Two is better than one


Summary: Literally just a supersoldier cuddles session after sex 

Warnings: suggestive themes, swearing, cute nerdy supersoldiers 

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  You’re entire body shook in post orgasm bliss and the thought of moving at all almost made you tremble more.

   "You okay doll?“ Two warm hands cup your cheeks, a soft Brooklyn accent penetrated the fog in your head. 

  You weakly open one eye, staring at Bucky before you. He has this soft little smile to his lips and unlike you he’s perfectly composed, the only hint that he’d just had one of the greatest threesomes of his life came in the form of small beads of sweat on his brow. 

  "Come on (Y/N),” Bucky’s thumb swipes along your clammy cheek, his smile faltering just a bit. He was always worried after the three of you had sex, after all, it wasn’t easy to take such two large men at once, so Bucky was justified in his fears.  "You gotta answer me sweetheart,“ 

  "Yeah,” Your voice is hoarse, absolutely wrecked. “I’m okay, just-” You close your eye, searching for the perfect word to describe how you felt. Good, just overwhelmed? Absolutely blissful but already sore? 

  “I know,” Bucky gently presses his lips to your sweaty forehead, drawing a small noise of contentment from you. “I know how you feel. How about you Stevie? You okay back there?” Steve’s slightly sweaty forehead pressed against your shoulder, his warm chest pressed to your back, his soft lips just barely grazing your skin as he breathes in deeper than usual. 

  “I’m good,” Steve smiles gently, his lips curling upwards in that smile both you and Bucky loved so much. 

  “Good. That’s good,” Bucky gently slides his hands from your face down to your arm, his fingers gently tracing along your flesh. “We should probably shower, change the sheets-" 

  "No,” You whine, a broken noise from the bottom of your throat. “Bucky I’m too tired,” Bucky hums contemplatively as he looks at you, giving you the impression that he was thinking about what you said but before you could realize he was faking it he had already whisked you up in your arms, laughing softly when you squealed in surprise.

   "Come on Stevie,“ Bucky offered his hand out to Steve, which he gladly took. Bucky then proceeded to guide both of you to the bathroom, the now much larger bathroom to met your every need; (Tony was sick of hearing the three of you whine constantly about how small your quarters were "Well you see, this tub wasn’t made for three people, much less to behemoths of men) A much larger tub and shower, bigger vanity, plenty of room for three people to share comfortably.

   Steve turns the water on, letting it warm up before he deems it worthy. Wordlessly Bucky slides into the shower with you still wrapped around him like a sloth.

   "You have to put your legs down (Y/N),” Bucky chuckles, his free hand now running up and down your spine soothingly. 

  “I don’t think I can move them…" 

  "Tire you that much, huh?” Steve chuckles as he joins too, his chest pressed against your back, his hands sliding down to your claves to gently unhook them from Bucky’s legs. “Sounds like you’re losing your touch," 

  "I am not,” You tilt your head backwards to glare at him. “You two are just fucking horny dogs who can go at it for hours,” Both men chuckle as they reach for something; Bucky the soap and Steve the hair products. Simultaneously both boys begin to pamper you, with Bucky covering your entire body in soap, his lips gently pressed to yours, and Steve rubbing the shampoo into your hair, his own lips pressed to your neck.

   The two keep at the whole pamper thing for quite some time, so long that the water began to run cold and even Bucky’s fingers were starting to shrivel up. 

  “I’ll go change the sheets, you two put some clothes on,” Bucky gives both of you a kiss before he hops out of the shower, grabbing a towel before exiting the steaming bathroom. 

  Steve smiles as you turn in his embrace, your legs wobbling as you face him. Wordlessly he picks you up, his muscles giving no strain at having to loft an actual human being. After successfully getting you out of the shower and onto the bathroom counter he grabs the remaining towels, wrapping one around his own waist and the other around your body. 

  “We’re so lucky,”  Steve whispers as he brushes some water sopped hair away from your face. “You’re so beautiful, so sweet, so perfect," 

  Steve was most definitely the sentimental one of the three of you, the one to constantly validate you and Bucky, to constantly go on rants about how lucky he was, It was always sweet.  

