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bucky saying "i didnt mean to hit you, how did you not see me?" lmao

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Sam had his arm wrapped around your shoulders, holding you against his side as you held the bag of peas to your cheek with a very prominent pout on your face. 

“I can’t believe you hit her.” He grumbled, glaring up at Bucky, who was pacing the length of the couch in front of you. 

“I didn’t hit her!” He objected, “I was hitting the punching bag and…” He grimaced at the memory. “I didn’t mean to hit you, (Y/N), honest.” 

Sam rolled his eyes. 

“How did you not see me, Bucky?” You asked, laughter in your voice. 

“You were standing behind the bag! I didn’t know! I’m sorry.” He apologized for the tenth time. You waved him off, knowing it was an accident. Bucky looked like a kicked puppy, and you assured him for the millionth time that it was fine. 

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Tin Can!” Sam growled. 

You elbowed him, “It was an accident, he said sorry. Chill out, Sammy, jeez. It’s not like he punched me, he punched the bag.” 

“You have a bruise the size of Canada on your face!” Sam exclaimed, eyes wide with disbelief. 

“And I’ll give you a bruise the size Russia if you don’t knock it off!” 

Assets Attract

Okay so this totally started out as a request but my hands have a mind of their own and typed this instead. Not totally sure how I feel about it but I spent four days writing it so it’s absolutely being posted. (Plus, the title I came up with is cute and punny) This is dedicated to @italwaysendsinafightcap for getting my mind going and I will get your actual request started soon!

Bucky Barnes x reader

Brother!Tony Stark x reader

Warnings: swearing, violence, mentions of death, some fluff, some angst, protective!Reader.

All credit goes to Marvel

Word Count: 5.6k 

    Your story with Bucky Barnes all started on December 16th, 1991 after you watched him kill your parents. Nick Fury had recruited you in secrecy when you were 16. You were his asset. Not even Natasha had known about you (she had her suspicions). Your own brother had believed you were dead. He believed that you were in the car with your parents when it “crashed”, despite there being no body to prove it. You knew the Winter Soldier had killed your parents. 

    You were tracking him down when it happened, but you were too late. As soon as your parents’ bodies went limp, you attacked, lunging down from a tree branch, wrapping your legs around his neck and squeezing your thighs together as hard as you can, blocking the airways. You repeatedly brought one of your elbows down on his head while your other arm was busy trying to slice at any body part you could get. Somehow, he had been able to reach his gun, and he shot you in the thigh. When you collapsed off his body, he made eye contact with you, but it was not a look you were expecting to receive from the man who had just killed your parents and attempted to kill you. He looked at you with a mix of guilt and anger. You sat next to your mother’s lifeless body, brushing her blood-matted hair from her face while you waited for Nick to get you. You thought of Tony and how he would react to the news and for the first time since being a recruited agent, the thought of him pulled at your heartstrings. You were nineteen at the time.

       Nick allowed you to see Tony when it was discovered that he was dying from the shrapnel in his chest. He almost didn’t believe it was you, he even wanted a copy of your birth certificate. When he didn’t believe it, you pulled the collar of your shirt to reveal your shoulder, where you had a big scar from when you and Tony had a contest to see who could climb the highest tree when you were 10 and 12. All your brother could do was stare in shock and almost hurt. Nick had to explain the situation to him and that currently, your mission was to find the man who had killed your parents and that it was a very sensitive mission. Nick and you had promised each other to not tell him about the Winter Soldier part, because, well, it’s Tony and his approach to the Winter Soldier would end in a blood battle. Your specialty was being a fly on the wall that happened to be carrying guns and knives, which was crucial in this mission.

    He promised to keep you a secret on the ground that he could see you and hear from you when it was safe. He would also be the first to know if something happened to you, and reserved the right to throw caution to the wind and come get you if needed.
    Because nobody knew you even existed at the time, Nick sent you to track down the Winter Soldier, knowing that his brain would have been wiped of any memory of you. If you could hide in plain sight and nobody would suspect a thing, you were his perfect match. Fury’s best chance to take that guy down. And you thought of Bucky Barnes every damn day.

    You were there when the helipads went into the air, when Captain Rogers had to replace the chip that would’ve killed seven million people. You watched as he fell from the helipad, and you wished that you could grab him, but you couldn’t do that. Not without blowing your cover, and Fury would have your ass on a silver platter if that happened. 

     Instead, you watched the Winter Soldier drag Steve onto the sand from your hiding spot and you instantly drew your weapon, aiming at his face if he tried to kill Steve, if he wasn’t already dead. “Don’t even think about it.”

     He dropped Steve to the ground and just stared at him for a while, before walking away, his back turned to you. You took your chance and got behind him, pressing the barrel to the back of his skull. He stopped. He didn’t even make a move to kill you. “I recognize your voice.” He said and your jaw clenched and you spoke through grit teeth.

     “You should. I almost had you dead the minute you killed my parents.” He slowly stepped forward, away from the gun and turned to look at you. He had the same look in his eyes that he did after he killed your parents. But there was no anger this time, only guilt and sadness.
     “You’re Howard’s daughter.” He said thoughtfully. You clenched your jaw harder, willing the tears in your eyes to dry at the sound of your father’s name. You weren’t going to give this bastard the satisfaction of seeing you cry. He dropped all of his weapons onto the sand beneath your feet and stepped forward.
    “Don’t.” You demanded, a little too loudly. He raised his hands, taking another step forward, hesitantly grasping your forearm in his flesh hand. You stared at him in disbelief.
    “Listen, I know you want to kill me, trust me, I know. But right now, I’m considered a refugee, and when they find me, they’re going to take me back to HYDRA and make me kill more people. They’re going to wipe my brain all over again. People might be watching us right now. If they see you with me, they’re going to kill you. Believe it or not, I’ve seen enough people killed and I don’t want that to happen. My name is James Buchanan Barnes,”
    “I know who you are.” You spat.
    “I know you know, but I need you to trust me because your life could depend it. I have a safe house in Bridgeport, Texas. You need to come with me,” he was nearly pleading and you felt yourself crumbling. You didn’t know if he was dragging you off to kill you or genuinely wanted to get you out of here. You felt tears finally leaking out of your eyes, your arm holding your gun slowly wavering. He slowly grabbed it from your hand, and dropped it to the ground. “Please.”
    You were downright crazy, but you found yourself slowly nodding.

