The Weight of Objects

“One of the things that I’ve kept over the years is a book of classical Greek myths from my grade nine English class that was falling apart by the time I got it. The notes in its margins from past students who borrowed it - beginning in 1976 - seemed like they were just for me. I knew that if I stole it I couldn’t pass it on to the next student but I fell so much in love with it that I had to.”

Christian Lo was photographed in New York City on May 18th. You can follow her on Instagram.


“No, Pietro, I wouldn’t-“ you began to yell to the runner. Ignoring you, or simply not hearing you, he reaches out for the hammer flying past him. You see him attempt to bring it forward only to be carried back forcefully by the weight of the object.

Hlupák,” you mutter, frustrated. Leaping off the balcony to rescue the beautiful idiot.

Hlupák = stupid

Three Faves - Circa July 25, 2013

1.  This Blog:  The Weight of Objects by Ramsay de Give and Kristen Joy Watts.  A blog that “reveals people through stories about their most treasured belongings.”

2.  This stunning bracelet by EonDesign on Etsy:

3.  This video from the Cleveland Clinic entitled: Empathy - The Human Connection to Patient Care.  It’s touching.  It’s effective marketing.  It made me think.  I like it.

going to try something new with the photographer aspect of this blog .. 

each week i will feature a photographer who also runs a tumblog 

i will also regularly reblog from a couple of interesting photography tumblrs that i think are particularly relevant to philosophy and poetry - you’ll have to wait and see what they are ; )

first tumblr i’ll feature, then, is The Weight of Objects 

“The Weight of Objects is a portrait project by Ramsay de Give and Kristen Joy Watts that reveals people through stories about their most treasured belongings.” [read more]

The Weight of Objects is an ongoing series about objects people hold close. If one object represented you, what would that be? a shattered skateboard. dad’s coat. old pictures. It’s an interesting question. Our friend Rachel had to do this for an interview she just had. Click the picture or link above to view the series. It’s done very well.

What we’re asking with Mighty is - if you had one adjective to describe yourself, what would it be. And once you figured out what word that is - how do you become it?

Get a Grip! Researchers Grasp How We Hold Objects

Researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) have shown that the most important factor in determining grip force isn’t what you can estimate about the object but rather what you can’t. Maurice Smith, the Gordon McKay Professor of Bioengineering, and postdoctoral fellow Alkis Hadjiosif have shown that the amount of variability associated with estimating an object’s physical dynamics, such as its weight, is the most important factor in determining grip force.

The research is in Journal of Neuroscience. (full access paywall)

Research: “Flexible Control of Safety Margins for Action Based on Environmental Variability” by Alkis M. Hadjiosif and Maurice A. Smith in Journal of Neuroscience doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1883-14.2015

Image: New research shows the most important factor in determining how hard you grip an object, like a glass, isn’t what you know about it but what you don’t. Image is for illustrative purposes only.

I can’t stand it when people ask for “~~ unbiased~” sources or news articles about some event, ESPECIALLY regarding Palestine. They posit themselves as intellectuals who seek only the ~unbiased, objective truth~, which is complete bs.

All sources will contain some bias one way or another when it comes to politics. You can have objective truths in science and medicine, but politics and history will always carry some extra weight.

Regarding Palestine, these same white, objective, uninvolved individuals will accept Israeli and western news sources, while ignoring accounts of those on the ground or Palestinian news sources. Apparently a Brown persons word isn’t trustworthy enough, or we’re too involved…yet somehow, the words of those doing the oppressing are acceptable and trustworthy, as are the words of the very seem agencies that sold us out and actively support our oppression and ethnic cleansing.

Not only that, but what pisses me off even more is when you have some white kharas ~ arguing~ about Palestine and Israel, when they have no history or education with it whatsoever beyond the media and a few Google searches, who devalue my voice, when I have not only loved it for significant portions of my life but studied it academically as well, because I’m Palestinian myself and therefore too ~ attached~ to be a valid source…while Israel is allowed to use it’s white western identity to elicit the support and relatability of the west.

It’s complete bullshit and see-through, yet is what I believe to be the most rampant issue regarding any form of actual discussion and education.
Memory problems? Go climb a tree. | KurzweilAI
Climbing a tree or balancing on a beam can dramatically improve cognitive skills.

In the study, such activities included climbing trees, walking and crawling on a beam approximately 3 inches wide, moving while paying attention to posture, running barefoot, navigating over, under and around obstacles, as well as lifting and carrying awkwardly weighted objects. After two hours, participants were tested again, and researchers found that their working memory capacity had increased by 50 percent, a dramatic improvement.