  "You’re pretty damn good yourself Steve,” You smile as you reach out, raking your nails through hair hair, delighting in the purrs of pleasure you were able to pull from his lips. “You’re so perfect for us, wouldn’t want anyone else, just you Stevie,” Steve smiles shyly, the praise sinking below his skin, making him blush like some schoolgirl. 

  “I thought I told you two nerds to get dressed,” Bucky pokes his head in the bathroom, smiling at the sight that greeted him, his two lovers touching each other tenderly, smiling at each other sweetly.

   "Sorry Buck,“ Steve chuckles as he grabs the clothes Bucky had laid out. "We’ll get right to that,”

   "Good. bed’s almost ready anyways,“ And with that Bucky leaves you two again, his footstep retreating back into your bedroom.

  Steve smiles as he let’s your towel fall to the floor, leaving your body bare before him, only now the sight of you naked wasn’t sexual, it was something else entirely. Even when Steve began to slide your underwear up your legs, his lips glued to your still trembling thighs as he assisted you in dressing, it wasn’t sexua, now it was more affectionate, more intimate. 

  Steve slides a large shirt over your small body, one of his that you and Bucky often borrowed. It smelled like Steve and Bucky, like safety and home, like detergent and Bucky’s shampoo, it smelled like Steve’s cologne and now it smelled like the lavender soap the boys had coated your body with. 

  You hum softly as Steve kisses your lips gently, his hands sliding down your waist as he let’s the shirt fall around your body, the material bunching around his wrists. He tasted like you and Bucky with just a hint of some kind of fruit. 

  "Get your clothes on you nerd,” You mumble against his lips, smiling when he more than reluctantly pulled back. 

  The man’s “clothes” consisted of a pair of boxers, as did Bucky’s but you didn’t mind in the slightest. The constant skin contact, the all around legs wrapped around yours, one chest pressed to yours, another pressed to your back, was simply heavenly. 

  “You need to drink something,” Steve adds as he eyes you, all the while worming the skintight boxers up his legs. “Your voice sounds wrecked,”

   "I feel wrecked,“ You chuckle gently just as your legs give another tremble; what perfect timing. "But in the best kind of way,” You add, noting the concern that immediately overtook Steve’s features at your words.

  “We could have been softer…" 

  "No Stevie,” You cup his cheeks, letting your thumbs caress his stubbled skin. “It was perfect, I promise you,” Steve hums as he leans into your touch, his lips pressing a gentle kiss to your wrist. The small touch of affection had your heart skipping a beat, your lips curling upwards in a smile, your stomach blooming with a warm pleasant feeling.

  “As much as I love to look at you two,” Bucky interjects the sweet moment yet again, smiling at the two of you so lovingly it almost hurt. “The bed’s ready and I’m fucking beat,” Steve nods and he wordlessly picks you up, his arms comforting around you. One arm wraps around you securely, keeping you locked against his chest, while the other reached for Bucky’s hand, tugging him into the mass of warm bodies. 

  You hum sleepily, softly, as you nuzzle against Steve’s neck, breathing his scent in deeply. Warmth, safety, protection, love. 

  “I’m gonna set you down doll, so you’ve got let me go,” You nod as you slip your arms away from Steve’s neck, letting him gently place you down onto the fresh, clean sheets. 

   You hum once again as you nuzzle into the pillows, awaiting your two best boys to join you in bed. You didn’t have to wait long before Bucky was burrowing into you from the front and Steve nuzzling in from the back; Their warmth mingled with yours and suddenly everything felt okay. You felt like a three piece puzzle and now that all of you were interlocked so intimately the puzzle was complete.

   "You sure you’re okay (Y/N)?“ Bucky asks softly, his fingers dancing up your arm, stopping to tuck a strand of slowly drying hair behind your ear.  

  "I’m sure,” You nod, beaming up at him the best you can. 

  “Good.” Bucky states once again, his smile nearly infectious as he looked at you. “Now get some sleep Любовь моя, you need it,” You hum sleepily, appreciatively as Bucky kisses your forehead, his lips lingering for quite some time before he pulled back. “You too Stevie,” Bucky reaches over you, ruffling Steve’s hair affectionately. 

  “I was half asleep when you so rudely woke me up,” Steve cracks an eye open to glare at Bucky, his look playful but still less than thrilled. “Looks like I wore you both out,” Bucky smirks teasingly even if his eyes were dropping with sleep themselves. “Maybe you two are losing your touch,”

  “I am not,” Steve states indignantly, a sort of frown to his features. 