    Because you couldn’t go through TSA with Bucky’s metal arm and they would definitely take him, you used Fury’s escape to Europe and the definite lack of communication between you two to steal one of the jets. You had all but ushered Bucky onto the plane before Maria could see him. She would definitely tell Fury if she didn’t try to shoot the plane down, but you gave her a heads up that you were going away for a while and taking the jet, so you didn’t think much would happen.
     Flying from Washington to Bridgeport was supposed to take roughly two and a half hours, and after today’s events and the pure shock at what you were doing, you were tired. The vast expanse of sky made you feel like you weren’t getting anywhere. You sat in the cockpit, lazily holding up your head with one hand, practically nodding off when you heard footsteps behind you. “I can take over from here,” Bucky said gently, you could tell he was tired too, but hell, he knew where he was going. You got up and went to go to the back of the plane, but Bucky quietly called after you. “Can you sit up here with me?” He turned towards to the wheel. You paused, opening your mouth only for nothing to come out. You let out a silent breath, and sat in the seat next to him. Before you could say anything, he began asking questions, rushing them out because he was so eager to get the answers he needed. “Who was that man that I pulled out of the water? He said he knew me all my life and that he wasn’t going to fight me because I was his friend. He looked so familiar and my head hurts every time I try to think of him.” He looked off in thought before pulling out of his trance and focusing back on flying.
    “His name is Steve Rogers. He does know you all his and your lives. He was your best friend. He was the scrawny kid that did everything possible to get into the army during World War II. Bucky, I don’t know if anyone’s told you or if you even remember, but you were born in 1917. You fell out of a train and were presumed dead.  You were captured by HYDRA, obviously,” you said, gesturing to his arm. “Steve found you a couple days ago.” He nodded, seemingly still trying to wrap his head around the new information.
    “So who are you?”
    “Y/N Stark. I was recruited by Fury when I was 16, trained to the absolute best of my abilities. Tony knew that far. They faked my death the night my parents were killed and I became a fly on the wall. Some minor plastic surgery, dyed my hair, colored contact lenses. If nobody knew I existed, it’d make my mission a hell of a lot easier.”
    “And your mission?”
    “That’s where things get awkward. My mission was to find you, or the Winter Soldier, and well, kill the Winter Soldier.”
    “You tried to. After I killed your parents, you dropped out of a tree and tried suffocating me,” you nodded, biting your lip as he began to remember more information. “I shot your thigh.” You nodded a little more and he pursed his lips. “Would you tell me if you got me on this plane to kill me?” You laughed.
    “Bucky, I had the chance and instead I’m here on a plane with you leading me to the middle of nowhere, I think I should be more worried about you killing me.” You turned over in your seat and smiled at him, watching as the corner of his lips curled upwards, exposing a bit of teeth.
    “Well then I solemnly swear that I won’t kill you if you don’t kill me. Deal?” He stuck his pinky finger out and you laughed, looping your pinky with his.

    Three weeks had gone by since you and Bucky had made it to the safe house. Things were surprisingly easy as far as two master assassins living together who were once trying to kill each other. Dare you even say there was romantic tension between you? You two had fallen into a routine. You’d get up in the morning, taking turns making breakfast. You liked to make jokes that if you put Bucky out in the sun for a little while, you could just fry the eggs on his arms. After breakfast, you would talk to Tony on the phone for about an hour while Bucky would do some work around the house (even though it looked fairly well kept, anyways). You had told Tony about Bucky and that you were staying with him. Reluctantly, he agreed to keep quiet about it because if you knew what you were doing, he trusted you. For dinner, if neither of you felt like cooking, you’d go get Chinese takeout. Every night, however, would be spent catching Bucky up on all the movies and music he had missed. Eventually, he started binge-watching Impractical Jokers episodes with you and always asking: “One more episode? Please?” After that one last episode, you’d go to bed. Bucky would stay in a bedroom on one side of the hall and you slept in the bedroom right across from him.