Video games have advanced quite a bit over the decades, with some game worlds/engines even having their own very real laws of physics now…

…Sadly, no one seems to have told the guys who design the space ships in Star Citizen this information, as a number of their ships are so structurally out of balance that they can’t actually function in the game’s own engine without help. Such as the Avenger, which thanks to having nearly two thirds of it’s weight at very far back of the ship, tends to comedicly fall backwards on it’s ass after landing.  Granted, the ship *is* vaguely shaped like a fat penguin with lasers strapped to it’s wings, so this might have been deliberate.

Now I’m not expecting them to be aerospace engineers here, but… actually fuck it, I am expecting them to be that.  Even my high school art class covered the basics of balancing and properly weighting physical objects.

  • Pick one of your muses.
  • Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your muse in a new post.
  • Tag five people to do this meme~
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1. What is your name?
❛❛Obvious enough to tell, is it not? It’s Shizuo.❜❜

2. What is your real name?
❛❛Look back to the first one.❜❜

3. Do you know why you were called that?
❛❛Since both me and Kasuka are both the silent kind of people; I suppose my parents saw me as the hero kind, too. I don’t care if my name doesn’t fit me throughout specific events.❜❜

4. Are you single or taken?
❛❛That shouldn’t be any of your business.❜❜

5. Have any abilities or powers?
❛❛Capability to lift practically any inanimate object; despite weight nearly across the city or at a direct aim. Short story; super-strength.❜❜

6. Stop being a Mary Sue.
 ❛❛I’ll end your existence.❜❜ 

7. What’s your eye color?

8. How about your hair color?
❛❛Used to be brown; brunette, now it’s dyed to blonde.❜❜

9. Do you have any family members?
❛❛Yes, if only the damned pest would keep his sisters away from him.❜❜

10. Oh? What about pets?
❛❛About 3 dogs. And a cat.❜

11. That’s cool I guess, now tell me about something you don’t like.
❛❛Your face, annoying assholes, gangs, Izaya, and bitter things.❜❜

12. Do you have any hobbies/activities you like doing?
Sometimes if it doesn’t include having to chase the louse out of Ikebukuro practically every day.❜❜

13. Ever hurt anyone before?
❛❛If it’s addressed to physically hurting someone, then yeah, plenty of times.❜❜

14. Ever….killed anyone before?
❛❛No.❜❜ Yes

15. What kind of animal are you?
❛❛Another obvious thing to tell, I’m a wolf. Not literally.–❜❜

16. Name your worst habits.
❛❛Smoking, I guess? Other than that, wanting to punch someone in the face❜❜

17. Do you look up to anyone at all?
❛❛To a few, yeah.❜❜

18. Gay, straight, or bisexual?

19. Do you go to school?
❛❛Been finished, thankfully.❜❜

20. Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?
❛❛It’ll take a possible long time until I get married, but I suppose sure why not?❜❜

21. Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?
❛❛Probably like one ‘fangirl’, I prefer ignoring her and the nonsense she claims.❜❜

22. What are you most afraid of?
❛❛Like I would really admit it out loud to random people.❜❜

23. What do you usually wear?
❛❛Bartender outfit in most cases, and shades; that’s merely it.❜❜

24. Do you love someone?
❛❛Maybe, maybe not, who the hell really knows?❜❜

25. When was the last time you wet yourself?
❛❛When I was 2?? I don’t even remember.❜❜

26. Well, it’s not over yet!

27. What class are you? (High class, middle class, low class)
❛❛Middle? Around there, I’m guessing. No one pays attention to that shit anyways!❜❜

28. How many friends do you have?
❛❛9?❜❜ He has too many enemies he’s not sure how many friends

29. What are your thoughts on pie?
❛❛Pie’s good. Now I want some pie.-❜❜

30. Favorite drink?

31. What’s your favourite place?
❛❛Wherever the louse isn’t allowed to go, so I don’t have to deal with his existence.❜❜

32. Are you interested in someone?
❛❛That’s my business, not yours.❜❜

33. What’s your bra cup size and/or how big is your willy?

34. Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean?
❛❛Both. Depending on what location either one’s at.❜❜

35. What’s your type?
❛❛You’re obviously not one of them.❜❜

36. Any fetishes?
❛❛Aha.–no, get out.❜❜

37. Seme or uke? Top or Bottom? Dominant or Submissive?
❛❛What the hell is even the purpose of these sorts of questions❜❜

38. Camping or indoors?

39. Are you wanting the quiz to end?

40. Now it’s over! Tag five people! @anyone

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“I get the feelin’ yer makin’ fun of me. Bad Idea, kid. You lookin’ to die?” Please wait warmly, Oni are not amused by your shit, Renko.

Tom Brady... Lose the Battle, Win the War.

The NFL has upheld its suspension ruling on Tom Brady. The New England Patriots will be without their Hall of Fame quarterback for 4 games. Here are 5 questions that need to be answered: Sorry New England fans, but… You can’t handle the truth here.