   "Hmm,we’ll just have to test that tomorrow morning then,“ Even though the three of you were so completely and utterly worn out the thought of yet another pleasure filled morning had your core aching to be filled and it may have been your imagination but you could have sworn Steve’s hip gave a little jerk against yours. 

  "But for now,” Bucky smiles softly, all mischievousness melting away immediately. “You two need sleep,”

   "So do you,“ You yawn, your eyes slipping closed and staying closed as you do.

   "I will,” Bucky whispers, his metal hand tracing circles into your shoulder, slowly soothing you into a deep sleep. “I will doll,” But you were far too gone to respond, your exhaustion taking over.

   "Love you Buck,“ You whisper, the only words you could manage at the time. "You too Stevie, love you two so much,” Both boys smile, sharing a sweet look with each other before allowing their own eyes to close, letting their own fatigue take over.

  “Love you (Y/N)," 

Bookstore Findings

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Summary: You run a small bookstore you inherited from your grandparents in Bucharest, and one day before you’re about to close, a new customer comes in.

Warnings: none !!

Word Count: 1.2K

A/N: I really miss having a bookstore in my town, but I know there’s one near my college campus, so hopefully I’ll be able to check it out next week. But tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment and I’m still horrified. So, because I’ve been having a bad mental day, here’s some cute bookstore stuff. This will be a few part series, and the second part is already in the works. But feel free to drop me a request anytime!

The soft orange glow of the setting sun reflects off the worn, wooden flooring as it shines through the large glass panes by the door. The smell of old books dances at your nose as you organize and shelve the new round of donations that were brought in today. The place consists of two shelves in the middle of the floor, both sides full of books, and more shelves lining the walls of the room. The small shop was an inheritance from estranged grandfather after he had passed away about a year ago. When your grandmother had passed before you were born, your grandfather decided to move back to his home country: Romania. The shop was nestled in a little shopping square in Bucharest, and has been in the family for a few generations, but was empty until your grandfather came along. He turned it into a bookstore with the help of a few local residents who didn’t want some of their books, and as the word spread of the shop’s existence, the more books people donated. You didn’t really have any ties back in America after your parents had decided to cut you out of their life, and when the opportunity to move to Bucharest, you snatched it in a heartbeat. The adjustment has been pretty rough so far, but you’ve been managing better than you thought you would. Running the shop has been more fun than you could’ve imagined, and actually enjoy spending endless hours looking through different books, shelving new donations, and helping customers.

You brush off a thin layer of dust from the last few books at the bottom of the box and look at your watch. It’s 7:18 p.m. - only ten more minutes until closing time. Just as you slide the last two books into their respective slots, a soft jingle from the bell above the door alerts you of a new customer. Heavy boots gradually pad down the aisle next to you. You stand up from the floor and straighten your shirt, brushing the dust off your palms in the process.

You peer around the corner of the shelf. A tall, well-built man with lengthy, shiny brown hair pulled into a low bun wearing a heavy jacket and dark jeans stands in the aisle, his body facing a shelf, looking over a book in his gloved hands.

“Salut,” you manage with a grin. The man quickly looks over to you and snaps the book shut. “Vorbiți engleză?”

“Y-Yeah, I speak English,” he hesitantly bobs his head.His voice is low and has a naturally calming yet rough edge to it. While he may have a good six or seven inches on you and has the body equivalent of a truck, his demeanor seemed anxious and very cautious, like he was trespassing into an area he wasn’t supposed to be in.  

“Oh, great,” you sigh happily. “This shop was a gift from my grandparents, and I haven’t quite picked up on Romanian yet. I know enough of the basics to help customers, but it’s a gradual process,” you softly laugh. He lets out a quiet chuckle as a small smile tugs at his lips, but he doesn’t say anything. “Uh, my name’s Y/N. Do you need help with anything? Are you looking for a book in particular?”

“I…I’m just lookin’ around for, uh…books,” he mutters. Light red fans over his cheeks as he probably realizes how obvious of a statement that was.

“Well, you’ve come to the right place,” you chuckle, motioning to the shelves of books around you.