    He’d have you dance with him, showing you how people in his time used to. He would take your hand and twirl you around, dipping you while old Lionel Richie albums played in the background.
    You woke up early on Monday morning, around 4 in the morning and you couldn’t fall back asleep. Deciding now would be the perfect time, you began to clean the dishes from dinner last night. You stared out the window and watched the few streetlamps illuminate the street below. Your reflection in the glass showed your hair up in a messy bun, eyes with surprisingly no bags underneath them, perfectly pink lips, and clear skin. For one of the first times lately, you felt beautiful. Inside and out. You smiled at your reflection, but only when you saw Bucky coming down the stairs behind you, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. His shirt had been stripped of him and his shorts hung onto his hips. “What are you doing?” He mumbled.
    “I couldn’t sleep so I’m cleaning syrup off of plates from the massive amount of pancakes you made last night.” You laughed and you watched a tired smile creep onto his features. You fell into a comfortable silence.
    When you finished up the dishes, you turned from the sink and faced Bucky who was only 2 feet away. You couldn’t read his eyes, but there was an entirely new emotion in his eyes. “Buck?” His head snapped up to meet your eyes and you gave him a soft smile. He started coming closer and you couldn’t find it in you to move away.
    “Can I try something?” He asked quietly, practically a whisper and you nodded, swallowing a lump in your throat that you didn’t realize was there. He stepped closer until the tips of your toes were touching. He brushed his flesh fingers down your arm, causing goosebumps. With an even gentler hand, he brought his left hand around to the back of your neck. His right hand grasped your hip, and you couldn’t take it anymore. You reached up onto the tips of your toes and pressed your lips to his, relishing in the way he held you even closer at you making the first move. Your arms went around his neck, tangling in his hair. You could feel his chest heaving against yours and his lips perfectly molded into yours. You pulled apart when you became breathless, keeping your hands where they were. Looking into his eyes, you could see he looked a little scared and you pressed another kiss to his lips and pulled back.
    “Hey, it’s okay. You’re not going to hurt me. I know you won’t.” He looked at me through his lashes.
    “They’re going to take you away from me too, now.” You gave him a confused look before realizing what he meant.
    “No they won’t, Bucky. I know that you’ll protect me, that’s why you brought me here. God forbid something happens, and I can defend myself too. If I can almost take you out, I’m sure I can take out a few other bad guys.” You laughed, lightening the mood and smiled when he did. “But for the record, you cheated. You brought a gun to a knife fight.”
    “Maybe you brought a knife to my gun fight.”

     It had been another 5 weeks since you and Bucky shared your first kiss and 8 weeks since you began living with one another. You guys became even closer and eventually you agreed to become an item. You weren’t angry at him about your parents anymore because you knew that if he wasn’t brainwashed into doing, he wouldn’t have done it.
    Since then, you guys had gone to Bucharest, deciding that the longer you stayed in Bridgeport, the more likely the chances of someone finding you guys would be.
    It was going great until one day, Bucky had gone out to a farmer’s market to grab some food for your dinner that night. Within 20 minutes, he had come back running into the house, slamming the door shut and securing all the locks on the doors and window.

    “You know that bombing that killed T’Chaka?” You nodded and he pushed a newspaper in your chest, your eyes quickly scanning the paper and widening. “They’re coming for me, the guy at the stand called the police. Hide, don’t come out until you’re absolutely sure no one’s here.”
    “What’s going to happen to you? You can’t leave me here.” You whispered, worry instantly flooding your words.
    “Nothing that won’t stop me from coming back for you. Hide, Y/N. Please.” With that, he pulled you in for a kiss so passionate and so rushed that you swear your heart stopped. You watched him as you made your way to a hidden closet. Right as you closed the door, you heard the police, banging on the window and telling Bucky to come out with his hands up.
    The front door ripped open and you swear you heard Steve Rogers talking. Then you heard one of the floor boards being ripped apart. Your hand flew to your mouth, not knowing what was going on at all and fearing the worst. Then you heard a window shatter and tears began to flood your eyes. You heard police raiding the house and quietly hid further into the closet.
    It felt like hours since you heard the police leave, but you were paranoid that one may have been directly outside, watching for any activity. Slowly, eyes scanning the perimeter of the house, you crawled out. You checked the time, it was about 3 in the afternoon. The house was invaded at 11. Because you heard Steve, you did the one thing you could think of to get any information about where he was.
    “Hello?” Your brother’s voice rang through the phone.
    “Hey, I heard the Bucky was found in Bucharest. Know anything about that?”
    “Great to hear from you, too,” he said sarcastically. “But yes, I do. He was arrested along with Rogers, Wilson, and the Prince of, wait, King maybe, of Wakanda.”
    “Why were they arrested?”
    “Apparently the royal families of Wakanda have a suit they pass down along the kings. It’s made of vibranium and has very long claws. The Black Panther. Pair that with a very angry man who is convinced James Barnes is the one who killed his father and you don’t get a good mix. Long story short, there was a fight on a highway between them all and because they’re now being seen as a threat, they were arrested.”
    “What do you mean they’re being seen as a threat, Tony?”
    “Look, Y/N, we don’t have any boundaries. We might as well be considered the bad guys. We’ve killed so many people trying to do what’s best, but lives are still lost even if we do save the day. It’s not enough. I’ve helped put together the Sokovia Accords, which will be handing over our power to government officials. They’ll decide when we go out.”
    “Do you really think that the rest of the team will agree to that?”
    You heard Tony sigh, “No, Steve, Sam, and Wanda are already going against it, but it’s worth a shot. I need to give it a shot if it means I’m doing more good than harm for once.” You were going to give him a speech on how he is a good person and how he has saved so many lives, but he knew that deep down, and you were calling to find out where Bucky was.
    “Where is Bucky now?”
    “He’s getting a mental eval- woah, hey, the power went out.” You heard alarms going off and people yelling but you couldn’t make out much.
    “Y/N, I’m going to have to go. Something happened with Bucky.”
    “What? Tony Stark, don’t you dare hang up on me. You need-“ The line went dead. You groaned. Tucking your phone in your pocket, you knew you only had one thing to do. You tracked Tony’s phone, grabbed your guns, suited up, and hot-wired a car that was parked on the side of the street.
    The ride to the penitentiary was only 30 minutes, because you were hardcore speeding. You put your hair up into a ponytail and holstered your guns. You knew you had to be very careful, you may have found the Winter Soldier, but you still needed to be a fly on the wall, which would be very, very hard in these circumstances. You slid on a pair of sunglasses and pulled the hood of your suit over your head.
    Scanning the building, you looked for areas to get in that wouldn’t attract attention. Setting your eyes on a small, ground-level window, you went in, sliding your body easily through the glass. You heard people shouting and glass shattering and you hid behind a pillar near an elevator with your gun drawn.
    Bucky was pushing Steve towards the elevator, punching and swinging at him, and you saw your chance. As Bucky ripped open the elevator doors and pushed Steve, you swung your legs up around Bucky and threw both of you down the elevator, landing next to Steve with a thud. Bucky had been knocked unconscious from the drop and you stepped on his back, just to be sure.  
    You didn’t even realize that you were being stared at until you heard Steve awkwardly cough. “And you are?” You raised your gun once more, aiming it at him but he didn’t seem scared and you were slightly relieved.
    “Don’t worry about it,” you jumped up, grabbing onto whatever you could get your hands on to lift yourself out of the elevator shaft. You took one last look at the unconscious man. The man that you loved and would fight until your very last breath for. “Take good care of him, Steve.” With that, you had successfully lifted up and out of the elevator, leaving behind a very confused Captain America.