The Ball Boy calling himself the Deflator- When Jim McNally was known as the “Deflator” the Patriots said, “It was because he was losing weight. McNally via text. wrote, “I am the deflator” this makes no sense. If he was talking about himself losing weight, he would say I am the deflateeee…(not a real word but you get the point) not the deflator. The deflator takes air out of an object. A deflateee would be someone who loses weight. I have personal trained and coached college and professional athletes most of my adult life. NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD has anyone used this terminology to lose weight.


2) A reporter asked Brady in a press conference, “Can you answer your fans, Is Tom Brady a cheater?” Brady smiled and said, I don’t believe so.” Now, if someone asked me, “Do you cheat on your girlfriend, or in your profession?” I would answer them with an emphatic no! As a matter of fact I would be offended by the question and say, “Don’t ever ask me that again, because I don’t cheat.” Brady just didn’t look believable here.  


3) Greg Hardy’s suspension got reduced from 10 games to 4. Every Patriots fan in the country is bringing this up. Hardy brutally beat a woman and got a 4 game suspension. New England Fans are saying the penalty for Hardy shouldn’t be the same as it is for Brady. Let me be clear here, what Hardy and Ray Rice did was inexcusable. I think all professional sports should have a no tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence. If you hit your partner in an act of violence you should be suspended 1 year without pay. If you are a repeat offender you should be banned for life. But one has nothing to do with the other. Fans saying is this, is like a teenager coming home two hours past curfew and when his parents punish him he says, “Why are you punishing me when my brother got an F on his test.” Two different issues, both deserving of a reprimand. Also what Hardy and Rice did was off the field, it had nothing to do with the outcome of an NFL game. By having deflated balls the Patriots gained a competitive advantage.


4) Some are saying Brady destroyed his phone, some are saying it was broken. If I was trying to clear my name I would hold on to any evidence I had to prove my innocence, he didn’t do that here.


5) The NFL has it out for New England. This is the dumbest argument ever. The NFL wants their golden boy, Brady on the field. The NFL wants the Patriots in the playoffs because it drives advertisers and ratings. In a recent survey, the Patriots were rated the most hated team in the NFL. (It used to be the Dallas Cowboys) This means that the casual fan will watch when New England is on national TV. The NFL wants New England to do well, just like the NBA wants LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to do well because it makes them more money.

Does this destroy Brady’s legacy, New England “haters” will say yes, New England supporters will say no.

To me, Brady will go down as one of the top 5 greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. There is an old saying, “Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.” Brady should just miss the first four games of the season and move on. The Patriots started last year with a 2-2 record and won the Super Bowl. Brady will come back with a vengeance and prepare his team for another long post season run.

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For the ultimate Tailgating Football Game .. Go to ..

It is football meets beer pong and poker

Player code

Tonight I decided to reorganize the player code because it was starting to get messy.

Previously, I swapped out entire characters but now the only thing being swapped out is the model and animator controller. Less null reference exceptions that way.

More puzzle objects, like weight switches have been added. Can’t be a boktai game without those!

No pictures to show for tonight, but I can always go into more coding detail upon request.

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"Seaandra?" Fiorintina called shyly, barely peeking through the doorway to the death knight's guestroom. "Do you want to help me with something? I really need to toughen up and I'd ask Seravwyn to help but, well... He's Seravwyn. You on the other hand are not Seravwyn, therefore you're perfect for helping me out! What do you say: do you wanna help a little twig struggle to lift bags of groceries, small rocks, and other miniscule objects before finally lifting weights?" -blood-and-brimstone

Seaandra grinned widely, standing up and straightening her posture to her full height. “Ahh, ya need little ol’ Seaa to help? Light, Fior, you’ve come to just the right person! All I ever did was pump iron when I was young!”

She approached the little warlock and picker her up, slinging Fiorintina on her shoulder. “C'mon, let’s go to the atrium or something, we’ll get you started right away! You’ll see and feel results in no time!”

The documentary “Miss Representation” is based on how women are under-represented in the society and media’s portrayal of women in powerful and influential positions. It’s all about the “inappropriate representation” of women in today’s media. The documentary very well makes us understand the current culture. The documentary starts with giving some statistics about the significant number of hours per week teenagers come across media or consume media. This leads to the idea that media has a huge impact on the teenagers’ brains and their experiences. I totally agree with teenagers grasp most of the stuff depicted by the media. Since an early age, teenagers are told by the society, they see around themselves and then, they just assume that girls are all about their looks, the way they represent themselves in the society, their attractive bodies, their weights, they being sex-objects and their under-represented power and positions in the society. To be accepted in the society, girls are forced to think about and follow the ideal image of a woman pictured by the society. These all conventional thoughts are deposited in the society by the media through various means, such as social networking sites, video games, advertisements, movies, toys etc. This sexism demotivates a girl, makes her emotionally unstable and is completely responsible for her under-confidence when she is trying to gain some power and respect in the society. Girls’ bodies and faces are considered over their intellectual abilities. All of these make me think, why is being born as a girl unfair? Why do only girls have to suffer from taunts and their “misrepresentation” in society their whole life? Why can’t girls and boys be treated equally? There are situations in which at a powerful position, a woman CAN be more eligible or appropriate than a man. Still, women are not easily considered for such positions due to their weak images in the society.