“Yeah, I guess I have,” he laughs, tilting his gaze downwards. Even his laugh is enchanting. “I, uh, just moved into a new place and the walls feel oddly -”

“Empty?” You didn’t mean to cut him off, but you jumped the gun. A flicker of heat creeps up your cheeks.

“Yeah,” he looks back at you, forcing a meager smile. “Empty.”

You hum in response, then clear your throat, breaking eye contact.

“Well, uh…just let me know if you need anything,” you turn on your heels and head back to where you were shelving earlier. You pick up the empty cardboard box and carry it behind the counter, sliding it under one of the shelves. After re-organizing a stack of books next to you, you let your gaze wander back to the man. He’s gathered a few more books in his arms and was reaching for another one that was on the top shelf. He could reach it with ease, but one of the other books cradled between his arm and his chest slips out, tumbling to the ground. He sighs and bends down to grab it, but another book falls. You quietly giggle and pick up a small basket near your feet, then walk around the counter to where the man is still crouching.

“Here,” you offer it to him. He looks up through his long lashes and carefully sets the books on the ground before taking hold of the handle.

“Mersi,” he nods.

“Cu plăcere,” you nod back. You return back to behind the counter and begin to mindlessly scroll through your phone while you wait for the man to finish picking out his books. The basket slides onto the countertop and your attention switches from the phone screen to the basket piled full of books.

“Someone has a lot of reading to do,” you joke as you start to ring-up the books in the register. He chuckles in response. After the last book is accounted for, you put them back into the basket.

“Alright,” you silently sigh. “It’ll be twenty-four lei.”

The man pulls out a small wad of cash from his pocket and hands over a few bills and coins.

“My name’s Bucky,” he adds.

“Bucky? Is that short for anything?” He shakes his head.

“Nope, just Bucky,” his jaw twitches as another elusive smile plays at his lips.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Bucky,” you chirp. “Feel free to take the basket, it’ll probably hold up better than a bag would.”

“Are you sure? I don’t just want to steal the basket from you,” he smirks.

“I’m sure,” you beam back. “Besides, if you really feel guilty about it, you could always bring it back.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Bucky laughs. “I’ll see you later,” he adds as he grabs the basket and heads towards the door, disappearing behind one of the shelves. The bell’s soft jingle resonates through the empty shop, indicating his exit. You shake your head and laugh at your new, childish crush on this man you had only met fifteen minutes before. Even after trying to dismiss it, a light flutter of hope dances in your chest as you find yourself dwelling on the idea of Bucky coming back to the shop.

Salut - hello

Vorbiți engleză? - do you speak english?

Mersi - thank you

Cu plăcere - you’re welcome

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one ❄ james buchanan barnes

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baby fever ; sophs-the-name

summary: bucky wants to have a baby with his wife.

spirit in the house ; redgillan

summary: reader is in a coma after a car accident. bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. 

the friendly wager ; just-some-drabbles

summary: reader and bucky are neighbors and best friends. after yet another bad date, reader comes home to find bucky with his typical weekend target. they decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

lips of an angel ; cumonbucky

summary: bucky and the reader are high school friends who get reacquainted with one another.

through the years ; bovaria

summary: through mysterious circumstances, you find yourself exchanging letters with a man who lived 70 years in the past.

dive right in ; bovaria

summary: in order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your childhood friend, bucky barnes, to marry you. things, as always, never go as planned.

rotten judgement ; redgillan

summary: after selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the lord of the underworld’s slave. bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. but why?

sweet mornings ; bladebarnes

summary: breakfast in the barnes household.

old dog, new tricks ; totheendofthelinepal

summary: steve rogers and bucky barnes were known to be your soldiers across the hall. whenever you needed them, they were there. it never crossed your mind that one day, after coming to terms with just how inexperienced bucky was with getting back in the groove of romance - you find yourself now helping him in a way you never expected. sex.

the catch ; totheendofthelinepal

summary: you and bucky were destined for each other, and everyone seemed to know it but you. the day you met bucky barnes, you grew closer with your platonic relationship - that is until one night in the heart of new york, things change. while weeks pass of denying anything could ever happen between the two of you, you realize that unconventional love is the best of all.

