The Warrior Heir

Yet despite all that, I’ve never met anyone who was so…so pure. I don’t mean he’s a saint or anything. He just…knows who he is and what he believes in. He doesn’t change his story day to day and week to week. He’s the one you want to have next to you when the bad thing goes down.
—  Cinda Williams Chima, The Wizard Heir

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The Zodiac Signs as Warriors from "The Iliad"/Trojan War

ARIES: Achilles

–Demigod & Main Hero of “The Iliad”

–Best & Fastest Greek Warrior (had divine assistance)

–Powerful, Implacable, Violent, Noble, Devoted, Gifted

TAURUS: Big Aias/Ajax

–Cousin to Achilles & King of Salamis

–Physically Strongest Greek Warrior (had divine assistance)

–Stable, Jealous, Dedicated, Slow, Protective, Can Snap in Temper

GEMINI: Little Aias/Ajax

–King of Locris & Companion of Big Aias

–Second Fastest Warrior of Greeks (had divine assistance)

–Quick, Staunch, Volatile, Devious, Multiple Personalities, Energetic

CANCER: Aeneas

–Trojan Demigod & Hector’s Brother-in-Law

–Hero of “The Aeneid” & Legendary Founder of Rome (had divine assistance)

–Pious, Family-Oriented, Moody, Nostalgic, Defensive, Committed

LEO: Agamemnon

–Greek Commander-in-Chief & Richest King of Mycenae

–Best “Natural Warrior” (only one to never need direct physical help from Gods in battle but his prowess can almost match Achilles’)

–Mighty, Proud, Generous, Egotistical, Competitive, Destructive

VIRGO: Odysseus

–Greek King of Ithaca & Best Councillor/Tactician

–Hero of “The Odyssey” (had divine assistance)

–Clever, Practical, Sneaky, Critical, Resourceful, Manipulative

LIBRA: Paris

–Hector’s Younger Brother & Prince of Troy (had divine assistance)

– Best Archer & Most Handsome of Trojans

–Beautiful, Reckless, Loving, Passive, Diplomatic, Lazy

SCORPIO: Diomedes

–King of Argos & Hero of “Sons of the Seven Against Thebes” War

–Only Hero to Wound Two Gods, Aphrodite & Ares (had divine assistance)

–Brave, Loyal, Impulsive, Ruthless, Industrious, Stealthy


–Big Ajax’s Half-Brother, but Cousin to Hector of Troy (on mother’s side)

–Best Greek Archer (had some divine assistance)

–Blunt, Skilled, Tempermental, Faithful, Restless, Adventurous


–Heir & Best Warrior of Troy

–Anti-Hero of “The Iliad” (had divine assistance)

–Dutiful, Pessimistic, Ambitious, Ill-Fated, Steadfast, Relentless


–Trojan Prince & Brother of Hector, Paris, & Cassandra

–Has Prophetic Powers & One of Few Trojan Survivors

–Humane, Far-Sighted, Detached, Ingenious, Rebellious

PISCES: Patroclus

–Achilles’ Companion/Probable Lover

–Best of Myrmidons (soldiers of Achilles) (had some divine assistance)

–Gentle, Emotional, Intuitive, Self-Destructive, Underestimated