The Weight of Objects

The Houses During The Election
  • Hufflepuff: When they discover you disagree, they cut the conversation off immediately, saying "I'd rather not discuss it with you because you're my friend". OR feels that the outcome would be completely unjust and wants to spread it but typically falls behind the leads of another house.
  • Ravenclaw: Will weight out the pros and cons of each potential outcome, discussing it objectively with others and becoming genuinely shocked when people take their theoretical comments personally.
  • Gryffindor: Will shove their political opinion EVERYWHERE because they are right and will prove this to you, potentially ending interaction with people who disagree with their correct viewpoint.
  • Slytherin: Seems like a ravenclaw at first, but you will realize later that all of their 'objective' conversations are filled with bias attempting to sway your opinions
Weights Are Weird

How things are weighed outside the metric system is standardized, which is good. But weights are standardized in two systems! Very confusing. The first system is for precious metals, the second system is for everything else. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The avoirdupois system is a measurement system of weights which is generally used for trade goods. The avoirdupois system includes units of weight such as the ounce, pound, wey, stone, and hundredweight.
  • The avoirdupois system was initially developed informally, for the wool trade in western Europe, before being officially adopted by the King of England in 1303.
  • The English kings used troy weight (named for the French town Troyes) for currency measurements, and in 1527 it became the legal standard for minting coins.
  • A pound of feathers weighs more than a pound of gold. Precious metals like gold are weighed using troy weights, in which a pound consists of 12 ounces. Objects such as feathers are weighed using avoirdupois weights, in which a pound consists of 16 ounces.
  • The earliest known standard of weight is the beqa, an ancient Egyptian unit which equals from 6.66 to 7.45 ounces. It is still generally used in weighing gems, precious met­als, and stones in troy weight.
Witch idea: Balloons 🎈

•Draw a sigil on a balloon. Blow up the balloon to charge it and pop it to release it.
•Raise energy and blow up a balloon to store it. Release the air for spell use.
•Hex someone by breathing your anger into a balloon after sticking a small representation of your target inside.
•Blow up the balloon with intent, and pop it to release the energy
•Write an insecurity or obstacle you wish to overcome on the balloon. Crush it with your own weight/force instead of using a pointy object.

Reality Shifter *Avengers x Reader*

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Summary: Tony has created a Stark Shifter. He’s able to jump from reality to reality looking for Steve, only he has to do it with Bucky, plus you and Sam. Meaning they have to work together if they want to bring Steve back, only each reality is a little more strange than the last one.
Warnings: Swearing
Admins Note: The long awaited sequel to Alternate “You”niverse.

Alternate “You”niverse Master List.

Tony’s Evil Genius Lab

“I think, I’ve done it.” Tony sighed wiping the sweat off of his brow with the back of his right hand.

Vision walked over and looked over the cylinder silver object. Picking it up it felt light weight, he glanced at Tony who was looking worse for wear, he had worked extremely hard and with little human functions in order to get to this stage. Tony looked up and grabbed the portal shifter from Vision and looked over it himself.

“May I ask a question?” Tony raised an eyebrow at the android but nodded. “I don’t want to seem… impassive to the situation but maybe you shouldn’t go.”

Tony sighed and shakes his, wiping his hands on his pants. “I have to, I made the portal, and I let Steve go through still. It’s a circle, it all comes back to me and I got to fix it, I got to get Steve back and I’m not coming back here without him.”  

Vision nodded and watched as Tony told FRIDAY to call everyone down to the lab. Slowly everyone filed into the lab, all looking at Tony and object in curiosity, Bucky was the most observant and intently waiting for Tony to speak. You looked at Natasha who had her arms crossed, she was just as worried for Steve as you and Bucky were, and sighing gently you looked at Tony. He had dark circles under his eyes; he looked impossibly tired and needed at least seventy years of sleep.

“I finished the portal, I believe it will work, it should definitely work. Whether it will take more than one person, I do not know but this will be the first time it’s being used, so whoever is up for being split apart and hopefully put back together. Step on up.” Tony looked at everyone; it’s silent for a few seconds before Bucky and Natasha walk forward.

You glanced at Sam who sighed softly, “let’s go get our American sweetheart back.” Everyone chuckled as you walked to Tony with Sam, Tony sighed softly.

“Should have known team Cap and friend would step up,” Natasha nudged Tony with a small smirk. “I gotta give you precautions; I do not know what we’ll face, whether we will all reach Steve in time. Whether this will even work or if we’ll find our way home, is something I cannot answer. I’m kinda winging this whole thing right now, plus this speech.”

