The Virtuous Queen of Han

Current C-drama List

Since that is why I have returned to Tumblr.

Currently watching:

  • Love 020 (I’m on episode 5? I think).  I’m not sure if I’m going to finish it, tbh.  Also it makes me feel old to realize that college for me was literally half a decade ago. 
  • Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (episode 15).  I am excited for next season.  Sure, I wish it was 45 minutes per episode so that each case can be one whole episode, US procedural style.  But I find it very soothing.
  • Ice Fantasy (episode 26).  I…think I’m probably going to give this one up. It’s one of those shows where I like the actors involved, I like the characters, I like the OST, but…something about the show just isn’t coming together for me. 

Recently finished:

  • Glory of Tang Dynasty.  I’m…still not over the show.  And I would say more but I have already dedicated 2 long posts to it.
  • The Edge of Happiness/缘来幸福.  I am genuinely impressed at the amount of talking/apologizing/lack of evil parents in this drama.  
  • Empress of China.  Visually beautiful.  Storyline wise? I don’t know, I feel like the drama tried too hard to make Wu Ze Tian …likable, for a lack of better word.   
  • 秀丽江山之长歌行/Singing All Along.  Still not over it, part 2.  I’m thinking of writing a separate post on this.
  • 衛子夫/The Virtuous Queen of Han.  Is it possible to love this drama and not be the biggest Wei Zifu/Liu Che shipper? It’s not even Raymond Lam’s portrayal of Liu Che.  It’s just the relationship never felt…equal, which I guess historically true with him being the Son of Heaven and all. But I feel like in dramas like Glory and Singing All Along, they try to even out the power dynamic of the couple in spite of the historical constraint? 
  • 女医·明妃传/The Imperial Doctress.  I didn’t quite get all the medicine stuff, and found the drama to be pretty uneven overall.   The good scenes, particularly those with Liu Shi Shi and Wallace, were really good.  However, I did like the ending.
  • 少年神探狄仁杰/Young Sherlock.  The ending of this drama is why I have trust issues with historical c-dramas.

So basically, with historical c-dramas, I have a weakness for palace dramas that involves some bigwig/emperor/prince loving only one person despite the societal expectation of polygamy.  huh.