The Voice season 6
Madilyn Paige vs. Tanner James: "Everything Has Changed" (The Voice Highlight)

I love the combination of their voice. 

Their duet has taken me to a place where daydreams are born second after second.

Madilyn Paige, she had this Emma Stone-Amanda Seyfried appeal going on, and Tanner James, was just so charming as well.

Their voice was perfect for the song, and I think both Madilyn and Tanner, did well working together without losing their own sounds. 

Paige had a modern Amanda Seyfried-Alisson Krauss sound going on without the squeakiness, while Tanner had this smooth voice,with a tinge of sexy roughness at the end of each line. 

I also like the outfits they chose to wear for that performance, it was kind of perfect because it added to that vintage-romance feel that you could also sense in their duet. 

They had great stage chemistry. 

I have never heard Taylor Swift’s version, but I’m definitely in love with Madilyn and Tanner’s 2-minute cover of the song

“Everything has Changed”.

I have watched this so many times. I just love it.


When Tommen opens his mouth 

Gwen and Blake Schedule

February 23: Blake: Portland, OR

February 24: Blake: Spokane, WA

February 25: Blake: Tacoma, WA

February 27: The Voice Season 12 Premiers

February 28: Apollo Birthday (2014)

GR UK 28:6 of 10 trips


March 3: Blake: Fresno, CA

March 4: Blake: Las Vegas, NV

UK Knockout 4-5

March 9: Blake: Sacramento, CA

March 10: Blake: San Jose, CA

March 11: Blake: San Diego, CA

UK Knockout 11-12:7 of 10 trips

Bush Concert 14

March 16: Blake: Evansville, Ill

March 17: Blake: Chicago, Ill

March 18: Blake: Omaha, NE

UK Lives 18-19: 8 of 10 trips?

March 22-April 2: Spring Break

UK Lives 25-26: 9 of 10 trips?


UK Lives April 1-2 10 of 10 trips?

April 2: ACM Las Vegas

April 9: Blake: County Thunder West Florence AZ

April 16: Easter

April 17-18: The Voice Lives

April 22: Blake: Music and Miracles Festival Auburn AL

April 24-25: The Voice Lives

April 27: Gwen: Keep Memory Alive Power of Love Gala LV

April 29: Blake: Doak Stadium FSU



May 1-2: The Voice Lives

Bush: 4 Dallas, 5 KS

May 8-9: The Voice Lives

Bush: 9 Orlando, 10 Atlanta, 11 Indianapolis 13 Somerset WI, 14 Milwaukee,

May 15-16: The Voice Lives

Bush: 15 Chicago, 17, RO MI, 18 Toronto, 19 Columbus, 20 Camden NJ

May 22-23: The Voice Lives

May 26: Kingston’s Birthday (2006)

May 27: Blake Daytona Speed Way, Daytona Beach, FL

May 28: Blake Bayou Country Fest NOLA

May 29: Memorial Day (No School)

Bush: 30 Seattle


(Bush:1 SF, 2 LV, 4 Tempe, 6 Denver, 7 Tulsa, 9 Fairfax VA, 10 Baltimore,

June 8-11: CMA Fest, Nashville, TN No official lineup ??

June 9: School Out

June 18: Blake’s Birthday (1976)

June 20: Blake: Country USA (Oshkosh, WI)

June 22: Blake: Country Fest (Cadott, WI)

June 24: Blake: Country Fest Canal Fulton, OH/Clays Park

June: The Voice Blinds S13 ??


July 6: Blake Country Concert 17, Fort Laramie, OH

July 8: Blake Beaver Stadium Happy Valley Jam Penn State

July 14: Blake Country Thunder, Craven SK

(Bush: 21 Louisville, 22 St.Louis)


August 19: Blake: Carolina Kickoff, East Carolina University’s Dowdy-Ficklen NC

August 20 Blake: Country Thunder, Calgary

August 21: Zuma’s Birthday (2008)

August: The Voice Battles and Knockouts S13 ??


September 3: Blake: Red, White and Boom: Lexington KY

September 16: Blake American Kickoff, Colorado Springs


October 3: Gwen’s Birthday (1969)


This has been common knowledge for a while, but I decided to put it in video form. 

Voice Comparison of Franklin Delano Donut’s voice in “S.O.S.”, episode 6, of Red vs. Blue: Season 11

In the original (web-airing) of episode 6, Donut appears to be voiced by another actor, as opposed to his official voice actor, Dan Godwin. Dan Godwin re-recorded Donut’s lines for the DVD version of this episode. While not confirmed by any sources (that I could find), the voice in the original airing is believed to be that of the director and writer of Season 11, Miles Luna.

SAILOR MOON S: What the Outer Sailor Scouts will sound like in the dub

Here’s what you might recognize these folks from:

Christine Marie Cabanos will be voicing Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn (known for Madoka Kaname on Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Other voices from her include Shiemi on Blue Exorcist, Silica on Sword Art Online, Azusa on K-ON!, Reina on Pokemon Origins, Minori on Toradora, Mako on Kill la Kill, and Squid Girl

Erica Mendez will be voicing Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus (known for Ryuko Matoi on Kill la Kill)

Other voices from her include Aladdin on Magi

Lauren Landa will be voicing Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune (known for Annie Leonhart on Attack on Titan)

Other voices from her include Kyouko Sakura on Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Xenovia on High School DxD New, Arf on Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Kirche on Familiar of Zero)

Veronica Taylor will be voicing Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto (known for Ash Ketchum on Pokemon seasons 1-8)

Other voices from her include May on Pokemon seasons 6-8, Yukino on His and Her Circumstances, Carly on Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds, Delia Ketchum on Pokemon seasons 1-8, and Amelia on Slayers)