This documentary very well challenges the sexism in the media and how it affects women to take over the leadership roles. It does argue about the physical appearance being considered over any other abilities and talents in a woman. Media pictures an ideal person which makes the real people doubt themselves. People get so much persuaded by the media that they focus on becoming the ideal person which is kind of impossible in real life without the help of technology. I totally agree with if women are not on the decision boards, there won’t be any decisions considering women insights and needs. The documentary is totally an eye opener for the society. I think the documentary is impactful as it includes the famous personalities and their personal experiences. It’s time to get rid of conventional thoughts about women and time for the equality in all terms in the society.

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pixie hollow and wendy darling :3

Pixie Hollow:Which fictional world, Disney or non-Disney, would you like to live in?

I’d love the world of Peter Pan, to be honest. And Tangled. Both are pretty magical to me. Or a world with 40/50′s style/manners/speech with equality and such. :P

Wendy Darling:Tell us about one of your most treasured possessions.

I truly had to think about this one for a long while. I honestly try not to put too much weight in objects and stuff I own, because at the end of the day, if I had none of that but still had Jesus, still had my family and friends, I’d be very happy. But probably one of my most treasured things is a bunny I’ve had since I was a kid that my mom gave me one Easter when I was really little. He’s pink and when I was little, I’d decided I had too many girl dolls, so I decided my next doll or stuffed animal would be a boy. And he happened to be a pink Beanie Baby bunny, bahaha. But he’s very special to me, and always will be.


Losing Weight Tips Secrets to Drop Centimeters Rapidly Phone 072 064 3948 South Africa
Losing Weight Tips Crucial if you want to drop weight quick. Declare that you could eventually accomplish your objective. Offer on your own a reason you want to drop weight and also keep that in mind to ensure that you will be encouraged throughout your weight loss program. Consistently assume that you could do exactly what you have actually determined to do. Dropping weight should not involve shedding cash as well.

With the suggestions in this article, and also sound judgment, you could easily drop weight quick and also effectively; and also keep it off. One thing vital concerning losing weight is that you do not need to make quantum leaps with your physical body. If you master the best ways to drop weight quick, you most likely master that losing weight is a lasting procedure and also you could not acquire results overnight.

What I’m attempting to claim is that do not rush things otherwise you’ll acquire the opposite results and also gain weight even more compared to your preliminary weight. When it concerns diet, start replacing your fatty dishes with more healthy ones such as salads and also fresh fruits or you ought to using olive oil when you prepare. These small changes might lead you to small result yet viewing the results will motivate you even more and also this will help you change your consuming habits.

Be specific on exactly what you want to accomplish. Establish goals for your weight reduction procedure. Not only you should be specific on now much weight you want to go down yet you ought to likewise select the moment within which you would like to accomplish that. You ought to likewise master the methods to drop weight that your physical body could handle.

Do not constantly focus on the best ways to drop weight quick yet instead on the best ways to drop weight securely and also effectively.

Losing Weight Tips Secrets to Drop Centimeters Rapidly Phone 072 064 3948 South Africa Johannesburg, Gauteng

gluttcny​ [X]:

& he will CRY OUT against the
unmistakable BLAST of a fired pistol
against the air; against the
– unfortunately familiar – PAIN that
collides into his chest like a hammer
shattering bone & ripping cartilage on
it’s voyage into his anatomy..
The force STAGGERS long, lithe legs;
shoving him back a singular, shaken step before
fervent fingers RISE to finger the hole
which the bullet has left; eyeing it as it is
expelled from his chest plate, clinking! to the ground
in metallic defeat.

He allows for a SHRIEK of aggravation to
escape boisterously from his vocal cords.

                    ❛ MY GOD, ARE YOU SERIOUS?


Niki stared at him in SHOCK and TERROR.
Arms that held an object of fatality trembled
not from the physical weight but metaphorical
possibility provided by the weapon at her 

       Maybe you should have tried a parking meter.
                It worked so
beautifully last time.

              She’d panicked. That much had been made
              OBNOXIOUSLY apparent. Swallowing, she
              stepped back from him, still holding the gun
              in a way that showed, she would not hesitate
              to fire again if given the chance or proper

“Stay away from me.”