The Warlock

(Background, we are trying to help a Goblin leader called Chief Bob that is attempting to become… not exactly good, but not want to kill every longshank around him and destroy shit. I am a fiend fire based warlock. After he learned about my ability to make fire he sometimes reverts back to his old thoughts, and constantly asks me “Do the fire thing again” aka make fire. We are attacking a goblin fortress that is standing in his way to try to make the goblins more peaceful. He is currently waiting for us to send more to him)

Sorcerer ooc: God damn it how many goblins are there?

DM: At least 125

Sorcerer ooc: (Groans loudly) Can’t we just burn this place to the ground?

DM: I mean you could try but it will be hard (DM attempts to do some of the more realist versions fire)ook

The whole party looks at me.

Warlock (Me): I guess i could try?

Fighter ooc: From the distance you hear a goblin screaming ‘DO THE FIRE THING AGAIN!’

Group breaks down into giggling. 

-Magnus and Alec are saying goodbye at the Institute after their first date
-They’re about to kiss goodnight or are kissing goodnight
-Max runs in and interupts them
-Alec is so embarassed that his little brother just saw him kissing somebody
-But Max couldn’t care less because he’s just staring at Magnus
-Hes never met a warlock before and is so interested
-Magnus sends a spark of blue magic in the air and Max is absolutely mesmerized

The sh society is homophobic and racist. Why do you think Alec took so long to come out? He knew what the sh society was like and tried to hide himself for as long as possible. Then everyone was racist to Magnus because he’s a warlock and a Downworlder. They aren’t just homophobic but racist as well. Stop dismissing it just bc Maryse said that Magnus being a guy was the least of her worries. She was still bothered by it, more than bothered about it. The whole society, especially the older and the clave, are so racist and homophobic its unreal

irl-warlock replied to your photoset “Farmlands far as the eye can see We farming for 365 gear.”

Farming location??

Manually queue up Omnigul 320 strike. Kill her before she goes into the final room. Recommended fireteam of 3 friends. 1 Nightstalker Hunter with blood bound on. all three players have Raze Lighter. Once she is dead, die. Repeat

EDIT: Do NOT finish the strike. Just die after you kill her in that room. And repeat

I am finally DMing!!! Had one session last week and another is just about to start. So, today on Currie’s campaign…\o/

My party has been cursed B) They woke up in a dungeon with creepy seeds embedded in their hands, and spent the majority of the first session breaking out.

Also they kept almost dying because they like to put the cleric in front even though she has a grand total of nine hitpoints. They also INSISTED on punching a sleeping Myconid until it woke up and started to murder them, and our Paladin, Sharkules (pronounced like Hercules, but with sharks) set off basically every trap in the dungeon and failed to break a flowerpot. The ranger started out the session by falling off a roof while chasing a magical rooster, and the warlock would occasionally just lie facedown on the floor in emo despair. I love them.

Now they are going out into town to figure out who cursed them and why, and maybe to see if they can get the seeds removed. I have to play a bunch of NPCs this time around so we’ll see how that goes I guess :’D

alec decides he wants to start earning money on his own when he’s fourteen, one so he doesn’t have to rely on his parents all the time and two so he can make his parents proud, therefore he starts to babysit. whenever shadowhunter parents of young children are both out on a mission, alec steps in and watches their kid(s). he does it for years and when he goes away to a different institute he’s sad with the thought of never seeing the kids he got to see grow up. he’s pleasantly surprised when, six years later, he goes back to idris and they’re all waiting for him at the portal. the eldest throws herself into his arms and the rest follow suit, alec grinning like a loon the entire and greeting them all by name. magnus walks through next and can’t help but smile at his boyfriend talking to all these young, teenage shadowhunters about how grown up they all look. finally they notice the warlock standing behind alec and they all go silent, one by one. alec swallows and reaches for magnus’ hand. “this is my boyfriend, magnus.” the kids are silent for a moment before the youngest rushes forward and hugs magnus. “alec seems happier from the last time we saw him. keep that up.” slowly they all come up to both of them and shyly say their congratulations. one girl hangs back a little and waits until everyone has left. then she goes up to them and bites her lip before saying, “i’m a lesbian, and i just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for closeted lgbt shadowhunter youth. you inspired me and a bunch of others to come out or at least admit to themselves who they love and it’s just.. really nice.” she finishes with a tearful breath and finally looks up at them. alec pulls her into a hug and they exchange contact info before she runs off to join her friends. magnus glances proudly at alec and pulls him into a hug, pulling back afterward so that their foreheads are touching. “you’ve done so much good in this world, alexander lightwood.” alec smiles, with happy tears in his eyes, and pulls his boyfriend in to kiss him.



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