      Bucky woke up with a throbbing headache and his arm in a vice grip. He groaned and looked at his surroundings, expecting the vague memories of a house around him and music playing and a…girl? Instead, it looked like he was in a basement and two men were watching him. Steve. “Where am I?” He found himself asking. The man who he believed to be Steve answered.
    “Depends, who am I talking to?” A shooting pain erupted in Bucky’s head, but he was too exhausted to complain as the memory blew into his mind.
    “Your mom’s name was Sarah,” Bucky spoke. “Where’s Y/N?” Sam and Steve gave each other a wary look. “Where is she?” He was starting to get agitated, his arm vibrating with frustration.
    “Where is she? Let’s start with who is she?” Sam questioned. He stood up straighter, stiffening his posture to stand against Bucky. Bucky quieted down, feeling a sadness consume his heart, believing that you must’ve been a memory of his old life and that you weren’t coming back.
    “I didn’t do it, the bombing in Vienna. The guy who did this, he kept asking for the mission report December 16, 1991.”
    “Why would he ask you that?”
    “Because I’m not the only Winter Soldier. There are 5 more. The most elite death squad, more kills than anyone in HYDRA history. And that was before the serum.”
    “They all turn out like you?” Sam asked, arms crossed.
    “Worse. They speak over 30 languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize. They can take a whole country down in one night and you’d never see them coming.
    You watched the men from the skylight, pushing the window open the tiniest bit to hear what they were saying. You were assuming the guy who was supposed to give Bucky the mental evaluation either didn’t show up and someone else got ahold of him, or the actual doctor did this to him, but you listened to their plan of getting to Siberia to stop the man from getting control of the other Winter Soldiers.
    Based on what they were saying and what Tony had confessed to you earlier, you predicted that it wouldn’t go over well. Your brother wasn’t going to let them go anywhere if they didn’t sign the accords and because Tony was so thick skulled, he wasn’t going to let any excuse fly with them.
    You pulled back from the window, sighing to yourself and wondering what the hell you were going to do. You could either follow them wherever they would go, go to Siberia and stop the guy yourself, or blow your cover by joining the fight. None of these seemed like good choices, but you knew you had to pick one.

    “Does anyone have the feeling they’re being watched or is that just me?” You heard Steve ask. You slunk lower into the one of the beams on the ceiling, flattening yourself out as much as possible. You knew Bucky thought something was up, but you also knew that you couldn’t blow your cover by leaping down and smuggling him with kisses like you wanted to. Nobody knew that you existed still, besides the one time Steve saw you, but he had no idea who you were anyway.
    Your heart nearly stopped when you felt someone’s eyes trained on you. Carefully peeking over, you saw Bucky. His eyes displayed nothing but surprise and joy at you. You smirked at him and put your finger to your lips, signaling him to stay quiet about your presence. He made a show of sneezing, nodding his head forward as he did and you grinned, flattening yourself out again before you heard alarms going off. “They’re evacuating the airport,” Steve said, turning to his captain voice. “Time to suit up.” Bucky subtly looked up at you with concern, fearing what you might be getting yourself into. You gave him a thumbs up and slightly turned onto one hip, letting him see the outlines of your guns and knives. He gave you a single nod before walking away, following the rest of his team.
    Once there was no one in sight, you jumped off the rafter, landing with your knees bent. You looked around, looking for anyone before breaking into a sprint, looking for anywhere you could watch over the scene that was about to play out in front of you, planning to get a few shots in as well.

    You watched as Steve and Bucky left in one of the quinjets and Tony follow shortly after. Groaning inwardly, knowing the fight would only continue in Siberia, you hopped into a nearby helicopter and took off, hoping no one would question who was flying it. You had to get out of here if you didn’t want to get exposed. 

    “I almost killed the wrong man.” T’Challa said, putting his helmet down.
    “Hardly an innocent one.”
    “So is this what you wanted? Them to rip each other apart?”
    “My father lived outside the city, I thought we would be safe there. My son was excited, he could see the Iron Man from the car window. And I told my wife, ‘Don’t worry, we are far from the city, we are miles from harm. And the dust cleared and the screaming starts. It took me two days to find their bodies. My father, still holding my wife and son in his arms. And the Avengers; they went home. I knew I couldn’t kill them. Men more powerful than me have tried. But, if I could get them to kill each other. I’m sorry about your father. He seemed a good man with a beautiful son.”
    “Vengeance has consumed you,” T’Challa spoke softly. “It’s consuming them. I am done letting it consume me,” He declared, his voice shaky, his claws beginning to poke through. “Justice shall come soon enough.”
    “Tell that to the dead.” Zemo spoke coldly, aiming a gun underneath his chin, getting ready to pull the trigger when T’Challa placed his vibranium covered hand over the barrel of the gun as he fired it, then pulling Zemo into a headlock.
    “Believe me, I am not done with you yet.”
    “Oh fuck me! I sure as hell am.” And you shot Zemo twice in the skull after popping out of your hiding spot. T’Challa looked at you with eyes of disbelief and didn’t even move a muscle, he couldn’t. You turned on your heel to face him as Zemo’s body fell limp to the ground, his eyes still open in shock. “Your highness.” You bowed quickly to him before turning on your heel to get into the shelter.

