The Wings of the Dove


the wedding shawl is finished and here are the official phone pics. i’m hoping to get some pics of it with the bride soon but this little fence back in the marsh will do! the “wings of the dove” pattern i used looks a lot more difficult then what it was and it was very easy to remember. i made it in a size small because i only had about 430 yds of yarn but i did knit chart 3 three extra times to use up maximum amount of yarn. it’s more of a scarf than a shawl but i am proud of it and i put a lot of love into it and i hope my friend will like it! thank you rebelspyprincex scarfknitterman flamingokitty22 kittfox15 heylola2 thismaoriknits and nerdy-knitting-german for encouraging me!!


Every time she looks at you and every time she smiles, don’t forget I love you more.

"Brad and I were watching The Wings of the Dove,and we thought if you took Helena’s face and it wasn’t in some period garb, it could really work for our movie. And what an actor. She’s incredibly physical. She’s not an intellectual actor, which is surprising, because in the past she’s played such restrained characters. But Marla has her chin thrust forward with her head down. When Helena came on set, you could see she was either ready or she wasn’t. When she was ready, no matter what you said, she wouldn’t look at you; she was in Marla mode. She was like this little train burrowing along with puffs of cigarette smoke trailing behind her."

-  David Fincher (Fight Club Director)