Corvo stares into the Void too long.
  • The Outsider:Corvo, can you hear me?
  • Corvo:what is it now you floaty trickster toff
  • The Outsider:Corvo, come back. Delilah has become very powerful, she could take over the world
  • Corvo:she's already doing that
  • The Outsider:She stole my tv, too
  • Corvo:Don't you have access to every single tv throughout time, that's just floating somewhere in the Void?
  • The Outsider:I only have a monthly subscription to the Natural Whaling Channel.
  • Corvo:Fine, I'll help you, but if I see a word starting with "Dis-" and ending with "2", I'm gonna retire, like Daud

The Void + Structures