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“Why should it be polite,” Mr. Scorsese asked, in depicting people willing to do anything for money–lying, cheating and stealing. “They are not polite … Why should we be restrained in terms of projecting on the screen how they lived?

Mr. DiCaprio concurred. “I thought a little bit of controversy is a positive thing because it creates dialogue. That’s one of the main motivations for us to do this film.”

Official Communication Arts “award of excellence” badge for my portrait of Leonard Nimoy, photographed in April 2014 for the Wall Street Journal, assignment courtesy of photo editor Kat Malott. 

I think I said this in an earlier post, but it was really cool to meet and photograph him. I made him laugh a few times, which I counted as a great success since it was clear that he was in failing health. 


The Wall Street Journal

Hamilton: An American Musical star Daveed Diggs who plays dual roles as Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the groundbreaking musical, stops by the WSJ Cafe with Christopher John Farley to preview the Tony Awards, talk about “Hamilton’s” record-setting 16 Tony nominations, and discuss the future of hip-hop on Broadway. 

I love love love the breakdown discussion of the Tony/Toni lyric in Fresh From The Hood.

Q: Isn’t it odd that we rarely see these lovers being physically intimate? Or have I just been brainwashed by the way sexual relationships are usually portrayed in TV shows and movies?

Rhea Seehorn: “There’s a moment in the nail salon in season 1 when Jimmy paints Kim’s toenails. There’s no sexual activity in that scene but fans have told us how sexy it was. And it’s the same with the scenes [in season 2] where they’re brushing their teeth together or eating pie on the bed. A lot of their relationship happens between the lines, and [series creators] Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould and all of our writers are very masterful at that. It implies history, trust, respect and humor between the characters. Jimmy and Kim can riff on things without stopping to laugh. That’s where the intimacy is when you’ve known someone for 10 years. It’s like catching the eye of someone you love across the room at a party and sharing a look. That can feel more intimate than sex.”
– Why ‘Better Call Saul’ Doesn’t Need Sex Scenes to Be ‘Sexy’ (WSJ)