to go and find you. He makes the team split up into teams of two as they search for you and he orders them all to tell him straight away if they find even a small lead.

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Tony - He hacks everyone. Literally everyone. Including the Avengers themselves and his own phones just in case you left a hint that didn’t get. The minute he finds even the slightest of things, he puts on his suits and goes to fight to get you back.

Bucky - Steve had to physically hold him back when he was told you were missing. He nearly had a breakdown at the thought of what could be happening to you and was very close to entering Winter Soldier mode. But Steve promised to help him search as long as he swears to stay calm.

Bruce - No one told him in case of making him angry. But after a few days he managed to figure it out and went crazy that no one told him but forced himself not to let the other guy out so he can focus on finding you, 

Natasha - Natasha tries to keep her cool and simply focus on trying to find you but on the inside she was panicking.

Loki - He manages to find the person who took you fairly quickly and makes sure they pay for putting you through that the moment who got you to safety.


To anyone in America who has the ability to vote, please please PLEASE go vote for Hilary. There are so many of us around the world who cannot vote and are powerless to stop Trump from becoming president of the world and we need you to do the right thing. It is one thing to reblog a funny Trump meme but the reality is that by voting Hilary, you will be saving lives. That may sound dramatic but I can almost guarantee it. There is really no knowing what Trump will do - start a new war, send people back to countries where they will die, implement stupid policies that will have huge effects on people in so many other countries (along with the people who are already suffering within the United States). Tbh I don’t really care about Hilary, I just know that the world cannot afford to have Trump in power.

“I can’t stand how we’re treated.”

Young girl to Charlotte City Council after shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott.

This goddamned country should be brought to its knees in shame. #Hate it!