Everyone smiled at Tony’s slight confession of not knowing if it will work or not. Tony looked at Natasha who nodded at him; you frowned lightly at their exchange, till Sam and Bucky began to grab essentials for the quest to get Steve back.

“How long should I keep the connection open for?” Bruce asked and Tony sighed at the question.

“Give us at least forty-eight hours; if not then shut it down.” He answered without looking at his friend, Bruce gave him a sympathetic smile before nodding “I know it’s not a lot of time but we don’t exactly have a lot of time, just do what you think is best from this side, okay?”

Vision and Bruce nodded.

“You okay?” you jumped lightly at Bucky’s voice, he also had a deep frown on his face and you nodded silently. “We’ll get Steve back, I promise. I and he always has a way of getting back to one another.”

You smiled lightly at that. “We may get to him but that doesn’t mean we’ll get back here, Buck.”

He smiles gently and nods “Gotta have some faith. I mean, we aren’t just a random group, I promise I’ll get you back.” He wraps an arm around your shoulders pulling you close, you smile lightly at the small gesture of reassurance from him but a deeply unsettling feeling pitted down in your stomach.

Natasha and Sam had backpacks on their backs, strapped across their chests and they looked at Tony who walked over to them, Bucky pulled you by the hand to the small group and you gave one lasting smile too; Clint, Wanda, Pietro, Bruce and Vision. Tony placed the metal cylinder on the floor in the middle of you all. He looked around the small amount of people coming along.

“Okay, so you know how we met our actor selves?” he began and everyone nodded, “well, I assume with this we may encounter more stuff like that, I can’t be sure. Just stay with me and we should be fine, I just gotta find the right calculation for that reality, okay? Trial and error kind of deal.”

Tony pulled out a small rectangle and began tapping away on it. He gave everyone a long look, a silent question of acceptance if they definitely want to come along, if not to back away now. Everyone gave a small nod, including you. He nodded for a minute before clicking away, he gave one last breath before clicking a certain button and then everything felt… dizzy. It felt like you were being pulled in different directions like your feet was planted on the ground but your head was someplace else.

After what felt like years, you opened one eye to see Tony crouched over, Natasha being held up by Sam and Bucky holding his head. They must have felt the weird sensation you did. You open both eyes and rub the blurriness away; you glance around and frown gently.

“It didn’t work.” You mutter and Bucky looks too, you were still in the lab and nothing looked different. The computer still on, everything still on and nothing moved. “Everything is still the same.”

“It must have worked, where is everyone else?” Natasha asked finally standing up herself and glancing around the room.

“Why do you have a gun?” Sam pointed at the gun in her right hand and she shrugged. “I swear, where the hell do you keep those things?”

Tony stands up straight and runs a hand through his thick, dark hair, picking up the reality shifter and glancing around for himself. “Come on, we gotta make sure it did work and Clint isn’t playing tricks on us.”

(First part of the Sequel, hope you enjoy it. I know it’s short but I just wanted to set the field for this, not jump in straight away. Tell me what you think. Do you think they’ll get to Steve in time? What do you think they’ll face? - Rosalee)

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“Has the betting pool started yet?” I ask, resigned. Every time one of Draco’s relationships ends, our entire set starts laying wagers on how long it will take for him to end up in my bed. I’ve stopped protesting; Draco thinks it’s terribly amusing, and I’ve learnt my objections carry absolutely no weight with any of my so-called friends.

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Jet aircrafts typically cruise at speeds of around 600 miles per hour. According to the pokédex, so does Garchomp! If that’s true, this land-shark dragon pokémon flies more than twice as fast as the speediest bird in our world, the Peregrine Falcon. 

Everyone knows that planes fly faster than birds. But have you ever stopped to consider why? Let’s start by talking about the forces involved in any kind of flight. There are four main ones that we have to work with.

Gravity is a downward force due to the weight of the object. Lift is the upward force generated by the wings (see Latios). Drag is the air resistance and friction which slows the object down, and thrust is the force that pushes an object forward.

Thrust, then, is the force that controls the speed of the flight. In airplanes, thrust is created through their engines. Engines work through understanding Newton’s Third Law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the sake of an airplane, the engines or propellers push the air backwards, which in turn pushes the airplane forwards.