contra ; totheendofthelinepal

summary: bucky barnes was someone you never thought that could lead you to danger after your sex filled summer - it led to only that. after months of playing between the sheets, you were suddenly in the line of work you never expected to be - part of the avengers. with the help of the team, you learn to transform into something else. someone else.

the oreo bribe ; bladebarnes

summary: you leave bucky with your son while you’re on a trip.

uptown girl ; totheendofthelinepal

summary: artist!bucky and athlete!steve both fall for the same girl. both, friendships and relationships are tested. 

heart on the line ; sugardaddytonystark

summary: you and bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

in my dreams it’s you ; sugardaddytonystark

summary: in his dreams, it’s you. you’re the one he wants. 

open water ; bionic-buckyb

summary: you and bucky are marine biologists, utter rivals, forced to be stuck on a tiny fishing boat together.

this is war ; soldatbarnes

summary: after being rejected by your best friend bucky, sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. the date doesn’t go well. as you begin to look for love in other places, bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. jealous.

love or hate ; just-some-drabbles

summary: when the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. after a series of unfortunate events, will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?

something just like this ; just-some-drabbles

summary: this is the story of an ordinary couple with an extraordinary love.

these are some of the amazing bucky barnes fics, drabbles, and oneshots written by amazing authors. 

Imagine going camping with Sebastian. He loves getting away from the bright lights of the city, spending time in a little tent - just the two of you under the vast night sky with nothing but the stars to light your surroundings. You figure now is a great time to surprise him with an early Christmas present - his very own telescope. You may not have been able to get him the newest, fanciest model, but he appreciates it nonetheless. It’s the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given to him.

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MCU Headcannon!

Steve Rogers doesn’t pass the role as Captain America over to Bucky as expected.

-Instead he leaves Bucky with the task of tracking down a young protégée and training/mentoring them into becoming the new Captain America
-Bucky finds the protégée in Brooklyn; go figures!
-However the new ‘rookie in training’ turns out to be a 14 year old girl who struggles to even lift a carton of milk from the top shelf, nevermind take down flocks of hydra agents and hardly break a sweat
-And Bucky’s just like “wtf Steve?!”
-And despite Buckys rough exterior, she’s not afraid of him in the slightest
-The first thing she says to him is “Dude, cool arm! Can I see?” and then “wow you’re tall”
- “wow you’re short”
- “dont rub it in”
-she doesn’t shut up for two more hours
-there’s this whole mentor/ward bonding moment where the young girl begins to doubt herself as a hero and Bucky is there to console her and tell her that Steve didn’t always know what to do either
-“Do you reckon mr rogers would have liked me?”
-“of course”
-“How do you know?”
-“Because ‘I’ like you”
-Her giving him the biggest grin
- “you like me huh?”
- “don’t over do it”
- Bucky figuring out that the girl gets bullied
- Bucky watching her stick up for other kids when she sees them getting bullied too
-Bucky figuring out why Steve chose her
-Bucky also doubting himself as a mentor, and wondering whether he’s doing the right thing
-And tony stark is over in the corner like “welcome to my world” whilst peter Parker is slinging webs and breaking bones in the background
-Bucky freaking out everytime something bad happens to the kid
- Bucky nearly having heart attacks from all his worrying
-Bucky feeling much like his actual age rather than the young man he appears to be
- Bucky handing her the shield
- she nearly drops it
- she calls him “buckaroo” and “old man” and sometimes, much to his surprise; “James”
- Bucky calling her “Miss America”
- and it sticks
- “Ladies and gentlemen: the wonderful, the amazing, the incredibly short-”
- “hey!”
-“Miss America”

Suspect: Part 13

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.9K
Warnings: Excessive drinking, sexism, angst?

A/N: This chapter includes a time jump (about a year)

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1 // Part 12

You’d been sad to say goodbye to Claire after the weekend. Having her around made you feel a slither of normalcy had returned to your life, and you were able to breathe again. While you returned to having a harder time once she was back in New York, you were determined to fight through this. You were a strong woman, and you were going to get through this rough patch. You tried your best to stop blaming yourself for what happened to Riley, and lying about Bucky; and instead tried to think that they would want to see you getting through this.

For the remainder of your mandatory leave, you tried your best to work through your demons. And by the time you were walking back into the DCPD, you’d managed to get a few good nights sleep. You still had nightmares, but they’d become less frequent. As much as you were nervous to return to work, you were itching to have something to do again. 6 weeks of having to busy yourself, day and night, had be gruelling.

