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Magical Practices of the World Month

Hey Witches, Warlocks, Shamans, Occultists, Mediums, Psychics, Empaths, Healers, Hags, Druids, Heathens, and generally cool people. 

On the second week of January, I am hosting a “Magical Practices of the World” Month on the Amateur Witches Server [invite]. 

Every culture, religion and practice will be showcased by a practitioner, someone from the culture and generally people who have actively studied it, practices it and been initiated/accepted into it (if closed culture/practice.) to avoid as many inaccuracies as humanly possible. 

The Lesson/Lecture will be given out loud, but later posted in written form on the @striga-academia blog (where we post our lessons in general) for those who have missed it. 

We are still looking for people who are willing to teach about their cultures/religions etc. and are somewhat qualified to do so. It can be from the most obscure practices to the most common. Regardless, we need people and are open to accepting you. If you’re interested in teaching about your culture, please send me a message (PM), preferably on the @striga-academia blog because my inbox is very cluttered. 


Name: (doesn’t need to be your legal name)

Age: (Important, at least tell me if you’re 18+ or not.)

Culture/Religion/Practice: (What you want to show case)

Qualifications/Experience: (Were you raised in it? Actively practice it? Studied it extensively? Were accepted into it? Please don’t lie, we want to do this as best we can and respect the practices of the world.)

Why do you Want to Share?:

The applications will be open until Monday 2nd of January. Schedule for the month will be posted on the 6th. The event will start on the 9th of January and end on the 9th of February. 

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i wanted to write with you but it's discouraging to see blatant favoritism.

Trying to guilt me on my own blog for who I write with is pretty shitty. If my muse is stuck in a thread and I am LIVING for replies, you can bet your salty ass I’m going to reply to those things before any and everything else. It’s not that I don’t want to roleplay with anyone else either or that I don’t care. I’m pretty sure I’ve got about 60+ threads and interactions going right now, but things catch my interest and I’m not going to apologize for that. 

I’m a perfectionist and I take time in doing my replies. Sometimes I get stuck, sometimes I’m not in the mood, sometimes I don’t know how to reply, and sometimes I just don’t feel like it. This is my hobby and if you don’t like, or respect that… Chances are I probably don’t want to write with you. I hate being hounded for posts and made to feel worse for writing what I enjoy. 

I am a very chill and friendly person but It’s discouraging to get these sort of anons.

The Mane Six Playing WoW

Twilight: Arcane Mage. Got everyone else into the game. Tries and fails to explain the finer gameplay mechanics. Reads dungeon quests for the lore.

Rainbow Dash: Fury Warrior. Just mashes buttons as they come off cooldown. Does a better job keeping the guild together than the GM. Raiding is life.

Fluttershy: Guardian Druid. Secretly the best player. Deleted first character after accidentally killing a critter, thinking it was a monster. Wants to have a completed pet journal.

Applejack: Brewmaster Monk. Understands basic mechanics; doesn’t care about the details. Fought back tears during the Westfall questline. Focuses on professions.

Rarity: Affliction Warlock. Knows intuitively what talent suits her needs. Dominates the auction house. Only does a dungeon if there’s a piece she wants for transmogging.

Pinkie Pie: Havoc Demon Hunter. Somehow got to level 110 within two hours of playing. Wants to accept every guild invite. Has a toon of all of her friends. Currently planning Illidan’s birthday party.

Stolen Innocence *Part 3*

Jace Wayland X Reader

Word Count: 2088

Requested: @itsmagnusbabe

Request: Please can you do a part 3? I love this!

Warning: Mentions or torture, experimentation and abandonment. Slavery, human trafficking.