    You stalked quietly through the hallways, following the voices of your boyfriend, your brother, and Captain America himself. When you walked in, you instantly knew what was being played on the screen that Tony’s eyes were fixated on and you grimaced, unprepared for what was to happen next. Tony’s eyes began to register what they were seeing, and his arm raised towards Steve, the gauntlet glowing with energy.

    “Tony. Stand down.” You had your gun raised at his head. You weren’t going to shoot him, and you’re pretty sure he knew that.
    “Okay is someone ever going to tell me who she is or where she came from?”
    “She’s my sister.” Tony said at the same time that Bucky said: “She’s my girl.” And you swear that the room got sufficiently tenser. Steve looked back and forth between all of you before you sighed, putting your hand out to the man who looked like he had just seen a ghost.
    “Y/N Stark,” He shook your hand, about to introduce himself as well before you cut him off. “I know who you are.”
    “He killed our parents, Y/N.” Tony cut in, wanting to keep the introductories short.
    “We know better than anyone that sometimes innocent people have to die to get the job done. HYDRA made him do it. Do you think he would’ve done it on his own free will?”
    “Then what about Steve? He knew, Y/N. He knew.”
    “Tony, look at Bucky’s arm. Then look at your suit. You didn’t ever think you’d become Iron Man. That wasn’t in your five year plan or even your lifetime plan. You think Bucky wanted to become the Winter Soldier? He didn’t have a choice. Neither did you. Drop. Your. Gauntlet. Now!”
    Never had you raised your voice at Tony, at least since you guys were in your teen years. You had always been very gentle with him given everything he had gone through after it was revealed to him that you were alive. His everlasting anguish over the loss of your mother and father. Losing your father was especially hard on Tony, never knowing that your dad loved him until two years ago when he watched a video and Howard said that Tony will always be his greatest creation. By then, Tony had been so lost in his own brain that he didn’t know how to handle his newfound sorrow.
    Tony lowered his arm and turned around, facing away from all of you. You turned to Bucky and Steve, and waved them to leave while you consoled your brother who had ejected himself from the suit. You stepped out of yours when Steve and Bucky were out of sight and went to stand by Tony. Wrapping your arms around his torso, he instinctively buried his head in your hair and you could feel tears slowly soaking your shirt.
    Crying was a rare occurrence for Tony Stark. You had only seen him do it after nightmares and after Pepper had left. This probably had hurt him worse than those two combined. You stood there, rubbing his back while you let him cry into your shoulder. From over his, you could see the screen replaying your parents’ death on loop, then yourself jumping from the tree and beginning to fight off the Winter Soldier. You had always been better at coping than Tony had been, but seeing that, you did start to feel an ache in your heart. You felt for Tony. “You were there. You tried to kill him.” Tony’s voice was shaking and wavering with every word he spoke.
    “Yes, I did.”
    “Why didn’t you?”
    “Well, for one, he shot me through the thigh. Second, I watched him pull a knocked out Steve Rogers out of the water after those helipads that were launched into the air came crashing down. Yes, I had the chance to shoot him, I absolutely did. Then I really looked at him. Tony, he isn’t a cold blooded killer. The Winter Soldier is. And as long as no one gets their hands on that damn book, he never will be again. I watched what he did, good and bad. They weren’t the same person. I can’t be angry with a person who never did anything wrong.”
    “He’s a weapon.”
   “No, his arm is. But you know what? So is your brain. You built the Iron Man suit on your own. If I got kidnapped, I sure as hell would have just accepted my fate. I wouldn’t have even thought to build a fucking suit that would go on to help me save the world a billion times. And yes, I said saved. You do more good than harm, Tony. But you can’t always have just one. Come on, we’re going home.”

I’m coming home

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Warnings: Lil bit of angst, fluff, 

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   Bucky never thought that he, of all people, would survive the war. In fact, he had said all of his ‘goodbyes’ and ‘I love you’s’ nearly a year ago. So now it was more than  a little awkward to be saying ‘hello’. Bucky had survived the war, as had Steve (a fucking miracle if you asked Bucky) and now they were returning home. 

   Steve placed a reassuring hand upon his left shoulder, the one that was more than a little bruised and battered from the war. He was sure that after the fall he’d be dead but he had opened his eyes and was still laying in that ravine, the trains still roaring above him. How he got out he had no idea, all he knew was that one minute he was nearly dead in that ravine and the next he was back at camp, a more than ecstatic Steve pulling him into a bear hug. And now they were going home, back to the wonderful homey streets of Brooklyn. 

   “You nervous?” Steve asks, giving Bucky a warm smile. Bucky smiles faintly, looking down at his bandaged arm. 

   “God Yes,” Bucky finally breathes out, his chest falling at the sudden action. Steve chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. 

   “Me too buddy,” 

   “At least you have something to show for all this!” Bucky replies with a smile, gesturing to Steve’s newly found beefy body. “All I get is a missing arm and years of shoulder pain,” Steve laughs a bit harder, his eyes crinkling at the corners. 

   “Oh come on, you’re a nation hero. Who knows, maybe Stark will design you some cool metal arm or something?” Bucky scoffs, shaking his head. 

   “I wouldn’t let that man touch me with a 10 foot pole, not after that Flying car demonstration,” 

   “He made me and I’m perfectly fine!”

   “As far as we know,” Bucky gives Steve a teasing smirk, his eyes twinkling softly. 