But how do birds create thrust? Bird wings work in the same way that airplane wings do when it comes to creating lift, but birds don’t have engines to create thrust. They obviously move forward when they fly so they must make thrust somehow. Birds actually create thrust by flapping their wings. Their wings don’t flap straight up and down, but rather at an angle. This angle is what creates not just an upward lift, but a forward thrust. Depending on whether a bird is taking off, cruising, or landing, the angle they flap at (and the resulting thrust) change accordingly.

So birds don’t fly as fast as airplanes do because they don’t have engines. Their wing muscles aren’t powerful or efficient enough to create large thrust forces. Garchomp, in order to fly as fast as a jet plane, must use something other than his wings to create enough thrust. It’s pretty obvious where this thrust comes from: they even look like airplane engines.

Garchomp flies at speeds of 600 mph, which is possible because its wings aren’t the only thing generating thrust. Garchomp’s ear-things act like an airplane’s engines, which push Garchomp forward in its flight.


Soviet experimental heavy tank missile “Object 757”

Performance characteristics:
Combat weight – 44 tons;
Crew – 3 persons;
Forehead housing – 120 mm;
Board housing – 50..80 mm;
Tower 30..90 mm;
Mark and caliber gun – D-126С, 125 mm;
Mark and caliber gun – SGMT, 7.62 mm (coaxial);
ATGM — up to 4000 m (4-5 RDS./min);
Nurs — up to 9000 m (8-10 RDS./min);
Engine type – V12-6F;
Engine power – 800 HP;
Road speed – 65 km/h;
Cruising on the highway – 400 km

How to Work & Calibrate Your Pendulum

This is by no means an official guide. If anything this is just a way of letting you all know how I go about using my pendulum. I’m going to talk about calibration/establishing how I worked out what-means-what before I go into any methodology (I gathered my information from myriad sources and will list them if I can remember what/where they are).

Calibration/Figuring Out What Your Pendulum is Telling You:

Alright, so you might have a totally different way of doing this, but here’s mine!
Firstly, you need a pendulum. This may be obvious, but I’m just putting it out there. A pendulum can be any weighted object that is suspended from a chain or string or some kind. You’ll find that lots of people use crystals for pendulums as they work particularly well. I did not with my first pendulum (tragic side story: my Mama accidentally threw my guide sheet and pendulum away when cleaning - absolutely devastating). 
That being said, you do not have to use a crystal. As I mentioned, my first pendulum was in fact a small silver pendant that held a white and black pearl inside. It was hung on a slim silver chain that was 7″ in length. An effective pendulum should be something that is connected to you and only you as it will be imbued with your energies. Take care - do not allow others to handle your pendulum as it may alter the energies and therefore the accuracy and effectiveness of your tool.

Onto the actual subject of this post (I digress often, as you’ve probably noticed). “But, Rowan how do I even get started!?” I hear you cry. Well, my darlings, this is how I did it:

First things first, you’ll need a piece of paper, a pen, and a ruler (if you like your lines straight) and of course, your pendulum.
On the piece of paper, draw a circle as best as you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you can draw around a cup or mug if you like to get a nice round circle. Make sure the circle is big enough; I would recommend something akin to the size of the palm of your hand or bigger. 

Next, use a ruler to find the centre of your circle and mark it with a dot. Now draw a line horizontally through the dot. Do this vertically and diagonally so that you have a diagram like the one below. 

Once you’ve done this, sit down and breathe in and out deeply and calmly. It is time to prepare yourself for divining. 
Before every use of the pendulum, it is imperative (for me!) to be in a calm and serene state and to do this, I sit comfortably and close my eyes. I envision an aura of protective white light surrounding my body. Starting from my toes I let it envelope me and bathe me in warmth and spiritual energy. I visualize it travelling up through the crown chakra and into the third eye. This increases psychic and spiritual power.

The next thing you must do is a little strange sounding but important in this sort of work. You must tap a small circle counter-clockwise (the opposite direction in which a clock moves) around your thymus with your index finger (your thymus is just over an inch below the hollow between your collar bones on your chest). Doing this helps balance the energies within you.

This next part you will only have to do once, unless like me you lose your guide papers in an unfortunate cleaning mishap:

Now you need to establish the directions and what they mean. For example, which swing means yes? Which means no? Who knows? You will, in a minute.
Sit with the soles of your feet planted firmly on the ground and place the paper between your legs/feet and take the chain/thong/rope between your thumb and finger, or two fingers; have a loose but secure grip. Let the pendulum hang and make sure the point of it is above the centre of your circle - this is why the dot in the centre helps because it’s a larger focal point. 

