The Voice season 6

why is it that all of broduce 101 self introduction videos are them competing to be the most extra

like … there’s that kid who sat and ate chili peppers and nearly choked and that kid who randomly did a backflip and let himself be hit by various types of sports equipment while singing and that one legend who ended his by doing a bottle flip not to mention the center dressed himself in a present box and then proceeded to rip it in half and how could i almost forget that kid from jeju who started talking about his mom’s pig farm

(I wanted to draw this but eh)

many years later in the story of Ninjago

old man Lloyd: and that is how we saved Ninjago

Kid: [raises hand] excuse me Master Lloyd! Can I have a question?

old man Lloyd: Yes?

Kid: Why do you still sound like a 12 year old? Didn’t you grow older quickly because of that tea?

other kid: Yeah, shouldn’t your voice have a little change then?

other other kid: Didn’t your voice change when you were possessed by that ghost Morro?

old man Lloyd:

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Would you say you recommend The Carmichael Show then? I watched the first 3 episodes and although I appreciated the honest discussions, I just found them to be an annoyingly stereotypical black family. And Jerrod isn't likable. (Also my Aunt Loretta is on 10 with the stage voice the whole time.)

Finish the season – it’s only 6 episodes – because new shows take awhile for everyone to get comfortable.  If you don’t like it, that’s fine.  Everything isn’t for everybody.

(I just checked though and the first season has a 67% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes but the second season still has a 100% and it’s been a year.)

I just watched Christina Grimmie's audition for The Voice (Season 6?) for the first time

And even though I didn’t follow her trajectory (from YouTube to actual career) or tragedy (in depth), I start BAWLING my eyes out out of nowhere. And then I found out Adam (her coach) offered to pay for her funeral. I wish I knew what this twisted individual’s motive was to drive 120 miles just to kill her, but I’m glad that mother fucker is dead.

I wonder at what point Twilight cast her friends in her mental version of that Hearth’s Warming story. Like, I’m 100% sure she worked this all out beforehand, and imagined it exactly as we saw it. Her copy of the story is probably covered in notes and revisions and little things added in to really personalize it and make it her own. The dialogue and song lyrics fit Applejack and Pinkie and so on so well because she rewrote it that way specifically with them in mind.

I bet she thought this story was silly when she was little. She probably came back to it during her first Hearth’s Warming in Ponyville. I bet she couldn’t help seeing her new friends in these ponies delivering these now-obvious messages that she’d still somehow missed all her life.

Starlight is a new addition, of course, just for the occasion. From the very beginning, in her version of the story, the part of Snowfall Frost has always been played by Twilight herself.


This has been common knowledge for a while, but I decided to put it in video form. 

Voice Comparison of Franklin Delano Donut’s voice in “S.O.S.”, episode 6, of Red vs. Blue: Season 11

In the original (web-airing) of episode 6, Donut appears to be voiced by another actor, as opposed to his official voice actor, Dan Godwin. Dan Godwin re-recorded Donut’s lines for the DVD version of this episode. While not confirmed by any sources (that I could find), the voice in the original airing is believed to be that of the director and writer of Season 11, Miles Luna.