   “You’re a jerk,”

   The train came to an abrupt stop, it’s wheels making terrible screeching noises against the worn rails of the tracks. Bucky sighed shakily, running his only hand through his hair. For the first time in a year and some change Bucky was going to be reunited with (Y/N), his (Y/N). He was scared out of his mind, he wasn’t the same as when he left. He had been tortured, experienced near death and now he was missing an appendage.  

   “They’ll love you just the same Buck,” Steve whispers beside him, giving his good shoulder a nice grip. “Trust me,” Bucky sighed again, his eyes staring out the dirtied window. 

   “Hopefully,” It was then the train doors opened with a loud screech and all the returning soldiers flitted out of the carriage. People, families, exclaimed with joy as they hugged their boys, kissing their heads and crying upon their shoulders. Bucky and Steve walked out of the car, the doors screeching to a close behind them. 

   The two men scanned the crowd, searching for their loved ones. Almost immediately Bucky could find the one person he was looking for, their bright gaze standing out amongst the others. Bucky’s mouth ran dry and he could feel tears gathering within his eyes. After what felt like so long here they were, standing only a few yards away from him. 

   “Go get ‘em big guy,” Steve whispered, clapping his friend on the back. Immediately Bucky dropped his bag and ran to the person in front of him. Bucky could barely hear the sounds of the train station around him as his feet pounded upon the pavement below him. He was focused on one thing and one thing alone, (Y/N) who was running towards him too. 

  g suddenly burst to life as Bucky enveloped (Y/N) in a one armed hug, nuzzling his face into the crook of their neck. Tears welled within his eyes as (Y/N)’s tears cascaded down their cheeks, landing upon his jacket. Bucky adjusted his arm, pulling (Y/N) even closer. He breathed in deeply, inhaling their sweet comforting scent. 

    “God-” (Y/N) sobbed, nuzzling their nose into Bucky’s hair. “God I’ve missed you so much,” Bucky nodded, agreeing to (Y/N)’s statement. 

    “I’ve missed you too doll,” Bucky whispered, pressing a kiss to (Y/N)’s neck. “I’ve missed you so much-” Bucky whispers, tears finally falling onto (Y/N)’s shoulders. (Y/N) pulls back, cupping Bucky’s cheeks in their warm hands. 

    “I can’t believe I have you back,” (Y/N) smiles, their watering eyes glistening under the poor lighting. With a speed Bucky couldn’t comprehend (Y/N) pressed a kiss to his lips nearly making him moan and weep at how perfect it was. Bucky’s hand flitted up to cup the back of (Y/N)’s neck pulling them even closer, deepening the kiss further. It was sloppy and messy but Bucky didn’t care, all he could focus on was the feeling of (Y/N)’s lips gliding against his own. 

    “Kay you two love birds,” Steve chuckles, as he once again claps Bucky on the back, breaking the two apart.  "Pretty sure Bucky’s mom has got a nice, warm meal for us back home and I’m starving so if you two would kindly hurry it up.“ Steve looked at Bucky smugly, his blue eyes twinkling mischievously. Bucky elbowed him with his good arm, both men smiling widely.

    "God, if I wasn’t with him I’d think that you two were the ones together,” (Y/N) replies, a happy smile upon their face. Bucky smiles, leaning in to press a kiss to (Y/N)’s cheek. 

    “Nah, he’s too annoying,” he whispers, nuzzling against their cheek. “Plus, you’re the only one for me,”

    “Did the war suddenly make you a billion times cheesier?" 

    "I’m trying to be sentimental (Y/N),” Bucky replies, pulling away in mock distaste, a frown upon his face. (Y/N) laughs, lacing their fingers throug Bucky’s. 

    “Well we’re all starving so lets keep the cheesy one liners to ourselves, yeah?” Bucky chuckled, his eyes crinkling at the corners. But then as he went to move his arm  he realized he couldn’t, he didn’t have one. His insecurities suddenly plagued him and he felt almost naked amongst all the other intact soldiers.

    “What about-” Bucky licked his lips, wetting the dry skin. “About my arm…” (Y/N) stared at him in confusion, their brows knit together and their eyes scrutinizing him. 

    “I love you just the same, this doesn’t change anything, Kay?” (Y/N) pressed a soft kiss to Bucky’s nose causing his cheeks to blaze with a red blush. 

   "Okay…“ He whispered, his smile growing wider by the second. Finally, after all the pain and horror he had endured Bucky had made it home, safely wrapped up in (Y/N)’s embrace.

It’s not the way I wanted it but I couldn’t do better. This is a token of my love for the fabulous series of the even more marvelous @bovaria.

This series just lights my heart! So thank you so so much and kudos on your work that is always super great!

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I’m Here

Bucky x Reader One-Shot

Word Count: 699

Summary: Bucky has a nightmare, the reader comforts him and helps him sleep

Warnings: Nightmare, scared Bucky, small amount of fluff

Notes: This is my third one, but any comments or hints is great! 

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“NO! NO PLEASE! Please stop. P-please!” You bolt upright as you hear the screams. Bucky’s been having a rough few nights this past week. The last mission triggered something for Bucky. He distanced himself from the team, never made any physical contact of any kind with you. Even just wanting to hold hands with him, put him on edge.

You ran to his door to see Steve running up to it as well. He looked exhausted. “I got this one Steve. Go back to bed.” He nodded tiredly, “Thanks (Y/N). Let me know if you need anything.” Steve left to go back to his room. You knocked on Bucky’s door.