To find your directions, you have to ask! Simple!
Say aloud: “Show me the ‘yes’ signal/sign”, and take note of the direction of the pendulum’s movement. Does it move clockwise? Counter clockwise? Swing side-to-side? Diagonally? Up and down? 
If the pendulum does not move, repeat your question. If, after say 5-10 minutes it shows no intention of going anywhere, move onto your next enquiry. Once you have identified your signal, claim it and confirm it by saying something along the lines of, “this is my signal for yes”.

Repeat this exact process for ‘no’, and then, ‘do not know’, ‘ask later’, ‘cannot say’ and ‘maybe’ or ‘sort of’. 

To further confirm that these are correct, test the pendulum by using statements that you know the answer to, for example, ‘my hair colour is ______’, or ‘my name is ______’. If your signals are right, the pendulum’s response will be yes or no depending on the statement you have made.

Once you are sure that you have calibrated your pendulum, make a note on your piece of paper regarding the directional signals. Note their meanings down. 

Once this is all done, you’re done! You can begin divining to your heart’s content! You can keep using your guiding circle for as long as you like, there is no harm or shame in it! I used mine for a while afterwards to keep myself calm and confident as I am still a baby at this sort of thing.

Good luck and happy witchcrafting!

If you love anything at all in this world more than God, you will crush that object under the weight of your expectations, and it will eventually break your heart.
—  Tim Keller

tetryx  asked:

There's no such thing as 'density of gravity'. Gravity isn't an object. And there's also no 'gravity around an object'. What I meant is, I think Chuuya can pick a point or a core where he exerts gravitational force. If he wants to stick to the ceiling, the small area of gravitational pull will be on the ceiling, keeping him up there as if he's standing on solid ground. Also, by manipulating the gravitational acceleration, he's changing the weight of a person or object.

Okay roll back the attitude a bit dude I definitely typed it wrong and meant to say acceleration of gravity which is why three seconds later I went back and fixed it. 

This is not that serious and I’m sensing a bit of hostility that I’m not about. You asked my theories, and I gave them, because in all honesty I have not thought that in depth about Chuuya’s ability on the technical side mainly because this is a fantasy type of setting. While I understand there is definitely science behind it I’m literally just basing shit off of what I vaguely remember from high school. 

So I’m just going to cut this off right here because I’m not attempting to prove my scientific knowledge of gravity because it is barely existent as it is. 

ford stimming

  • ford dissociates a lot and stimming helps ground him
  • likes keeping the crack in his glasses and rubbing his fingers over that bc its like a reminder of what’s real and not
  • picking the fluff off of his sweaters
  • crossword/sudoku puzzles and that sort of thing for brain stims
  • keeping his coat on bc it’s heavy like a weighted blanket and also it’s a Comfort Object™
  • body stims like doing the thing where he puffs his chest out
  • twirling his game dice in his fingers // finger twiddling in general
  • making fists w his hands = 👍🏽 he does that a lot
  • letting mabel paint on his hands bc paint on skin feels nice and cold
  • tight hugs + hand-holding for nice physical comfort (six fingers = optimal hand holding bc the sensation of five fingers fitting into six is 👌🏽)
  • after all the physical torture he’s endured he just likes nice calming sensations
  • the sound of pencil or pen on paper + the motion of going back and forth over a sketch when he draws
  • he also does the pen chewy thing like dipper does
  • p.s. thats why he keeps a pen in his pocket it probably doesnt even work anymore it’s just his thinking pen
  • ford stimming
  • add more if i forgot any
Dear Pisces:

The dreamer that dreams a thousand times in a day and still gets lost in their own dreams. You prefer it that way since getting lost in your thousand dreams is much better than having to deal with the cold reality of a boring dull world. The simple things have meaning for you, the little objects holds more weight than it seems, and you know the words people mean to say are hidden beneath the sounds people iterate over and over again. You know above all else that there’s something more than what people see and hear. Your perception is the clearest that’s only clouded by the bothersome reminder of what some call “living”- they don’t know what it truly means to be alive.

