The Warlock

So, we had this very interesting campaign tonight. The players that talked during this… wonderful exchange are as follows: Lilith, a warlock played by a female player. Ben, the paladin played by a male player. And, the perpetrator herself, who we’ll call Sunny, a hyperactive ADHD-stricken wood elf described as ‘cute’ by their player… played by a male player, one with a very loud voice. He, coincidentally, does not have ADHD. The plot of the campaign is inconsequential as the interesting quotes involved are all out-of-character.

It began like a normal session.

DM: So, Patricia Onion, the leader of the farming guild, welcomes you into her home.

DM (as Patricia): As you can see, our leek harvest has been-

Sunny (interrupting OOC): Aren’t leeks the anime vegetable?

DM (OOC): …no, Sunny, they are not, they are a type of onion. Now, back to the game-

Sunny (interrupting again): No, they’re anime celery.


Ben: So, about those surveillance crystals, you said they all just showed up?


*rage builds for a moment, and then subsides*

Lilith: No, actually, it’s just a theory.  A game theory.

Ben: Thanks for watching.

Sunny: But he had a point when he said Sans was Ness.

There was silence for a while after that.

okay! okay! okay! fine
i’ll try it, but only this once, ok??
she bit into the octopus
and i could’ve sworn
her face turned blue
she spit the remains into a napkin
well, that’s unfortunate i hold
in my laughter
well, at least i tried it, right?
that’s important
trying new things
even if it has potential
to be profoundly repulsive
i never told her about her face
and how i could look at it forever–
this moment was ours,
an awkward moment
but it was our moment
that sliver of forever–
it was real, she was real
—  a moment of glory with an octopus
Age of Triumph Sandbox Reveal

Elemental Raid Primaries are EXOTIC versions of their non-elemental Legendary counterparts!

Vex Mythoclast will not be getting any type of Sandbox change. It will function just like its 170 counterpart!

Necrochasm exotic perk changed! ANY type of kill will trigger the Cursed Thrall explosion! (HELL YEAH)

Black Hammer is NOT returning. (A sad day)

Specifically, Crota’s End and King’s Fall Ornament particle effects will disappear when receiving damage. They will “grow and glow” back after a few seconds!

Wrath of the Machine and King’s Fall will receive Elemental Exotic Primaries as well!

Age of Triumph Armor will be Chroma enabled! Including the Class Items. The Age of Triumph Warlock Bond will transition into different forms!

Auto Rifles will be getting a nice range buff while Hand Cannons get a very slight 3 meter nerf on their range.

Skorri’s Harmony will now only activate once getting a kill while your super is full. It will last 1 minute! This is mostly to prevent long drawn out Trials of Osiris matches from happening.

Sidearms stacking ammo in PvP will be gone! When killed with your sidearm you will always spawn with rounds in the magazine, but your reserves will be gone.

Special Ammo crates now instantly reload your Special Weapon! No more reloading an empty gun after getting more special ammo!

No Land Beyond will now have flinch!

SUROS has TWO Ornaments. Black and Yellow Basilisk, and a Reverse OG color scheme

anonymous asked:

What is the difference between witches, wizards and warlocks?

Hey Anon,

it’s all a matter of how you practice magic and where you pull your energy from.

It’s kind of tricky to find very specific definitions for the terms, but I think what it comes down to is this:

  • A witch uses witchcraft. It’s an art that’s based on being in touch with Mother Nature and it has a lot of natural and elemental practices and rituals.
  • A wizard uses things like alchemy, experiments, and potion-making, making it more of a sciencey side of magic. The word “wizard” means “wise one”, meaning a wizard has a lot of arcane knowledge.

  • A warlock is someone who betrayed their coven/circle/group and was cast out. The term means “oath breaker”. They’re usually seen as evil and sometimes have links with dark spirits.

It’s all kind of confusing and there are still other terms out there like “sorcerer” and “magician”.
Here are some links to readable stuff!




I’m not an expert on all of this and I’d love to hear what you know! Also, correct me if I got something wrong!


In-game look of the new Age of Triumph sets!

These sets are a throwback of old Y1 gear (or “lazy reskins” as the people who complain about everything call them). Chroma-enabled, including class items.

Warlock bond transitions into different versions of the Shield!

Dragon’s Breath Ornament! Lord of Wolves Ornament! And TWO SUROS Regime Ornaments!

for my dear Jani ! @warlocks-nephilim

Hope you’ll feel better and warm between those two ;)

Age of Triumph Stream 3-22-17: Quick Notes

Vault of Glass

• New VoG armor
• Back of Titan armor is an activated or ornament (pics to come)
• 2 versions of each raid primaries (exotic/adept)
• Fatebringer exotic has an element
• Vex is still obtained from the raid


• Word of Crota has an exotic/adept version
• Black Hammer has been erased
• Necrochasm (confirmed ornament)
~Any kill will cause the victim to explode instead of a headshot kill

King’s Fall

• Touch of Malice ornament is a “bat wing” instead of a regular cloth

Wrath of the Machine

• Exotic primaries available in all primaries
• Weekly featured raid allows for obtaining exotics and ornaments

Age of Triumph

• Age armor is chroma, not ornaments
• Warlock bond changes between symbols
• Class items are earned through quest from the Speaker
• Rest of the Age armor is from boxes

Additional Changes

• Arc Hunters and those “touched” by recent health changes are being recalled
• Blink got buffed, HUD still disappears for a few moments
• No Land Beyond has a new ornament (digital green camo)
~Acts more like a sniper (increased kick and flinch)
• Sidearms no longer carry ammo, only respawn in Crucible with a magazine, no reserve
• Skorri’s artifact has been changed to where only killing an opponent will grant the buff for a time limit of 1 minute per kill (probably doesn’t stack with rapid kills)

anonymous asked:

pretty sure it's too late now for fic recs- (sorry!) but i'm just here to say that a matter of time by darcenator is really one of the most underrated ones i've ever read! definitely worth the time

never too late for recs :)

omg. i need to read this!

A Matter of Time by darcenator

summary: Magnus Bane is still the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Alexander Lightwood is still the acting Head of the New York Institute. The thing is, Magnus has known Alec his entire life. There’s just so much to explore when time travel meets immortality. A Time Traveler’s Wife AU