“Bucky? Bucky it’s me (Y/N), I’m coming in.” You walk in to see him sitting on the edge of his bed, his hands tugging at his hair. “Bucky?” His head jerks to you, his eyes were red and puffy. His eyes were glazed over, causing his blue eyes to become grey. You slowly made your way to him, only for him to stop you. “Please don’t come any closer (Y/N). I don’t want to hurt you.” His eyes were pleading and his voice barely a whisper. You ignored him and placed your hands on the sides of his face as you crouched down in front of him.

“I’m not going anywhere Bucky. You won’t hurt me, you never did and you never will. I’m here.” He leaned into your touch. You saw as his shoulders slumped down as he closed his eyes. You stood up and placed a kiss on top of his head. He wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face on your stomach.

“It was you.” He shivered against you. You let him take his time, you knew best not to rush him. So you stayed quiet. “T-they took you…took you a-and…I k-killed you (Y/N). I had to kill you.” Your body tensed, but relaxed just as quickly when you felt his body shook as a sob racked through him. You hummed quietly as you ran your fingers through his hair, this always calmed him, so you hope it helped him this time. After a few minutes, Bucky’s sobs lessened. Sensing him calm down, you pulled away and tilted his face towards yours.

“James Buchanan Barnes…I love you.” You grab his flesh hand in yours and place it above your heart. “You feel that?” He nodded. “I’m still here Bucky. I’m not going anywhere.” You cupped his face and leaned forward waiting for him to pull away when he didn’t you kissed him tenderly. Letting him know just how much you loved him. He kissed you back slowly, resting his hands on your hips.

“Come on. Let’s get you to bed.” You mumbled against his lips. “Don’t leave me. Stay? Can you stay with me?” His eyes were wide. You’ve seen this look before. It happened every time he had a nightmare. He was scared to back to sleep. Afraid that the horrors would come back or worse, that they would become a reality. “Of course love. I’m always here for you.” You moved to the other side of the bed and crawled in next to him. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to his chest. You always tried to make contact to the minimal with him when it came to times like these. But you knew physical contact was something that always helped. Bucky’s action relieved you. You hugged him tightly and placed kisses all over his bare chest, up his neck, across his jaw, before placing one against his lips.

“I love you (Y/N). I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” You smiled and curled against him. Your legs tangling themselves with his.

“I love you too James. I’ll be here when you wake up.” The sound of his steady heartbeat and quiet breathing told you he was asleep. You soon followed, but not before whispering against his chest, “I’ll always love you.”

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This is vary symbolic to me. Jame Buchanan Barnes fell off of a train while on a mission to take out hydra with his best friend Steven grant Rogers. James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky) fell from that train and the Winter Soldier was born, born from Hydra, the enemy.

His metal arm IS Hydras but it’s also HIM. It is his, he can control it and I think that hits close to home for him. This limb, this hunk of metal mechanically engineered to his body, this thing that has killed so many people, he controls it? But Hydra controlled him.

I don’t think he quite understands that, that HE didn’t control himself, he sees it as ‘I control this, I control me’ no Hydra did. I think this is showing that he is excepting it now.

Yes this is mine yes it has done horrible things and so have I but it wasn’t me.

And that is where flesh meets metal.

Nail Polish: Part 2

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1419

Wanda had a point. A very upsetting and nearly heart-crushing point, but still a point. I had inadvertently mistreated the only woman I’ve ever loved. It would possibly be the hardest conversation I would ever have, but I had to talk this through with Y/N. I sucked in a deep breath and fully expelled it before nervously walking back to our bedroom. Through the door, I could hear her watching TV and I quietly tapped on the door with my knuckles.

“Doll?” I asked as I edged the door open just enough to see her face. “Can I come in?”

She looked at me with the face she only puts on when she questions why I’m being an idiot. “Yeah, I think it might be alright. It’s your bedroom too.” She chuckled.

“Thanks” I smiled at her as I slide through the opening in the door and carefully closed it behind me. “I, uh, was hoping we could talk.” Her eyes travelled down to my wringing hands. I stopped and ran one through my hair.

“Bucky, are you doing alright? You look a little stressed.” She moved to get up from the bed, probably in an effort to comfort me, but I stepped away from her. I wasn’t so sure I deserved her comfort just yet and I needed to get this out while I had enough courage to do so. “Ok, now you’re really worrying me. Whats going on?” She stood up anyway and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Look, I just need to say this and I need to do it now.”

“Oh my God, are you breaking up with me?” She covered her mouth with her hand as tears threatened to fall down her cheeks. “I knew it, I KNEW IT!!! You met somebody didnt you? While you were traipsing around god-knows-where probably getting drunk and fucking your dick off. Oh God!” She started pacing around the room and once everything she said fully sank in, I grabbed her arm as she passed back in front of me.

“Y/N!” I started, but she just kept mumbling things to herself about all the various ways I was most-likely unfaithful to her. “Doll? Please.” I twisted her body until she was fully facing me and I could look into her eyes, but she avoided my gaze. “Is that really what you think? You think I’d cheat on you?” She huffed out a little breath and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands. I grabbed them from her face and gripped them in my own. “Baby, please. Talk to me.”

“I don’t know. I’ve thought it maybe a hundred times. Each scenario a little different from the last.” A sob nearly escaped from deep in my chest. Knowing that I had caused her so much pain was enough to kill me right there. “You just left. I thought I did something wrong or that I wasn’t good enough.”

“But…” I began. “I sent you a letter.” Even as I said it, I knew it wasn’t a reasonable excuse for my actions. It sounded pathetic and that’s exactly what it was.  

“A letter, right.” She looked further away from me and towards her toes. “About five months late. What was I supposed to think for the months prior to the letter, Bucky?”

I sighed struggling for the words, any words. “I…don’t know. I had been expressing my frustration with my memories. The more they returned, the more information I craved to explain them. I guess I just convinced myself that you would understand. I never imagined you would think I’d sleep with another woman.”