  • paranoid
  • constantly cracking jokes
  • prone to lying if they think the truth will upset people
  • goes by he/they
  • 7.5 sweeps - 16 years old
  • works for an entertainment channel as a stagehand due to their telekinesis, is also an emergency backup battery
  • has two ports he got installed himself, neck and middle of abdomen
  • Civitrecce native, so the above isn’t at all unusual
  • has his own comedy channel on grubtube, is relatively popular
  • always tries to project a friendly, peppy demeanor even when sad or angry. is not good with emotional honesty. constantly suspects other people of lying as well, but doesn’t see this as entirely bad.
  • doesn’t like attention being drawn to their eyes. hence why (though it can’t be seen here) their hair is dyed partially yellow, so that hopefully people will comment on that instead. 
  • long-range mid-strength telekinetic. can move things up to a hundred feet away, can manage a few objects at a time, with a weight limit of two hundred pounds or so. Usually uses it to give themself an extra boost, play minor pranks, or move objects for work.
  • has a kiwi lusus who is small and weak but deeply loved by his charge. Zyveni tends to keep him indoors most of the time to protect him. Gets very defensive if anyone makes fun of their lusus. 
  • loves the glamor and pizazz of show business, dreams of being a comedy show host. 

tetryx  asked:

Technically, Chuuya cannot change a density of an object. On its weight. Changing its density would involve changing its mass. But, if I understood correctly, he could make change the direction of gravitational pull, right? Like how he stuck himself to the ceiling? So, he can chuck bullets by pulling them horizontally towards an enemy with gravity?

True, because from what I recall he changes the gravity around the objects he touches/his power can reach. So he’s probably not affecting mass of an object but using the acceleration of gravity to crush things upon themselves.  

I think Chuuya just made himself weightless by basically obliterating the gravity around himself to jump on the ceiling like a balloon.

Anything regarding changing gravity I think is a possibility with Chuuya, and like I mentioned the black holes being his ultimate power (aka a giant space vacuum of death) his ability sits pretty high up on the extreme end of abilities. I think it comes down to the quickest and simplest way for Chuuya to win though, which is why we might not see as much versatility. He fights to get things accomplished, and while he enjoys a challenge he’s not like Akutagawa where his power is his only way of reaching victory.

Akutagawa has made Rashomon versatile as hell, and has names for different ways to use Rashomon to attack his enemies, Chuuya is just like ‘time to fuck you up’ and does his thing. 

Frag v Yaw v Expansion


100% weight retention is a massive plus as a heavier object moving at a faster speed has more energy. Now apply that to ballistics and what you said is almost spot on. Not only does it increase penetration (as long as speed stays the same), it also creates a larger wound cavity. This dictates that 45 ACP should be the king but unfortunately due to modern ballistics, 9mm has come leaps and bounds from where it was. Especially now that JHPs are understood, as most duty 9mm expands to about .7in wide. Weight also plays in to sub/super sonic rounds like with 45acp or 300blk. it also effects mil-surp 556, which I’ll explain in a bit. 

M855 is the greatest hype round to ever come out of the 556 family. M193 is up there too. Simply because people don’t truly understand HOW rifle bullets make holes and a piece of paper called the Hague Convention from 1899. 

The Hague Convention outlawed the use of “bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body, such as bullets with a hard envelope which does not entirely cover the core, or is pierced with incisions.” during war. (you can thank the British for this BTW, their .303 was EXTREMELY deadly for its time period)

Because of this militarizes of the world had to find a way to increase lethality while still abiding by the Hauge. So we have really two methods of wounding in mil-surp rounds. Fragmentation and Yaw.

Fragmentation: It is truly a great idea in theory. I’m going to shoot you with a bullet that once it hits you is going to explode into tiny little bits and hopeful rip up something important. If not, it’s going to take forever for a Doc to find all the pieces and get them out.

This is fully recovered (98%) M193 (55gr) round that hit the gel at about 3150fps. Nasty round. It truly is. 

So what is it’s downfall? The fact that it has to be moving above 2700fps. This isn’t that large of deal with 16in or even 14.5in barrels. It still gives you a fairly large ballistic envelope that extends well out side “normal” self-defense ranges. Check the following table for the ranges at which M855 and M193 frag at. Please keep in mind that this is a guide, by no means is this a law. Each round will be different do to all the variables, like temp, humidity, altitude, etc.  

Distance to 2700 fps
20" Barrel
16" Barrel
14.5" Barrel
11.5" Barrel



Now hold up here. Out of a 11.5in gun I only have 45 yards, that’s only 135 feet until it dips below the threshold. That’s like the distance between your mail box and your next door neighbors mail box….. that’s actually really close in terms of a gun fight. I mean I have made shots on steel with a 9mm longer than that. This is why 7.5in barrels are stupid, not only are they over gassed to the point that they quite literal burn themselves to death. Your ballistics out of them SUCK! 

