The Warlock

  • *Magnus and Alec eating breakfast*
  • Alec: Do you know what I don't like?
  • Magnus: That's a long list, you're going to have to be more specific
  • Alec: I don't like how cute you are
  • Magnus:
  • Alec: Specifically when you're sleeping. I'm just trying to sleep but then I roll over only to see you looking cute in your sleep. And it's so mesmerizing that I've spent hours watching you sleep at this point. I'm losing too much sleep over that, Magnus, I don't like it.
  • Magnus:
  • Alec: Next time I'm just going to put a pillow over your face or something
  • Magnus: ...that could make me suffocate
  • Alec: Suffocate? As if. Normal people suffocate, you would suffocute.
  • Magnus: You would find me suffocating cute?
  • Alec:
  • Magnus:
  • Alec: I've made a mistake

Just finished up a whole bunch of new stickers to my existing TAZ set I made, including Carey + Killian, the rest of the Starblaster Crew, Joaquin and Garfield the Deals Warlock (who honestly I can only see as actual Garfield haha)

“All TAZ arcs are secretly connected” bad ending: each of the new stories ends with the IPRE crew arriving and the Hunger following behind

“All TAZ arcs are secretly connected” good ending: we have little cameos and nods to interplanar connections in each new story, like the Commitment crew buying tacos from a guy named Joaquin

“All TAZ arcs are secretly connected” true ending: Garfield the Deals Warlock appears in every single campaign with no explanation

  • Magnus: *climbing into bed late*
  • Alec, in his sleep: What?!
  • Magnus: What?
  • Alec, in his sleep: No!
  • Magnus: are you awake or-
  • Alec, still asleep: You can't have cheese on toast without the cheese!
  • Magnus:
  • Alec: *incomprehensible mumbling*
  • Magnus, slowly rolling over to go to sleep: ...talking in his sleep. That's a new one
  • Alec: That's even worse!
  • Magnus:
  • Alec, still asleep: You can't have perfection without Magnus!
  • Magnus: Oh my-
  • Alec: It's just impossible!