<< Part 2

You finished your time with the vampires and you were next called on by Magnus who needed you to help keep him and his other warlocks safe because Valentine was looking for them. “Magnus, consider the other warlocks,.”  Elias said trying to convince Magnus that it was a bad idea for him to go and meet the Shadowhunters.
“When did you become so talkative?” Magnus asked turning to Elias who was walking close behind him.
“Magnus, I beg you to reconsider.” he continued
“Always frowning, Elias. You may be immortal but, mmm you’re not immune to crow’s feet.” Magnus said as he placed his finger at the corner of Elias’ eye. Elias frowned before continuing.
“You cannot attend this meeting. No matter what the Shadowhunter is offering. Valentine is getting close. It is far too dangerous for you to leave the lair.”
“I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly. While I value your counsel so much red brick makes me feel like a caged animal.” Magnus pointed towards the window where all they could see was the red brick walls of the neighbouring buildings.
“Is one necklace really worth the risk?” Elias finally asked.
“This necklace is. This discussion is over. I will meet with Clary Fairchild and the Wayland boy.” Magnus concluded turning to walk away before swerving around quickly. “Mmm! Go to the Spiral Labyrinth and tell Tessa that we need more shields. While I’m gone, have every warlock maintain the protective wards. I may be prepared to take on Valentine but my guests are not. Drink up.” Magnus passed him the glass of red wine and finally walked away. You were watching from afar and when Magnus caught your eye, he gestured for you to follow him. “It’s been a while.”
“The vampires wanted me for longer than normal.” You answered shrugging.
“What did she want?” Magnus asked.
“What every downworlder wants.” You mumbled.
“Clary Fairchild,” Magnus answered. “Well, enough about that how are you feeling?”  You shrugged in response and he frowned.
“They finally showed up again.” You sighed sitting on the sofa and pulling your legs up to your face.
“The Shadowhunters?” he asked.
“Yeah, the vampires took a Mundane… One that knew Clary, so they came to save him.” You explained. Magnus looked at you waiting for you to continue. You had alway liked him, he never treated you like a weapon or a slave, you were part of his family and he helped with your pain and for a while looked for a way to get rid of the collar, he came up with nothing though considering the fact that the collar was medical, not magical. “They saved him.”
“But they never saved you?” Magnus guessed.
“They never even considered that I might go with them.” You sighed. You groaned.
“Maybe it has something do with the Clave they could have ordered for your capture” Magnus suggested.
“No the Clave still think I’m missing, I would have heard something, you all would have.” You argued.
“Yeah I guess you’re right,” Magnus mumbled.

You were sat on the table in the club feet on the chair that you were supposed to be sitting on your Seraph Dagger balanced on the chair, you were playing with it, spinning it on the blade and catching it as it fell. “Magnus,” Jace called as he spotted the Warlock.
“Clary Fairchild. You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman.” Magnus greeted.
“Magnus Bane. So you’re the one who stole my memories.” Clary answered.
“Take that malice out of your voice or I might have to take your voice box.” You said loud enough for them to have heard but still the tone was lazy and uncaring.
I took your memories at your mother’s request. She knew the risk.” Magnus corrected. “Show me the jewellery, Shadowhunter.” Jace glared before letting the necklace fall between his fingers, Magnus smiled and reached out to grab it but Jace pulled it back.
“Ooh Give Clary back her memories, and you get the jewellery.” Jace wagered and you rolled your eyes before getting up.
“I have to confirm it’s authenticity.” Magnus reasoned, Jace hesitated using your vampire speed and grabbed the necklace before passing it to Magnus and falling into the chair next time him twisting your neck as a pain shot through, the speed sometimes causes the wires to move sending a shocking pain through her back.
“‘Amor verus numquam moritur.’ ‘True love cannot die.’ Oh, how I’ve missed this jewel.” Magnus smiled.
“Now, it’s your turn to pay up,” Clary ordered.
“I wish I could retrieve your memories, but I no longer have them,” Magnus confessed and you smirked.
“What? Where are they?” Clary asked her tone becoming frantic.
“I fed them to a memory demon for safe keeping.” Magnus answered.
“And why the hell would you do that?” Jace asked.
“To protect Clary and the Cup,” Magnus answered.
“The only way to guarantee their safety” You added.
“If Valentine ever captured me, he could torture Clary’s memories out of me. Just like he tortured Dot.” Magnus continued to argue his case.
“Tortured? Wait, is Dot okay?” Clary asked.
“You don’t know? Dot is dead.” Magnus informed.
“What? How do you know?” Clary asked.
“I can’t feel her magic anymore. Valentine killed her because she would not betray your mother.” Magus explained.
“Oh, my God. What about you!?” Clary suddenly changed her attention to you.
“I protect the downworlders that ask for my help.” You answered.
“What? You just leave the others to die!?” Clary asked.
“I can’t help the ones that I don’t know about.” You growled. Magnus placed a hand on your shoulder using his magic to both calm you and sooth your pain.
“Come with me, Clary. My lair can offer you protection no Shadowhunter ever could.” Magnus offered.
“No! No, I’m not going anywhere with you.” Clary said stepping away from the Warlock.
“Don’t be a fool.”Mangus continued to try and convince. “Your mother would want you to live.”
“Then help me get my memories back from whatever demon you gave them to,” Clary asked.
“She’s a lost cause,” You said lowly. Clary glared at you “move ‘em or lose ‘em sweetheart” You mumbled referring to Clary’s eyes. Jace glanced over at you quickly but you didn’t let him catch your eye.
“Valentine is hunting you, too. And every moment we’re outside my lair’s protection is a moment Valentine gets closer to finding us.” Magnus explained he turned and opened a portal back to his lair, turning back he held out his hand “come with me.” She looked back at Jace and you rolled your eyes before noticing someone approached behind the portal.
“Magnus you need to go now!” You ordered.
“I won’t offer again.” Magnus tried one last time.
“No. No, I won’t hide from my problems and neither should you.” Clary answered.
“Look out!” Izzy shouted and just as she did you pushed Magnus behind you, an arrow shot passed all of you and embed in the attacker. Alec came down the stairs and checked on the man before confirming he was dead.
“Who are you?” Magnus asked.
“Magnus go!” You ordered and he moved towards the portal.
“Magnus, wait! - You’re my only hope.” Clary went to grab the man but you stuck your blade out making a small cut in her hand and causing her to snatch it away.
“Valentine found us. I warned your mother this might happen.” Magnus turned and looked at you , you nodded for him to go through the portal, because of the way that portals worked it was extremely painful for you to actually go through one and so you opted out of it most of the time, this time was the same as the others, but before you did you walked over to the body that Alec was leaning over and saw the circle runes.
“The area’s secure. Looks like he was the only assassin.” Izzy said approaching the group.
“He has a Circle rune on the base of his neck,” Alec confirmed.
“They found us. It’s not safe here. Clary, we have to go.” Jace ordered as you walked passed him and out of the club.
“Hey, I am right here.
I don’t care about your damn jewellery.
I’m sorry you’re gonna look bad in front of your bosses, okay? But my mother is still missing and my last chance at finding her just disappeared into thin air.” Clary spoke and you rolled your eyes.
“There’s your problem, everything right here in this moment… That’s why everyone you love is dead or captured.” You mumbled gesturing the scene in front of you smirking. Clary glared at you and stormed forward pulling out the Seraph Dagger that she was given earlier that day. You, on the other hand, sheathed yours and began to walk away much the relief of the others, but as you were walking Clary shouted out to you.
“You think you’re any better off, you’re just some weapon that people pass around, you don’t have a life, friends or family-” Clary was cut off by Jace grabbing her and moving her out of the way of the Seraph Blade that was hurtling for her head, when they looked up you were gone.