An additional note on M855. It has a tungsten core that DOES NOT fragment due to it being denser than copper. This is by design as the core is meant to penetrate a Russian steel helmet if the Cold War ever went hot. You actually lose some frag when compared to M193 but you gain penetration against barriers, think car doors. This makes M855 act like both a fragmenting round and a round that yaws due to the tungsten core.

Yaw (not to be confused with yall, I know we Texans all sound weird.)

Yaw is mainly found in Russian mil-surp rounds. And is caused by a engineered non-center of gravity, located to the rear. Causing the back end of the round to either go higher or lower than the tip of the bullet when ever it meets a rapid deceleration.(ie flesh). 

This is a picture of a unofficial gel test of 7.62x39. Notice how near the end of the block it dramatically widens? That’s because the round has turned on its side, going form a 7.62mm bullet to a 39mm plow as it turns end over end. Given enough time and gel we would see the perm cavity grow and shrink as the bullet tumbles. 

As I’m sure most of us agree taking larger chunks out of someone trying to kill you is a good thing. So whats the problem with yaw? The issue is timing.

For yaw to be effective the round must be designed to yaw at the correct point, any sooner and we won’t have adequate penetration, any later and you just put a hole that is a glorified 22lr (556 and 545). That is the issue with 762x39, it begins to yaw well outside of the 15-17in range unless there is a medium in front of it to destabilize the round sooner, or it hits bone.


Expansion: This is what JHP pistol rounds do so I will save time by not covering they way they work again. Instead I will jump into WHY they are better. 

Before I continue, the above tests are preformed with a 50gr Barnes TSX 556 round. One of them came from a 20in barrel (bottom) and the other one came from a 8in barrel (top).  Please notice that both gel tests look very similar and that both rounds expand well and meet the 15in mark. Something that M855 would be very, very hard pressed to do out of a 8in barrel. Below is the recovered rounds from the 8in barrel.

Here we have a FANTASTIC round that can be fired in a AR-15 even those with a slow twist rate like DPMS with the 1:12 rate. Where traditional you need a 1:9 or faster to stabilize the 70-77 grain rounds. Nor is it dependent on velocity like M855/M193 is, so SBR users have a round that they can use and greatly extend their envelope, which is never a bad thing. We also get reliable, repeatable, ballistic results that we may not see in a round that yaws.

theshuffles  asked:

Not necessarily a question about Pokemon themselves, but a question about a held item, how does the Air Balloon held item manage to lift any Pokemon? even Pokemon like Groudon who weigh 2,094.4 lbs?

Good question. Balloons float through buoyancy. When a fluid (air, water, etc) is displaced, it will create an upward force equal to the weight of what was displaced. If an object is less dense than the fluid, this force will cause it to float. The bigger the ballooon, the more air it displaces and therefore the more weight it can lift. For Groudon to float, the balloon needs to displace at least 2,094.4 lbs (950 kg) of air. It will actually be a bit more than that, since we’d need to include the weight of the balloon.

For simplification, let’s assume this is on Earth at sea level. We actually know the pokemon world has less gravity than Earth, which would make Groudon easier to lift, but would also result in a thinner atmosphere which I don’t want to deal with for this post. Air has a density of 1.225 kg/m3 with sea-level Earth conditions. 

How much the balloon weighs will depend on what it is filled with: Helium, the standard for balloons, has a density of 0.1786 kg/m3. The lightest element, hydrogen, is 0.08988 kg/m3

Our “effective” density therefore the density of the air minus the density of the balloon, so 1.225-0.1786 = 1.0464 for Helium, or 1.225-0.08988 = 1.1352 for Hydrogen. 

Let’s start small, with Pikachu. Pikachu weighs 6.0 kg. For a balloon to replace enough air to lift pikachu, it needs to displace 6.0 kg of air. For helium, this is 6.0 / 1.0464 = 5.73 cubic meters of air. This would be a spherical balloon with a diameter of 2.22 meters across. Compared to pikachu’s height of 0.4 meters, a Pikachu holding a helium Air Balloon would look something like this:

Sparing you the calculations, a Hydrogen balloon would be 2.16 meters across: not a whole lot smaller. 

Now for Groudon! Just for fun let’s go all out and assume you have a red orb, so Primal Groudon weighs in at 999.7 kg! For Helium, 999.7 / 1.0464 = 955.37. Groudon’s balloon would have to displace 955.37 cubic meters of air! This balloon would be 12.22 meters in diameter. Primal Groudon is 5.0 meters tall: so it would look like this! (Ash for scale = 1.5 meters = 5 ft)

No wonder they burst so easily after the first attack. Thanks for your question!