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THE WALKING DEAD Comic Con 2017 Panel

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DISCLAMIER: Just to clarify, Negan and the OC are not in any way BLOOD related, this is purely fantasy and taken from the plotlines of many ‘videos’ *wink*.

“Bye guys don’t have too much fun today!” you heard your mother call out, as your teeth clenched harder onto the white pillow.  Negan had two fingers thrusting into you hard and fast, calling out to his unknowing wife. “Bye honey!” he shouted back, before turning his attention back to you. His eyes fixated on your shaking body, he love you see you whimpering below him, his dirty girl.  He lay at the side of you, your legs spread wide for him.  You heard the door shut, releasing out of the pillow, letting your moans escape your mouth.  “Oh fuck!” you moaned, looking up at Negan. You slid your hand down your body, rubbing small circles on your clit, feeling your release building up.

This had all started a while after Negan and your mom had got married.  They began to argue a lot, your mom making him spend his nights on the couch. Negan began to get sexually frustrated, spending his evenings in grimy strip clubs, just to get his fix of naked tits and ass. Your mom caught on, wondering why he was always out and where his money was going to. You had been the one to discover where Negan always snuck off too, knowing you could use it to your advantage. Negan had never been very fatherly towards you, not that you expected him to or cared. You had only found out that it was because he thought you were hot, which the feeling was returned. You began to tease him when you found out, making sure he always caught you in your cheerleading outfit practicing. You would always touch him whenever you were alone, shoving a hand down his boxers, teasing him. He always gave you a glare but you knew he enjoyed the chance of being caught. It added excitement to your relationship; your mom had many men before Negan, now it was your turn.

“Don’t stop, fuck!” you exclaimed, feeling yourself clench around his fingers. You gave a large moan, juice gushing down Negan’s hand, looking proud of himself. “Damn, babygirl. Never seen you squirt like that.” He smiled, looking at the wet bed sheets below you. He adjusted himself, unbuttoning his jeans, pulling his erect cock out. You slid further down the bed, face in front of his crotch. You took the base into your hands, giving a sloppy kiss to the leaking head. Licking a stripe on the underside, he grasped a large chuck of hair, so he could watch as your head bobbed up and down. “Fuck babygirl, you’re so fucking good at that.” He moaned, gritting his teeth together. “I love the taste of daddy’s cock.” You giggled, looking directly into his eyes.  
He groaned, throwing his head back onto the pillows at the top of the bed. You began to quicken your pace, feeling Negan grab onto your hair more forcefully. “Alright sweetheart, don’t wanna blow my load yet.” He said, wrapping his arms around your torso, throwing you underneath him.  

Taking his cock in his hands, Negan lined up to your opening and began at a slow pace. “Fucking faster, daddy!” you whimpered, feeling a need for his rough touch. You tightened your legs around his waist, making him go deeper, filling you up even more. “Fuck, you’re my dirty fucking girl baby.” He growled, attacking your neck with bites and kisses. “Be careful daddy, wouldn’t want my neck covered with bruises.” You laughed, digging your fingernails into his shoulders, leaving little crescent moon shapes.

The sound of skin meeting skin got louder as Negan went harder, at your request. You felt your second orgasm building up; you knew Negan was going to cave soon. “Come on daddy, fill me up. I wanna feel you inside me.” Negan moaned, starting to get sloppier. He growled as you felt his warm cum enter you. He pulled out, his cock still leaking on to your lower stomach. You scooped some of his cum onto your fingers, sucking them for Negan’s enjoyment.

“I fucking love you doll. Shit. My dirty fucking girl.”

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JDM at The Walking Dead Comic Con 2017 Panel - part 1

Fan: Actually I do have a question for Jeffrey, but I’m curious will there ever be like an episode where there’s just, I don’t know, karaoke night or something and they’re just chilling in Alexandria? But also for Jeffrey, uhm…if Sasha had lived where do you think she would have ended up in Negan’s organization?

Jeffrey: First of all, every night is karaoke night for Negan. He’s having fun. I…you know that would have been an interesting storyline to move forward. I think Negan saw something in Sasha.

But I think he sees something in every one of these characters thatis rare in this world. They’re all very strong and…as a team and individually and I think he respects everyone he’s come up against and Sasha was no different and he liked her. She knew that she had a good head on her shoulders and she was…would have been a great ally. So, I think…you know, he was as sad as everybody else to see her go. 


You sat down in Negan’s room at the dinner table, your father and Negan sat across from each other.
“Daddy can you pass the salt please?” you asked, no indication of whether you were talking to either of them, when both men stood up from their seats.
The awkwardness hung in the air as nobody spoke for what seemed like toxic hours.
“What kinda grown woman calls her father daddy?” Negan smirked, passing you the salt and sitting back in his chair.