The Twisted Purl


Finished with the prototype Glove of Missile Snaring! I’m very pleased with some aspects of how it came out, but it has some issues I think I’ll try to fix with the second glove and then reknit this one if that goes well:

  • The fabric’s a bit stiff pre-blocking. If blocking doesn’t make it more comfortable I’ll try going up a needle size or two. It fits like a glove pretty tightly, too, so a little more ease might be worthwhile.
  • Whoa so much thumb ease, however! Going to try fewer increase rows in the thumb gusset so that’s not so huge and bunchy.
  • Not thrilled with the cast on edge of the cuff, which curls up inwards too much. Also not sure how to fix that? Purl row or two before starting the ribbing? Fortunately that’s an easy place in the pattern to try different techniques out and easily rip it out and start over if I don’t like it…
  • Index finger is a little too long. The middle finger came out way too long at first and I ripped back several rows and re-finished it after I’d already finished the other fingers, but the index was just barely too long so I didn’t go to the trouble with it; it’s still usable, just…On v.2 I think I will try to make it shorter and see how I like that.
  • It’s really quite a tight fit…again, we’ll see how blocking affects the fabric; it might be just fine, but if not, I’ve simply got to redo it on larger needles. Or with more cast on stitches, but a looser fabric is the first thing I’d like to try for this one. As is, it’s stiff and that makes it harder to pull the glove on. But that might also make it warmer and less prone to wear & tear, so…

Things I am really very happy about though:

  • How the arrow pattern emerges from the ribbing, so the cuff is part of its fletching. That was a key point in my design sketch and it worked out just right and I am proud of that.
  • The arrow pattern in general is so spiffy. :-D Twisted stitch patterns are a bit of a pain to work sometimes but this one’s minimal twisting so it’s cool.
  • The purl on the back of the hand/knit on the palm detail. Partly because I just didn’t want to work the whole thing in a purl background but needed one for the twisted stitch pattern…so I tried just keeping it to the pattern panel and I like how that turned out, especially how the purl panel continues into the backs of the fingers. I think I aligned the division between knit/purl on each finger pretty well too.

Also, as I polish this design up for the second glove, should I also write up a pattern for it? Would people be interested in making it? If so, I’d be looking for test knitters to try it out in other sizes (my hands are tiny) and make sure my math worked for the stitch counts and everything. The only patterns I’ve published online previously have been hats, kerchiefs, etc. that don’t have such sizing issues… :-D So, if you’d be interested in test knitting medium and up sizes (or children’s sizes…I could concievably write that up too…) let me know!