“I would have understood, if you had explained. But, you left in the middle of the night and I woke up to all your closets empty and most of the rest of your stuff just gone. I cried for days. Steve wouldn’t let me go on missions with the team anymore and Wanda and Pietro elected to stay behind because no one felt like it would be good for me if I was left alone.”

“Wanda AND Pietro?” I felt myself getting grumpy. “I always knew that little shit liked you.” I mumbled to myself.

“I’m so glad you chose that to focus on.”

My angry thoughts drifted from Pietro cuddling my girlfriend back to everything else she had said. “Baby, no. Look, Wanda really put things into perspective for me. I understand what I did and while I felt it was necessary at the time, it was wrong. I shouldn’t have left. Ever. I can’t even explain what I was thinking. All I knew is that if I wanted a life with you I would have to get my problems sorted out first.”

“Bucky, sharing a life with someone means that you share your problems too. We work together. Your problems become my problems. That’s how we help each other.” She started to cry a bit and I hated that I started to cry too.

“I didn’t want my problems to become your problems!” I yelled. “I never want you to have to worry about that.”

We were quiet for what felt like an eternity and I saw that her tears had dried on her cheeks. “I love you, ok? I am in love with you. The last thing I wanted was to hurt you with my stupid problems and I was so focused on that that I ended up hurting you anyway and I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m so fucking sorry.”

My head fell and I felt her place both of her hands on my cheeks before she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. I took the opportunity to wrap mine around her waist as if I may never see her again. I was such an idiot. Who in their right fucking mind would ever leave this girl? Then realization hit me.

“Were you not going to say anything?” I practically whispered


I lifted my head to meet her eyes. “I came back and you hugged me and kissed me and we had sex. Like nothing was wrong. Like you weren’t pissed at me. You thought I cheated on you and you weren’t going to say anything?”

“Its not that I wasn’t going to say anything. But from the minute I got your letter I was so much happier. I knew you were coming back and it was all I could think about. I just wanted to be with you again. I didn’t want to focus on my doubts.”

“Oh.” Was all I was able to get out.

“And I didn’t exactly think you cheated on me. My mind would just run away with me from time to time. But when you said you wanted to tell me something I just went to worst case scenario.”

“Do you still want to be with me?” I asked a moment later, fully understanding that I might not get the answer I wanted.

“Bucky…” She smiled slightly, placed her palm against my cheek and started to stroke it with the edge of her thumb.

“It’s ok. I understand if you don’t. After what I’ve done, I don’t deserve-”

“I love you.” She interrupted. She slowly pressed her lips to mine and I threaded my fingers through her hair. We stumbled backwards on the bed and I pulled away from her.

“Just to be clear-?” I started, but was once again interrupted.

“I want to be with you, Bucky.” She whispered.

“Thank God.” I groaned before pulling her lips back to mine.

Being with her was all that was right with the world. It was amazing and special and unique and completely unlike anything else. How I lived without it, without her, for 6 months is something I’ll never understand.

She slept on her side with her arm over my chest as I stroked up and down the center of her back. I kissed her forehead and she stirred slightly, her hand shifting on my chest before she settled back into sleep. I looked down at the new position of her hand and grazed her fingers with my own. That dark shade of black still remained on each nail, but somehow it didn’t feel as threatening anymore. Though I knew how it originated, I also knew that it proved one thing for sure: My girlfriend was strong as hell, and as long as I knew that, what was so bad about a little black nail polish?

Everything and Nothing, Chapter Fourteen

You’re in a HYDRA facility. You don’t know who you are, how you got here, or why you’re being trained as a lethal weapon and assassin. But hey, at least The Winter Soldier is training you… Right?

Part One - Part Two
Chapter Eleven - Chapter Twelve - Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen

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Trigger Warnings:  Graphics descriptions of violence and torture

Chapter Fourteen

You limp through the corridors of the facility, Yelena’s tiny hand clutching yours tightly. You’re determined to walk with your back as straight as possible, showing off your whipped and beaten body and wearing your injuries with stubbornness. You’re actually not allowed to lead Yelena to this part of the facility because the girls are older here. You don’t really care right now. You indicate which door to open and Yelena obediently trots off and pushes it open. You walk through and she follows, shutting the door behind you both.

You slump onto the crash mat and drop the tub of salve next to you. Yelena sits next to you and opens the tub. “Permission to talk?” You nod.

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Drabble Request - Unsafe

Ok, anon! Thank you for your patience! Here is the re-write after one long fucking day! I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach this at first but your excitement is adorable and infectious, I got real carried away with this prompt. This is not even a drabble anymore, I don’t know what the hell this is. I somehow found myself with an enhanced reader, which you totally didn’t ask for… I hope you like it anyway.


Warnings: All the violence, a lil swearing.

Word Count: 1261


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You stood off to the side leaning on the wall, watching Bucky carefully. He was pinching his eyes closed and gritting his teeth as if this was physically hurting him. Wanda was hovering just beside him as soft red wisps ghosted from her fingers, swirling around Bucky’s head and back to her. They had been poised this way for nearly 45 minutes. She must be exhausted.

You had been in on several of Bucky’s sessions with Wanda, watching intently while she pulled on his memories, trying to find a way to free him from the words that held him captive. A prisoner to anyone who knew them.  Steve had decided that you were best equipped to… handle Bucky if things went south while they were working together. You had both been hesitant at first, but you had agreed on a trial-basis. So far the sessions had been pretty mild, but Wanda was really pushing today.

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In light of hitting 7k followers on this blog I decided to do a speedpaint
I’m really grateful for all of my followers and amazed that you decided to follow a small nerd like me. You continue to put a smile on my face <3
The drawing itself

I hope you guys enjoy the video!