You got back to find that most of the wards were down and you were fighting off Valentine’s circle members. You managed to get some of them but you saw a girl that was about to be attacked, you moved forward using the speed from your vampire gene and stabbed the guy in the back, you knelt down and smiled at the young warlock, “you alright sweetheart.” You asked your voice soft, much softer than any of the shadowhunters that were observing had ever heard.
“Magnus said that you shouldn’t do that, doesn’t it hurt?” she asked pointing to the collar around your neck.
“Only a little, I won’t tell if you don’t.” You smirked grabbing her hand “let’s find you somewhere safe.”

You brought the girl back to the other surviving warlocks before crashing on one of the couches hand placed over your head like you had a bad hangover, the truth being that you were in severe pain. “Hold tight everyone we’re about to move,” Magnus announced.
“Not again.” You grumbled gripping the side of the sofa. There was low mumbling before Clary spoke up.
“Okay, so how do we summon the memory demon?” Clary asked.
“By kicking your ass out the window.” You mumbled.
“(Y/N),” Magnus warned. You peeked at him from under your arm. “Be nicer to our guests.” You snorted turning over on the chair ready to sleep away the pain.
“Is she okay?” You heard Jace ask.
“She will be,” Magnus answered. “She’s in pain and Clary clearly hasn’t made a good impression on her.”

