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“I definitely feel like my voice has more weight now. It’s funny, because when I was doing voice coaching before — because I was slightly posher in it than I am day to day — the voice coach said that I do a thing like when I’m talking and I used to lose my voice at the end of sentences a lot and that’s an emotional thing, because a lot of the time I felt like what I was saying had no weight, and that there was no point in what I was saying, and I don’t do that anymore. So that’s a nice thing. I feel like when people have appreciated you as much as they have, for you as a person, it gives you such a wonderful sense of self. I’m still learning who I am, and still learning and testing my capabilities, but to be surrounded by people who care is great. “


Cry Me a River and Let It Burn are basically the same songs, just one is dealing with water and the other is dealing with fire. (besides one is talking about being cheated on and the other is talking being the one who cheated.)

Both of these songs will always remain Classics!

Adam Levine Divorce Rumours True? Amy Vachal Romance Persists!

Adam Levine Divorce Rumours True? Amy Vachal Romance Persists!

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Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo have been afflicted by gossips of divorce for quite some time now. The two are trying their best to prove that their marriage is definitely not in trouble.

The Maroon 5 frontman denied that their marriage is experiencing a legal trouble.

It has been reported by Parent Herald that Adam and Behati’s marriage had some issues regarding their growing family. The Victoria’s Secret Angel wanted kids already, but the “Voice Coach” fame wants to build his singing career first.

In fact, Adam is extremely busy with writing, recording and touring with his band “The Maroon 5”.

As per source CelebDirtyLaundry, Levine knows that the entertainment industry is absolutely volatile and he needs to ride the waves unless his fame dies down.

In between all the assumption Adam denied the fact that Adam and Behati’s marriage are on the rocks. He also said that they do not pay any heed to such rumors. They are on their second honeymoon and admits to constantly receive texts asking if the two are ok.

Well it has also been reported that Adam and Behati were spotted warming up with each other to fight the cold wintry night. The couple stepped into their favourite Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on Friday.

Reported by Daily Mail, Adam,36 and Behati, 26 were seen together on the chilly night in Los Angeles as the two were seen being cozy with each other in the backseat of their car, trying to warm up.

The model, Baheti was looking casual in a black leather biker jacket. She was wearing natural make up on her face and kept her blonde feather on her shoulder. Hubby Adam was wearing a sports black coat and a dark jeans. He covered his short hair with a grey colored beanie. International Design Times reported that “The Voice” coach fame is being hooked up with contestant Amy Vachal.

After the news opened up about Adam cheating with Vachal it was reported that Adam started giving her the cold treatment

As per report, an insider said that “No one can figure out if they’ve had an argument or if he’s trying to skirt some sexual tension, [he] has been avoiding physical contact with Amy,” Adam and Behati are trying their best to keep their married life alive and healthy though it has not yet been confirmed.


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Georgia Webber’s “Dumb #1+2″

Dumb is a true comic series about Georgia Webber’s voicelessness due to injury, and the subsequent months of recovery. It is also a collection of audio pieces, an interview project, a video collage, a documentation experiment, and a filter through which to examine identity, physiology, spirituality, intimacy, sociology, privilege, justice, and more. And everything.

This compilation reprints the first 2 sold-out parts of Dumb in a single book. Dumb has been nominated for both a Doug Wright Award and an Ignatz Award.

Dumb #1 introduces Georgia in her natural vocally abundant state: working, socializing, volunteering at a bike co-op, going out, all as the pain (represented by stars) interferes more and more. A diagnosis is given, but she is left with little more. Includes an introduction written by Madeleine Palmer, Georgia’s voice coach.

Dumb #2 shows the aftermath of diagnosis, the gathering of information, and the trauma of change. An internal battle is waged in images on the page. Includes an an introduction written by Natalie Zina Walschots, a music writer specializing in metal, as well as “Aftermath” and “Splitting.”

Published by Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics

7″ x 9.16″, 40 pages. $8
Full-color cover + interior

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