The moment you step out of the elevator and into the bull pen, you can feel everyone’s eyes on you. Their chatter hushes to silence, and you just know your return to work is going to be the talk of the precinct for months to come.

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Bucky's Fears

Guys what if Bucky Barnes is afraid of heights now?? What if the more he remembers about his past he develops a fear of heights from falling from the train? I mean, think about it! He fell for like a thousand feet or so off a huge cliff! It wasn’t a short fall! What did he feel and think about on the way down while his heart leapt to his throat? Fear? Regret? Was he afraid for Steve, knowing he was by himself now? Did he think about anything at all? Or did the fear of the never ending fall cloud his thoughts? How long did he try to watch Steve on the way down before trying to break his fall with his left arm?

Like obviously the Winter Soldier has no issues with heights… when he’s on a mission his mind is so focused on the mission that he easily blocks it out. But what if when he’s not currently on a mission… when he’s just Bucky… he gets this lurching fear in his stomach and his throat starts to constrict? A lot of the time, the others don’t notice because he’s excellent at hiding things. But when it gets really bad, like after a previous nightmare, or a flashback, Steve and/or Natasha hear this little hitch in Bucky’s breath and turn to see him leaning against the railing of the catwalk, trying not to look down?

How does he feel about winter? Does he hate the snow now because it reminds him of lying at the bottom of the ravine, missing his arm, listening to the cold wind as it echoed loudly from the canyon walls? Did his arm hurt? Or was it numb? Did he feel the gentle snowflakes kissing his cheeks as he watched them fall from the clouded sky? Was his brain foggy from the fall? Did he feel anything at all? Or was he just alone, feeing like an empty soul trapped in a paralyzed body, knowing that no one was coming to rescue him as the cold snow underneath him sucked whatever feeling he had left in his fading body.

What if Bucky is afraid…

An Owed Debt- Bucky x May(oc)  Epilogue

Authors notes: Okay this is the very end. I have mixed feeling about seeing this one go but I’m happy with they way it went. Thank you all for your support and for leaving likes and comments and for your reblogs. You guys are the best!

Notes/Warnings: Nerves, fluff, a small mishap with some birds but overall sweetness and fluff. :)

Word Count: 1.4K

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 Steve gripped Bucky’s shoulders and gave him a light shake. “How you holding up, Pal?”

 Bucky rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands and huffed. “Okay, I guess.”

 Steve chuckled and took a seat on the bench beside Bucky, where he had been sitting and bouncing his knee for the last fifteen minutes. “You nervous?”

 “Not for me, for her.” He answered honestly and he wrung his hands together.

 “Oh, come on, Buck.” Steve leaned back against the wall and crossed an ankle over his knee. “She’s gonna do great and you know it. Besides, the guy works for us. He’s a great partner for her, the best we’ve ever seen. She’s picky like you,” Steve chuckled. “I didn’t think she’d ever work with anyone other than you but, she choose him.”

 “I know it’s just, it’s a big day for her. She’s been anxious all week, she was projecting her thoughts all through dinner last night.” Bucky stared at the floor as his brows slowly pulled together with concern. “What if she’s not ready for this?”

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Natasha’s boobs: food for thought in two gifs

TWS: Natasha saves Steve, by pressing him into her chest. She has to act fast to save both him and Sam, because she is the only one who saw Bucky’s gun and was able to correctly and timely predict where he will shoot. This moment is not even aknowledged, as it’s just a thing that happens. She literally is sitting in Steve’s lap for the rest of that scene, feeling around between his legs for her guns, yet nothing, no tee-hee, she is sitting on Steve’s dick ~u guys~

AOU: Natasha saves Bruce by pulling him into her chest. The camera lingers, the shot goes on and on, everything is telling “LOOK, he is ON HER it’s like they ARE HAVING SEX and his face is in HER BOOBS GUUUUUUYSSSSS THEY LOOK LIKE THEY WILL DO THE DO”. Nothing about this shows her competence, nothing about this presents her as more than an object.

Avengers Infinity War will mark the eighth appearance for Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers / Captain America in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film

If Thanos so much as looks in Peter Parkers general direction I will smack that bitch