There was a loud commotion in the next room and you grumbled to yourself as you walked into the other room, they had summoned the demon but something had gone wrong you rolled your eyes, still in pain, there wasn’t much that you could do to help. Clary eventually got rid of the demon and noticed you leaning against the door frame. Alec walked out followed by Magnus “There’s nothing to be ashamed of Alec.” he muttered quietly.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”  Alec muttered.
“You will.” Magnus finished the conversation moving you with him so that he could help you with the pain that was moving through your body. You looked at Magnus as placed a hand on the back of your neck. “What’s on your mind?”
“Is it normal that I don’t remember meeting you?” You asked. Magnus frowned.
“No.” He answered honestly.
“Well, then why can’t I?” You asked.
“Because someone doesn’t want you to.” he answered.
“Can’t you fix it?” You asked.
“I can but I don’t think it’s a good idea, not until you talk to everyone involved… That includes the shadowhunters.” Magnus answered.
“Why?” You asked.
“If you remember everything, you’ll need everyone’s help, you can’t do everything on your own” Magnus answered. “Either way you are welcome here.”
“Not like I am anywhere else.” Magnus sighed as he looked through the door to Jace who had his arm around Clary’s waist he wished that the boy would have turned just to see the lost look in the girl’s eyes, then maybe he would have seen a glimpse of the girl he used to know.

Requests and general question!

I’m glad we’re getting all these Malec info for the first episode of season 2…but what about the other characters? How is Luke dealing with Jocelyn being alive and Valentine repeating history? How is Izzy dealing with her brother going back to his abuser? How is Simon dealing with being a vampire in this heightened state of emergency? How is Clary dealing with getting her mother back, finding out that Jace is her brother, and also wanting to save him from Valentine? How is Alec dealing with Jace being gone and losing a part of his soul? How is Magnus dealing with the horrible threat of Valentine and what that means for the downworlders, especially Warlocks, because Valentine has a special attraction to their powers? How is Jace…even fucking dealing?? 

“-then you pick three cards and boom! That your future!” Janna smiled

“Marco lied, earth is magical!” Star exclaimed.

Janna shrugged. “Technically it isn’t, but nobody’s proven that yet.”

“But that’s why I exist!” Janna exclaimed. “To proven everyone wrong by summoning demons!”

Star’s eyes lit up. “Lets summon one!”

Janna smiled widely. “That’s the spirit! Pass me my demon summoning book!”

The two girlfriends leaf through the book trying to find something cool. “Warlock of death?”

“Too beardy,” Star commented.

“Angels of resentment?”

“It has too many eyes.”

Janna flipped through the book to find something really cool, but one caught her eye. “……Bill Cipher?”

Both looked at the book in curiosity. “Whoa…” Star sighed.

“lets summon this one!” Star said as she pointed to the next page.

“Pony princess cutie? Why not Bill Cipher?” Janna asked.

“He’s a triangle, what’s he gonna do?” Star said.

Janna thought for awhile but then nodded in agreement. “Yeah you’re right, but Pony princess cutie? I don’t think that’s cool.”

“But its so cute!” Star smiled. “Look at that thing!”

Janna smiled at Star’s excitement. “Alright then, let’s summon this thing!”

Janna read the page and found out how to summon it. She laid the book down and started murmuring words to herself. The sky suddenly turned grey and the world around them was spinning. Star grabbed her wand and began to think that this might have been a bad idea.

Suddenly Janna fell to the ground. “Janna! Star yelled as she check to see if the girl was ok. Janna coughed and slowly opened her eyes. "Hehe, it’s ok Star, this happens every time I summon a demon.”

“Ahem.” It was the demon pony princess cutie. “BOW DOWN BEFORE ME MORTALS FOR I AM THE QUEEN FOR DESTRUCTION!”

Janna and Star looked down at the small little demon yelling at them. “Awwwe! She’s so cute!”

The demon grunted. “I’m not cute! I could destroy you!”

“Sure little buddy, do you want a cookie? I have one in my pocket,” Janna offered.

the demon’s eyes lit up. “No one’s offered me a cookie before!”

Janna gave the cookie to the small demon, the small demon ate it all in one bite. “I suddenly feel very sleepy, I’ll destroy you all later.”

“Aww! It’s sleeping like a baby!” Star smiled.

“Looks like we have a pet demon now! We have to show Marco!” Janna said excitedly.

“Yeah! Let’s do that!” Star said. “Also, lets summon that Bill Cipher guy tomorrow, he’s probably harmless too!”

                     the nerves inside of him built only more, got stronger in his gut the closer he got to connor’s door. the way things ended last time– he wasn’t entirely sure how to fix it, he just knew he needed to. he MISSED HIM && even if it had been a couple months of the warlock forcing himself to distance himself; to not contact him in any way.. he needed him more than he cared to admit. so, standing there he took several deep breaths before a ringed hand came up, giving a few light knocks, hands being shoved into his coat pockets.